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About GM Omelas

A few guidelines for my games:


Put your vital stats, expended charges and active conditions in your forum tag line. It really helps when I need to make a roll for the whole party.

Please, use this template so we are all consistent:


When you roll, try to be descriptive of modifiers and whatnot. For instance,

[dice=Mwk rapier, power attack, flanking]1d20+4+1-1+2[/dice]
[dice=Kn (Local)]1d20+4[/dice].

Generally speaking, I will always roll these for you:
1. Initiative
2. Saving throws
3. Perception
4. Sense motive

In the case of perception/sense motive, I will also often wrap the result in spoilers that indicate the skill check DC.

Extra rolls for these checks are likely to be ignored.

GM rolls will always be spoilered to help keep things organised.


When posting, try to be generous with your fellow players and GM: leave us hooks that we can use to move forward and create interesting situations and stories.


Most of the stuff here has been pilfered from other users of these forums, such as GM Damo, Painlord, Doomed Hero and GM Giuseppe.