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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Hi, everyone! Paizo invited me to write a guest blog to announce the newest project from Campaign Coins. Coins of Absalom is now live on Kickstarter! At Campaign Coins, we have been making coins for years. We’ve had a blast making licensed Pathfinder hero point tokens and pins, but this is our first full set of currency for use in Pathfinder campaigns.

Andre started our company because he thought it would be much cooler to have actual treasure on the table rather than just recording your wealth on a character sheet. He was so right! It makes finding loot far more rewarding, and a player can estimate what equipment and magic items they can afford easily by counting their gold by hand! At Campaign Coins, we love party shopping sessions.

For our first Pathfinder coin range the obvious place to start was Absalom, City of Lost Omens. All adventurers come here to make their fortunes or disappear into the nearby Abomination Vaults. We suggested that the gold coins could represent the key landmarks of the city, and it was marvelous working with Mark Moreland, Paizo’s Director of Brand Strategy, who suggested the best architecture for us to use.

Campaign Coins Pathfinder Coins of Absalom - 25th October Kickstarter

Our coin designer, Brian Patterson, took inspiration from the coin illustrations by Anthony Pratt in the sourcebook and expanded them into to work for a larger set. Each coin has a unique shape so that you can tell them apart, and as they rise in value, they get bigger. All coins except the ones that represent 1 gp have a clear denomination on the back. It’s probably true that in Golarion the coins wouldn’t have numbers (they don’t have ATMs, after all), but the inclusion of this detail makes it easier for players to track wealth at the table.

We’ve curated a number of coin sets to assist at different levels of play, and each set has a mix of coins designed to make it easy to make change at the table. The Inns of Absalom set has a range of copper and silver coins in 1 and 5 denominations. Once you have 10 coppers, change up to 1 silver, and the same with silver to gold. The coins in this set are perfect for food and lodging. The Markets of Absalom set has low-gold denominations in 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s and 20s, which can serve as ideal loot for early adventures and help characters purchase more equipment and starting magic items. The Trademaster of Absalom set represents the highest values of treasure with 50s, 100s, 500s and 1,000s, for when the adventurers start bringing in bigger hauls.

We honestly can’t wait to see these in action in Pathfinder games and have a range of stretch goals planned as we explore Absalom together. (No surprise that our favorite district is The Coins!) Coins of Absalom will be on Kickstarter until November 23, 2022.

Mark Morrison
Project Lead
Campaign Coins

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backed and they look very nice indeed.

If I played physical games I would be backing this in a heartbeat; super cool!

Perpdepog wrote:
If I played physical games I would be backing this in a heartbeat; super cool!

We don't really play physical anymore (all in foundry here :)

But I am just a sucker for these things. I keep them and sometimes give a coin to one of my friends as a small present.

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