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Dwarf Fighter/Thief: 1|HP: 7|AC [17]|SAV: 14(12 vs. Devices, 10 vs. Magic, 8 vs Mag. Devices)|MOV:12|Bonus XP 5%

Okay, my sheet is looks done for me.

I think I scaled the armor right. It is ascending AC so I think fighters just add from ten?

I also packed a few gold away in case the party thinks we should hire some goons. This is based off AD&D, so I suggest we have at least a couple meat shields.


I'm still here! Sorry, I completely lost track of this thread somehow. I'll get an alias ready and finish up my other character soon.

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As above...will try to get it done today!!

Dwarf Fighter/Thief: 1|HP: 7|AC [17]|SAV: 14(12 vs. Devices, 10 vs. Magic, 8 vs Mag. Devices)|MOV:12|Bonus XP 5%


Human Cleric: 1|HP: 7|AC [16]|SAV: 15|MOV:12|Bonus XP 5%

OK...here he is!!

Dwarf Fighter/Thief: 1|HP: 7|AC [17]|SAV: 14(12 vs. Devices, 10 vs. Magic, 8 vs Mag. Devices)|MOV:12|Bonus XP 5%

Bern did you get your spells?

Just saw you don't get spells till next lvl. That sucks.

Human Cleric: 1|HP: 7|AC [16]|SAV: 15|MOV:12|Bonus XP 5%

I have one (due to high wisdom) which is a CLW...

Alright, here is Faelana!

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Sorry for not chiming in here earlier, folks, but for some reason the "My Campaigns" page wasn't showing any new posts! Grrr.

Buster McDouglas wrote:
I think I scaled the armor right. It is ascending AC so I think fighters just add from ten?

Yes, you are correct. Everyone starts at 10 and then adds for armor and Dex and miscellaneous.

Bernum wrote:
I have one (due to high wisdom) which is a CLW...

Actually I've changed that. We'll be using the Cleric spell progression from Labyrinth Lord. I've uploaded a screenshot HERE. This means that you get one standard 1st level spell plus one bonus for high Wisdom.

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Everyone's PC looks great! As we play, I would suggest that you come up with an idea (or several) for new PCs. Balanced encounters are not really a thing in Swords and Wizardry.

This also means that I would recommend that your actions are a bit more careful (bordering on paranoid) than when you are playing Pathfinder or even D&D 5E. Running away and regrouping is always a good option as well, as it allows you to plan how to possibly defeat an opponent that at first glance seems too powerful.

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We're going to play this game in a somewhat nontraditional way, but one that I've come to really enjoy: I like to get the players involved in making up not only their backstories, but also in elements of the campaign world as well. The campaign setting itself is very much ukp the air, and if you come up with something cool about it, I'm more than happy to run with it. After all, this is about cooperative storytelling, and you as players are more likely to enjoy playing in this world if you've had some input in it and it fits your general play style.

So let's figure out why you have all come to the far northern Stonespear province of Upper Mastodonia and the settlement of Fort Enterprise in particular. Here are some things you know about this place:

*Here in Stonespear Province, the primal source of Chaos seems closer at hand than in the south. Consequently, an inexhaustible variety of strange and terrible horrors stalk the local areas of the Underworld, blundering onto the surface from time to time.

*The source of this primordial Chaos lies far underground, and generally the deeper you descend into the Underworld, the stranger things get.

*Heroes of this world aspire to one day be masterful enough to pit their strength and fortitude against the horrors of the Underworld. An ancient tradition, still honored in many cultures, encourages aging warriors and adventurers to end their careers by setting off alone into the deeps, smashing Chaos in its nest before succumbing to their inevitable ends. Many religions contain clauses entitling those who perish in the Underworld to exalted status in the afterlife.

*Dead heroes (from every epoch of the world, including those of extinct races) often leave behind fantastic relics and enchanted arms when they perish. Sometimes, in the Underworld, fabulous treasures are just left lying around waiting to be rediscovered by anyone brave or curious enough to look.

*Most of the entrances to the Underworld in the civilized south are known and carefully watched over. Many were sealed long ago by great works of engineering and sorcery. But when the glaciers retreated during the most recent catastrophe, entrances inaccessible since the onset of the last ice age became usable. Several have been charted, but many more remain unknown.

*The Underworld is known to all as a vast mythic realm far beneath the world, a place of living legend and the source of nightmares, albeit ones that occasionally intrude into the waking world.

*This region is only a few decades removed from the most recent Great Catastrophe, which caused the abrupt and speedy retreat of the glaciers that once enveloped these lands in a mile-thick blanket of ancient ice.

*The settlement of Fort Enterprise, which is little more than a small fort with a tall, wooden palisade, is run by Governor Krofax on behalf of the Sorcerer-King Syantides (sigh-en-TIE-dees), who dwells far away in the ancient city of Mur.

Dwarf Fighter/Thief: 1|HP: 7|AC [17]|SAV: 14(12 vs. Devices, 10 vs. Magic, 8 vs Mag. Devices)|MOV:12|Bonus XP 5%

Well that's an easy addition on Buster's Part.

Before his untimely teleportation, Buster was assisting in the foiling of a strange cult for a fellow Shadow Runner he owed a favor too. This Cult of the Khandak had been dragging drug addicts down into an ancient abandon mine to perform strange rituals. As they were infiltrating, they found all these strange esoteric symbols and otherworldly magic, even by Sixth World standards.

So when they went for the big assault on the cult, they found them mid ritual trying to open a gate made of meta humans (elves, orks, humans). As the rest of the assault team was beating the cult back, Buster laid the charges to blow the gate. But something from within the portal reached out and tried to drag him in as he set off the charges.

After the flash and the boom of the explosion passed, Buster just found himself alone in a dark cave. It took him hours and a lot of bullets to get him out of that hell hole, and away from some of the monstrosities he found there (R.O.U.S.). He soon found himself in an unknown world.

He lucked upon the nearest Dwarven metropolis, Doomhelm, and has been adjusting himself to this world poorly. Luckily, he's not the first strange thing to be thrown out from the underworld. Tales of magical treasure and stranger things coming out sound like a promising opportunity to find a way back home to earth.

So he headed to Stonespear Province, where the strangest going are and hopefully his best chances.

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Buster, do you think the encounter with the R.O.U.Ses in the dark cave had any lingering effects on you?

Also, can you tell me a little more about Doomhelm? What are the dwarves of this world like and how are they different from the people in your own world?

Dwarf Fighter/Thief: 1|HP: 7|AC [17]|SAV: 14(12 vs. Devices, 10 vs. Magic, 8 vs Mag. Devices)|MOV:12|Bonus XP 5%

Okay, had to think a bit about this one.

So the R.O.U.Ses definitely scared him for life, the furred monstrosities were of such a ferocious nature that he has an immediate fight or flighty response. Usually flight as there are definitely a lot more if you spot just one. It has kind of put him off from most furred things in general as his mind just thinks any fast moving furry object is trying to kill him.

He's getting better at being around things like rams and hogs that the dwarves if Doomhelm use for transport. Short haired dogs like pitbulls are okay to as they eat rats really good.

As for Doomhelm, it was really rough at first. He didn't speak basic dwarf when he first arrived, and it was kinda of an uphill battle from there as he was semi-press ganged into working as a soldier for the city. Having spent most of his life as firm wander of the moral grey zone, and being a little more criminally minded, the ridged structure of laws and traditions of Doomhelm rubbed Buster the wrong way. Luckily, the petty political bickering and backstabbing of the rich and influential gave him ample work to ply his real trade.

But Doomhelm is a little more militaristic than the typical Dwarven enclave. They have a strong belief of Dwarven manifest destiny in taking back the under dark. They are actively "recruiting" human and halfling adventures to be the fodder for the campaign, as they are morally lesser than even a degenerate dwarf such as Buster. He's watched enough fool parties try fight into many of the rat dens in and around Doomhelm. And as Buster comes from Earth, where dwarves and elves are just humans effected by the return of magic, he doesn't identify with the callous disregards for human lives.

So he left, as soon as he could swindle as much gold away from a corrupt noble who got in bad with Captain of Expeditionary forces. He has a handle on the weapons in this world, he can speak closes enough to this worlds languages and he's ready to try another realm. And hopefully get away from those stupid rats.

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Thanks, Buster! I'm sure that you won't have to worry about those R.O.U.S.es anymore :)

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Um, did we lose everyone else?

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Sorry...still here!!! Will get my alias set up and make a background that will expand perhaps at least one area of the "new" world!

Human Cleric: 1|HP: 7|AC [16]|SAV: 15|MOV:12|Bonus XP 5%

Bernum's family is typical of the landholders of the nation. They directly hold close to 2000 acres of land and control the lives of 2 dozen serfs, while indirectly control three other villages and the bailiffs and knights who run them in the family's name. The family rents the land to some of these people, while others work directly as "employees" to the family. A few even bargain their farms on providing military service to the Lord of the manor. The Lord also rents out the contract for milling and blacksmithing to journeyman craftsmen. As a side business, the family has an orchard of apples that they press into a potent local drink that they then sell to other villages and keeps.
Bernum's father holds the title of Baron, the lowest rank of landed nobility in the realm. Landed knights and those knights without property rank lower while still retaining a noble's title.

The fighting order that Bernum joined is also fairly common. Many are attached to specific temples or churches, while a few are little more than roving bands of mercenaries. Bernum was lucky to have joined a brotherhood of warrior monks who not only have their own chapter house and the support of the clergy but also have a patron of some rank and power. Known as the Company of Holy Temple Knights, or simply Temple Knights or Templars, the group is fairly well known for their good deeds, noble knights and adherence to the church doctrine. The Company takes only nobles to fill their ranks, with other acting as servants, foot soldiers and such. A small chapterhouse can be found at any of the temples, churches or cathedrals in the land.

Dwarf Fighter/Thief: 1|HP: 7|AC [17]|SAV: 14(12 vs. Devices, 10 vs. Magic, 8 vs Mag. Devices)|MOV:12|Bonus XP 5%

Bernum - What would be some of the last couple missions that your order have been working on?

Do they take most jobs, or just ones relating to nobles mostly?

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Bernum, is there a chapterhouse of your order in Fort Enterprise, and if so, why are they there?

Faelana, as a Lantern Bearer in-training, has made a few light excursions into the Darklands of Golarion. She doesn't know much about the cult of drow that were performing the ritual that shunted her to another dimension, but she is fairly certain they worshiped the demon lord Cyth-V'sug, the patron of Kyonin's greatest internal threat, Treerazer.

Since elven culture on Golarion has a rather unique dynamic, Faelana does not seem to get along well with the elves of this world. She has learned their language to play the part, but she knows that she could never truly be one of them. As such, she has spent the majority of her time studying the way that wizards formulate their spells in this world. Her old spellbook largely rendered useless, as if the fabric of reality and flow of energies here was entirely different, it took some time to learn the basics. Being alienated from the elves, she took to learning spells from human wizards. Using what few coins that she had from Golarion (gold is gold), she scribed what spells she could comprehend into her new spellbook.

Faelana found her time was best spent in the human city-state of Narimar. Ruled by an oligarchic council comprised of the city's guild leaders, the settlement had a strong focus on production and foreign commerce. This was fortuitous for Faelana, as jobs to be a merchant's guard were abundant. No better way to practice swords and sorcery than on bandits and highwaymen!

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Does Faelana ultimately want to get back to Golarion, or is she content to live out her life here?

One thing that Faelana has discovered is that on this world demons are creatures of Primordial Chaos, and that they are different from the demons of Golarion such as Treerazer and Cyth-V'sug. Primordial Chaos seems to not be an extraplanar energy, but is found deep beneath the ground. The deeper one goes below ground, the more the influence of Primordial Chaos grows. Primordial Chaos seems to also be strongly connected to or influenced by magic, both arcane and divine.

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Do the three of you already know each other, or are you simply about to all be brought together by a government dragnet? If you do know each other, have you gone on an "adventure" already? Either way is fine, but you should decide.

As much as Faelana misses her family back on Golarion, she sees her new life here as a special opportunity. As a devout follower of Findeladlara (a holy symbol she keeps on hand even now), she believes that travelling to somewhere beyond the ken of any others from Kyonin is a gift. Maybe someday she would like to return home, but as an elf time is not really a concern.

I'd be fine either way on how the party got to know each other. Faelana is just kind of taking whatever jobs she can to get acquainted with how things work here before trying to do any deep research of her own.

Human Cleric: 1|HP: 7|AC [16]|SAV: 15|MOV:12|Bonus XP 5%

Buster - Most of the missions the Templars go on are sanctioned by the church. They rarely take contracts from secular authorities, but individual Templars are free to come and go as they wish unless ordered directly by a superior. The last mission Bernum was on was to assist in the creation of a new Chapterhouse here in Fort Enterprise. He and several of his Brothers were left here to get the Chapterhouse running and assist the clergy as needed.

GM BrOp - The Chapterhouse in Enterprise was requested by the local chapel for protection and to help spread the word of their faith to the heathens located in the Hinterlands. There are 5 Templars (clerics) assigned to this new Chapterhouse. Prior-Captain Waylyn commands the Chapter and Bernum is one of four Lay-Brothers who assist the Prior-Captain. A small detachment of 10 Oblate-Soldiers is also attached to this Chapter and acts as workmen, smith/armour, cooks etc. for the Chapterhouse.

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Very cool backgrounds, all. This will give us something to work with. Bernum, Buster, where do you stand on the question of whether you've worked together before?

Bernum, since you are a spell-caster, I wouldn't call you a Lay-Brother. You are not in charge of the chapter, but I would think that you would already be ordained into the order and have the full rights and responsibilities of a templar.

Human Cleric: 1|HP: 7|AC [16]|SAV: 15|MOV:12|Bonus XP 5%

I had thought that the ranks would go:

Novice - Just Learning (0 Level)
Lay-Brother - Low Level (1-3)
Brother - Low-Mid Level (4-6)
Sub-Prior - Mid Level (7-9)
Prior - (Mid-High) 10-14
Abbot - (High Level) 15+

As they are a military order as well, I was adding a rank structure to the title as well, hence Prior-Captain. Lay-Brother and below have no actual military rank (as they have not earned it yet), but at the level of Brother, they gain the title of Knight, so Knight-Brother. The next ranks would be Sub-Prior-Commander, Prior-Captain and finally Abbot-General.

Other knightly orders, such as the famous Hospilitilars, have a similar monastic ranking system, but their added titles would run more to
medical terminology, such as Brother-Orderly, Sub-Prior-Healer, Prior-Doctor and Abbot-Surgeon...

just my 2cp lol

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Hey, it's your order! I'm happy to let you do whatever you wish with it. Do you think the Templars have an outpost or even a chapterhouse in the Underworld? If not, perhaps that could be a side mission: find suitable location for an outpost in the Underworld.

Dwarf Fighter/Thief: 1|HP: 7|AC [17]|SAV: 14(12 vs. Devices, 10 vs. Magic, 8 vs Mag. Devices)|MOV:12|Bonus XP 5%

Buster might have joined up with the same caravan heading towards Fort Enterprise that Faelana was guarding. Hiring himself out and escaping Doomhelm at the same time.

Slaying a few bandits and a couple dumb animals for lunch may have been a nice adventure together. As well as the mystery of who stabbed the sleazy but affluent merchant: (The Wife who is now a less sleazy, but equally affluent merchant).

Faelana could have learned Buster's "Stab the furry policy", along the way.

Bernum - Would your chapter house have hired these particular merchants to deliver goods and supplies that you can't get out there in the boondocks.

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OK, I think we have enough background for us to get started!

Human Cleric: 1|HP: 7|AC [16]|SAV: 15|MOV:12|Bonus XP 5%

Buster: They sure would. Being new in a frontier town the chapterhouse would rely on much more outside help than they normally would at an established chapter.

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I've added an "Almanac of Terms" to the "Campaign Info" tab so that we can keep track of the proper nouns in the game. Feel free to edit or add to the entries, but try to keep them short. I want to keep this as an easy reference guide, not a detailed campaign wiki.

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Hey folks, where is everyone? Does everyone still want to play this game? This game will not survive if the majority only post once or twice a week. No judgement here, I'm just trying to gauge interest and light a fire under you if you're still interested.

Dwarf Fighter/Thief: 1|HP: 7|AC [17]|SAV: 14(12 vs. Devices, 10 vs. Magic, 8 vs Mag. Devices)|MOV:12|Bonus XP 5%

I'm here. But had to step away for thanksgiving travel.

Male Human Ranger / LVL: 1, HP: 16, AC[13], SAV 14, Move 12?, Bonus XP: 5%

Hey Guys - Here's my 1st character... Looking forward to playing!

STR: 14, DEX: 15 (+1 to missiles, +1 to AC), CON: 13 (+1 to hp),: INT 12, WIS: 10, CHA: 8

Age: 42, HP: 16, AC[13], SAV 14, Move 12?, Bonus XP: 5%

5' 10", black shoulder-length hair, sea-green eyes. Overly-emotional, speaks his mind with a stutter, has a need to kill anything with fangs and claws, and very, very afraid of large spiders.

Gold: 3d6 ⇒ (1, 6, 3) = 100

Long Bow [1d6]
Bastard Sword [1d8]
20 arrows
+1 damage to giants, trolls, ogres, orcs, goblins, and kobolds.

Armor: Leather (+2 defense)

Gear: Backpack, bedroll, crowbar, flask, grappling hook, hemp rope, dry rations (5), pole, waterskin, torches (6)

A few years ago, Gileon Rose (Hawk) could be found with a hoe in one hand and some good, tilled-earth in the other peering up at the sky and smelling the air for incoming rain. After word of the ice melting in Upper Mastodonia and rumor of the "Richest, darkest soil you could ever find" he and his family relocated just south of Fort Enterprise. He led a meager life as a farmer with his wife and son of 8 years. The rumors had been true about the soil though. He had produced 4 bountiful harvests of crops in 5 years to sustain the family through some of the coldest of winters. But... there were other rumors that had turned out to be true. Townsfolk spoke of a primordial chaos that would surface from the underworld to wreak havoc on the locals soon after the ice began to melt. Hawk would learn this first-hand. Returning home last summer from selling his crop at the market, his home had been burned to the ground and family was missing. Strange tracks led away from his home toward the northern hills. He tried to follow them, but he was no tracker. In desperation and nothing left to go back to Hawk joined the Stonespear Province Ranger's Guild to learn the skills he was lacking... the skills that could have saved his family. It has been 3 months since his family went missing and 3 months since he started stuttering. The Ranger-Knights have just titled him "Hawk" and assigned him his first mission... to aid a group of adventurers commissioned by Lord Krofax. Details unknown.

Just as a heads up I'll be at PAX Unplugged this weekend so I won't be able to post from Friday 12/6 to Sunday 12/8.

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Thanks for letting us know, Arrannai.

Mostly Human Boomer 3

That was quick, thanks! I’ll have an PC idea up this evening.

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Dwarf Fighter/Thief: 1|HP: 7|AC [17]|SAV: 14(12 vs. Devices, 10 vs. Magic, 8 vs Mag. Devices)|MOV:12|Bonus XP 5%

Yay! Welcome Greyshadow and Hebeme.

Human Assassin: 1|HP: 7|AC [14]|SAV: 15|MOV:12|Bonus XP 5%

Gold: 3d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 3) = 9

This is the alias I, Mr. Hebeme, will be using. Just need to sort out equipment.

Human Assassin: 1|HP: 7|AC [14]|SAV: 15|MOV:12|Bonus XP 5%

Everything should be sorted out and all his information is in his alias.

Quick summary; Dugal is an assassin whose first target is Prince Eyraen. He doesn't know who took out the contract on the foolish Prince but knows he got the job because he is expendable and in the wrong place at the wrong time. He has joined the guard hoping to be assigned to accompany a group to the Underworld. He does not believe Governor Krofax knows of his mission but his assignment came straight from the guild and the person who wants the Prince dead could be anyone, (the Prince's mother, a sibling, Sorcerer-King Syantides, a jilted lover ... the possibilities are endless).

In building Dugal I assumed that you limited the Strength bonus of non fighters at 1. If this is incorrect let me know and I'll adjust his attack bonuses. If there is no limit I will move the 17 to his strength.

I have a question how to you get this information (Buster as an example) in your alias Dwarf Fighter/Thief: 1|HP: 7|AC [17]|SAV: 14(12 vs. Devices, 10 vs. Magic, 8 vs Mag. Devices)|MOV:12|Bonus XP 5%

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Dugal, you edit your Profile after clicking on the name and then add it to the "Race" or "Class" entry.

As for Str, yes, only Fighters get the ANY to hit and damage modifiers from high Str.

EDIT: As a guard, you can volunteer to join the adventurers at any time. Let's say you are one of the guards in the room, okay?

Human Assassin: 1|HP: 7|AC [14]|SAV: 15|MOV:12|Bonus XP 5%

Sounds good thanks.

Human Assassin: 1|HP: 7|AC [14]|SAV: 15|MOV:12|Bonus XP 5%

Here is Dugal’s final stat block. I went with the higher strength anyway.

Level 1 Human Assassin 1
Self interested survivor who looks out for number one while trying not to step in number two.
STR: 17, DEX: 15, CON: 13, INT: 16, WIS: 9, CHA: 12
Spells: None Armor: Leather & shield Weapons: bastard sword [1d8 (+1 if two-handed)], shortbow +1atk[1d6]
Age: 22, HP: 7, AC: 14, SAV: 15, Move: 12, XP Bonus: 5%
Equipment: arrows(20), backpack, 6 days trail rations, waterskin, torches (10), 6gp
Abilities: Disguise, Poison, Back stab

Male Human Ranger / LVL: 1, HP: 16, AC[13], SAV 14, Move 12?, Bonus XP: 5%

This is a well-rounded bunch!

No more questions from me, GM...

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Sorry, dealing with the purchase of a new home here plus the usual holiday craziness. Will be posting soon!

Human Assassin: 1|HP: 7|AC [14]|SAV: 15|MOV:12|Bonus XP 5%

No worries thanks for the update. Congratulations on the new home!

Scarab Sages

Thank you! Its our first, so a pretty big deal.

Human Assassin: 1|HP: 7|AC [14]|SAV: 15|MOV:12|Bonus XP 5%

May your have many happy memories there!!

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