Grand Lodge Faction Status Report - Year of the Demon

Grand Lodge

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Arodus, 4713

Determined Delver,

We leave Varisia a safer place, thanks to the efforts of you and your fellow Pathfinders. The long-slumbering Krune is now forever at rest, and the masters Aram Zey and Kreighton Shaine personally traversed the Hao Jin Tapestry to escort the runelord’s immensely powerful artifacts back to the Grand Lodge for study.

No doubt you have heard of the unexpected discovery made while agents explored the depths beneath Janderhoff and Koldukar: we learned of a long-lost dwarven Sky Citadel in what was once Sarkoris and we now know as the Worldwound. An expedition into a demon-ravaged wasteland is perhaps our most dangerous undertaking yet, and making the journey will require considerable preparation. Fortunately, Venture-Captain Jorsal of Lauterbury and Venture-Captain Thurl have been hard at work in Nerosyan for years, and we have an excellent base of operations awaiting the arrival of loyal agents. I have no doubt that you, one of the most reliable Pathfinders I have had the pleasure to work with, will be among the first to travel north for this grand undertaking.

In the coming months, we will need to acquire as many outside resources as possible to ensure success. Representatives of the Decemvirate have already approached the dwarves of the Five Kings Mountains for aid, and they have agreed to assist us in reaching the citadel so long as they can reclaim it once we have explored it to our satisfaction. The details are still being worked out, and negotiators are on their way to Nerosyan to finalize the details.

Your mission is, as always, the Pathfinders’ mission. Ensure that you are doing everything you can to make this expedition a success, and in the event that complications should arise, I will need trustworthy Pathfinders on hand to send in and resolve the problem without causing an international debacle.

Explore, Report, Cooperate!
Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin

Grand Lodge

I look forward to the challenge. I shall appraise you of my findings with haste.

Grand Lodge


Worldwound? Crusaders? Big strapping farmboys with big swords strapped on?

I think I can work with that.

Grand Lodge

Well, now. A research opportunity wothy of my time.

...and I suppose this 'sky citadel' holds a certain fascination as well. I'll see what I can do about it while acquiring...samples...from Sarkoris.

Grand Lodge

I will let my true and loyal, though illiterate, friend Dor! know about our continuing goals in the Grand Lodge. Also thank you so much for not making the missions this year written down on each assignment. While I try to be present to read the mission to Dor! it is not always possible. This new method of goals will make life much easier for my friend Dor!

Thank You
Galford Hanzo

Grand Lodge

Gods! Will I never have any time at the library here in Absalom? In the last year you've sent me to the frozen north (where a good book is considered kindling), Ustalav (frightful place), Varisia (at least they read there and the artist community in Magnimar is really quite entertaining in a way), to fey infested woods, Cheliax and a hellknight citadel ... well, they did have a nice library at the citadel ... and the librarian there was pleasant enough to discuss business with ...

But still, the Worldwound?!?! And I suppose there will be all sorts of books that will need filing and sorting and whatnot in and amongst those Abyssal hordes ... I suppose I could gather some information on demons for the bestiary I am compiling ... <sigh>

- Syrris Blackthorn
Librarian and Priest of Irori

Grand Lodge

The Great God Gozreh guilds my hand in eryting I do. The cleansing of this wound is in the best interest of Nature, and so I will see it done. Even if it means I an I will be workn' with those low down craven white devils from Taldor and Cheliax.

Mind you, if I see them bumboclot Cheliax boys fraternizing with dem devil and demons, I'm half a mind to give them a good boot over the edge of di Abyss.

Grand Lodge

"So do the same thing we always do, but with more demons this time? Alright, got it. I mean, what's the worst that can happen? Rhetorical question."

Grand Lodge

Despite our lack of experience, I and my owlbear friend will gladly help heal this wound on nature. We will report faithfully.

Grand Lodge

A slim, reptilian creature topping 7' stares around with lidless eyes.
"Azzz ssssoon azzz I am releassed from training I will join you on thisss misssssion of dissscovery. I sshall sssmite demonsss with Iomedae'ssss help and for her glory. The Ssssky Ssitadel sshall be oursss!"

Grand Lodge

Father, just as soon as you let me take my confirmation I will be up there representing the Pathfinders to the best of my ability, like you taught me. I will be the best Pathfinder I can. Explore, Report, Cooperate.

Grand Lodge

"Demon-ravaged lands?" Swallowing hard. "Oh how wonderful..."
The sarcasm dripping from the Elf's lips is tinged with more than a little fear.

"We shall, of course, do our duty to protect the Society's interests, even if those interests lie in such a treacherous realm."
Sighing inwardly, she wonders to herself how the short-lived races ever survived so long in the face of these malevolent threats.

Grand Lodge

Cor'win looks to Rhovanyr.

"Not all our missions involve direct intervention within the lands of the wound. My Lady if travelling upon the blasted lands is not your taste, then other ways do exist to support the crusaders and the people... supplies, trade, arms... we are not solely focused on fighting the demonic hordes of the abyss."

He smiles gently.

"I have seen the scars which cross the former kingdom, i am also afraid... but everything we do is for the benefit of others. Each task we perform saves lives. If you need help, your brothers and sisters in the society are here to help... that is our sworn duty."

Grand Lodge

Sslithher wrote:

A slim, reptilian creature topping 7' stares around with lidless eyes.

"Azzz ssssoon azzz I am releassed from training I will join you on thisss misssssion of dissscovery. I sshall sssmite demonsss with Iomedae'ssss help and for her glory. The Ssssky Ssitadel sshall be oursss!"

The tengu caws in fright when he hears the hissing, but after frantically looking around for the source, he breathes a sigh of relief when he sees the nagaji.

"Crap, sorry," he says as he calms down. "I thought there was a snake in here for a second. No hard feelings?"

He regains his composure and addresses the Elf. "So, yeah, what he said. There's more to this than just fighting demons, and you always have your team as backup. And besides, I bet we'll need to do a lot of rebuilding and dispensing aid. Maybe those Silver Crusade guys have some sort of fund for supplies?"

posting as Veracity Reynolds, champion of lost causes (Follower of Aroden and one with the Spirit of the Shadow Lodge)

A redhead with a bow, lots of quivers, and medallion with the image of a winged eye walks into the gathering. You probably haven't seen her before, but the way she walks carries some of the seasoning you recognize from a Pathfinder who's been around Absalom a few times.

"So… this is what it looks like on the inside…

"Thank you for the warning. At least I have a better idea on what sort of ammunition to stock up on to not only make the mission a success… but how to help the greatest asset of our Scoiety, the agents themselves, may survive the mission you have set before not only this group, but the Society as a whole.

Grand Lodge

The Grand Lodge is not long to be a power in Absalom. It shall lose it's position to other factions whose leaders have provided clearer and more attainable goals to their agents.

On a recent patrol of the Wardstones, in addition to delivering aid and assisting those in need along the way, we offered to help recover prisoners from a recent skirmish. All of Mendev (through their garrison commander) offered their thanks once we convinced our guide it was a worthy endeavour. He did not know of Jormundun nor any secret ways into the Worldwound, but he could track demons. Sadly, all of Mendev minus one was insufficient to further the aims of the Grand Lodge.

An associate relates a similar tale. He was asked to retrieve waylaid diplomats in Razmiran, which his group did. Only a wolf died, any Razmiri injured, when diplomacy failed, were healed. The Inquistor was questioned and detailed what she was told. As nothing secret was revealed, in his opinion, all were released. None of the Razmiri, Dwarves or merchants knew anything of Jormundun or the Worldwound, although all of the pathfinder's associates did pledge their families' resources to aid the cause. Oddly, dishonourable murder would have furthered the Lodge's interests.

In both missions, all other factions completed their tasks successfully. I would suggest that if you wish for us to pursue other lines of discovery, you be more explicit in your expectations. Or make plans for yet another faction to be retired.

Grand Lodge

interesting, i to have been involved in similar tasks for the society as a whole... note the as a whole. Simply walking away from the other members , because your interests do not coincide... that is not what we are.

Remember the three things we are suppose to do... observe, report and cooperate.

(Cor'win sighs)

perhaps that is just me... i am a trained healer and could not just sit by and let members go alone unaided. I do not care what faction the society sends me with... they are my brothers and sisters all the same.

Grand Lodge

Yamabiko's eyes glitter at the mention of the Dwarven Sky Citadel

Greetings Venture Captain Valsin. I am Yamabiko. That means Echo of the Mountain in the Common tongue. I come from far away in the Dragon Empires, originally coming here to Absalom to serve the Lantern Lodge. Since the recent ... events ... I have pledged allegiance to the Grand Lodge. They seem like the Western Lantern Lodge after all.

It would do my eyes well to see great Dwarven craft of old. Let Yamabiko seize this citadel for both the Grand Lodge and of all Dwarven-kind! I'm sure Tar Taargadth will not be far behind!

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