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Disappointed you did not use Tos Katun's illustration for the Weretiger - as far back as 2E D&D, Weretigers were mostly female.

90 Year Old Beggar with a Cane wrote:

Dang it Dragon!! Gimme back my Teeth!!

You know Mrs McGregor won't give me no Whiskey shillin's if'n I can't give her a smile ta brighten up her day

LOL! Now I have done it and awakaned the beggar! Sorry! :D

They split that up into "summoned" creatures who DO return to their plane of origin, and "called" creatures who don't, but instead are permanently dead. With that change, I agree I'd like to see Summons that lasted more than a few rounds, and FAR more hesitation on the part of called creatures to do anything remotely dangerous.

Ah, thanks, that explains it. Yeah - I was surprised when I read in the thread how Erylium's own summons only last a few rounds... I am used to D&D summons that sometimes last half a day.

Agreed, it'd make more sense for called creatures to be more self-preserving.
And yeah, I was just kidding about that, still unless she was wearing teeny-tiny underwear, I'd think the paladin would have to proclaim that his faith doesn't allow him to see naked demons and ask the rogue to loot Erylium's body while he turns away bashfully. :D (Kidding)

At this point, smiley or not, you're trolling. In the PRD paladins are proficient will all simple and martial weapons, bows included, and Ultimate Combat even introduces a paladin archetype whose primary weapon is the bow. To disallow paladins from using bows is just... wow.

I meant it more for the "style" of the game, not the actual mechanics. I do know paladins are allowed to use ranged weapons. I just feel it fits them better to be the front-line fighters (and yes, if a player wants to play them like that) sometimes even sticking to melee due to "honor" because of their beliefs, even if it's stupid.

In Baldur's Gate II, there was a Cavalier Kit for the Paladin - it was a specifically anti-demon/devil/dragon build, immune to fear, could cast remove fear, and got fire and acid resistance, but was restricted from ranged weapons other than throwing axes.

Yes, it didn't help Erylium in the least that the paladin couldn't roll under a 17, and turned her into a pincushion. Then took the dress and had it made into a monogrammed hankie.

Y'know that means your paladin stripped a tiny dead female demon naked? I am surprised he hasn't fallen! :D (Btw, I am still at a loss at to why in Pathfinder, demons and devils don't just "respawn" on their home plane when killed on the Material plane... it gave them an extra threat level, you can kill or banish them but they will be back for a vengeance -sometimes on your ancestors, 100 years later)

Having a paladin was also a huge difference. With 2 points of fast healing, at-will invisibility, and DR 5, I can see a group taking forever to whittle away her hit points, only to watch her vanish and come back later. The smite evil/composite bow/high rolls combo was just too much for her quick healing to keep up with, and the paladin rolled max damage on the final shot, so she never got a chance to turn invisible and flee.

So, smite can work with bows too? That's... not very noble or paladin-like. Bravely shooting evil in the back! :D

See, that is why I miss 2E. DR is a flawed concept. Even your average first-level barbarian will sometimes hit for huge damage, meaning you can just make mincemeat out of a gargoyle or werewolf easily without using magic or silver weapons.
In 2E, your party would have been boned by Erylium and would had to whittle her down with spells or use cleric spells like Spiritual hammer or druid spells that enchant weapons to be even able to hit her! Sure, once you get magic weapons, it all gets easier, but back then even +1 weapons did not grow on trees. It made encounters with such creatures so much more challenging - sometimes only one or two members of the party can damage them, the rest need to be meat-shields for those, or come up with tricks and spells to hinder and immobilize these foes for those who can damage them.
And immunity makes so much more sense than DR. It's a magical effect, your strikes simply bounce off as if deflected by an invisible forcefield around her, or in the case of a werewolf, the strike wounds the creature slightly, but he heals immediately.

I often bring up the topic that with the concept of DR, a sickly 90-year-old beggar could eventually poke a sleeping ancient red dragon to death with a cane, since he is bound to roll a 20 every now and then and do enough damage to go over the DR10... :D