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Friday, August 24, 2018

Among the first minis we previewed from the forthcoming Pathfinder Battles: Kingmaker set way back when we announced it in the spring was the werewolf, a staple of the fantasy and horror genres for ages. But that's not the only figure in the set with a tie to the moon.

I'm super stoked to show off not one, but two new lycanthrope sculpts in this set, both Medium uncommon figures: the wererat archer and the weretiger. Whether they represent enemies of cursed PCs when the full moon calls, these two are sure to be a hit whenever they show up at the table.

Since we have such a great weretiger in the set (and a tiger in the previous set, Jungle of Despair), it is only fitting to also include a Tiger Lord—a tribe of Kellid barbarians from neighboring Numeria who play a pivotal role in the Kingmaker Adventure Path. And who better to epitomize the Tiger Lords than their leader, Armag the Twice-Born (a Medium rare figure) with his magic sword Ovinrbaane? Armag also makes a great barbarian PC for anyone not playing Kingmaker.

A far less brutish barbarian in this set is the divine guardian, also a Medium rare figure. Perfect for a ranger, druid, hunter, shaman, or shifter, this warrior can easily be used to represent a member of many of Golarion's peoples, from Kellid to Mwangi to Shoanti (including the Shoanti moon, axe, or hawk clans, which all hold birds of prey among their favored totems).

Lastly, we have another companion from the Pathfinder: Kingmaker CRPG, with a different link to the moon…not the moon in the night sky, but rather the skeleton moon looking over the Boneyard—Groetus, god of the end times. Harrim, Dwarf Cleric (a Medium rare figure) even has the holy symbol of his apocalyptic god emblazoned on the head of his flail. What campaign is complete without a nihilistic dwarf along to sour any joyous occasion with reminders of the futility of existence?

Mark Moreland
Franchise Manager

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The companions in Kingmaker leave much to be desired as far as I'm concerned. Only eleven choices so far and only five of them seem remotely appealing to me. Hopefully we'll get some more good-aligned ones.

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Wow, these are all great looking minis! Really looking forward to this set.

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We definitely need more hybrid minis when kitsunes and catfolk are so popular.

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The two lycanthropes look really good!

So does the dwarf.

The two barbarians do nothing for me, but that's okay as they are one per case.

We have now seen:

-3 commons (of 13)
-4 medium uncommons (of 11)
-2 large uncommons (of 8)
-6 medium rares (of 8)
-1 large rare (of 4)
-1 dressing piece (of 6)

In my opinion that are way to many rare minis and not nearly enough common & uncommon minis to make a decision if to order a case or not.
There is an order cut off date and i need to know if the common & uncommon minis are cool enough to order a case or not.
So far i want 4 minis of 17 revealed.
That's not enough for a case.
The preview blogs are very close to the release date this time, with no time to show actual production minis, if the 5 minis renders per week schedule is kept.
Mark, please show 2 large uncommons & some commons next week or i'll have to roll a dice to decide if to order a case or 2 bricks. ;-p

Thank you.

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That wererat is awesome!

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Berk the Black wrote:
That wererat is awesome!

I agree.

Also the weretiger is the very first medium version created in ppm form! :-)

Sovereign Court

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How come only wererats get clothes?

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nice minis

Armag looks like he‘s about to fall over backwards though.

Cyrad wrote:
We definitely need more hybrid minis when kitsunes and catfolk are so popular.

What I personally need is the Catfolk from Bestiary 3, something cat burglar like.

Disappointed you did not use Tos Katun's illustration for the Weretiger - as far back as 2E D&D, Weretigers were mostly female.

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I like the male weretiger, but i would love a female version too.
We still have too few female versions for lots of humanoid creatures, most noticable: where are female orcs?
There has also been no female Fire Giant produced.
Hill Giant? Ogre?
Lots of possibilities there.
I may make a list later.

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Here are the most notably missing females from the Bestiary:

-Fire Giant
-Hill Giant
-Ogre Mage Oni

Shadow Lodge

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Why is the divine gardians hair visible from the back? Wouldnt it meake more sense for that area to be part of the brown hood?

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Mark, are there any Starfinder news?

These four ppm sets were supposed to be in stores this month...

I like this set already.

Hopefully not too many divine guardians, they're so specific I can't really use them. Everything else is great.

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As BBShockwave on plasticrypt.com pointed out, Weretigers & Werebears (but not Wererats, Werewolves & Wereboars, werebats, Werecrocodiles & Weresharks) grow to LARGE size in their hybrid forms (look it up in Bestiary 2)!

This would make this beautiful miniature useless, unless PF2 changes that fact.
The same thing already happened to the Werebear mini from Maze of Death (#6).

From the Bestiary (page 196): "A lycanthrope's hybrid form is the same size as the base animal or the base creature, whichever is LARGER."

That statement would make both the Werecrocodile & Wereshark hybrid forms (Bestiary 4) wrong size, so there are some issues there...

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Marco Massoudi wrote:

Mark, are there any Starfinder news?

These four ppm sets were supposed to be in stores this month...

Update is here.

According to Paizo, it will be the end of September.

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Thanks, Kor.

I'll believe it when i have them in hand, though.
Ninja Division already had prototypes at Gencon 2017.
Them having some packs to display at Gencon 2018 doesn't mean $#!1.
There aren't even pictures of actual ppms.

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We have plenty of dwarves, ratfolk, trolls (like 6 variations now) and gargoyles.

Where are my Attic Whisperers, Ettercaps?? (So classic and still a no-show?) How about Aeons, and Contemplatives of Ashok?

At least give us a male/female version of every race. We still don't have Sylphs, Oreads, Undine, Ifrit, Kitsune, Dhampir... the list goes on.

I love Pathfinder Battles miniatures, but sometimes it feels like the selections are just horribly underwhelming and repetitive.

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What Locksheon said.

I mean i get why we get a new gargoyle in this set, as the only other one was in the very first PF Battles set "Heroes & Monsters".
I also get all the companions from the computer game (which are essentially new pc or npc options).
But the Troll Leader is only in the set because it is a really common enemy in the AP and presumably in the computer game, not because it hasn't been done before.
With this set there will of course be some stuff we have seen before for cross-marketing purposes with the computer game and old Adventure Path and i'm fine with that.
But i also hope we'll get some minis which haven't been done before (or only rarely). ;-)

I like the were-beasts

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Only six and a half weeks until the release of Kingmaker and we know only 17 of the 50 minis in the set.

Sadly i have to order now and this will be the first time in years that i won't order a case.

At the moment i am more excited for the "Falling Star" (colossal sailing ship), "Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage" (including huge miniatures such as the Froghemoth) & Pathfinder Battles set 16: "Ruins of Lastwall" (which has a really cool crypt, Pharasma & psychopomps).

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Mark, i have a question:

With "Kingmaker" focussing on the computer game & AP of the same name & the next set "Ruins of Lastwall" focussing on the last Pathfinder AP "Tyrant's Grasp", will we get any miniature products for "Return of the Runelords"?

I guess we'll find a lot of creatures appearing in the AP in the "Rise of the Runelords" & "Shattered Star" Pathfinder Battles sets, but how about a "Iconic Heroes" boxed set featuring the Runelords? ;-)

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Wizkids have updated their release schedule today:
Street date for "Kingmaker" is october 24th - exactly in 7 weeks!

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Because having Akata minis from the Legends of Golarion set was incredibly helpful for Starfinder Dead Suns,
how about inserting all creatures which exist in both Pathfinder & Starfinder into the next set(s)?
Here is a list:
-Aballonian (Distant Worlds)
-Android (B 5)
-Bone Sage/Necrovite (Distant Worlds)
-Brethedan (B 4)
-Contemplative (B 4)
-Formian Warrior (B 4)
-Formian Worker (B4)
-Goblin, Space (call it Aquanaut with fishbowl & harpoon)
-Gray (B 5)
-Kalo (Distant Worlds)
-Kasatha (B 4)
-Lashunta (Inner Sea Bestiary)
-Robot, Gearsman (B 5)
-Robot, Myrmidon (B 5)
-Robot, Terraformer (B 5)
-Sarcesian (Distant Worlds)
-Shobhad (B 4)
-Witchwyrds (B 2)

Please make this real! :-)

Silver Crusade

Marco Massoudi wrote:
Only six and a half weeks until the release of Kingmaker and we know only 17 of the 50 minis in the set.

My local case-draft group has similar concerns - we have a little bit more time to decide, so hopefully there are more previews coming in the very near future.

Marco Massoudi wrote:
Please make this real! :-)


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I think (& hope) we'll get a preview today, it's been 3 weeks and there are still 34 minis renders to be shown before the set releases in only 40 days.
At least 6 minis will have to be in the preview, if all are to be revealed by then, but i hope we get to see many more.

Lately Wizkids has thankfully gotten much better in showing and announcing the miniatures which are in their upcoming Icons of the Realms sets, so i know if i need to pre-order one or two bricks or an entire case.
Sadly this hasn't been the case with Pathfinder Kingmaker, as it has been with Jungle of Despair, and so i had to "blind-order" for this set.

As cool as it is to get an entertaining article with the minis renders, i understand that it requires a lot of work.
Personally i would prefer to know which minis are in the set early enough to decide if to order one or two bricks or an entire case.
A list of the minis names would even be okay, certainly better than getting nothing at all.

This is by no means meant as a personal critique, as i am well aware that there were multiple good reasons that we havn't gotten a regular blog lately, i just wanted to point out my personal trouble of decision-finding for this set, as i had very few information about it. ;-)

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Marco Massoudi wrote:
At least 6 minis will have to be in the preview, if all are to be revealed by then, but i hope we get to see many more.

As you've pointed out, really they need to do a lot more. I'm going to need to see what's in the set before my subscription is processed. It isn't acceptable for me to spend a half-thousand dollars on... I don't know what. I haven't been disappointed in the past, but this is a nontrivial purchase, which I can't justify blindly.

The only things I "need" so far are the case incentives to finish my huge elementals. And frankly going grey market to get just them will be cheaper.

I get it. This is a Wizkids product, not a Paizo product. I get it. Yada yada PF2, Paizo's busy. I get it. The web site was pooched. I get it.

But no previews... no purchase. Because while I'm a fanboy, I'm not foolish.

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