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Starting a L1 Campaign in the depths of a dungeon, and having fight / sneak their way out.

Playable wasp race

Reconceptualizing the Crossbow vs Bow

Fluff / rule combo for seven sins themed party.

Oozemorph 2.0: My homebrew attempt to fix the Oozemorph

Kirthfinder - World of Warriorcraft Houserules

P6 Codex - E6+Pathfinder

Lamia Race

A Sekiro Like Setting (because I am indeed a weeb)

House Rule(s) for Grabby Monsters

High Tech Gear

New ritual system. Suggestions welcome

The Animorphs (hoping someone will know what I'm talking about)

Lots of Vending Machines

Balancing what amounts to a laser

AI-generated homebrew

Idea / ranting for what basically amounts to a magical class overhaul.

Parapromo 2019 - 1001 PC Race Ideas!!!

Black Plains: Concept for one-book adventure (WARNING: VERY LONG)

I wrote a free splatbook here!

101 Celestial Bodies In Your Solar System

[Time of the Tarrasque] My homebrewed Pathfinder setting

Savith, the Heroine of Azlant and slayer of Ydersius

100 or more Space Ship, Installation, or Base Rooms

Any way to rebalance armor?

Tabards, Posters, and handbills.

100 Special Discoveries [CLEAVES]

Pathfinder White Haired Witch Redone Balanced?

Ultimate Necromancer Prestige Class

Looking for something like an atropal for my homebrew.

Symbiote Race! Play as Venom!

Huntsman - Hunter Archetype

Creating a race. "Anthro Vaporeon" Need help.

Insect-Changeling Race: the Nivae

Arcforge / Akashic Mysteries: Hivemind base class and swarm companion

100 reasons to leave town

Morphic Master prestige class

Morph Mage, My New Class!

Pathfinder Beowulf

Gestalt Class Design

Sloppy Magic Tradition (Spheres of Power) - Advice?

Infinite crates

New Creature and Archetype - Wugu Beast and Wugu Witch

Gloomblade with a weapon group

Idea for Homebrew Oriental Adventures Core Classes?

Who likes to GM Gestalt games?

Puppeteer Pathfinder Class (Spheres of Power based)

Low magic setting rules for Pathfinder

Spell Focus Scaling

Pathfinderizing characters from other media

What would it take to make the Shifter class viable?

Dynamically updating MTG Sliver excel sheet

The Elephant in the Room Feat Tax PDF

Death knight

Making Paladin Falling Interesting? (And alternatives to the Antipaladin)

Messing with Divine Casting

Attempting to write a "Tandem" Campaign... ideas?

"Your largest hit die is maximized, not your first": Does this present any issues?

Cloth Summoner archetype

Classes without spellcasting, spell-like or supernatural attributes

The time has come to unleash RUSHMORE

[Spheres of Power] Bloodbender (Elementalist archetype)

Enchanting clothes as treasure items

Selkie Character Help, Please

Sarkoris, pre-worldwound

(Champions of the Spheres) A new class, the Warden

Ultimate Necromancer Prestige Class

Need advice

Zaratan thoughts? CR?

Chapter One: Fall of the Lady Celeste Ver. 2

Racial 3-Pack - Advice?

Homebrew Podcast

Need Advice - Divine Paragon of Acavna

AD&D 2nd Ed. Monster to Pathfinder and suggestions?

Adjusting a race for game

Extreme Elves

100+ Spells From the Lost Spellbooks

Oni racial class- Anyone made one or have advice on making one?

Occult Mech Pilots

Combat Manager application

The Medium

Land of the Dead

Fixing the Drake Companion Archetypes

Headhunter - Barbarian / Rogue Hybrid Class

Sample Character Backgrounds

Homemade Deity Opinons

Semi Joking, Semi Serious idea. Power Word Musical

Oracle Curse: Jerk

Making a Railway on Golarion (Scenario)

Dragonrider (RGG) New Steads?

New Creature: Patuljak

Mixing magic items together

Sleipnir Animal Companion / Mount Build

Space and Science Fiction Creatures

Inspired blade Int instead of Cha

Slavic creature: Lesnik

Building a Paladin from the ground up

Kingdom style zombies

[Spheres of Power] Spheres equivalent to Lead Blades / Mighty Wallop?

Shifters SoP / Eberron

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