Pathfinder Infinite: August in Review

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

August was another hot month for Pathfinder and Starfinder Infinite! We saw over 40 new entries, including more Pathfinder Dark Archives expansions, monster creation tools, and some great Starfinder products hitting the charts. Read on to learn about the top performers on the site last month!

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August’s Top Performers

Boosted Bestiary (P2)
Need a lower-level shoggoth? A higher-level flash beetle? Boosted Bestiary provides over 200 monsters from the Pathfinder Bestiary at expanded level ranges with updated stat blocks and abilities. Applying the elite and weak templates further fleshes out the entries to make it easy to fill out a wide variety of encounters using the same themes!

Class Features: Subconscious Minds (P2)
Luis Loza presents two new Wisdom-based psychic subconscious minds found only in Class Features: Subconscious Minds! Instinctive reliance psychics grow by trusting their natural powers and becoming self-assured, whereas calculated observance psychics can observe and react to the subtle cues of existence.

Dullahan of Golarion (P2)
Whether you’re rolling a new character or looking to bring some unlife to a PC who met a tragic end, the dullahan archetype and heritage give you the ability to play a vengeance-driven headless undead! This book also includes an in-depth look at dullahans in the Lost Omens setting, including a new deity, weapon, and variant rules for playing a xingtian or nukekubi.

Hagiographies of the Veskarium Volume 1 (SF)
This expansion to Starfinder Galactic Magic gives us portfolios for the ten Saints of Damoritosh, including new gameplay mechanics for Damoritosh faithful such as spells, class features, and new options for the Divine Blessing feat!

Inkfinder (P2)
Inkfinder includes over 100 magical tattoos of all levels and rarity, from the helpful Bodily Domovoi to twinned tattoos like Striking Partner. It also includes the tattoo artisan archetype, tattooed warrior archetype, and a new tattoo-maker alchemist research field!

Into the Void - A Starfinder Adventure (SF)Creations of the Purpose-Built corporation, our heroes become stranded when their ship crashes on a desolate planet in the Vast! This level-0 Starfinder adventure has the party gradually create their characters as the story progresses, ending at level 1. While the rules can be used for any campaign, the story is intended to serve as a prequel for the Starfinder Dead Suns Adventure Path.

Kitsune of Golarion (P2)
An in-depth look at kitsune heritages and cultures from across Golarion, including Arcadia, Avistan, Tian Xia, Casmaron, Garund, and even the Crown of the World, Kitsune of Golarion provides new rules for kitsune shapeshifting, heritages and ancestry feats for kitsune characters, new magic items, and two new archetypes: the shapeshifting Noh Mask Master and the spellcasting Kyubi Scion.

Oozefolk of Golarion (P2/SF/P1)
Submit to the ooze with the oozemorph versatile heritage and ozid ancestry! With over 100 amorphous ancestry feats, 16 blobby backgrounds, 14 wobbly weapons, and some slimy summoner options, Oozefolk of Golarion includes everything you need to embrace the ooze! This book also includes rules for Starfinder and Pathfinder First Edition.

Oracles+ (P2)
From the authors of the bestselling Witches+, Oracles+ provides new mysteries, such as beast, fate, and song; new oracle feats, including trance, relic, and mystery cult feats; and suggested errata to help balance existing mysteries! It also includes the Awakened Oracle class archetype, in which your minor curse is always active but you gain an additional boost when you are overwhelmed by your curse! Foundry and Pathbuilder support coming soon!

Smoke and Sail: a Pathfinder 2e Naval Warfare Sourcebook (P2)
The ultimate guide for your next nautical campaign, Smoke and Sail presents a comprehensive ruleset for easy and balanced ship-based combat encounters that gives your characters special crew actions they can use to make their time at sea that much more memorable!

Witches+ (P2)
Witches+ offers new lessons, feats, class updates, and patrons, including streets, time, and spirits! The book even has new final lessons and suggested errata that help balance existing patrons with adjustments to existing hexes!

Pathfinder Infinite: Dullahan Of Golarion by Dustin Knight Starfinder Infinite: Hagiographies of the Veskarium Volume One by Kishmo Pathfinder Infinite: Inkfinder, over 100 tattoos for Pathfinder Second Edition by W. Brian Lane Starfinder Infinite: Into The Void by Kim Frandsen Pathfinder Infinite: Oracles+ an expansion and errata to the core class by Derry Luttrell and Tony Saunders

Appendix PSI: A Bundle of Psychic Archivists

This bundle of Infinite Masters’ material includes products specifically tailored to complement material in Pathfinder Dark Archive, with a focus on the new psychic class! Check it out here!

Pathfinder Infinite: Appendix PSI A Bundle of Psychic Archivists

Dustin Knight
Guest Contributor, Infinite Master

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Awesome material!

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 16

There's so much good stuff on Infinite.

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I recently got to discuss Inkfinder on Roll for Intent's Creator's Corner! link

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I'd love if someone had another go at Starfinder Psionics. Not even a full book, just a Psion/Psionicist class, for a starter.

Dark Archive

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Sidenote, I yesterday finally made progress on my corby bestiary idea, I'm glad I haven't missed my chance yet, but feeling sad I'm likely still taking a lot of time x'D

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