Parade of Tributes: Wrath of the Righteous Characters

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Today we're going to talk about the character line-up for the next Pathfinder Adventure Card Game release, Wrath of the Righteous. As usual, each character in the set will have a premium character playmat created by our friends at Ultra•PRO. Mats will be available in two packs: one containing the 7 characters from the Wrath of the Righteous Base Set, and one containing the 4 characters from the Character Add-On Deck.

Speaking of the Base Set, here's your first look at the finished box, which features an all-new cover painting by Wayne Reynolds.

We showed off this box for the first time at last week's GAMA trade show and received lots of raves!

On to the characters!

Base Set

Alain the cavalier makes his ACG debut in this set, and he comes to the party with a shocking lack of tragedy in his backstory. Alain is an entitled scion of nobility who grew to manhood entirely convinced of his own competence in all things. As a brash young man, Alain gathered whatever funds and personal effects he could carry. He then declared himself a sellsword, setting off for the "crimson poetry of the fray." Today, whether leading soldiers in a suicidal charge or booting serving girls out of his bed in the morning, Alain cares little about the people around him. More than money, love, or lust, Alain cares about his reputation. With every encounter, he strives to increase his own legend, whether as a scoundrel or saint. Perhaps the only creature he truly values is his horse, Donahan. Exceedingly well trained, and having accompanied Alain for longer than any of his human compatriots, Donahan represents everything Alain looks for in a partner: absolute loyalty, absolute trust, and absolute obedience. Donahan is a new type of card called a cohort—we'll explain how those work in an upcoming blog.

Summoner Balazar and his eidolon Padrig make their debuts in Wrath of the Righteous. Balazar grew up in the magical academies of Quantium in Nex after that region's Arclords stole him from his family. More interested in pranks and anarchy than his studies, Balazar was inevitably expelled. He set off on the road to Ecanus, a city infamous for its twisted magical experiments. The masters of Ecanus sought one who could look into a rift known as the Void Chasm and maintain his sanity. As they forced the gnome to stare into the Void, he heard a voice. "I will help you," it said in reassuring tones. "Give me form and allow me to leave this prison, and you and I will become as one." Balazar imagined a huge snakelike creature with a beak, and Padrig took form. Now the gnome and his strange companion wander the world, having fun and causing trouble in equal measure. Like Alain's horse Donahan, Padrig is a cohort card.

Enora the halfling arcanist makes her ACG debut in this set. She's motivated by a love of knowledge. Enora was a star student at the Occularium, a child of two professors at the august center of arcane learning. While performing field research in a half-flooded temple to Nethys, the god of magic, Enora uncovered a stone tablet that radiated a magical aura unlike anything she had ever encountered before. Touching her hand to the tablet flooded Enora's mind with magical revelations, knowledge beyond her wildest dreams, and a sense of a much vaster world of magical discovery than she had ever imagined. Today, Enora travels the Inner Sea searching for knowledge, be it secular or religious in nature.

ACG fan-favorite Harsk returns for a third time! Few things made young Harsk happier than crouching in a tree stand in southeastern Varisia with his crossbow, listening to the wind through the forest leaves and waiting for deer or larger prey to wander by. After the brutal slaughter of his brother by giants, however, Harsk's view of his place in the world changed. Now the dwarven ranger seeks to forever be the voice of justice in wild places, preserving nature's balance and preventing the sacrifices of noble men like his brother.

Imrijka the inquisitor makes her Adventure Card Game debut in Wrath of the Righteous. Half-orc orphans aren't a common sight in the church of Pharasma, goddess of fate and death, but Imrijka isn't a common half-orc. She wears a mysterious disk that might hold the key to the truth of her parentage. Taken in by the church's high exorcist and trained as an inquisitor, Imrijka brings judgment to all who would violate the laws of life and death. Imrijka's seen it all, and she faces the future with courage and faith.

Kyra's third appearance in the Adventure Card Game pits her against demons and heretics, but facing off against long odds is nothing new to this cleric of Sarenrae. Kyra grew up in the shadow of one of the Dawnflower's shrines. When bandits attacked her small town, Kyra watched as the priestesses did their best to reason with them—and when that came to naught, she decided to end them before they could do more damage. Unfortunately, the bandits were too strong, and the village burned. Kyra was one of the few survivors. On the smoking ruins of the shrine, she swore her life and sword arm to Sarenrae. She pledged to protect those who could not protect themselves, vowing not to spare the blade when the time for redemption passes.

Fans of the RPG version of the Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Path will not be surprised to see our iconic paladin Seelah make her second appearance here. Seelah first encountered warriors in Iomedae's service in the town of Solku, where her family had fled after witnessing horrible atrocities in the land of Geb. When a group of Iomedae's knights arrived to defend Solku from marauding gnolls, Seelah was immediately taken with their beautiful, shining armor. Within an hour, she had stolen a particularly fine helm with a golden bird upon its brow. Days later, Seelah was wracked with guilt and horror as she saw the paladin whose helm she had stolen struck down by a blow to the head from a gnoll's flail. As penance, Seelah joined the knights of Iomedae, hoping to carry on the good work that the fallen paladin might have done. You'll note that one of Seelah's powers mentions the new Corrupted trait—we'll talk about that in an upcoming blog too!

Character Add-On Deck

Adowyn the hunter and her wolf Leryn make their first appearance in Wrath of the Righteous. As a girl, Adowyn accompanied her father into the perilous Fangwood on a trading expedition. One night a diseased bear charged into their camp, savaging Adowyn's father before she could even cry out. Using the bow her father had carved for her, she sank arrow after arrow into the beast, tears streaming down her cheeks. At last, the bear fell. The creature was dead—but so was her father. Adowyn spent months in the blighted forest alone, mourning her father and learning to survive by wit and arrow. During her isolation, she rescued a lean gray wolf and nursed it back to health, giving it her father's name as a last measure of grief and farewell. Now Adowyn and Leryn wander the Inner Sea region as bounty hunters, searching fruitlessly for the mother she left behind. Leryn is a cohort card in Wrath.

The Shoanti bloodrager Crowe debuts in Wrath of the Righteous. Crowe was born under an auspicious sign during a thunderstorm that scoured the Storval Plateau one burning autumn evening. As a youth, Crowe often got into fights and then claimed he didn't remember how the scraps had started. He would feel his heart beating against his ribs. He would hear the blood thrumming in his ears, and that would be the last thing he recalled. After these amnesiac rages took the lives of a dozen horses and several of his tribe members one night, Crowe set out on his own with only his rage, his shame, and the power of the storm that coursed through his blood to help him make his way.

Back by popular demand, Seoni makes her third appearance in this set. The tattooed sorceress has long wandered the world, though her goals remain a mystery. Seoni's runic tattoos play an influential role in her personality. Coming from a culture where tattoo magic maintains a strong following, hers are simultaneously a manifestation of her power and a tool to aid in her castings. The sheer number adorning her skin, as well as the similar patterns woven into her clothes, are a mark of status among her tribe, although many of the so-called "civilized" residents of Varisia look upon such body modification with distaste.

Dwarven shaman Shardra Geltl makes her Adventure Card Game debut here. As she grew into adolescence, Shardra discovered that objects could speak to her. The voices of stone and wood kept her company when her outward existence became fraught. They taught her much about the stories and histories of her people. A fall while out walking brought Shardra into an ancient cavern. Her journey into that holy place began her lifelong friendship with a spirit creature resembling a tuatara, whom she named Kolo. With Kolo the crag tuatara at her shoulder, Shardra now wanders the world, uncovering lost treasure and listening to the tales it has to tell. Kolo is a cohort card in Wrath.

Free RPG Day Promo Card

We've already told you about Ekkie, the promo character we're releasing for Free RPG Day, but we wanted to show you her Ultra•PRO mat!

Until next week, Pathfinders!

Tanis O'Connor
Adventure Card Game Designer

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Agradeleous wrote:
I don't understand Seelah's power: "When you attempt a check before you act, you may use your charisma skill instead of any listed skill." Why wouldn't someone use this power on every single check? What is it that I am not understanding?

"Before you act" is a very specific step of an encounter.

Encountering a Card wrote:

Apply any effects that happen when you encounter a card.

Apply any evasion effects.
Apply any effects that happen before you act.
Attempt the check.
Attempt the next check, if needed.
Apply any effects that happen after you act.
Resolve the encounter.

Seelah's power can be used for any checks that happen during that step of the encounter. They can not be used for the check to defeat a bane or acquire a boon.

If WotR Seelah encountered a Galvo, she could use the power to make a Charisma 13 check instead of the Dexterity or Acrobatics 13 check as required by the Galvo. That likely gives her a much better chance of success to avoid that Electricity damage. But she could not use the power to attempt a Charisma 18 check to defeat the Galvo instead of the listed Combat 18 check.

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
My wife played Amiri and used the bury power a lot. Especially on with Armor she'd acquired. We looked for opportunities for Amiri to pick up cards at low cost (We can recharge that blessing this turn because it matches, go ahead and use it to acquire that spell). Then Amiri would burn them for her power. It was especially nice if that card was a spell Ezren wanted or a potion Drunken Master Sajan wanted, since they would play blessing for Amiri to acquire it, and then she would use it for her power, giving it to them at the end of the scenario.

I was thinking the bury powers would be good for those quarterstaves and wooden shields. Pick them up, burn for power, then they're not clogging up the deck.

Crowe is likely going to be played by someone in my group, so I'm looking forward to more on him, like his deck composition.

Thank you Hawkmoon269. It makes perfect sense to me now.

I suddenly wonder if cohorts might have feats. Upgradable support cards!

EDIT: possibly not my worst guess, based on this on their role in the RPG

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
bbKabag wrote:
I may be missing something but I think its only Harsk's third appearance.

You didn't get the super secret S&S Harsk promo? You have to send in the UPC codes from all the S&S products to to get it.

Nah, just kidding.

Isn't this just the 2nd appearance for Harsk and Kyra? Runelords and Righteous? Am I missing a whole base set somewhere?

aaron dekuiper 591 wrote:
Isn't this just the 2nd appearance for Harsk and Kyra? Runelords and Righteous? Am I missing a whole base set somewhere?

Harsk and Kyra both appeared in Class Decks (Ranger and Cleric respectively)

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Crowe AND Seoni? How will I ever choose???

Sovereign Court

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Xexyz wrote:
Crowe AND Seoni? How will I ever choose???

By picking Crowe, duh!

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Andrew L Klein wrote:
Xexyz wrote:
Crowe AND Seoni? How will I ever choose???
By picking Crowe, duh!

You're probably right. I played Seoni in RotR my first Wrath playthrough will have to be Crowe. I can't wait to see his card list and role cards!

Another set of 11 great characters... I'm not sure who I'm going to pick yet. It might depend on the other five players - with Crowe, Balazar, and Imrijka all but assured of selection, plus Enora/Seoni and Seelah/Adowyn.

If somehow Crowe is left out, it'll be for Alain.


Which leaves for me, Kyra, Harsk, Shardra, and the other three not chosen. Hard choices...

For those who are wondering, here's Balazar's role cards and cohort:

And here's some of the rules on cohorts:

Paizo Blog wrote:
Cohorts act much like allies, but most of them start in your hand instead of your deck. A few cohorts have owners and appear on an owner's cards list. For example, Donahan is owned by the cavalier Alain, so at the start of each scenario, Alain gets to add Donahan to his starting hand. (Similarly, summoner Balazar has his eidolon Padrig; in the Character Add-On Deck, hunter Adowyn has her wolf Leryn, and shaman Shardra has her stone spirit Kolo.)


I'm sure most of you have seen these, but after reading some people wondering about Balazar and Padrig, I thought it couldn't hurt.

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