An interesting semi-cursed item we came up with, ideally discovered in Act 3.

Wrath of the Righteous

"Autobiographical excerpt of our Ladies life and deeds"

These mythic tomes contain excerpts of Nocticulas autobiography, handwritten by her.
If read by a creature with no mythic potential and less then 10 CR, the semi sentient tome essentially teleports away.

If read by a creature with mythic levels or potential, the tome will truthfully recount a deed of Nocticula, insightfully choosing a deed that will, for the reader, be the deed of Nocticula that is most likely to find his or her approval, such as to render the read more open to various forms of cooperation with her in the future. If for example a Paladin of Iomedae would read it, he would have a recounting of her initially defensive war against the forces of Korluuraud, a vasall of Orcus,, who, backed by Orcus himself, sought to crush her realm and mass murder anyone living there, including mortals.
She did so by, among other things, offering several drops of her blood in a prisoner exchange (to which she, unbeknown to her enemies, could teleport at will), by rekindling the flames and fires of passion and lust of life in a dread knight before slaying Korluuraud in single combat. She did these things, which to an Iomedean Paladin would seem really familar, several thousand years before Iomedae was even born.

A chaotic good follower of Cayden Caylean would read of her slaying of Nahyndri, Demon Lord of Slavery, in part by inciting his slaves into a rebellion after she herself was temporary enslaved. She did give all slaves who backed her their freedom, which the majority used to pledge themselfs to her as vasalls. Those who did not do so, including a fairly powerful Caydenite cleric, she let depart in peace, and with rich rewards.

A chaotic neutral character interested in pranks would see the murder of Migorg, Demon Lord of incest, by throwing a Halfling Paladin of Ragathiel into his private parts (said Paladins armor was enchanted by her with the returning quality) until this demon lord was both dead and humiliated. The tome normally disappears after being read, but can opt to not do so if it detects other possible readers in its vicinity.

Nocticula becomes aware of those reading her autobiopgraphy, and knows the names, class levels, alignments and rough capabilities they possessed at the time read the tome.

This sounds fun, and moreso if the community could come up with more example stories.

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