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Low Tier maps and slides

Recruiting for 9-01 The Cost of Enlightenment, to start as soon as we have a party ready to go.

Please post with basic character details and your availability.

This scenario is probably better at low tier (1-2), but I am happy to run it high tier (4-5).

The scenario is quirky - it contains philosophy (sort of) and is heavy on social encounters. If your favourite thing about Pathfinder is grid-based tactical combat then this is not likely to make your top 10 scenarios. But I think the quirks make it ideal for the play-by-post medium.

I'll select by lottery if necessary, but will prioritise characters who are available, who have up-to-date character sheets / profiles, and who will make a party in the same tier.

Hmm... don't have much in the low tier for social scenarios.

But could bring a level 2 slayer, who happens to at least be from the country in question! =)

If it ends up high tier, have an lvl 5 investigator with a few skills, and a grippli magus in a pinch.

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Sayuki here!

Level 2 Kitsune Trickster Rogue, focused on archery in combat and (as one might expect of a Kitsune Trickster) Bluff and Disguise socially, though as a Rogue I’ve got a pretty fair spread of skills.

Happy to provide subtlety to any party ;)

As for availability, ready to go whenever!

I’ll provide PFS# and Day Job roll if selected.

The Concordance

1.1 Dwarf Druid, just finished Glass River Rescue and rebuilt from Mehnir Savant to vanilla. I'll provide more info when I get home from work, but wanted to express interest. Also have a fresh Sylph Investigator, willing to play either.

I have the following spread, all available now.

Level 1 magus, level 2 bloodrager, level 3 occultist, level 4 Shaman

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Level 1.2 Unchained Social Rogue with ungodly Perception (+12+trapfinding) for 1st level.

Bluff, Diplomacy, Disable, Linguistics, Perception, Perform (Oratory), Profession (Scribe), Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, UMD all trained.

Haven't played this guy in a long while. (Aug of 13 FtF and Mar 14 online reported) Built to become a Pathfinder Chronicler.

Generally post only at night (Central US).


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lvl 1 half 0rc archaeologist...with a greataxe. He can met out some damage, but would prefer to use his diplomacy and sleuth skills. I also just finished Glass River Rescue and am jonesing for my next scenario. I am only currently playing in one other pbp, but I check on it about ten times a day. My availability is pretty open.

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An archery Oradin willing to play low-tier!

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Archery focused ranger here. Just finished my first PFS scenario and would love to join another.

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Hey Sulana! Did you see that Alurius is here too? We're bringing back the while gang! Lol.

The Exchange

If you are interested in having it, I can offer up a musical Bard 2 Oracle 1 who plays all kinds of fun jigs and jingles.

Only weird catch about him is that he is somehow turning into a Musical Lich and doesn't understand why; but that doesn't stop Uncle Julius from popping into a new jig!

Posting availability: I can post every day I work, and post usually 2-3 times during my weekends Usually is Wednesday and Thursday.

The Concordance

Sulana, Bahram! That's fantastic! I almost feel like it'd be a sin to play anyone other than Aulurius now, though he should be able to take more of a hit now.

GM, this character's profile is built, I have an animal companion alias, I can read the forum several times a day and usually post at least once per day.

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Awesome! I hope we all get in. It would be lots of fun playing with you guys again.

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I got a swashbuckler I would love to throw in for this!

Sovereign Court

I have a few characters available but I think the party is pretty full.
Warriors, Healers and some mixed bag characters.

If there's a second table, I'd like a shot.

Adding my name to the hat.

Low tier; Tashi the Pei Zin Practitioner. This character hasn't been played before, so this sounds like a good opportunity to develop their personality.

Out of tier; Grey the murderous warpriest of Norborger. I'm sure their unique philosophy will bring a new perspective to the conversation...

High tier; Ren the Martyed Sorcerer or Poe the Spiritualist Possessed by a deceased Pathfinder.

I'm available any time and post daily.

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I already posted in the Flaxseed thread that I'd love to play in this scenario. Character that fits best is this one: A Taldan/Qadiran Suli Rondelero Swashbuckler / Magus. Level 2.

Character is up to date, from the looks of it. I'll do a double-check when I get home from work today (and add the personality, description and history. I have those somewhere).

Silver Crusade

Hi! I will be glad to take part, it sounds exciting! I have a lvl 1 ifrit witch... with no hexes, but with fire blasts aka kinetic! Smart and insidious woman with bright red hair, very dark skin and typical for efreeti bloodline horns. Can support party with knowledges, diplomacy and fire blasts. In her spare time she forges beautiful daggers with amazing ornaments on the blade and forms of hilt and guard.

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Was in a bit of a hurry last night and I think I misunderstood what you meant by availability. Sulana just finished a mission and is good to go any time. I the player am available to post a minimum of once per day and usually more.

Sulana is a level 1 Ranger (Ilsurian Archer). She is built more for combat/wilderness survival, but I personally love roleplay-focused scenarios and don’t mind if combat is minimal or even nonexistent. Her profile is up-to-date and I’ve included a link there to her chronicle sheets.

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I want to add Chorlo, Lamplighter Investigator.

OK folks, thanks for all the interest :)

I will close off recruitment here for the time being, there are more than enough Pathfinders willing to learn the Cost of Enlightenment!

I'll see what I can conjure up in terms of table(s) within the next 24 hours.

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Given the level of interest I have decided to run two tables, one low and one high tier.

I ran a lottery and it gave two members of the 'Roxxie posse' - so I am admitting 7 players to the low tier table in order to accommodate the group of three.

Low tier players as follows, please post your character details in Discussion and dot-and-delete in gameplay:

Zeta Forli
Etna Luul
Amut Al-Noor

High tier players as follows, please go to your table discussion thread here:

Evil Minion
Kyle Worg
DM Livgin

To those I couldn't squeeze in, my apologies. I will contact you if anyone drops out. There's one spot open at high tier if you have a suitable character - first reserve to post takes the spot.

Gameplay threads are open for dotting and deleting.

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PFS#: 222176-6
Day Job roll: Craft Bread: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (4) + 9 = 13

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I have a character in high subtier as well. Should I swap, so that we have two even tables of six?

That would be handy Amit, yes. Thanks.

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Well, pooh.

Have fun!

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I don't want to get my hopes up, but is the Jack that won the lower tier
one Bahram Al-Urgug "Jack"?

Bahram al-Urgug "Jack" wrote:

I don't want to get my hopes up, but is the Jack that won the lower tier

one Bahram Al-Urgug "Jack"?

It is indeed!

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Ahem...I greatly appreciate this opportunity, especially in the have if such stiff completion. It is truly an honor. I would like to thank my...

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