My two feedbacks after running the box 4 times

Pathfinder Beginner Box

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The box itself is fantastic and a great introduction to RPG and/or PF2. I would give those two advice to new GM looking for tips:

1. You might want to look at Kyra's attribute repartition. Kyra is built as a Warrior Priest in the box (even if it's quite clear she isn't, she's never drawn with a shield or armor). That would be fine but her atrocious +1 STR makes her really, really bad at using the scimitar... and she has no attack cantrip or focus spell.

I would advise to give her at least +2 STR, for example by removing the point in CON, as she has enough HP.

2. The Mermaid trap is ... not fun. Thievery DC 20 means even Merisiel will need to roll a 13+ to deactivate one of the 3 mechanisms. It means 9 rounds on average of an annoying combat. Especially because on top of that ...

The mechanisms are way too solid. Hardness 8 is ridiculous, Kyra and Ezren have 0 chance to damage it unless they crank a slot, and Merisiel and Valeros need to roll very high or crit (AC 18!) to do 1-to-4 damage per strike.

To avoid this trap to bore you and your players, I advise to:
- lower the Thievery check to DC 17 (Hard DC for lvl 1)
- lower the Hardness to 5

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We encountered this tonight and it was not a fun encounter. We all retreated to the other room while the rogue tried to disarm the trap. It was the only thing we did tonight and was the first time we encountered something in the beginner box that felt this imbalanced.

At first we thought that the mechanisms had damage resistance to a certain type of damage (piercing for example) but once we hit with all three damage types it was a no go for most of us.

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