Redelia's PFS1 1-35 Voice in the Void

Game Master Redelia


Hi, everyone!

I'll be running this Pathfinder 1 scenario here on the forums, starting as soon as everyone is ready.

I'll be running at low/lowish tier, so only characters of levels 1-4 should apply.

I'll close recruitment as soon as I get 8 applicants, or after 48 hours, whichever comes first. There are two characters I'm holding a spot for. New players are very much invited to apply!

This game will still be ongoing when things get really crazy in late December, but we'll pause for a few days a few times for various holidays. It's not a problem if you'll be unable to post for a few days once or twice due to holiday travel or anything like that.

Grand Lodge

Beleg (Elf/Slayer/2nd level) would be interested in joining this mission…

Silver Crusade

I have two L2s, one an Unchained Rogue and the other a Magus that would be interested.

Silver Crusade

Lvl 2 sorcerer and lvl 1 unchained summoner could play.

Have many characters who would fit.

Unchained Monk 1
Wizard 3
Unchained Rogue 3
Occultist 3
Ninja 4 (♥Gnagnatsu♥, who the GM is already familiar with)
Witch 4 (Orenjii, ditto)

I have the following characters:

- elf slayer 1/unch. rogue 1 (has played the 'prequel' #0-05 Mists of Mwangi!)
- dwarf unch. monk 2 / cleric 1 (self-enlarge)
- human paladin 3 (diplomacy and intimidate)
- elf wizard 3
- half-orc ranger 2 (switch-hitter)
- oread fighter 1 (tanky)

Two characters
L4 Cleric (Mallycorn Tavee) or L1 Warpriest (Fraxon Stonebreaker)

I'd be interested with a level 3 Occultist

Recruitment is closed. Thanks for your interest, everyone. I will let you know my decision soon, in 24 hours or less.

Accepted characters/players are:
occultist / Lupulus
??? / kaervek78 (please bring someone who can heal)
??? / cmlobue (please bring someone who can deal with traps/locks)
Otha / Beleg Strongbow

players in the reserved spots are bringing a sorcerer and a samurai.

For those who I have only asked for a party role, I saw you had at least one character among those you suggested that met that, but I would like you to bring whoever you would have the most fun with that could do that important thing. We'll be subtier 1-2, so they don't have to be really good at it, just need to be able to activate healing wands or have trapfinding.

In just a minute I'll open the gameplay thread, so please dot in. I hope to get started in the next day or two. Please also check into discussion, where I will collect the reporting data.

Thanks for choosing me! :-D

If we - additionally to healing - need Diplomacy or Intimidate covered, then I think my level 3 Paladin Kurik would be the best choice.

Sovereign Court

Since my ninja just started another game, guess it's Egavreis here.

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