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Above your pay grade.

Phillip Gastone wrote:
Dare you enter my magical realm?

Depends, does it have oil?

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It will be good to have you back, sir.

It has been a... trying few years to be a federal employee, as of late. I'm quite ready to return to liaison duty.

Grant damn it, I miss the rabbit and the dog. Those animals were less of a circus.

Just a Mort wrote:
Also how can a mop be flaming and wet at the same time, unless doused with oil?


That's the joke.

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Freehold DM wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
Now that I've had a brief taste of freedom I don't want to work tonight.
i dont want to know what that kind of freedom tastes like.

Pancakes with blueberries, strawberries, and whipped cream.

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<raised eyebrow>

I'll need you to come with me, sir.

Rosita the Riveter wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:

** spoiler omitted **

throws bike made out of zucchini against nhs screen door

No politics!

You don't tell me what I can't do!

It's in the rules, ma'am.

Your limousine is ready, sir.

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Halt, citizen.

You're both coming with me, gentlemen.

*secret agents swarm out of everywhere and drag Cricket and Equinox off to some hidden bunker somewhere, waterboard all the information out of them, then put a bullet in both their brains. Twice.*

Nothing to see here, gentlemen.

AM Government Official wrote:
Agent Superball wrote:
Message received, over. Echo tango bravo.
I copy echo tango bravo, requesting backup zulu whiskey mariachi

Affirmative. Suits en route whiskey mark seven golf mike tango.

Message received, over. Echo tango bravo.

Everything is go. Alpha tango bravo. Whiskey tango foxtrot. Over.

Eagle tango, over.

Equipment engaged, sir.

Presidential Water-to-Oxygen Liason, sir.

Welcome back sir.

Ready the red carpet anemone. Over.

TOZ wrote:
Kirth Gersen wrote:
I can't help but feel like some people get really worked up over the most unimportant stuff.
How to properly have fun is a matter of national security and no joking matter.

That's why we're here, sir.

All systems go, sir. Whiskey tango foxtrot.

Mikaze wrote:
Orthos wrote:
Tracer Bullet, P. I.? ;)

1. The source was uncredited, but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this was the case.

2. DAMMIT. Now I have to go on a Calvin & Hobbes binge and play Sam & Max Hit The Road and Full Throttle again.

Everything is go, sir.

That's classified, sir.

Affirmative sir. Alpha-niner is go for tango charlie bravo. Roger.

That's not standard dress code, sir.

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The sunglasses are standard issue, sir. They never come off. Orders.

The elections are over, sirs, and with only minor looting and rioting. Everything is under control.

The next poster is being watched, sirs.

GIR, Irken S.I.R. unit wrote:
Agent Superball wrote:
*tazes GIR*
Mister Right wrote:
You fool, that will just energize it.
{sparks, dances excitedly} TACOS!!!!!!! {begins to throw tacos into fish bowl}


*slams a globe down around GIR*

*boots it into the water*

Bogey four-niner. All units rendezvous to point whiskey romeo alpha tango hotel.


*tazes GIR*

Echo tango alpha six-three-fiver. All clear, sir.

Protuberanssi wrote:
Icyshadow wrote:

Nobody seemed to be celebrating Halloween here in Finland.

Such a shame, too. I think it's one of the more fun holidays around.

Shame on you! No more capitalistic holidays here. My wallet is already empty.

Sir, you'll need to come with me. We need you to answer a few questions.

Roger that, sir. Delta four-niner, tango bravo charlie. Over.

Very good sir.

*speaks into collar radio* That's a twelve-niner on the seabird, over. Go forward with reconstitution as soon as calibration is complete. Also we'll need two fresh suits, over.

Allow me to dispose of that for you sir.

*removes sign without reading and deposits in biohazard wastebin*

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Mikaze wrote:
Wait, Sam & Max aren't tied into LucasArts at all anymore, right?

No sir. TellTale Games now has Sam and Max, sir. The LucasArts contract expired in 2005 and was never renewed.

Very good sir, it's tied off to your private dock.

Burbles wrote:

follows in Great White's wake about the talking skull

Ambient, soothing sounds for the bowl denizens.

Would you like me to have the Presidential Yacht brought in for you to sink, sirs?

2012, sir.

The Supervisor wrote:
We're keeping on eye on things here.

Everything's clear here, sir.