I Demand More Dragons!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Pathfinder's beloved adventure The Dragon's Demand just got a whole lot better! After months of hard work and the contributions of a host of Syrinscape and Pathfinder fans, the long-awaited SoundPack for this well known adventure has arrived.

Packed full with delicious and slightly frightening goodies, "The Dragon's Demand" SoundPack includes a complete Kobold Lair, an awesomely gross "Mouther" monster, shrieking grioths, firebombing Flame Drakes, and an epically massive and quite angry Green Dragon with an eye-wateringly singeing acid breath weapon with which to terrorise your players.

Check out the video demo of the awesome SoundPack!

Then grab all the sounds here, along with the rest of Syrinscape's products in the Paizo store!

What else is news?! Well, we are super excited to be able to announce that Hell's Rebels is the next Adventure Path to receive the Syrinscape treatment! Just imagine what sounds will be coming out of your speakers when you play this one—Cheliax here we come! Look out for the first chapter of Syrinscape's Hell's Rebels SoundPacks coming out simultaneously with the August release of "In Hell's Bright Shadow."

And finally watch out for Ben at GenCon! Drop by the stand to pick up this year's free goodies and contribute your voice to the "GenCon Monster Raid" SoundSet or once again enjoy the epic accompaniment Syrinscape adds to the Pathfinder Society Specials. And make sure you don't miss Ben as he GMs this year's Live RPG Plus, a truly interactive roleplaying experience where the audience determines the fate of our all-star cast, including such legends as Chris Pramas, Adrian Swartout, and Paizo's very own James Jacobs. This event is not to be missed—the last time we ran a Live RPG Plus we ended up with a Green/White/Fire/Ice Dragon held by the tail being used as a weapon by the slightly overenthusiastic Ranger, a ranger who determined all his actions using Rock-Paper-Scissors. Get your tickets now!

And remember listen out for the fantastic Pathfinder fans who gave their vocal talents to "The Dragon's Demand" SoundPack at both PaizoCon and UK Games Expo this year. You can find their names in lights under the product credits in the store. Syrinscape thanks you and praises you for your spectacularly and slightly disturbing contributions!

Benjamin Loomes (half-elf bard/paladin)
Creative Director

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I'm officially pitiful!

Liberty's Edge

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Ben looking forward to seeing you at Gen Con again!

Yay! I reckon the Green Dragon in this one is the best Dragon yet!

Creative Director, Syrinscape

GenCon is going to be really fun this year!

Especially this:

It was super fun at PaxAus and my group for this one is AMAZING!

Liberty's Edge

Can't wait to meet Ben this year!

Scarab Sages

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Having trouble loading the Blog. It goes to the screen, then immediately tries to direct me elsewhere. All I get is a screen that is trying to load but never does.

This is the address it is trying to bring up: http://paizo.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/Store.woa/wa/browse?path=&tab=paizo

Creative Director, Syrinscape

Yes, I had that once trying to browse from my phone too. Perhaps contact Paizo support directly about this one... I reckon they almost certainly won't notice your post here! :-)

I demand more non-chromatic and non-metallic dragons!

When you guys and gals get a chance I would take a gander at the syrinscape forums lots of cool convo's going on in the development of Syrinscape.

Some Noteworthy topics include:

Modern Horror Sounds
User Sound Sets
And Much More

URL: https://forum.syrinscape.com/
Link: Click Me I'm Magical

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