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Rand more stuff (comeliness): 3d6 ⇒ (5, 5, 6) = 16
height: 1d12 ⇒ 12 5 foot 10 +12 inches is 6 foot 10

lol, looks like Noya and Talienda are going to be opposite in height extremes, and similar in that they were closed off from the world in there childhood, Noya was raise in a Convent/Abbey until she was in her teens.

still working on the more fluff....

Ok, that took a bit more time than I expected. I finished reviewing these PCs:

1. Talib Abd Al-Abadar
2. Morsun Morsun
3. Talienda Blackhorn
4. Canisen Redadel
5. Skurly Geddinloe
6. Rissi Than
7. Sinésiel Arvine
8. Misfire Mylok

Some of you have received PMs asking for clarification on some minor things; if you haven't received anything, don't worry, it just means everything was clear and I had no extra questions. I'm humbled by the effort you have put into this and already dread having to choose only 6 PCs next week.

RHMG's submission

Also, two small requests:
1. I'm currently GMing 2 games and am a player in one
2. I'm in the EST time zone (-5:00 GWT)

Also of Note:
the Sept Long weekend (Aug30-Sept 2nd)
I'll be computerless as I'll be out camping.

GM Omelas, regardless of the outcome, thank you for your time and effort as well.

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Current Submission list Breakdown

Male: 5
Female: 4

Inquisitor: 2
Bard: 1
Cleric: 1
Gunslinger: 1
Investigator: 1
Occultist: 1
Rogue: 1
Sorcerer: 1

Human: 4
Changeling: 1
Dwarf: 1
Half-Elf: 1
Halfling: 1
Rat Folk: 1

Updated List

1. Talib Abd Al-Abadar - Inquisitor
2. Morsun Morsun - Rogue
3. Talienda Blackhorn - Sorceress
4. Canisen Redadel - Inquisitor
5. Skurly Geddinloe - Investigator
6. Rissi Than - Bard
7. Sinésiel Arvine - Occultist
8. Misfire Mylok - Gunslinger
9. Noya Yuuki Aiba - Cleric

@RHMG: thanks for the breakdown and submission received! Looks fine on a first glance, but I will take a better look soon and let you know if I have any questions.

Deadline's getting close now =)

@RHMG/Noya: finally had the time to properly look at your submission. Everything's clear and no questions, thanks!

Gentle reminder for any remaining lurkers that the deadline is tomorrow, 23:59 (CEST). I have already started working on mixing and matching the current submissions, so unless we have a sudden influx of new people I should be able to come to a decision by late thursday/early friday.

The list kindly updated by RHMG is the most up-to-date. Please check if your character is there and let me know otherwise.

I await the results with great anticipation. There's a lot of potential here, I can feel it! Plenty of cool characters—and combinations of characters.

Waiting with bated breath here. Looking forward to seeing who gets in. :)

Writeup and character sheet are complete, I think- I just need to transcribe the sheet into text for the profile. This was a really fun character to write, and it's been great reading everyone else's as well, so no matter who gets in this has been a win for me, and I'll be following the game in any case.

I'll be away from internet access throughout the coming weekend, but I will join you again on Monday. Cheers!

Waiting is the hardest part.....

Really, the hardest part is not being accepted for whatever reason especially when you can't find any tabletops in your area.

Sovereign Court

Anderlorn wrote:
Really, the hardest part is not being accepted for whatever reason especially when you can't find any tabletops in your area.

That's a big "oof."

Yep yep!

Dear gentlepersons: due to some unforeseen issues with one of my side gigs, I was forced to rearrange my planning a bit and make a decision now. Extra work for me, but less waiting for you.

It is just past 16:30 in Absalom and many people begin to thank whatever gods they believe in for the encroaching end of a day in which an unpleasant sense of wrongness seemed to permeate every word uttered, every step taken and every meal eaten. A sickly crow flies over the roofs of the miserable city, as if driven by an eerie sense of purpose.

Its first stop is at the docks. It lands on the roof of a tavern where a dashing one-eyed man who goes by Misfire Mylok drinks yet another pint of hearty ale. He realises there's something special about this one; shortly after, he's out cold and his head thuds against the wooden table.

The noise scares the crow, who perches a few blocks away on the roof of an abandoned house, just in time to see the sun feebly caress Skurly Geddinloe's face as he sneaks inside. The doe-eyed halfling, struck by a sudden and uncanny exhaustion, rests his eyes for a moment on a dirty pillow, falling almost immediately into a deep slumber. A few seconds later, the bird flies away.

It darts over the head of a Talib abd Al-Abadar, a gaunt holy man of Abadar who is investigating an anonymous tip regarding illegal dealings in the Coins. He is close to this supposed den of corruption when he finds himself in a dead-end. Before he can decide on a new course of action, everything turns black.

Continuing its way north, the crow dives towards a beautiful and luxurious garden. It lands on top of a canvas; the painter, a mournful and pale human called Talienda Blackhorn sleeps with an open envelope resting on her lap. The crow grabs a brush that lies on the ground, the paint on its tip still wet, and takes off with its new shiny bauble.

Happy with its find, it turns back south, flying over Rissi Than, a reddish-brown ratwoman who is carrying a pile of scrolls and books. A carriage obstructs the bird's view for a brief moment; once it's gone, Rissi is nowhere to be found.

Just as it is about to reach its nest on the Precipice Quarter, the crow makes one last stop. It drops the brush on the ground, right in front of a half-elven woman dressed somewhat like a Sarenrae priestess. Sinésiel Arvine hears breaking glass behind her; her vision begins to blur and she falls unconscious.

The crow utters a few dead caws before taking to the skies again and heading to the Precipice Quarter.

As I said before, it was tough since every submission was solid and perfectly fit the module. Canisen, Noya and Morsun: I hope you are ok with me keeping your PCs in mind in case anyone has a change of heart. Honestly, thank you so much and I hope to soon bump into you again here in the forums.

To the others, see you on to the discussion thread.

GM Omelas, Thank you for your consideration and please do, I am always lurking around. Also, if you open another table of the module or another module, and my character fits, please drop me an IM?

Happy Gaming All!

Off to Star Citizen

Thanks for the consideration. Have fun, all!

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