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Pathfinder Beginner Box

Hi, I'm looking for a contents list for the beginner box - specifically, which pawns are included. Help is much appreciated!

First, the pawns clearly intended for player use: One for each of the iconic pre-gens, Ezren, Kyra, Merisiel, and Valeros. Also a set for use with the Box's basic character generation rules, one each for every combination of Cleric/Fighter/Rogue/Wizard, Human/Dwarf/Elf Male/Female, for 24 total--that's in addition to the iconics so there are, for example, two male human fighters if you count both Valeros and the generic "Fighter, Human Male."

There are also four sets of tokens for tracking actions, each including three action tokens (12 total) and a reaction token (4).

The Box does include stats for more monsters that are used in the included adventure--50 total--and they all have at least one pawn. These are helpfully color-coded with a dot on the lower right side, so you can distinguish any of the sets that have more than one.

The Medium pawns are:
Animated Armor (2)
Boar (2)
Bugbear Marauder (2)
Cat, Leopard
Centipede, Giant (2)
Doppelganger (2)
Dragon, Wyrmling Green
Drow Priestess
Drow Sneak (2)
Drow Warrior (3)
Elemental, Brine Shark
Ghost Commoner
Ghoul (2)
Hell Hound (2)
Hobgoblin Warrior (2)
Ooze, Sewer (2)
Orc Commander
Orc Scrapper (4)
Orc Trooper (2)
Skeleton Guard (4)
Snake, Giant Viper
Spider, Giant (2)
Web Lurker
Wolf (4)
Xulgath Boss
Xulgath Warrior (2)
Zombie Shambler (4)

The Large ones are:
Ogre Warrior
Skeleton, Skeletal Giant

The Small ones are:
Elemental, Cinder Rat
Elemental, Sod Hound
Elemental, Zephyr Hawk
Goblin Commando (2)
Goblin Igniter (2)
Goblin Warrior (4)
Gremlin, Pugwampi (4)
Kobold Dragon Mage
Kobold Scout (2)
Kobold Trapmaster
Kobold Warrior (6)
Rat, Giant (4)
Snake, Viper (3--these are actually Tiny, but the pawns are the same size as the Small ones)

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