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Warstein Ale, Elkhaven Canadian. I'm noting an important trend here; of all the possible trade goods, alcohol is going to be right up there.

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This is a momentous occasion for Callambea; trade is the lifeblood of our fair settlement, and knowing we can work together months before the game is playable to create a unique trade agreement with our allies speaks volumes of the hard work and collaboration involved between both parties.

We look forward to the economic partnership, Blunt Logic!

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Light on coin? Looking for work? Look no further!

Callambea, home to a vast array of lawful citizens and steadfast friends, needs You!

Earn Fame and Fortune with a myriad of choices!

Work as a crafter! Trade as a merchant! Gather valuable resources as a collector! Collect a couple of bounties with our bounty hunters! Serve honorably as a member of our armed forces!

Callambea, the City of Coin has a place for you!

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Uh, Areks, I need a smoke screen....

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Outstanding! My Ambassador budget is secure!

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The number of entities coming to this table is growing! Congratulations!

Are you hosting any discussions of the North West cooperation on any specific forums, or are you keeping the discussion here for the time being?

- Krow

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Aet Areks Kel'Goran wrote:
... and we'll even bring the coffee and donuts to the table ;)

Those come out of the Aeternum Trade Alliance budget and not the State Department budget, right?

*Checks his expenditure reports*

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Crafters, Merchants and Gatherers:

What does the ATA offer that other economic based companies may not?

The Protection of Powerful, Combat Oriented Companies (and a whole bunch of 'em)
(IE The Bloody Hand, Corpus Aeternum, The Hounds of the Imperium, Iron Tusk Band, Maelstrom)

The Freedom to Conduct Uninhibited Trade within its region due to a Non-Aggression Pact
(IE Aragon, Freevale)

Access to Every Major Non-Regional Hex Source
Within two hexes in any direction of Callambea you can find:
8 Mountain, 9 Woodland, 1 Highland, 1 Cropland, 2 Badlands and 1 Monster Hex (Per Callambea's Location in the Land Rush)

Crafters; look to Callambea!

- Krow

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*scoots a little further away from Jonaontas in case Kard Warstein overheard that comment*

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Looking for a safe, secure location to conduct your craft in peace? Look no further!

Nestled against a gorgeous mountain, flanked by members of a Non-Aggression Pact, and fortified with not only our own standing army but that of our fellow Imperial Settlement, Golgotha, you will be free to focus on perfecting your profession and not protecting your person.

Crafters: Look to Callambea!

- Krow

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Callambea, a proponent of trade and commerce for the River Kingdoms, hopes to broach the topic of good trade and commerce with the entities of the Northwest. As the position within the Coalition and Empire closest to the Northwest, I wish you all good fortune in your endeavor, and look forward to future discussions with our neighbors.

- Krow
Ambassador of Callambea (Of the Cities Slightly to the Southeast of Northwest)

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Master Bluddwolf, there are days where I'm just happy I'm on this side of the ally / mark line in the dirt ;)

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Crafters, Gatherers and Traders of the River Kingdoms!

Callambea is devoted to the growth and betterment of trade and crafting within the realm. How do we plan to support this?

  • Our Guarantee to focus on training for the crafting / gathering classes of Pathfinder Online, as stated by our High Thane above
  • Ready access to all manner of bulk goods and crafting resources; what our diverse surrounding hexes do not initially offer, we will seek to procure from our trade allies and partners
  • The ironclad support of our settlement, our empire, and our friends and partners in the Northern Coalition

As a business-oriented community, we understand the need for a clear vision; our mission and purpose in the Golarion world. Our focus is on providing first rate training and resources, all supported in a safe, secure environment in which to do so.

With a major NPC Hub close by, and one of the largest east to west running roads available at early enrollment, Callambea is well on its way to turning our vision into reality.

- Krow
Callambea Ambassador

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Something else that should get you all giddy, Feydred.

As per the Blog "Beyond this Hill it Floods Rays of Hope" that our friend Guurzak pointed out:

We chose a segment of the map—roughly 5x5 hexes—that included all the locations we needed.


The area we built includes two settlements, three monster hexes, a badlands hex, and lots of wilderness hexes spread across an area that is primarily Mountain and Forest terrain.

If you review the Landrush Map, you'll note that Callambea has -sans swampland- ready access to every single base resource hex.

As someone devoted to crafts, this should be an exciting proposition. While bulk goods will be decided upon by the needs of the settlement, each resource hex also produces crafting resources, as per Lee's Blog, "Rushing the Land":

Hexes produce two categories of resources: crafting resources and bulk resources. Crafting resources come in a wide variety of forms: brimstone, willow bark, maple logs, adamantine, pearls, etc. We have around one hundred and thirty different types of crafting resources, with most hexes having twenty to thirty of these. Crafting resources are found by interacting with nodes that spawn in the hex, and can be collected by anyone with the right skills. If a hex is overtaxed, these resources become scarcer, and it is possible to temporarily exhaust a hex of its resources. Bulk resources will be produced by Points of Interest and Outposts, and represent the large-scale components needed to construct buildings, upgrade Points of Interest, etc.

So, let's review. On top of Callambea's Company Specializations:

Callambea also offers it's crafters and traders:

  • Access to almost every single base hex available, either for bulk good or crafting resources
  • Access to monster and ruin hexes for quick procurement of monster related crafting materials and recipes, a confirmed monster-drop item during Early Enrollment.
  • Ready access to the only major East - West running road available at Early Enrollment
  • A steadfast focus on offering the highest quality training available to the crafting / gathering classes in the River Kingdoms

No matter the kind of crafter or gatherer you want to be, no matter your focus in materials or craft, Callambea is utterly and completely focused on providing you with the resources, training and environment you need to make that happen.

- Krow

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Gotta love the NC; we can be utterly professional and detail-driven one moment, and completely SQUIRREL

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Not as prompt, but count me in for Day 1 Early Enrollment ;)

- Krow

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It's a legitimate concern, as there is no inherent guarantee that can be readily seen that this would not happen. However, I ask that you also keep in mind that this coalition came into being from the efforts of four very different play styles. I would like to believe that the four entities came together -much like Roseblood Accord- under a single ideal.

I can only speak from the view of Aeternum and Callambea, but I think we as a Settlement and entity have always let it be known how much we value open, clear and mutually beneficial agreements. Our founders all have history in sandbox and pvp games. There's a realization there that an entity, no matter how strong they are, will fall at some point during the life of the game. Only through strong friendships and proactive discussion (like the creation of the coalition before the game is playable) that we can ready ourselves for that inevitable fact.

The Northern Coalition is founded on experienced sandbox / pvpers who realize what is at stake and want to maximize both the lifespans of their organizations and the fun (we seem to forget that word on the forums) that can be had enjoying a game we are all, now, deeply invested in.

Can I make guarantees, Erian? I am not in the position to do so, for the coalition. I can suggest to you that this coalition is a projection of the values and experience that are embodied in each member state, and in the form of a simple NAP there is still much room for discussion and growth, now that we are all at the same table.

- Krow
Callambean Ambassador

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Gaskon wrote:
I agree that the level of cooperation between UNC and Callambea you are describing will be mutually beneficial to both parties. What I object to is the claim that this is fundamentally different from the level of cooperation that is encompassed by the Roseblood Accord.

But that's just one side to a many faceted relationship. The relationship between the Roseblood Accord members is going to vary from that of the Northern Coalition simply on merit of the member base. We have one of the largest confirmed evil organizations within our coalition; does that not significantly impact our relationship and the function of the Coalition? Will it not change the way we need to present our coalition, as well as the perception of that coalition to newcomers?

Specifics are hard to nail down this far in advance, but I think they will become much more noticeable and continue to grow, to the point that two non-agression pacts in the same game (and same 'shard') can look so different from one another.

- Krow

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T7V Avari wrote:
For those confused how this coalition will work, here is a leaked video of trade negotiations between UnC and the Empire of Xelias as well as Gol Morbis welcoming traders to Callambea.

Very cute, Avari!

I believe I can shed a little light on how trade in the Northern Coalition will work, specifically where Callambea is involved. As a trade city, it behooves us to do two things:

1) Facilitate as much positive trade and collaboration of economics as possible in our region.
2) Look out for the interests of our trade partners and allies within that region.

When you look at the current land rush map, a couple of settlements around Callambea may pop out and give a trader pause. Specifically, the Settlements of Aragon and Golgotha. Entering into a mutual non-aggression pact via the Northern Coalition is beneficial to both of those statements. Why?

Knowing that such power houses of PvP intent are on Callambea's side rather than against is a great boon. Our flanks are protected, our trade caravans within their areas are protected, and we have large entities who consume great quantities of war stuffs close by to trade with on a normal basis.

“But what does that do for me, Krow? Just because Callambea is in an non-agression pact doesn’t mean I am! Xeen will empty me of both blood and baggage before I arrive at your gates!”

How would your cold, lifeless body earn me any bags of gold? Would you not believe that, in the best interest of my two statements above, Callambea would, say, offer our fellow NC members some sort of recompense for allowing non-NC trade caravans through? What about going a step further, and saying now I have rough, violent men standing watch on the road to protect you, my trading partner?

I won’t argue the differences between the Roseblood Accord and the Northern Coalition; you have to make peace with your neighbors or fight until there are none. Each coalition will handle business (or not handle business) in the way that its signatories declare. The above is a statement from only one of those cities of the Northern Coalition.

- Krow

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I knew it!

Selling on the side, eh, Mr. Warstein?

*runs off and buys a few cases*

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Shane, thank you for this!

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Ironsam wrote:

Greetings to all, just getting acquainted with this part of the community. I am a recruit to Pax Aeternum, but really don't expect to not be accepted.

My current plans are fairly simple, to be a human warrior, go out in the world and bring back the items we need, ore, herbs, ale, etc. Oh, and to not get killed/robbed while doing this, always an important detail. I will have a Destiny's Twin who's path is yet to be determined, but will most likely include Arcane or Divine magic and whatever skills the community finds itself short on.

I expect to have great fun being drunk and cracking skulls with you all. I have devised a fairly straightforward and simple to follow strategy for combat that I hope to share with you all: KILL THEM FIRST.
Properly executed this strategy has never failed me, well except for that one time with the guy with the poisoned blade...

Welcome to our little cubbyhole in the community, Ironsam!

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Unfortunately, Master Morbis, the joke will be on you when you arrive home. They don't pay us poor retired folk much coin, I'm afraid ;)

*checks his hidden coin pouch when no one is looking*

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Don't be too concerned, brother Feydred. Evil might be sexy, but everyone comes around to the clink of coin, sooner or later.