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A prelude to potential Kingmaker campaign where characters experience a harrowing journey into the wild river kingdoms. Who can be trusted when trade and coin are the primary motivation for keeping the East Sellen river safe. In this chaotic time for Brevoy, are there internal forces at work that threaten House Lebeda's trading empire? It is 15 Phar 4710
Area map with Greatwall
15 pt buy, average wealth, no 3 party, max hp, bonus trait w/ drawback, one campaign trait, consult Player’s guide, 7 min/ 18 max before racials, 1 background skill/ level (3 if rogue)

I am recruiting to fill out this last group of six characters to attempt the Kingmaker Adventure Path. As a quick reminder Kingmaker was quite innovative as it introduced a Sandbox adventure with a kingdom building twist. The players guide for 1E Pathfinder should be still available in the marketplace for free -- and I recommend prospective applicants review it if they are new to this Adventure Path.

For those of you who do not know me, I am returning after a four-year hiatus on these boards. Before I left I ran a variety of pathfinder adventure paths, old school AD&D modules I converted to pathfinder, and a few homebrews. After many years of experience I am convinced Pathfinder 1E is an amazing RPG system, and the PRD/SRD with Archive of Nethys support has so many resources for everyone on line.

If you wish to know my style that is heavily borrowed from GM Blood, please check out this attempt to complete an AP. Even with the best players I knew and loved, we only made it a year--this was an invitation only game, hence the lack of a recruitment thread. Link to AP that made it almost to Book 2

This AP will have a strict posting requirement of once per weekday with the ability to have your character botted by me during real life emergency periods. The character generation will be standard 15 point buy (no minimums as low stats add RP flavor to characters) with all Paizo material in bounds (no third party), and I encourage characters to include the campaign traits provided and consider recommendations for characters in the player guide. I will admit I am biased to standard races, but the occasional tengu, catfolk, or ratfolk will be considered.

Now for the twist. We will be playing a prequel to Kingmaker that will get characters to level 2 and get them their charter to create their kingdom. We will have a chance to see how the group works together and hopefully move right into the Kingmaker Adventure Path.

Previously as a GM, I used google docs and will do so for the prequel. It turns out the second edition Roll 20 kingmaker content is completely different than 1E, so I expect to use google docs throughout this AP and link all maps in the game thread. My free subscription to book 1 of 2E Kingmaker is of little help with maps, but I may snag some of the cool graphics for handouts.

The prequel adventure will be entitled Intrigue in Brevoy and will take place near Lake Reykal in service of House Lebeda. I have some business trips coming up and do not want to rush the recruitment process, as my quick recruitments of the past may have been a mistake.
The party is forming to head into the River Kingdoms.

Historical recruiting questions for this AP can be found here.


One or two spots remain depending on how many are in the discussion thread.

With a cleric, a fighter and a paladin already in play, it looks like Martial and Divine are covered.

So, either Skill or Arcane.

I've got an Unchained Rogue Swashbuckler to throw into the hat, so that's going to be my submission.

Camris -- you are good to go when ready.

Head into discussion when your character is done. Aldori Sword will count as a "swashbuckler" weapon

Hello again. I withdrew Bug-eyed Thom from from your other kingmaker recruitment because I didn’t think he was a good fit. I have another idea for a Skald. Painting in broad brushstrokes he will be an Ulfen hired as a bodyguard/fixer for a member of house Labeda. The member of the house wanted a bodyguard to be more like the Taldens and their kings by the use of an ulfen as a bodyguard and few having one as a status symbol.

GM out of curiosity do you plan for the different tables to have any crossover? Perhaps merging tables down the line if folks drop out.

Good Question:
GM out of curiosity do you plan for the different tables to have any crossover? Perhaps merging tables down the line if folks drop out

Here is short WIT (What I'm Thinking) from your GM:

I will outline the master plan. In my initial interest check I mentioned the drop rate of PbPs can be high. My new formula is to start APs at six for PbP and recruit three again if the group drops to three. Why? I can encounter balance 4-6 easily and I personally hate to respond to recruitments for one character, two makes me pause, but getting three characters at a pause is probably enough to spark interest and make the recruiting worthwhile for both players and GM.

Seeing the lack of 1E pathfinder recruitments lately, I am hoping to take roughly the interest level of all 18 characters that applied, I hate to disappoint. If we lose 3 total from all 3 groups in chapter 0, I will recruit again. If we lose 6 total we will consolidate into 2 tables and move forward. I am also hoping to inspire some of the players to think about GMing their own 1E games, and will not be offended in any way if they decide to go 25 point buy and Elephant in the Room--but want also to show the old way (15pts feat taxes) works well too.

Dotting. The last two games of KM I joined fizzled out, and I haven't gotten much further than a little past book 1. Let's hope that it is as they say: the third time is the charm.

Two things of note: I have played the Kingmaker computer game and I am currently playing in a PF2 KM game with friends, but with only one 4 hour session every 3 weeks, that game will take even longer to finish than the average PbP game of KM :)

Right now, I'm inclined to roll a human or half-elf transmuter (wizard) with the Rostlander or Pioneer trait. Profession Gardener and Knowledge Nature will be his two skills of choice.

Recruiting Update

The not good guys lost their antipaladin. Let me know if anyone is interested in joining Group 2.

We have a cleric, fighter, rogue swashbuckler, elf magus and Spasmodeus is in the flex slot. Pitch me something good with a character backstory.

If you want to be a not good guy, group 2 needs one more too. They can use any class too.


I am interested in being a "not good guy".

I havent done PbP in a few years either but want to jump back in if there is room and I'm welcome.

would you prefer character pitches here or in your DM's?

Ive got a ranged halfling hunter idea floating around

Here is fine

I have been bouncing around the various threads and I think I confused myself more than I was before. Just what characters do you still need? I always have a few things I am willing to try.

I believe group 2 and group 3 have one spot open. They are balanced enough any character will fit.

Build up a character hopefully with a Kingmaker AP flavored backstory, and I will move you to one of those groups.

Group 2 are "not good guys"

Spazmodeus has a reserved spot already accounted for. friendly sauce has some experience as a DM, which I tend to give preference to (putting DMs in your games may help you get in a future game)


GM Tribute wrote:

friendly sauce has some experience as a DM, which I tend to give preference to (putting DMs in your games may help you get in a future game)

I'm humbled by your preferentialness (I dont think thats a word?), but I agree, your back is far more likey to get scratched if you can scratch back... back.

Well, I am very curious if I can make a kobold on 15RP, and a "not good guy" kobold seems the easier fit. I'll take a peek at the other characters and get to work.

Submitting Tacitus, played by friendly sauce, for the "not good guys". As for backstory I was thinking he could be in service to house Lebeda as a huntsman or trailblazer.

Nice—Tacitus can head to group 1 discussion where I spoiled your entrance

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