PaizoCon 2020 Cancelled

Friday, March 27, 2020

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Paizo has made the decision to cancel PaizoCon 2020. We look forward to this celebration with our gaming community every year, and while it’s hard to cancel an event like this, we feel this is the best course of action given the global situation.

The Seattle Airport Doubletree by Hilton will cancel all PaizoCon 2020 room reservations en masse. If you have follow up questions regarding your hotel reservation, please contact the hotel.

We’re looking into some options for things we might be able to do digitally over Memorial Day weekend that would still allow us to connect with our fans. With the rapid changes occurring both locally and globally, we have not yet come to any conclusions on the feasibility of providing digital content. Once we make a determination, we will let you know.

There’s also likely to be some questions about what this means for 2021. We’re doing our best to adapt to these challenging times, and we’ll update folks when we have more details for next year’s PaizoCon, May 28th-31st, 2021. For fans who plan to attend next year’s convention and choose to push their 2020 4-day Badge forward to 2021, we’ll have an enhanced swag bag at the show to express our appreciation. We know that many in our community are facing uncertainties with their future plans and may not yet know if they will be able to attend next year’s PaizoCon. There’s no pressure to make a decision about what to do with your Badge: all 2020 PaizoCon Badges and preview Banquet Tickets that have been issued will automatically work for PaizoCon 2021. If you determine that you need to return a Badge or a Banquet Ticket, just follow the instructions below for requesting a refund.

If you would prefer to receive a refund for a purchased PaizoCon 2020 Badge or Preview Banquet Ticket, please review the following instructions to process your return:

Refunding PaizoCon 2020 Badges or Preview Banquet Tickets if you do not want to push them forward to PaizoCon 2021:
Please note, once we have processed a request for a refund for a Badge or Banquet Ticket, we cannot reinstate the order at a later time.

If the Badge or Banquet Ticket is currently on the account of the purchaser:

  • Email and let us know if you would like your refund applied to the payment method used on the order or as store credit.
  • Provide the order number when possible.

If the Badge or Preview Banquet Ticket has been transferred and is no longer on the account of the purchaser:

  • The recipient of the Badge or ticket can transfer the item(s) back to the account of the purchaser.
  • If the recipient is having difficulties with transferring the Badge back to the purchaser, they can contact for assistance.
  • We cannot initiate transfers for Badges or tickets unless the account that currently has possession of the Badge or ticket requests it directly.
  • Once the Badge or Banquet Ticket has been transferred back to the purchaser, the purchaser can contact customer service and request a refund.
  • Be sure to include if the refund should be applied to the payment method or as store credit.

If you are the recipient of a transferred Badge or preview Banquet Ticket purchased on, and you would like a refund applied to your account:

  • If eligible for a refund, transferred Badges or Banquet Tickets will be refunded as store credit to your account in the original purchase amount. Contact to request the refund.

If you have additional questions or concerns, just let us know at

Thank you to all our fans and community members who support Paizo. We’ll miss seeing you at PaizoCon 2020, and hope to see you in 2021!

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Liberty's Edge

I never purchased a ticket but I volunteered to run enough games to get entrance anyway, would I (and anyone else that did the same) be able to roll our volunteering into next year?

I know this is probably too early for that but, I wanted to ask anyway

Sovereign Court Organized Play Manager

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We are still discussing what our next steps are, both as a company and from the OPF perspective. Once we know that, OP will be able to give guidance on how we will proceed.


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Any chance we can have Kate Baker speak at next's year PaizoCon if she's available? Was absolutely looking forward to that, and the main reason I bought the banquet ticket!

Paizo Employee Managing Developer

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That's the plan!

Scarab Sages

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Adam Daigle wrote:
That's the plan!


Grand Lodge Premier Event Coordinator

Mikekydd wrote:
I never purchased a ticket but I volunteered to run enough games to get entrance anyway, would I (and anyone else that did the same) be able to roll our volunteering into next year?

I will be sending out official cancellation notices to all volunteers very soon. I was waiting to hear more about our plans before doing so, but I don’t want to wait too long. Rolling your volunteering into next year is not really necessary. Because things change in people’s lives, it will be more efficient for us to start from scratch. We’ll put out a call for volunteers late in 2020/early 2021. It is very rare for a volunteer to be rejected or for us to fill up before everyone who wants to volunteer has had an opportunity to do so. I wouldn’t worry about that. It is really unfortunate that PaizoCon 2020 had to be cancelled, but from the perspective of OPF, I don’t see it having any effect on next year’s show.

If our volunteers will be approved for the same special swag bag next year as the out-of-pocket badge buyers, we will be sure to provide that information to Paizo.

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Any chance that this year's banquet presentation can be converted into an online presentation?

Marketing & Media Manager

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David knott 242 wrote:

Any chance that this year's banquet presentation can be converted into an online presentation?

There is a chance, roll a d20!

All details concerning an online presentation or a virtual PaizoCon are still under discussion. Remember, we are working from home and we don't have access to our shiny studio. That said, we have messages we want to share. So, to be continued...

Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm. Paizo exists to be a guide to RPG adventure, but players are the heroes, in-game and out.

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