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Seventh Seal wrote:
General Dissa Ray. wrote:

Can't wait to see stats for the Lady of Pain and the Paizo take on Sigil.

Any chance Tim Butler can legally bring any Planescape stuff with him?

Unlikely for anything you've just requested: both The Lady of Pain and Sigil (the City of), as well as much of Planescape, are Wizards IP & so cannot be used by Paizo.


I'm sure I have something in the back to help you with that dear... we've had an influx from Krynn lately, and I'm the same will happen from Golarion once this delightful little tome gets released.

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What did the Paladin get?

... What? I'm allowed to be friends with them!

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Tegresin the Laughing Fiend wrote:
Todd Stewart wrote:
"Do not trust the fiend.”




Speak for yourself brother! Some of us are perfectly trustworthy!

Ah, wonderful. I have a friend in the Gatehouse who would be interested in this document.

Lemartes wrote:
Rysky wrote:

Yay! My physical copy arrived!

I can now look at all the pretty monsters in 3D!

I was unaware that this was a pop-out book.

This is why I sell so many 3D glasses.

Why must you and your razor-crowned Muse constantly make my life difficult? All I want to do is run my shop, keep people's lives happy, and be left alone to find out everyone's secrets.

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Nordom Whistleklik wrote:
Unit WFIN-D2 wrote:
man whatever happened to just bleepin and bloopin like the good ol days
None of us can afford to hire Bill Hader and Ben Schwartz for voiceover work. Heck, I can't even afford to hire Dan Castellaneta anymore to do my voice.

Meet me in the Lower Ward. I'm sure I can fix you up with something.

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Axial wrote:

I am beyond psyched to see Moloch's article. The villains of the very first campaign I ran were a legion of Hobgoblins who worshipped Moloch and integrated devils into their army. To me, it just seemed like an ideal symmetry of alignment, philosophy, and goals between them.

After this volume is released, perhaps the goblinoid armies of Moloch will march again, armed with new knowledge and power...

Indeed, assuming that Mr Schneider is continuing to write these, and that he does half the job he did with the Crimson Son's write up... why I may just have to book and interview with him. I'm sure we could have a lovely cup of hot cocoa! He does such a wonderful job at capturing the essence of those of us from the Lower Planes while treating us fairly. Quality biased journalism!

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There is great trade to be found in the stars, even for us fair people of Sigil. Backed. Really hoping we will see this one run, even if it doesn't make its funding threshold. Hmm... Maybe I should talk to some of my Fated friends about that.

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Todd Stewart wrote:
FallenDabus wrote:
Personally, I'm hoping Todd has more Proteans or Daemons in store for us, but we'll see.

You'll find out :D

Whatever it is, I had a ton of fun writing it.

At least we know that Mr Stewart always gives us a fair and balanced treatment. He has a unique talent for catch our best side, despite some individual's unfortunate tendencies.

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Excellent! I'm sure that this will show that not all of those who are associated with evil are unable to be pleasant and productive members of society!

JoelF847 wrote:
Todd Stewart wrote:

I'm currently looking up at the bookshelf next to me at the annotated collections of HPL's works and a first edition 'The Double Shadow and Other Fantasies' by CA Smith.

Given that, my reaction to this AP is :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Todd, I'm hoping to see you contribute to this AP.

As much as you prop up my rude counterpart in Sigil, I have to agree with this whole heartedly!

Excellent. I am certain that a number of my regular clients will be included in this editorials' contents. While they are typically very reclusive, I think allowing the limelight to shine on themselves a bit more will be good for them. Lady knows they they are all wonderful enough souls as it is!