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GM - "The party arrives in the land of the elves, glamorous woodland with waterfalls and grand archways. Your audience with the Elven king isn't until tomorrow evening, but in the mean time your free to feast at the local tavern."

GM rolls dice.

GM -"Tavar" [Dwarf Ranger], "You ah, you ate something that didn't quite agree with you. Your, your stomach is starting to cramp up."

Tavar- "Oh, I guess I'll ask for the nearest bathroom?"

GM -"Okay one of the Elven bar maids directs you to the back and you trot over to find a rather nice bathroom. Its actaully got tile and what looks to be working plumbing."

GM rolls dice and smiles.

Tavar - "Okay I guess I drop trow and use the facilities. I, ah, I 'm not
poisoned am I, I mean I have that plus two."

GM - "No, no. But ah you did fail your perception roll. So ah, as you finish you reach over for a rag and instead find only a small shelf with three seashells. Roll me a knowledge Local check."

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I think for right now they've made thing feel way too generic between the classes with Fighter, Barbarian, and Monk just kind of all looking like different flavors of hit that thing really, really hard. And yes I know that's kind of the point of melee classes but it just feels like limiting the combat feats by class has removed an element of zany fun and locked things into very ridged rolls.

The game also looks very Rocket Tag to me now.
I like what they did with spells though I'm already missing snowball just for nostalgic reasons if nothing else. But at the same time everything just seems high damage, low utility. The idea of making one spell scale with level is nice but kind of gimps the spontaneous casters for really no good reason. They should have just taken the psychic's under cast / over cast idea and made that the standard instead of making it a build playstyle.

Also are AC tanks just not a thing now?
I was going over Fighter and Champion on the web and outside the very strange thing they are doing with shields I don't see anything that really boosts your AC. No Combat Expertise, no doge, no armor focus, no shield focus, no mobile bulwark style (yes I know that came after the core but still).

Temperans wrote:

Well simulacrum is strong, and so is the tumor familiar, and other the one that let's you reduce penalties for not having the right spells.

As for how strong, the archetype is best as fluff. Unless you are able to mess with all the construct mods/templates and build yourself an army (that may or may not be able to help you make more constructs).

I think the best use of it is a 1 lvl dip to get craft construct with a CL linked to your Alchemy ranks. That way you could craft constructs and play something with more options. Use the Companion as a servant to do non-combat menial tasks.

Melkiador wrote:

It’s not the best alchemist archetype, but the homunculus apparently can benefit from some of the construct improvements.

https://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/building-and-modifying-constructs/#Construct _Modifications

Wait you can mod it? That... that almost makes it worth it.

avr wrote:
No, no and no. It's its own very specific thing which is like an animal companion but not. D10 HD and full BAB can show you that if nothing else. Anything which applies to a list of things like animal companions, mounts, eidolons etc. has no particular reason it would apply to a homunculus companion.

So its another unsupported dead end class...

Is the Promethean Alchemist Homunculus an animal companion? Can you use Boon companion? Archetypes? Anything?

"To become a psychic lich, one must create and infuse a memoir, which serves a similar function to an ordinary lich’s phylactery... Each psychic lich must create its own memoir by using the Craft Wondrous Item feat. The character must be able to cast psychic spells at a caster level of 11th or higher. The memoir costs 120,000 gp to create and has a caster level equal to that of its creator at the time of creation."

So do you still have to do the Eternal Apotheosis or does the crafting of the memoir create the Psychic Lich?

TheGreatWot wrote:
So you'll be taking two prestige classes? Esoteric knight will really screw up your spellcasting. I really think that you just need to have a group talk and go over what's causing the problem rather than changing your entire build over a few PCs constantly hiding behind the psychic.

Having full Spell casting isn't the end all be all. I've rarely played anything that got 9th or even 7th level spells. Honestly most of the good stuffs around 6th level. Besides we already have 2 full casters in the party I can afford to lose the spell levels if it means more HP and BAB at this point.

Found the answer, its a prestige class called Esoteric Knight. Basically Eldritch Knight but for Psychic casters. Its in the new splat book.

Chromantic Durgon <3 wrote:

I don’t quite understand the logical leap between

We are likely to be forced into combat and I therefore must be front line capable.

What is the rest of your party and what is your Discipline, both these things would be good to know.

The other two party members are a Arcane Trickster who will only use and cast illusion spells and has 7 con. And the other is a 'summoner' that literally uses his first action in combat to run as far as he can to put the rest of the party between him and the enemy. He also has never summoned anything. And by summoner I mean Conjuration Wizard. The 'leap' that I have to be front line capable is because everyone else in the party is trying to hid behind me. I at least need a good AC so I can have a chance of turning invisible or something.

TheGreatWot wrote:

Are you sure that it's entirely in character for your character to risk his neck on the front lines?

In character no. Never. He's more likely to invite his enemies to a nice dinner and slowly poison them over the four courses. But as I said the GM is really wanting to force the issue since we've circumvented every encounter and made him dance to our tune.

So we're playing a city based game and I'm getting to play for once. My character is a Lawful Evil business man who's gimmick is he is always the lesser of the two evils in the moment but worse in the long run. Right now our parties only combat focused character is an unchained monk. We've been sneaking past combat by summoning monsters and then pretending to be innocent bystanders or just being invisible. But at this rate its only a matter of time before the GM just forces the issue and has a troll kick its way into our bar or something. Right now my biggest asset is that I have armor expert which means I can wear a rather silly amount of armor for not being proficient in it.
I'm level 5 and thanks to some quick thinking in sinking a ship filled with high level NPC's we're jumping up to 7. I plan on going Diabolist at 8th level. Any ideas what I could dip into or prestige class into to make me more of a front line threat somehow?

So starting a new game for the summer GM has instituted the following rule: We get at most 4 items the total costing no more than 2,500GP. No weapons, no consumables (potions, scrolls, so on). I'm playing a 5th level psychic. Game takes place in a dark gritty hole of a city.

Right now I've got
Wayfinder (Standard) 500GP
Pouch, Pathfinder 1K
Dusty Rose Prism (Ioun Stone) 500GP
Traveler’s Any-Tool 250GP

Any better ideas?

All Mithral items are considered masterwork so does that apply the masterwork -1 to armor check? Basically do Mithral items actually have a -4 reduction in armor check or is the masterwork rolled into the normal -3?

Given how screwy Pathfinder can be I'm not sure this an unreasonable question.

Alchemist 23 wrote:
Arachnofiend wrote:
Alchemist 23 wrote:

Problem. Conceal Spell does not work with Conceal Spell.

"When you cast a spell or use a spell-like ability, you can attempt to conceal verbal and somatic components among other speech and gestures, and to conceal the manifestation of casting the spell, so others don’t realize you’re casting a spell or using a spell-like ability until it is too late."

Verbal and Somatic components.

Conceal Spell obfuscates the verbal components, somatic components, and the manifestation of casting the spell. The third one is what a psychic caster is going to be concerned about, of course.
Yeah just read through all of it a few time to figure it out. Its poorly written but yeah I get it now. Basically psychic casters can only be detected by either sense motive if someone is close to you or spell-craft if they have it.

And actually after all that I found Cunning Caster which is over all a much better feat.

Arachnofiend wrote:
Alchemist 23 wrote:

Problem. Conceal Spell does not work with Conceal Spell.

"When you cast a spell or use a spell-like ability, you can attempt to conceal verbal and somatic components among other speech and gestures, and to conceal the manifestation of casting the spell, so others don’t realize you’re casting a spell or using a spell-like ability until it is too late."

Verbal and Somatic components.

Conceal Spell obfuscates the verbal components, somatic components, and the manifestation of casting the spell. The third one is what a psychic caster is going to be concerned about, of course.

Yeah just read through all of it a few time to figure it out. Its poorly written but yeah I get it now. Basically psychic casters can only be detected by either sense motive if someone is close to you or spell-craft if they have it.

Problem. Conceal Spell does not work with Conceal Spell.

"When you cast a spell or use a spell-like ability, you can attempt to conceal verbal and somatic components among other speech and gestures, and to conceal the manifestation of casting the spell, so others don’t realize you’re casting a spell or using a spell-like ability until it is too late."
Verbal and Somatic components

So I'm playing with Psychic casters and we can't pin down what has purple sparkle effects and what doesn't. Charm Person doesn't logically work as a spell if every time you cast it you shot heart smoke into someone's face. So what does mind thrust look like? What about Detect Thoughts?

Does it say anywhere what spells look like?

Edit: Or what spell effects can be hidden.

+2 Hide Shirt 4,170GP: +5 armor 0 armor check from masterwork AKA no proficiency penalty.
+2 Buckler 4,160GP: +3 armor 0 armor check from masterwork AKA no proficiency penalty.
For arcane caster w/ arcane armor training
+2 Leather 4,160GP: +4 armor 0 armor check.

+3 bracers of armor 9000GP?
How does this balance out?

Normally classes at least put "Gains no weapon or armor proficiency" Diabolist doesn't even have the entry. Since the other two classes get proficiency with their patron's favored weapon I can only imagine the same was meant for Diabolist ?

Artificial 20 wrote:

I wouldn't call it mechanically ideal, but this might work for you.

Caster's Champion (Combat) wrote:

You draw upon the power of an allied arcane spellcaster to enhance your weapons with magical energy.

Benefit: Three times per day as a swift action, when you are within 30 feet of an ally who is an arcane spellcaster, you can channel a portion of her arcane power into your weapons. For 1 round, you gain a +1 bonus on all weapon damage rolls, and your weapons are treated as magic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. When your base attack bonus reaches +4 and every 4 points thereafter, this bonus increases by 1, to a maximum of +5 at 16th level.

Special: This feat counts as Arcane Strike for the purposes of prerequisites.

That's not bad

VoodistMonk wrote:
if you are already set on the Psychic Bloodline?

Long story short our GM is a nut for guns in pathfinder and he's made this really gun heavy setting where the guards all have guns and clockwork familiars somehow even tho magic is very restricted. But they are still exotic for some reason. Basically psychic is the only way to get past the check points. As to why I'm using guns, the party agrees someone probably should. I drew the short straw. Using those feats would have let me keep most of my character intact and be okay with firearms. But since I can't meet the requirements...

Got an idea for a character but I need the ability to cast arcane spells as a pre-requisite. I need to get Arcane Strike so I can take Spell Cartridges and eventually Infused Spell Cartridges. The problem, I'm stuck playing a Sorcerer with the Psychic bloodline as my caster class and I can't afford another class dip since I'm already getting +0 BAB from two other prestige classes.
Is there a trait or something that gives you arcane spells? They could honestly be anything. I know spell like abilities don't work for this.

I think this has come up in almost every group that has an Alchemist. The question of "How do I make the boom even bigger?"
The most common one I've seen was a delayed or remote explosive bomb in a pony keg of black powder or for incendiaries a few vials of Alchemist Fire glued to the final bomb vial. I think my favorite one was a door breaching charge consisting of an iron powder horn and ton alchemical glue soaked cloth strips (AKA duck tape).

Alternatively I personally have summoned a small fire elemental and had it sprint into a fireworks factory. No context needed.

I've been settling it with craft alchemy / bomb / or trap depending on context but I've always tried to figure out what kind of damage these things do. My general rule of thumb is 1d6 fire and an extra 1ft to the burst per charge of powder or alchemist fire (5 charges / flasks = 5ft).

I'd like to see some other ideas slash experiences.

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
Any creature killed by this spell must attempt a Will saving throw; failure means the creature’s soul is damned to Hell as a burst of brimstone appears around its corpse.
What will you do if someone rolls a 20 on their Will save?

Double tap.

I was thinking about just letting them keep everything they had on them, only with broken condition that they can't permanently fix unless they bless or salvage new equipment. (I've got an NPC that can help bless their stuff after a short quest.)

There are no spell books so there's no worry about that.

As for "I'd be pissed if I spent all this time building a back story." its not hard to still work with that. I've got a guy hunting for his wife's killer. Finding her soul in the afterlife might be a good motivation to keep moving and explore the environment.

I could also do like an Angelic intervention since they're band had a high level Paladin and several clerics. They could bring them equivalent gear.

That's right, you read that right. I'm going to kill my players session 1. I noticed that Hellfire Ray damns all souls killed by it. I'm thinking of having them start the game kind of normal.

"You are contacted by Sir Paladin Mc Goody pants to help him go smash a evil cult who's threatening to raise a dark army and take over the world."

Then WAM! They show up and Sir Pally gets paralyzed and dies HORRABILY. Then they all get blasted by the main villain (Wizard 7 Diabolist 7). Since they all get sent straight to hell I'm thinking of dorpoing them in the purple sands of Voiporl and have them have to fight their way back up Dante's Inferno style so they can get raised by someone in the heavens and go back at a higher level to get revenge.


I've always had this issue with Pathfinder specifically high fantasy in general. Diseases, cruses, lack of food, lack of water, and poison are generally non-issues for players over like level 5. I don't want to just say you can't take the spells that fix these problems but it gets to the point where there's 0 consequences for swimming through diarrhea water or walking through something you really shouldn't. There seems to be a magic band-aid spell for everything. And I am meaning more long term rather than in a dungeon.

I've got a player with 1 level in fighter. Apart from that he's full caster levels. Magical Knack seems like a waste. Is there a trait that gives +1 caster level and something else?

I spent 2 hours digging and came up with nothing. Please help.

Anguish wrote:

Okay. Adult black dragon. CR11. Two lower than what should be a speed-bump.

bite +21 (2d6+10), 2 claws +20 (1d8+7), 2 wings +15
(1d6+3), tail +15 (1d8+10)

So... anywhere up to 60 damage, and pretty high likelihood of hitting with most of those attacks. Admittedly I made a mistake with the Ice Devil and calculated the bleed damage on the total damage. This dragon would likely only inflict bleed 3. Still, it probably two-thirds murdered that PC I mentioned. And she's on the brink of death if she retreats because... it also has reach.

Okay, not fair, right? Dragons are apex predators. Let's go back to a CR13, with a Storm Giant, which isn't an outsider. It's just a giant.

mwk greatsword +27/+22/+17 (4d6+21/17–20) or 2 slams +26 (2d6+14)

Poop. High odds of hitting three times, and even if we ignore the high crit threat-range we're looking at 105 average damage (and bleed 7). Dead in one full-attack. At least the rest of the party doesn't have to waste actions trying to keep her alive and can spend their actions trying to somehow deal with its 199 hit points.

I can see the point your trying to make and concede the CR system is now two steps behind but your also still using a fantastical creature. Yes that does matter, trust me. In this setting going to fight the giants is a big deal. These rules are meant to change "Oh just a giant" into "Oh no that's a giant." Monsters should be scary.

Now as for your math I think you did it a little wrong. Your not calculating armor as DR which would be applied per hit and would reduce the bleed damage. So your you managed to piss off a Storm Giant to the point that its going to blow all its attacks on just you in a full attack action and its already in range. Lest also say you for some reason didn't get ANY buff spells or do any preparation before, say an ambush. So 4d6+21 comes out to an average of 33 damage per hit. Say you're in full plate that DR 8 that 33 goes to down to 25 with 5 points of bleed. That is still only 95 damage on average for all three attacks landing and all the bleed. But by the time your that level you should have gotten some kind of enchantment on your armor (its expensive bout you still can get them) or better yet have a shield since your apparently the tank for running in and pissing this thing off solo. So lets say that's a heavy shield another DR 2 and a +1 on your armor or shield. Now that 25 is down to 22 with 4 points of bleed an average of 78 for all three. A level 13 fighter has a minimum of 130HP not counting con. He lives through this round and assuming he doesn't take another full round attack he'll live for a few. He can even take that Attack opportunity if he fails his acrobatics getting out of there. He can then hit back at an AC 10 Storm Giant. Once again the player should have at least a +1 magic weapon by this point which means he bypasses all the storm Giants DR.
Or, given that he just got his butt kicked in an ambush he could do what any sane living thing would do if it saw a twelve foot tall blue skinned humanoid swinging a sword the size of a full grown man. Your party members try to slow it down, with anything they can as you run like hell. I would recommend Web since the DC is based off caster level here and giants have a bad Ref save (+8). I don't think it's making the DC 27 save (assuming casting stats of at least +4).

Yes getting jumped by a Storm Giant is a bad day. But I think you can limp away from it as you chug a potion and come back to kick its but in your own ambush. Now context matters, if the giant is attacking a town or something they players may not want to run. But at the same time you don't win them all.

avr wrote:
To be clear, the main problem I see is when a player cannot do anything interesting for multiple sessions because their character is crippled. Downtime actions are a very partial fix there, and fast forwarding is seldom possible (from my memories of AD&D, where this situation could happen easily). If you reckon you can ignore that situation and don't have to worry about it that's your business but I think you're wrong.

I'm not saying ignore it. I'm saying use it as a reward for after a story point. Here is the thing the GM has the wheel here. This is not the kinds of changes you make to then run a published adventure. This is 100% home brew territory. Also making players play with disadvantage often makes them think of how not to get their butts kicked the next time. You shouldn't be throwing encounter after encounter at the party, that's just too deadly. I'd recommend paring this with more story less go here kill things, get loot, my good little minions. One or two encounters a session is fine if you know how to sell it. Plus then having to escape to safety to tend to your injuries adds good tension.

Anguish wrote:

Sorry Alchemist, but your set of houserules isn't mathematically compatible with Pathfinder as written, because you've missed one critical addition: monsters don't do what the book says they do.

Let me explain.

We'll talk just about hit points. At say 13th level, you've got a rule in place that allows magical healing to repair 13 hit points of damage per hour. Take a gander at an Ice Device, the first CR13 monster I happened to page to.

+1 frost spear +21/+16/+11 (2d6+10/×3 plus 1d6 cold plus slow), bite +14 (2d6+6), tail +14 (3d6+3 plus slow)

Odds are pretty good that at least two spear hits will happen, for 41 damage. Add either the bit or tail slap and it's just higher.

You're saying that a PC needs to spend over three hours trying to recover from one round of damage inflicted by one level-appropriate (ie. not-really-a-challenge) monster. Only a spear is a piercing weapon, so it also inflicts 8 hit points of bleed by your rules.

My last PC at 13th level had 99 hit points. She would be at half health the moment her turn came around. And nobody could do anything about it because you've removed the spike-healing that the game's math predicates on. Nobody can cast heal on her to repair 130 hit points of damage in one action.

The monster has 10ft reach, so she wouldn't've been able to withdraw either. She'd provoke an AoO which would likely hit for another 20.5 damage. Now she's at 31 hit points and will die in four rounds from the bleed.

Oh, let's add that anyone who wants to actually cast some healing on her to literally save her life has to happen to be right beside her because they can't move and cast anymore, since you've made spells a full-round action. And even if she retreated to the party healer, what you've done is eliminated two of the party members for this round entirely.

Good news... Ice Devils have Combat Reflexes, so if the party's other melee fighters want to engage, they're getting 20+ damage to engage, plus 4...

Or you know as a GM you THINK about the encounters and do a little rebalnacing on your end and think about how much harder somethings are. Besides in low magic your not going to be fighting that many outsiders. And if you do its going to be a big fight. Yes this is a more deadly system. Your players should not seek out combat as their first solution every g@# d$%n time. Taking away the security blanket and making fantastical element a big deal is not hard to do. Running away now is always an option. Coming back with a plan is too.

Derklord wrote:
Wait, so if I have say a 10th level Sorcerer riding in my Floatign Disk with a ritual on it, I can cast a Fireball as a swift action and another Fireball as a full-round action, both with d8 dice instead of d6, and with the DC of 5th level spells, while only spending 3rd level spell slots? And this is supposed to lower the magic used?

Yeah I should change certify to make rituals need to be recharged. So you have to put charges on the ritual. So you could potentially chain fire fireballs if you have the time to set it up.

avr wrote:

OK, a few effects you may not be aware of and related points.

The most obvious is that there may not be the usual spellcasters you expect in PF in the party. You want to set up places they can go to get curses removed etc. (and to have mooks or alternate characters for players of blinded/cursed/petrified PCs to control while they get to such places) or you'll risk losing players. From experience I know doing nothing much for multiple sessions because your character is crippled is boring.

Then there's long-term buffs being largely unaffected. Are you OK with this, particularly with buffing to the nines then storming a dungeon, or scry-buff-teleport tactics?

It's not clear how or if spell-like and supernatural abilities would be affected. There's classes which get a lot of these, notably kineticists.

Nornal healing post combat may take a few in-game days. Include a bit of leeway in your scenarios to allow for this.

If you're going to nerf magic items like this you might consider using the automatic bonus progression system or something like it to keep the character numbers in lime with those expected for their levels.

Edit: and a couple of questions. First, how portable are rituals? Can you set them up on a moving ship? A wagon? Flying carpet? On a floating disk spell?

Also, can others assist in setting up a ritual to speed that up - other PCs, apprentices, familiars, hired help, summoned monsters or whatever.

The bigest thing you seem to be afraid of is making players afraid to rush into things. Being clever should do more than using silly RAW exploits. So:

Your first concern is a nothing burger. If someone gets cursed it should be a big deal, taking down time to heal is just part of the process. You can just have people use the down time system while others heal. Time fast-forwards if necessary. Profession and other things are good to have.

Yes parties should "buff to the nines" before storming a dungeon. If that's how they want to spend their spells that take time to craft. Preparation and planning should be part of the experience. If that means skipping forward a day or so until they are ready to do this then so be it. Unless they are on a deadline that's fine. If they are on a deadline then they need to be creative.

Magic items are not nerfed. They just are hard to find. Getting one as loot is a big deal and feel really powerful. You don't NEED magic items to buff your stats every other level. Planning and being clever can offset any stat difference.

Connecting magic to caster level for DC's and buffing damage dice should be enough to offset most problems. lvl 1 spells will be much more powerful.

As for Kinetisist I wouldn't allow it in this sort of setting. Nor really any other class that is so high magic.

Yes you could transport rituals that way. The ship you might have to make a concentration check setting it up depending on how rough the water is. Putting one on a flying carpet or floating disk would be an EXCELLENT solution to help with your casting. Just remember they can be targeted.

Generally I would say setting up a ritual is a one person job. You could maybe even add a home brew teamwork feat that makes it faster, and maybe other teamwork feats that let other people use it or lend actions to boost caster level.

Have you ever wanted to play a game more akin to Conan the Barbarian, Krull the Slayer, or really any of the old classics? A setting where magic is that really complicated yet powerful force, not just something your players slap on to cure every problem? I've had a bit of an idea how to do this in Pathfinder.

Alternate rules being implemented:
Max HP at every level: Everyone gains the maximum hit points at every level.

Armor as DR: Armor and shields provide DR/Magic equal to its AC bonus. Magic armor and shields
provides DR/-. Damage reduction does layer applying lowest to highest.

Magical healing: Magical healing is rolled as normal but only heals up to its caster level per hour until it is spent. You cannot apply multiple healing effects at the same time. Fast healing from spells or spell like effects is applied per hour.

Potion problems: Drinking 2 or more potions or extracts within 1 minute of each other inflicts 1d4 ability drain determined randomly. Alchemists and similar classes and archetypes are immune to this effect.

Restoration: Restoration magic (and similar spells) is only applied upon getting 8 hours of uninterrupted rest. You cannot apply multiple restoration spells in the same day.

Raise Dead and similar spells: Removed from game with the exception of Breath of Life. Only Wish or Miracle can resurrect a dead character.

Magic items of any kind cost double and cannot commonly be found in any but the largest cities. Anything with a caster level greater than 8 cannot be purchased. Crafting magic items also costs double. Scrolls are excluded from this rule.

Being on fire and continuous acid damage also inflict 1 point of CON Damage per round.

Slashing and Piercing weapons deal 1 point of bleed damage per 5 damage dealt (rounding down). Weapons with the bleed quality do double. Bleed always stacks.

Bludgeoning weapons deal 1 point of Dexterity damage per 10 damage dealt (rounding down).

Use Wound Thresholds Optional Rules.

Crafting wondrous items, tattoos, rings, rods, staffs, and constructs (plus any I missed) takes twice as long and can only be accomplished in a laboratory worth at least 10,000GP per caster level. Scrolls are excluded from this rule.

Crafting magic weapons and armor takes three times as long to create can only be forged in a powerful smithy worth at least 5,000GP per caster. Additionally to finish the crafting the crafter must use the blood of a recently slain monster who's CR is equal to or greater than twice the enhancement bonus being applied. This process is done as the last step of crafting.

Prepared Casters: These caster can only prepare spells as either scrolls or as rituals. Rituals (Sacred Rites if your divine) take two full round actions per spell level to set up, then can be cast as normal. Rituals can be prepared ahead of time but cannot be moved. Any area of effect damage destroys the Rituals/ Sacred Rite. Rituals are considered to have AC5 for the purpose of targeting them. Scrolls do not cost anything beyond material components to create but take the normal amount of time to craft. The use of scrolls counts against daily allotment of spells as does the creation of a ritual. To use a ritual a caster must be in the same space as it.

Spontaneous Casters: These casters cast normally except that they're spells take 1 step longer to cast. IE: A swift action becomes a standard, a standard becomes a full round, a full round becomes 2 and so on. Spontaneous Arcane Casters can also make Rituals/ Sacred Rites as Prepared Casters except the casting from prepared Rituals/ Sacred Rite is always a swift action. Spontaneous Casters cannot use scrolls.

Spells with a cast time of an immediate action can be cast as such, however their casters cannot act on their next round.

Spells and DC: Spells and Spell DC's that normally depend on spell level instead depend on caster level. Furthermore all spell damage dice increase by one step (d6 to d8 to d10 and so on).

Class and Feat Changes (Those I can think of.)
All Prepared Casters gain scribe scroll at level 1
Wizards and other classes / archetypes that would normally get a Scribe Scroll get either a item creation or meta magic feat in addition to Scribe Scroll.
Quickened Spell works normally (really no point in changing it)

Yes I know there's probably grammar/ spelling errors. No I'm not fixing them here unless they create a problem understanding the rules.

Azothath wrote:

he's a tattooed sorcerer bloodline salamander with some brawler levels. It's best to snag 2 levels in Brawler and yes, it hurts your spellcasting.

A monk weapon with Brawler's Flurry works for you. Cestus, unarmed strike, scizore, and maybe gladius(shortsword).

The spell focus and tattoo should be bound to a school(don't muck with that) or a custom home game defined thematic spell list. It really needs to be a limited list.

Class Skill: Acrobatics.
Bonus Spells: Magic weapon (3rd){T, mtl}, molten orb (5th){K, erth,fire}, magic vestment (7th){T}, fire shield (warm shield) (9th){K, fire}, fire snake (11th){K, fire}, tar pool (13th){T, erth, fire}, firebrand (15th){T, fire}, wall of lava (17th){C(creat) erth, fire}, meteor swarm (19th){K, fire}.
Bonus Feats: Cleave, Craft Wondrous Item, Iron Will, Power Attack, Prodigy, Skill Focus (Acrobatics), Skill Focus (Perception), Toughness.
Bloodline Arcana: The DCs of your sorcerer spells increase by 2 against creatures that are suffering ongoing fire damage.
Bloodline Powers: Your salamander blood gives you great skill at crafting, even as it reshapes your form.

bloodline spells are split between evoc(K)ation & Transmutation [fire] spells which is trying to be a bit different than the elemental bloodline fire spell list. Clearly they are similar and they have the same theme(fire).
A theme gives you a criteria for spells. Thematically it boils down to; 1) a fire type specialist, 2)a conjuration specialist seeking to add fire planar traits to his summons, or 3) a crafter. With the limited spell list of a sorcerer you can't do it all and their low skill points makes option 3 unappealing.
The salamander theme dosn't include sneaking about, trickery, or misdirection. I'd avoid Arcane Trickster class as it's a poor choice IMO. However, if that's where you are headed then you have your theme for spell choices.

So, you'll generally need 2 attacks, 1 defence, and 1 movement/utility spell per spell level as...

Yeah he rolled an 8 for STR. He's an elf so he's just going to use a bow for when he's not spell casting. The 1 lvl in Brawler was just a better option all things considered. Also he'll only be getting 1 bloodline spell, magic weapon, which will give him or his buddy a +1 flaming weapon whenever.

Need help with spells for an indecisive player build. He's gone Snakebite Stalker Brawler for the sneak attack. We figure it's got better BAB, First level HD, and saves then just a Unchained Rogue dip. His Spell casting is a Tattooed Salamander Sorcerer. He won't go wizard since he's paranoid about losing his spell book, bound item, or familiar. He has (for free) Spell Focus (only in Illusion, Transmutation, or Conjuration) and Mage’s Tattoo (which can be in anything and is not linked to Spell Focus here).
The problem is we just can't nail down his spell list. He's going to have a +2DC in Illusion, Transmutation, or Conjuration or a +1DC in one and +1DC in something else.

Any ideas on spell list?

I've never understood why Unchained Rogue has such a limited talent list. Then I noticed Ninja trick on the unchained list. This seems silly since there is a ninja trick called rogue talent. So using that combo is there really a difference in the list? Or does Unchained just have some better versions of some talents AND access to all the other stuff too?

Mysterious Stranger wrote:
If he is going 3 levels of unchained rogue he will get DEX to damage but only on a weapons useable with weapon finesse. Go with elven curved blade instead of sawtooth saber and skip the two weapon fighting. An arcane trickster does not have a good BAB and any penalties are only going to make it worse. This will also take care of having one hand free to cast spells. You can simply hold the sword in one hand while casting.

Elven cured blade might be a good idea. I'll pitch it to him. He's going for a sort of saboteur assassin idea. Teleport in, smack a guard with the exotic weapon for a potential one-shot KO. I tend to keep most city guards and generic thugs at lower levels (3-5) so there's a real chance he could pull it off.

Scott Wilhelm wrote:

I noticed that you use the OP a lot for a player "that doesn't care about optimization.

Yes I consider being able to just teleport into the room instead of picking the lock to be a bit on the powerful end. Also his bombs are a touch attack that will do essentially double his sneak attack dice with that fourth level.

Got a player wanting to make an Arcane Trickster and doesn't care about optimization. Here is what he's got:
Half Elf:
Ancestral Arms: ????
3 levels of Unchained Rogue, Underground Chemist, (and Poisoner maybe)
3 levels Exploit Wizard, Dimensional Slide (Because blink teleportation is OP on a thief)
STR: 11
Dex: 16
Con: 16
Int: 18
Wiz: 14
Cha: 17

Level 1: ????
Level 3: Accomplished Sneak Attack
Level 5: Maybe Arcane Armor Training so he can make and use Scribed Armor

Rogue Talent: Bomber

He wants to have a fancy weapon from Ancestral Arms, I told him a crank crossbow or a Fauchard but he was thinking Sawtooth Saber and going Two Weapon Fighting for a first level feat. He also wants to take another level in Rogue so he can get Sneak Attack on his bombs (Sounds OP to me). Alternatively instead of getting bombs he was going to go 1 level in Rogue and 1 level in Snakebite Striker Brawler.

Got a player who wants to become a construct and he found the Soul Focus item from Soulbound Construct. While it specifically says he keeps skills, intelligence, feats, and such but says nothing about class levels. I would assume you would since otherwise you'd lose things like feats, trained skills, and abilities.

I read somewhere that Mithril's effect on armor lets certain casters where higher grade armor and not suffer arcane failure. So if proficient a Summoner could were a Mithril breast plate and still cast. Rather than burn the valuable feat I was wondering if a 1 level dip into either Fighter or some sort of Cavalier would be worth it? I know you lose out on some things but for Unchained Summoner would it really make that much of a difference?

Starting a game where the enemies are mostly evil outsiders, ghosts, and undead. So I was going to play a Paladin. I liked how Ghost Hunter looked but its a little over specialized. Anyone know of any Archetypes / Archetype combos that would give me an edge?

So about that whole 7th level Form of the Dragon thing. How does that work? I imagine it just RAI becomes From of the Alien Dragon. I mean same spell level, same basic deal.

I really wish Pazio would write a quick errata to patch some of the holes before P2 is out. Or at least make P2 so these holes don't happen.

Same as title. Just hoping there was a way to play a Psychic Dragon Disciple with the Esoteric Nightmare Dragon as the theme.

Darigaaz the Igniter wrote:

Paladin/Bard/Dragon Disciple; alternately human, racial heritage (kobold), scaled disciple, Paladin/Oracle/Dragon Disciple. Become a gold dragon (sorta).

Draconic bloodline Bloodrager

Summoner, have your eidolon be a draconic beast.

Tiefling, alternate racial traits maw or claw, prehensile tail, vestigal wings, scaled skin: you're dragonborn

Would Paladin/Oracle/Dragon Disciple even work? DD is arcane only.

The Tiefling I had considered especially if I added Draconic bloodline Bloodrager rage shaper and done maw for 1 bite and 2 2d6 claw attacks.

Bards are both kinda meh to me. Bards for the spell list.
Summoners are kinda a strange class to me. They're like Clerics, I don't know if they are meant to be melee or caster blasters.

Buddies are starting a new game in the next week or two and I am all out of character ideas. I've got two points to work around and I'm stumped. Here's what I got

Character: Noble, has a Knight Vassal (another player who is tired of playing lead)
GM wants dragon theme somewhere.

Has been forever since I played something with good BAB. Would go straight up fighter but I love spells. Snowball and Fireball make me smile, and self buffing is so so nice.
GM wants dragon theme somewhere.

Let me leach off your creativity!

DeathlessOne wrote:

Hmmm.... I am a little curious about your build and three questions come to mind:

1) Why kitsune and are you open to a different race? I know with Half-elf you can easily make up the caster level loss for two levels of ninja.

2) How many levels of ninja are you planning on taking? Depending on your race, you could get a new ninja trick if you take 6 levels. Saves a feat. Caster level seriously impacted, though.

3) Are you able/willing to use retraining option and the variant Multiclass rules? Many of the options you pick up with the blade adept archetype can be mimicked through the VMC Magus option, meaning you could retrain your exploits (Spellstrike) once the Magus Spellstrike becomes online. In addition, you can pick up Magus Arcanas, like Ki Arcana to blend you Arcane pool and Ki pool together. You won't even need Arcane Weapon (you'd be getting Arcane Pool from 3rd Level).

1) Never played a kitsune and the +2 Dex +2 Int (With alternate trait) works for the build. The -2 str isn't the worst since most of my damage will be from magic and i'm just using the katana for easy spell crit. The magical knack trait covers the caster level cost for two levels.

2) Ninja I was only planning on the 2 for the Ki pool. While I could go more to get the sneak attack it would cost me more on the caster level and you need 2 sneak attack to do arcane trickster.

3) I hadn't thought of the Multi-class rules. I generally don't like them since they take so long to kick of and I don't like planning on a retrain. If it wasn't for desire to have knowledge all I would honestly trade the Arcanist for Magus.

So playing my first Kitsune in a dungeon crawl game. My job is to have all the skills and bring DPS. This is what I got:

Ninja level 1
STR 12
Con 12
Int 18
Wis 12
Cha 14
Feat: Accomplished Sneak Attack (Wont work till 3rd level but can still take it now.)
Traits Magical Knack and Meta magic Master: Shocking Grasp

Level 1: Ninja: Feat: Accomplished Sneak attack
Level 2: Arcanist Blade Adept:
Level 3 Ninja: Ninja Trick Pressure Points
Feat: Extra Exploit: Arcane Slide
Level 4: Arcanist Blade Adept:
Level 5 Arcanist Blade Adept: Feat: Extra Exploit: Spell Strike
Level 6 Arcanist Blade Adept:
Level 7 Arcanist Blade Adept: Exploit: Eldritch Blade
Feat: Extra Exploit: Arcane Weapon
Level 8 Arcane Trickster
Level 9+ Arcane Trickster Feat: Intensify Spell

Tactics Uses Vanish and later Invisibility to do hit and fade with Black Blade Katana (Exotic one handed so works as far as we can tell)
Will pick up Exploit Arcane Weapon so it will be Keen and Exploit: Spell Strike so hopefully crit 15-20 X2 shocking grasp sneak attacks.
Ninja trick will be Pressure Points so add 1 STR or DEX damage per sneak attack.

What can I do to make this better?

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