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I agree the cost would be exorbitant but the product awesome. However, awesome is not always profitable, it makes me sad.

The app business is a difficult one to break into successfully so kudos to those who have. =)

If there ever is a digital version available make sure to send out a big announcement because that is something I would not want to miss.

I do see the potential logistical issues with this idea, I do agree with H4ppy for sure on the "More is good ;)" part. Just in case you guys were interested in more opinions. We have done this for the character created scenarios/adventures with great success.

I think there was an interesting diversity among the new cards. I agree not a lot of upgrades for Lini or a few others such as Kyra but even if their cards are not changing the characters themselves are still growing which will of course make a difference. =)

I can't wait to try it. A bit tied up with the holidays but I will give feedback after we can give it a run through. Thank you for the scenario. =)

I have only faced her as Kyra and I rocked her socks off thanks to blessings and an awesome roll.

I will let you know if I think of anything not mentioned above when I face her as a different character.

I would also prefer no overlap in characters.

To the best of my understanding they both could cast the spell on him.

Also a little late.

I think that the PDF would be an excellent place to start but not to make the DriveThru option available until much later down the line when we are reasonably sure that all changes have been made. At that time, I would prefer to have the full run of corrections made available please. (estimated $8 plus shipping, I would but that run once I was sure the updates were complete.)

I realize this would mean waiting for maybe a year before the cards became available for purchase, however I think it could save everyone involved a lot of time and hassle and in some cases, money. Especially if people knew that the DriveThru cards would be becoming available around XX Date.

That would allow folk to print the cards for home use if so desired and keep them from having to buy 10 DriveThru sets as we continue to see changes/clarifications. Even though the PDF would require 3 people to update (in batches, maybe once every month or two.) I would still think that the PDF would be easier to update than the print runs since people would need to buy another print run from DriveThru to return to the current standard. (As a side note, people could print the sheets just for reference to have the changes on hand even if just black and white if desired... giving people several options.)

Regardless of what you decide to offer, I appreciate that Paizo is taking the time and effort to correct/clarify these concerns. I also appreciate that everyone is allowed a "vote" so to speak. Thank you.

I could see this adding to the game. I think the numbers would need to be balanced so that you could only buy 1 single item every 2-3 scenarios or that the party could pool their resources to buy one player an item.Maybe make the desired cards from the box cost 30-40 gold each? Not sure, definitely worth playing with though! =)

Though we also have to remember that the card game isn't an RPG. It emulates one in certain respects but many RPG factors are beyond the scope of the card game.

Just as an example. In an RPG a rogue and a sorcerer are exploring a cavern and the sorcerer sees a locked chest. Obviously, the rogue is going to use her masterwork tools to open the chest with no problem, everyone is happy 1d4 items for all! Yay!

Same situation in the card game: Merisiel cries as her items are lost because though she is right there, Seoni cannot unlock or beat the chest to death but must try since she is the one who found it while they were exploring the treacherous cave together.

However, I think the simplicity of the card game has brought an RPGesque experience to audiences before unreachable, and for those strapped for time we can get a taste of that RPG goodness without having to commit more than 2 hours. Everyone wins! =D Kudos to that and to the rule clarifications. (Btw, that would be a kind of cool and dangerous location Fromper!)

If you are moving at the end of your turn, wouldn't that mean you are past the exploration phase?

I have used Amiri to move to healers for a heal on their turn though and to closed locations for the "when you end your turn here" benefits. I like those quite a lot. She is an awesome character but I find she tends to get a stagnant hand until it is increased to 5. Maybe I just have bad luck though! o.0

Thank you H4ppy. I am not much of a forum user and find I only check these every once in a while. I don't dare try to keep up with this BGG board as well! -_- Thank you so much for the link!

I would be glad to play this and give feedback but I have a few questions please.

Is there any flavor text for the adventure overall?

Where you say that the cultists are all villains and all must be defeated, do you shuffle them all into one location or do you put a cultist into each location and add henchmen for the other locations like you normally would for a scenario? Thanks!

That would be awesome. Though I would be just as thrilled with editable character sheets. My handwriting is horribly messy....

Well, let me know when you have your locations fixed up and I will be more than happy to correct that and share the documents. They are really just formatted from the forums except Garr's Caste which required some location card creation but was done off of the specifications given. =)

Yes!! We are currently in Missouri (usually in Texas) and we have been playing with friends over FaceTime but Skype or Google Hangouts would work as well. It has worked very well! It takes a bit of extra work but I will go over how we have done it in case it is of interest to you.

What we do: First, everyone needs to have their own game set with the same components, (as an example, I signed up for the subscription too late and did not get the first two promo cards unfortunately) So the others take those out of their boxes.)

Then everyone has everyone else's character decks set up and just set aside the ones you are not using. (we put cards acquired on a pile next to each persons character deck)

Third, someone sets up the scenario and let's the others know the locations involved and reads the scenario card (usually whomever is setting up) Folk decide which locations they are going to and whomever did set-up flips cards for folk as needed (to keep things going quick we often read out the cards so the others do not have to find every single one out of their own card boxes) Otherwise play proceeds pretty much like normal after set-up.

Tips and Tricks to make things work smoother:

For the most part all cameras are set-up to see the cards/die rolls

Keeping each other abreast of what cards you have is even more helpful so we all know what we may have to work with. Communication really seems to be key, you figure that out fast though.

When resetting decks at the end of each scenario it is helpful to go around in a circle, twice to make sure everyone has gotten anything they want from the discard pile.

It is easiest if wherever the most players are physically together is where you do the scenario set-ups.

At the end of a stint of playing update a printed character sheet for each character (everyone should do this for all characters) it helps to know your adventure buddies abilities.

I sure hope this helps, good luck and good gaming!!

I too crave more story, of course, I am also always "playing" my character and getting strange looks from my friends. =P I imagine it is a hard balance between too much and not enough story, but at a minimum it would be awesome to see a condensed list where people could learn more if they wanted to. If you denoted the story part clearly, then only those interested in the story would be likely to continue.

I haven't seen a list yet on an easy overview of Varisia. I don't want to buy oodles of books but I will look at that anniversary one, thanks for the starting point! I will quit being so lazy and find exactly what I am looking for when I am no longer working 80 hours a week. (hopefully soon!)

Either way, I am already hooked as are my friends and we play every chance we get. "Yeah, I have to be at work in 6 hours and I haven't slept for 2 days but I think we could get a few scenarios in..."

I wasn't aware we were allowed to do that. I should make some minor revisions then and provide mine as I have formatted and printed out every fan scenario/adventure I have been able to find on the forums. I even created the cards (front and back) for the Garr's Castle Scenario since it required custom locations.

I have had a lot of fun doing this and have created a file just for them. I am starting to become more familiar with this world and may post an adventure of my own soon. Surely someone would critique any variances from the pathfinder world I might make.

Let me know if any of the information I have compiled would be helpful, I would be more than happy to share! =)

We played this just using the locations in the order listed to the number we needed for our 3 man. This was much fun and the entire adventure was a lot of fun. Thank you.

We played this adventure in our three man campaign (we played for 9 hours, I seriously cannot believe it. We be crazy, we had to be at work by 8am, what were we thinking?!?!) The scenario was fun and I can guarantee that no one kept allies in their hands. We had 1 person wind up losing an Ally. We will save it to play in the future. Thank you.

We played this adventure and really liked it. By the time we were done the Sandpoint Devil was a 9/9 and we were lucky to find the boss early through an augury, put him on top then went else where to clean everything up. Lots of fun! Thanks so much.

We played this scenario in my three player campaign group and we really enjoyed it. Every time a BotG was flipped up on the blessing deck we all cringed! lol we did beat it, I play Kyra, We also have Lem and Sajan so we have some hard hitters and help each other a lot. Thank you so much! I liked this idea a lot.

We played this scenario and enjoyed it. Thank you. The poisoned items only came into play a few times for us but it was an interesting twist we liked. =)

We played through this adventure last night and we really enjoyed it. I lost the fight and had to take the "Mountain Peak" location but I had already been resigned to it as soon as I saw the location just needed to get some groaning out of the way first =P (I play Kyra in this campaign group, so best bet for a wisdom check in our group anyhow)

It did make for a more challenging play and we all had an absolute blast, thank you. I think we have a well balanced group and so far have not failed any scenarios in this campaign group. But we do a lot of strategics and helping each other out too.

As far as the temporary feat I do think it worked quite well and was indeed fun to experiment. I am worried about the balance too. I think I have really enjoyed the stories from all the fan adventures. You guys are coming up with totally awesome stuff. I just had the cards I wanted when I finished Burnt Offerings and then we started playing the fan created scenarios and adventures. No one in our group has changed more than a card or two in 5 stand alone scenarios and three adventure paths (that had 3-5 scenarios a piece) so I just thought gaining something occasionally would be nice. But then it brings you back to the whole balance issue. So I just don't know that there is a good solution.... It is odd for me to be on the fence about a problem.

Thank you for another adventure! We will be trying this one very soon and I will let you know how it goes. It is very much appreciated. =)

Thank you Polyphemus for the adventure path. We will be playing it in my three player campaign here soon. It looks like great fun and I appreciate your effort.

On the rewards though, I just want to add my two cents (not to this adventure specifically but in an overall sense, just the temporary stat increase sort of triggered this thought path). I think that if characters are taking the time to play all the homebrew scenarios and adventure paths that some card feat/skill/power improvements would be nice, I mean permanent ones. You would have to be careful to keep it from getting out of hand but I see it as an RPG, you DO gain experience for all your side adventures. This is just a personal opinion but I don't like the idea of my character sitting and stagnating for two month intervals without improvement. She pretty much has the cards I want her to have and so though the scenarios and adventures have been fun from a story perspective, all this extra experience hasn't benefited my character at all.

However, I do completely realize that there have to be limitations to growth as well and some people cannot handle those limitations. Were I more comfortable with this particular world (the pathfinder adventure card game was my introduction so I am quite new to this world) I would be comfortable creating my own scenarios and adventure paths. I do also realize that I can start new characters (I have done this as I am in several campaigns with various groups of friends or some on my own) I get attached to my characters and enjoy seeing them grow. Does anyone else feel like this at all? Or am I just sort of out there completely?

Nathaniel, I do not know if this will work for you or not but for our group. If a question arises, we just pull up the site and have the answer within seconds. Often, I do this while the guys are busy arguing and just highlight the relevant section for them. I know the internet is not everywhere but with smart phones, tablets, and the like it seems it is most places making this a very viable solution for most.

Also, if it makes you feel any better, I understand completely! Good gaming!

We played this scenario and it was close on a couple of occasions. Especially the last scenario "Ghostbusters" where you have to fight two henchmen in every deck. We got SO lucky that the temple was taken care of in one turn (as it is the only location that got one henchman). Or we would have failed to time out.

Overall this adventure path was a whole lot of fun. We liked that it had already made locations and that it had twists to the normal hunt down baddie and kill it theme. Well done!

One other note, as the player who had to carry Father Zantus through the entire scenario was quite limiting and really made me have to think! Thank you so much for the adventure. I hope to see more like it soon.

Good gaming to all.

Hello! We just played this scenario and we were able to defeat it, we were very close on blessings even with the recharge but in the end we were victorious and a wonderful time was had by all. Thank you so much for sharing! I did create my own cards in word and cut them out with card stock for not only the scenario card but the locations as well.

To make the text fit I had to edit where you talk about the monsters fleeing to pen locations to only the "at closing" text. So as an example the text on the Middle Bailey reads:

All checks to defeat banes are +1 difficulty. Only open once a gate has been permanently closed.
Acquire a random blessing from the box and recharge 1d10 blessings from the discard pile.
Any Monsters, Henchman or Villains not defeated here get shuffled into any open locations evenly.

but that is purely so we can have card sized representations. Thanks again! Good gaming!

Thank you. We appreciate all the hard work you guys do and the awesome game! =)

When we finished to that point we got quite lucky with cast-offs, but for some reason I can never seem to get the good spells either Fromper. Good point on picking up extra BotGods!

Good gaming!

I would think there are other ways around an obstacle.

Only if the card says so explicitly on it. As an example: Potion of Ruggedness says "Banish this card and choose a character at your location to succeed at a survival check."

Good gaming!

As I understand it:

If Lem is the one who encountered the monster then so long as Lem makes one of the combat checks, it does not matter which one or in which order. However, just keep in mind that one some, failing either check means that the monster is undefeated. (There are a few card that will say specifically that only the second check counts.) I hope this clarifies things for you and I hope even more than I am not incorrect.

Good gaming to you!

I use the cure spell to soak up my "1" rolls so that I don't get them as often on the really important rolls, like for bosses. -_-

Excellent story. May many such victories follow.

Yeah, my friend loves using that Ally card. One of these days I will be mourning his characters' regrettable and well deserved demise. =P

We have been fortunate. We have played through all of the current game several times now in various groups and have never lost a scenario. only one time did we come close (by close I mean we had 1 blessing card left...) and it was all a luck based thing, henchmen being near the bottom , etc.

Though I could definitely see poor choices costing you the game. I have certainly made my share of mistakes. And I have frequently found myself challenged to overcome my obstacles after helping save companions from poor choices.

Good gaming!

I think you do what you have to do within the rules to win and that being smart about it is the way to go. Good job!

As far as Kyra goes, I am playing her in my 3-player campaign and she is THE fighter for the group. She has killed ever single Villain so far, we shall see if this continues come October.

I think it is all in the way you choose to play her. For me, she is on a righteous crusade and nothing will stand in her way. I do need a good weapon and use it liberally, rifling through my deck until I get a weapon. Once I have it, game on, I'll mow everything down in my path.

Best of luck!

I will try this out and let you know what I think. Thank you for sharing.