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Raiding and destruction in Sterich. Heros are needed.
greyhawk gods
Sterich and Keoland
roll20 link

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Chillblame, this is Brother Hawthorne's potential additional character (Tronar original name). Per the pvt message, here is a post for consideration. (can't hurt to always have a huge dire bear around to get people out of situations)

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Hmm. I better do an intro.

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Hello to the world. This campaign is looking for a replacement for a leaving character (RL issues).

To give you an idea as to the characters
25 pt characters. This can be a rough adventure.
You will start as a 7th level character near the lands of Sterich in the world of Greyhawk. This is pre the Greyhawk wars (for those who keep count)
core books for character classes, including occult. No gunslingers (except bolt ace), no vigilantes, no synthesiser summoners. No third party. Some character classes will be handier than others.
No leadership feat, at least not yet. I house rule that feat to 9th level in my games. Item creation is allowed, but the chance to use it will be rare.
Traits, yes and one drawback.

Preference will be given to martial types, as that will fill a hole in the party.

The game is played on roll20, so I will need an email address to send an invite. If you are chosen, send that on a personal post. I will delete the email after sending the invite.

Here is a link to gameplay.

If you are chosen, you may have to wait a short while to enter play as I find a good point for your entry.

Interested and will udjust soon.

Cerilis Silvertree wrote:
Interested and will udjust soon.

Good to see immediate intersest. As a quick note, if you're playing an adjusted version of the Alias you're posting under... I suspect that Drow Elf will be considered inappropriate for the campaign. (Or maybe I'm getting Cerilis confused with Nymz the drow elf noble in your description).

Cerilis is an elf that I had in another greyhawk campaign. The template that I originally used was specific to that campaign. I cut and pasted one of my templates from another character. I should be able to have this adjusted properly tonight.

Also, interested. I practically grew up in Greyhawk ;)

I’ll see what I can come up with leaning toward ranger .... maybe.

Edit: or a Wolf Nomad Barbarian ... so many options

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Playing a race that is considered "evil" is likely not a good idea.

I'll put together a dwarf fighter.

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I am interested, and working on a character. I will put together a human yojimbo samurai

I present Scarlet Nakamara for reviewing.

@chillblame - would the following be allowed?

Trait giving a bonus for using Dwarven weapons - Tar Taargadth Trained. Maybe reflavored as Crystalmist Mountain Trained.

Dwarf weapon - Giant-sticker, Dwarven

Both seem thematically appropriate, but I wanted to check since neither would be considered "core".

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Aggamer70@ both look at ok

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SmooshieBanana wrote:
I present Scarlet Nakamara for reviewing.

Looks nice, but how do you use a nodatchi with a heavy shield? It is a two handed weapon.

I should have something to submit tomorrow. Working on a halfling dog rider of some sort. Are you allowing the cavalier Huntmaster (link) archetype? It is from the animal archive book.

chillblame wrote:
SmooshieBanana wrote:
I present Scarlet Nakamara for reviewing.
Looks nice, but how do you use a nodatchi with a heavy shield? It is a two handed weapon.

The answer to that is the Shield Brace feat. I don't even need the Shield Focus requirement due to the fact I am trained in Armor Training as a Yojimbo, which if you read the Shield Mastery section, Armor training fulfills that requirement.

A Nodachi is a "hafted weapon", which in pathfinder, hafted means "polearm".

Here is why. This is a near to scale image of her nodachi next to a normal katana as is seen in Kill Bill or other samurai movies. Nodachis are very long and were used to unhorse cavalry like a bracing polearm (thus the brace quality). This combo isn't unheard of. You can search the forums. Many people have used the two together. If you wish to have me change it, let me know. :)

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Thanks. So you take the shields armour penalty to attacks, cancelled out by armour training. Cute. It's ok.

Here is Mr. Hebeme’s submission. Wilren, gnome cavalier from the Stark Mounds on the northern border of Sterich. Everything should be in the alias. If you have any questions or concerns let me know.

Wilrin hums a whimsical tune as he sits on the back of his giant spider, Legs, It be three days now and we ain’t much closer to catching these miscreants. He adjusts his seat in the saddle trying to get comfortable as he looks toward the ground, eyes moving quickly from side to side, searching for a sign of the giant and mammoth that destroyed his village. It is Legs who finds their quarry’s trail first, letting out a soft clicking from its mandible to notify his master of his success. Hope renewed the pair continued their pursuit.

The gnome’s terse nerves calm down as he becomes lost in memories of his past, listening to the clack, clack clack as his spider skitters after their prey.

It wasn’t long ago Wilrin lived an idyllic life in the small gnomish thorp Radish Hollow. The community was a series of burrows deep within the rolling tors of the Stark Mounds, and amongst the residents Wilrin was considered an accomplished mushroom farmer and miner.

Additionally, Wilrin knew the surrounding terrain like the back of his hand, every brook, steam and meadow was etched in his memory. The hills were his home, part of his being, and he had many friends among the small forest animals surrounding his community. He knew many of the creatures of the hills by name and would often converse with them. It was one such creature, a giant spider named Legs who became the constant companion of Wilrin.

Unfortunately, the proximity of the Thorp to the untamed countryside subjected them to the occasional raid by giants or more frequently goblins. As a consequence, on more than one occasion, an entire season of work was lost. As a result Wilrin spent much of his time aside his spider roaming the hills, scouting, hoping to thwart the next raid.

It was a week ago when he first heard the rumors from the denizens of the Stark Mounds. First it was a whisper, then every creature cried the warning that Giants were on the march. In a rush the gnome returned to the Thorp three days ago only to find it destroyed by giants and no trace of the residents to be found.

Wilrin is startled from his reverie as his spider friend chitters away. “Right you be Legs, best we pay attention, and figure a way to lure this badger from its burrow, so to speak .”


Wilrin wears an old canvas sack on his head like a cap, with holes cut out of the sides for his ears which protrude straight from the sides of his head and are each adorned with tree hooped earrings. His face is dominated by an overly large nose which pokes out of a magnificent silver beard, which is adorned with beads, with large mustaches. The gnome’s eyes are feral looking and are the color of coal and shine with mischief standing in stark contrast to his weathered skin.

He wears tight breaches and round toed knee high boots along with a kilt and breastplate. There is an assortment of pouches, bandoleers, scroll cases, and containers strapped to his body. But most astoundingly Wilrin usually sits astride a giant spider.

And his trusty mount.

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Interesting. Also the first time I have seen an armoured kilt being used by a PC. No questions, it seems OK. Point of information, a lot of the campaign will be in confined spaces (ie underground). Just warning you. I like the character (well I like all of them :) )

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I will make a decision, in consultation with the current players, on the weekend, so the character can enter play on Monday.

Sounds fair thanks.

Wonderful. Thanks for taking the time.

That character is ready...I hope.

Is there a restriction on how much we can spend on one item? I've been trying to figure out a way to get adamantine plate but it's so expensive. I considered going warpriest and making it myself but since there won't be much time for crafting, that would mainly help prior to the adventure. Besides, it looks like you have enough divine characters already.

Here is AGamer's submission. Hopefully it is not too late to be considered. I'll double check everything tomorrow to make sure I didn't forget anything. Let me know if you have any questions or need anything else.


Good luck all!

The sell:

Wilrin is set up to be a frontline fighter while he will charge when he can as an opening move it is not his only trick. Giants do a lot of damage and Wilrin has a high constitution and toughness plus his mount has the intercept blow feat to absorb some damage too. All this makes him more durable on the front Lines.

Also, his challenge ability +2 to hit, +7 damage will make enemies notice him. While, his ability to share teamwork feats and banner ability can add a minor buff to his allies. More importantly the escape route feat will make it easier for Wilrin to get into flanking position without taking attacks of opportunity (which are brutal when delivered by giants).

Finally, his mount gives him some versatility, climb speed, tremor sense, and Darkvision. Legs will neve be a damage dealer but I see it aiding another a lot and giving Wilrin or someone +2 to hit or AC every round.

Just wanted to point out as well, much like Wilrin, a slight sell. Mostly I had my HP wrong. Should be 67 (13 + (6+3)6). It must have been a remnant of when I first conceptualized the character and didn't change the stats. My bad. Any other information you may wish to see concerning how the character could benefit you should be in the "autopilot me" section.

Also good luck to all.

Therbin is your typical dwarf fighter. He will continue with the Cleave line of feats and eventually be able to cleave against large creatures. He will typically move into melee and try to hit as many creatures for as much damage as he can. I will continue to improve his AC and DR, possibly getting adamantine armor at some point if I can afford it. An old-school dwarf fighter for some old-school modules.

As his charisma indicates, he is grumpy and gruff. He will tell you like it is and isn't going to sugarcoat anything. If you ask for his opinion on something, he will give it to you unfiltered. It is also quite likely that he hasn't bathed in some time but seems unconcerned about his odor. It's your problem if it bothers you, not his. ;) That said, he will do anything in his power to make sure that if we go into battle, that we come out of it victorious.

Good luck everyone.

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So many good choices and the party vote is not decisive. I'll give a decision in the next twelve hours or so.

Also, I think more than 50 per cent of your money on one item is a good limit. Though it is negotiable

It’s never an easy decision. Good luck.

Well, I suppose it's good there is some debate on it. That just speaks to each of our characters. I just wish all of us could join haha.

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OK, sorry about the delay. I have come to a decision
First, let me say that each of the entries were excellent, but there can only be one.
The character accepted is Wilrin: Gnome Cavalier (vermin tamer). I will enter into the gameplay shortly
As for the other entries, from experience, positions will open in the game as real life events intervene. We have three tables, after all. Keep your characters and maybe you will get a place.
Thanks for your participation

Congrats, Wilrin.

Thanks Smooshie. Hope to get to play with you some time.

Congrats and have fun. Cool concept, Wilrin. Things could get interesting when you get to D and Q with you riding a spider.

FYI, chillblame, I also have a rogue I made for table 3 if a need arises at one of the tables.

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