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Howdy folks! If everybody could say a little intro about themselves, I'd certainly appreciate that.

I'm your DM, Marissa (or the Lobster Master), I'm 25 (26 in April), and I live in north Florida with my beautiful wife. I've been playing DND since I was 12 years old, and doing PbP since, god, the f!$%ing Gleemax ARG in 2007 (which I was an active part of for five years, eef). As far as DMing experience, I usually run short games IRL, I love doing pick ups and one offs and improv games, but I have run all of Rise of the Runelords and a lengthy homebrew Star Wars game.

This will be my first time DMing PbP, but I am confident and excited!

Male Human (Onderonian) Noble 2 | 16/22 HP | Fort 12 Ref 14 Will 15 | Initiative +7 | Perception +7 | Force Points 6/6

May the Force be with you.

I'm Jess, playing your resident dissolute and decadent nobleman and Rebel-sympathetic dilettante. I play a lot of PbP and I ran several games on the boards until recently when personal matters required me to step away from the large time investment of running games.

I've been in the RPG biz for far too long so I'll spare the details.

I'm a resident of California, in the South Bay - Silicon Valley area, where it's far too expensive to live but the weather is fine and the jobs are great.

I really enjoy roleplaying and I would love to make character background connections with anyone.

Droid(4°) Noble 1/Soldier 1 | 28/28 HP | Fort 13 Ref 18 Will 13 | Initiative +10 | Perception +2

Hey, everyone!

It seems I'm still the youngest one, though it's cutting it close! I'm Ev, (or TLC on the forums), and I've moved from the Balkans to the UK when I was 18, in 2012. Unlike California or Florida, the weather here is very much not-fine. ^^

I started RPG's just over 5 years ago, and due to initially work, and relocation later, I've mostly been a PbP gamer, playing predominantly Pathfinder. My face to face games were mostly GURPS and WH40k. I keep a special place in my heart for Shadowrun, and I just dipped my toes in GMing on the forums about a month back!

My favourite Star Wars film is probably Rogue One.

As a player, I love 'quirky' and 'non-standard' concepts that still work and make sense. The bounty hunter fighting for free enterprise, and the bureaucratic jedi apprentice being two examples of SW characters I've played and loved. I also hate the concept that there needs to be a gap between RP and mechanics.

About connections - I would be very much interested in others' ideas about meeting a separatist independent businessman and his battle protocol droid. Someone with more 'end justifies the means' mindset could recognise OOM as 'the colourful B1 droid', or maybe OOM can recognise someone who was part of the Republic Armies? Not that they don't all look the same... Nudge, nudge, Clone!

Also, I think that's the closest the avatar's going to get to a battle droid on the forums.

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Hey y'all!

I'm Rowan, I'm from Florida, I'm 22 very soon to be 23. I've been playing various RPGs for 5 years (give or take), and started doing PbP on my wife's recommendation almost exactly a year ago.

This will be my first Star Wars game, tho I grew up loving the movies and the Clone Wars cartoon and the EU and have also gotten really into SWTOR in the last few months.

Rogue One is my favorite SW film too.

Possible background connections with Janara could include having met on Coruscant or the Senate before or during the Clone Wars; since then she's been staying out of it and working as a PA on Corellia and hasn't really left or done anything interesting until recently.

Scout 2 | HP 28/34 |Fort 14, Ref 15, Will 14 | Init +7 | Perc +8


My wife and I live in the Philadelphia metropolitan area on the east coast of the U.S. Looking out the window right now, all I can see is white, so I'd say our weather is none too good either. I'll be turning 32 next week, so I might be the geezer here.

My RPG experience started with the tail end of AD&D's lifespan in 1999 and really picked up with the introduction of 3rd Edition. I started playing in PbP games about two years ago here on the Paizo boards. I've also had a lot of experience with tabletop games such as Warhammer (Fantasy and 40K) and Heroclix. Much to my dismay, I've never been able to play a Star Wars RPG before, so I've been very much looking forward to this game.

My favorite Star Wars film is still Return of the Jedi, although Rogue One is probably my favorite of the newer films.

I created Dara's concept - raised in isolation by a marooned family - to account for the fact that I'm a little behind in Star Wars lore. I thought it would be fun to play someone whose being exposed to everything for the first time. The only connection I can think of will be when she meets JohnTheSavage's clone character, Rod, and demands to know why he has her father's face.

Male Human (Onderonian) Noble 2 | 16/22 HP | Fort 12 Ref 14 Will 15 | Initiative +7 | Perception +7 | Force Points 6/6
Dara Foss wrote:
I'll be turning 32 next week, so I might be the geezer here.

Not by a long shot, kiddo.

(My character is much younger than I am.)

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Hey hey.

I'm Matt from southern California. I'm 26, though it feels like I came into tabletop a little later in life than many. I only started out about four-ish years ago during college, when I joined in on a fairly high level 3.5 campaign. Since then I've gotten to play several other RPGs in varying amounts, though the most common have been cWoD stuff (primarily V:tM) and 3.5/PF. I started PbP about a year and a half ago.

My favorite SW film is probably also Return of the Jedi. Of the new ones, I did enjoy Rogue One quite a bit, and Solo was fun enough for me to enjoy it for what it is. TFA was okay, and TLJ... let's not get too into that. Outside the films I've read since of the old Legends books and played several of the games, particularly the KOTOR series and SWTOR. I like to think my grasp of the setting is fairly good, though admittedly I'm a bit more familiar with Old Republic era stuff.

Now for Zel. As discussed in private messages with Lobster Master, I'll be playing Zel's Mon Calamari incarnation. He'll be basically the same character as what was submitted, just with a slightly different background. Also I've altered his full name since the original was very Twi'lek in nature. He still goes by Zel. For connections, Zel has been hopping around doing different jobs and generally being, well, a scoundrel. He's been flying solo for a couple years, and was part of a crew of loveable degenerates for nearly a decade before that. If you've had dealings with that particular side of galactic life, particularly any based out of Nar Shaddaa, then it's possible you've run across Zel or his old crew in some way.

And yeah, I'm not sure I'm gonna find a much better avatar for a Mon Calamari on here.

Excellent, just waiting on Rod, now. Once he checks in and I get answers to a few questions in PMs, I'll put up the first post in Gameplay.

For those of you who haven't, please roll your starting wealth and choose equipment. You still won't be starting with anything, but it'll inform what treasure you gain over the course of level one.

@Zel, have you had any ideas for your ship yet?

And since it's become relevant, my favorite Star Wars movie is Empire, though I have soft spots for the Luke/Vader scenes in Jedi, every scene ever with Padme Amidala, and the Obi Wan murder mystery from Attack of the Clones, but while I admire PARTS of those movies, Empire is flawless through and through.

Human (Corellian) Noble 2 | HP 22/22 | Fort 10 Ref 16 Will 11 | Init +7 Perc +5 | 2LSP / 3DSP

Starting Wealth: 3d4 ⇒ (4, 4, 3) = 11x400=4400

Male Human (Onderonian) Noble 2 | 16/22 HP | Fort 12 Ref 14 Will 15 | Initiative +7 | Perception +7 | Force Points 6/6

Starting wealth: 3d4 ⇒ (4, 2, 1) = 7 x400 = 2800

I did not realize there were at least two other nobles in the group. Should I switch to something else, Master Lobster?

Droid(4°) Noble 1/Soldier 1 | 28/28 HP | Fort 13 Ref 18 Will 13 | Initiative +10 | Perception +2

Or... we ask everyone else to switch to Noble?

Up to you, Ral, y'all are very different varieties of character and are building toward different things so I didn't see a problem with it. Party balance is unlikely to be an issue

But it's a no on the all noble party, haha

Interestingly, in addition to there being three nobles, I believe there are three characters who listed gardening as their talent.

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Hi, John here, checking in. Sorry to keep you waiting, I'm brand new to the Paizo forums and still figuring out how aliases work.

So yeah, hi! I'm 21 years old and I'm from New South Wales, Australia. I first got into tabletops about 6ish years back with DnD 3.5 after I started reading the webcomic "Order of the Stick". From there I've played a bunch of different games in different systems both IRL and PBP. I tend to avoid large PBP recruitments in favour of smaller ones (like this one) so I've ended up trying a good variety of RPGs. Some of my favorites include Feng Shui, Saga d20, and pretty much anything Powered by the Apocalypse.

I'd say I'm a pretty big Star Wars fan. In between the movies, games, TV shows, novels and comics, I've certainly consumed my fair share of Star Wars content and then some. I reckon I have firm grasp on my Star Wars lore across all eras (except Legacy, but no-one cares about Legacy) but the eras I'm most comfortable with are Old Republic and Clone Wars.

In terms of movies my favorites have to be the Prequels. They're just a blast to riff on and take the piss out of. My unironic favourite is Empire Strikes Back.

On character connections: I had Rod be picked up by the Imperials while he was traveling with some unnamed smugglers just in case we had a scoundrel in the group, and lo and behold, we do. We could say the shady types Rod was travelling with were Zel and his band.

To answer the question on meeting OOM-93b, I 100% know Rod's going to be unhappy to see another clanker and its separatist master even after all these years. Hell, it's possible Rod and OOM-93b may have even fought in some of the same battles on opposite sides. Still, the Clone Wars have been over for 14 years at this point, so Rod'll be more suspicious than hostile, I think.

It's not impossible for Rod to have met Janara on Coruscant while on leave during the Clone Wars, I guess.

Wealth: 3d4 ⇒ (4, 1, 4) = 9

First post is up!

I cannot get the link in the first line to link properly and I apologize; simply delete from the front of the URL when you click it. (It's the same opening crawl everyone's read twice already, but now there's visuals and music, so no real need to refer to it unless you want the experience)

Male Human Soldier 1 / Jedi 1 | 30/36 HP | Fort 16 Ref 16 Will 14 | Initiative +7 | Perception +9

For Lobster: Rod's Interrogation Scene:
Is the intelligence officer just mistaken in his assessment of the lightsaber? Because the lightsaber Rod has in his possession (or will have, at any rate) was Vala's lightsaber. When Rod killed her he left it where she died and it was never recovered until he came back and found it just before he was captured.

He's either mistaken, his information is mistaken, or he is baiting you.

Male Mon Calamari Scoundrel 2 | 16/22 HP | Fort 12 Ref 17 Will 13 | Initiative +9 | Perception +11

Starting Wealth: 3d4 ⇒ (3, 2, 4) = 9 x 25 = 2250

That'll work. Time to finish the build and start putting stuff in the profile.

@Rod: From what I've read of your biography, it looks like your trip to Felucia was fairly recent, in which case you'd be traveling with just Zel, since he's been working mostly solo for a couple years at this point. Could be good and bad that way. On the one hand, you get the full Zel experience and more of his attention to your particular commission; on the other hand, you don't get to meet the old crew, and, well, you're getting the full Zel experience. But yeah, it'd work if the two of them departed Felucia, and he made a side trip to deliver cargo, at which point things went bad. Whatever works for you.

@Lobster Master: I've looked around a little bit, and most of the info I find on popular light freighters for smugglers seems like YT-series Corellian stuff. They're apparently pretty popular, though, so that works. What do you think might make more sense, something older like a YT-1200 or 1210? Or maybe something in the 2000 series, like a 2400. A lot of the cost of the freighter was fronted by a Hutt boss, so it kinda depends on what that Hutt was willing to shell out for. Any thoughts?

I also am undecided on the name. I did find an old ship naming table that I could use, but I'm also willing to field suggestions and input if anyone has any ideas.

My personal favorite YT is the fanmade 1450, it looks fairly similar to the 1300 except smaller but with longer freight mandibles proportionally, meaning it can push about the same amount of freight despite the smaller craft. Since it's basically a smaller 1300, crew space would be limited (two or two crew bunk rooms and a captain's quarters) but it could likely dock with a yacht if you traded up later on.

Male Human Soldier 1 / Jedi 1 | 30/36 HP | Fort 16 Ref 16 Will 14 | Initiative +7 | Perception +9

Okay thanks, just making sure there wasn't a misreading or miscommunication.

@Zel: Yeah, the full Zel works for me.
Tell me how this sounds: Rod approaches Zel with a job offer, take him to Felucia, no questions asked. Then once that's done, Zel's free to drop Rod off on whatever the next planet is.
Rod mostly tries to keep to himself during the trip, but hey, they're all alone and y'know, the full Zel experience. Rod doesn't volunteer any personal info to Zel, and it becomes apparent that the clone is a real weirdo. Talks to himself when he thinks he's alone (sometimes when he isn't), spends most of the trip locked up in his room and eats and drinks way less than he should (he's quietly using Force trances to sustain himself). They arrive on Felucia, Rod does his errand, they leave and then bam, the Imperials catch them.

Male Mon Calamari Scoundrel 2 | 16/22 HP | Fort 12 Ref 17 Will 13 | Initiative +9 | Perception +11

@Rod: Works for me. Felucia isn't too far from Mon Cal anyway, relatively speaking. And hey, credits are credits. Welcome to the Zel Zone.

Profile should be largely done now. Let me know if there are any discrepancies; it's entirely possible I made a mistake somewhere.

Also, to ask another annoying question: my knowledge of the system is somewhat lacking, so are there any scoundrel Talents that stand out, or any to avoid? Gotta pick my first one, after all.

Moving the story forward later today, but in the meantime, just a reminder about a few quick house rules. In addition to th 5 force points everyone starts out with, I will occasionally be awarding Light or Dark Side Points for inspired roleplaying. Whereas force points add a d6 to your roll, spending a point of LSP either gives you or an ally Advantage, imposes Disadvantage on an enemy, or cancels out Disadvantage imposed on yourself.

Advantage and Disadvantage are my favorite rules from 5e, basically you roll twice and take the higher for Advantage, and the lower for Disadvantage.

If you REALLY need to succeed, force points and LSP stack!

Droid(4°) Noble 1/Soldier 1 | 28/28 HP | Fort 13 Ref 18 Will 13 | Initiative +10 | Perception +2

Oh! 5e. Haven't played that one, but I hear it's good! Can't be worse than 4e, I s'pose.

Also, damn, that's one wilful man. Almost as if being lied to is a daily occurrance to him. I changed the Skill Focus(or was it training) for the Distracting Droid feat as I moved the stuff to my character sheet. I felt it's a little more flavourful!

I'll update my profile tag, too, while I'm at it.

@Rod - OOM-93b will not be excited to see a Clone, either. I am looking forward to some antagonism going on!

Scout 2 | HP 28/34 |Fort 14, Ref 15, Will 14 | Init +7 | Perc +8

Speaking of additional rules, will we be making use of Destiny Points? I did not initially select a Destiny for Dara, and I was curious if I should.

I'll think on it but no for now; I love the rules for the Destiny Points, but I hate the sample destinies and while it's helpful to know what you're building towards, imo it's also kind of limiting

Male Human Soldier 1 / Jedi 1 | 30/36 HP | Fort 16 Ref 16 Will 14 | Initiative +7 | Perception +9

If we end up not using destinies, will we be using Backgrounds instead?


Scout 2 | HP 28/34 |Fort 14, Ref 15, Will 14 | Init +7 | Perc +8

I'm glad to hear that we'll be using Backgrounds. When I was reading over them while familiarizing myself with the game system, it was the "Marooned" background that actually inspired my initial character concept.

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Oh f**$, before I forget, OOM 93b, as Mith's newly appointed personal droid, you'd be with him on the bridge, and maybe would have been watching the interviews and taking notes behind a camera or something.

Droid(4°) Noble 1/Soldier 1 | 28/28 HP | Fort 13 Ref 18 Will 13 | Initiative +10 | Perception +2

@GM - I guess that would mean I'd have been able to assemble personal assessments of the group? Also, does the Empire-loyalty a part of the Restraining Bolt? Would that be loyalty to the interrogator, or the Empire? I imagine the former.

@Group - OOM is currently bantha-puduing, so don't be hating! Turning the two parties it's trying to get away on each other is a classic approach. I don't think I'd be able to convince the Interrogator to do anything, anyway! Also, yay, the party's all together now.

It's primarily loyalty to Mith, but you still feel naughty about betraying the Empire.

Droid(4°) Noble 1/Soldier 1 | 28/28 HP | Fort 13 Ref 18 Will 13 | Initiative +10 | Perception +2

EDIT: The deception is about the obedience chips. Not sure if the Empire removed those from the clones.

The fine clothes is an overlook on my part, will edit. Sorry! Got excited in my post.

EDIT to the EDIT:

Okay - I can swallow being naughty. And I'll keep my programmed loyalties in mind. Never actually played a droid before!

To me, your post in gameplay sounds more like an insult to clones than a statement about the chip, but it does work both ways.

Individual clones removed their bio-inhibitor chips prior to the execution of Order 66 (Fives, Rex, et al), many chose to personally remove them after the fact, but the Empire never removed them from active duty clones.

While he and I have discussed it, I will still let Rod speak to whether or not his clone still has his chip as well as if he is aware of their presence at all (or is aware but believes it to be a conspiracy theory, or some other third option).

That being said, even clones who spoke out against their actions and condemned the chip largely went unbelieved. Order 66 is a conspiracy theory. The accepted history is the Jedi tried to seize power and betray the Republic and they were put down in response.

Droid(4°) Noble 1/Soldier 1 | 28/28 HP | Fort 13 Ref 18 Will 13 | Initiative +10 | Perception +2

Hm. That's fair. Sorry if it's getting a little weird, playing a separatist clanker has its confusing downsides at the start. Not that it wouldn't be above insulting clones, since they destroyed millions of battle droids, and were quite literally the enemy!

And I apologise for apologising too much. ^^ That's what living in Britain does for you.

Male Mon Calamari Scoundrel 2 | 16/22 HP | Fort 12 Ref 17 Will 13 | Initiative +9 | Perception +11

So for Zel's ship, I figured I'd want it to either be a YT-2400, or if you feel it's more appropriate, that fanmade YT-1450 would be my other choice. I also think Zenith might be a good name for it, partly because of the symbolic value of the meaning of the word itself, and partly because Zel likes that it starts with the same letter as his name.

Of course now he has to start plotting to get it back anyway.

Hey all, these next few days (including last night) are gonna be hectic; I'll try to keep my posting schedule and I apologize if it gets rough. @Zel, I'll make a gameplay post in the morning but you're reasonably certain you've done it, though some lingering doubt tickles the back of your mind, like the computer asked you to confirm like six times, but that is probably just the first evidence of the Grand Moff's supposed paranoia

Waiting on Ral, Flan and the droid

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Flying out today, I'll try and get a post out but might be too busy

Here's a crude map of where you've been so far in minimum security, sizes and exact paths may not be accurate.

Sorry for the slow going; it was my wife's birthday on Monday and as a result, the weekend was much busier than I expected. Don't worry tho, I am committed to continuing and running a (hopefully) fun and fulfilling game. Just pretend the ladder climb is like REALLY long, and I'll have the next post up soon, :)

Glad to hear it, I was starting to get worried. Happy birthday to your wife!

Okay, y'all, does the new info, the escaped prisoners Zel pointed out and Rod's start of a plan change things or is the group consensus still to take the long way round?

Male Human Soldier 1 / Jedi 1 | 30/36 HP | Fort 16 Ref 16 Will 14 | Initiative +7 | Perception +9

I've got the beginnings of the plan explained IC but it involves the use of a couple force abilities so Rod's probably going to feel the need to (ineptly) lie about parts of it. Is it cool if I go over the plan OOC so everyone's on the same page?

That works for me

Male Human Soldier 1 / Jedi 1 | 30/36 HP | Fort 16 Ref 16 Will 14 | Initiative +7 | Perception +9

Right so, the plan is actually pretty simple.

Anyone trained in Use the Force can place a willing ally into a Force trance where they'll be helpless but able to go ten times longer with needing air. This gives the average character 10 minutes. Our trained force users can also use the breath control application of the Use the Force skill to double the length of time they can hold their breath before they need to make Endurance checks which gives them two minutes + however long they can make those checks.

The plan would be for Janara, Zel and Dara to be placed into Force trances then for OOM, Mith, Rod and Ral to make the 2-minute run with the other party members on their backs.

If you still wanna dig up an emergency trauma kit to sell the lie or s/t, I made a roll table for the officer's quarters full of various nice and s@+$ty things one might find in an Imperial officer's bedroom and I'm itching to use it

Droid(4°) Noble 1/Soldier 1 | 28/28 HP | Fort 13 Ref 18 Will 13 | Initiative +10 | Perception +2

Hey guys, quick update - I have an emergency trip to make over the weekend, and I'll be driving for most of it.

Sorry about that! I'll be once again fully available come Monday.

I'm aboard with the clone's plan.

Be safe and good luck!

So who's getting knocked out and who's using the rebreathers?

Scout 2 | HP 28/34 |Fort 14, Ref 15, Will 14 | Init +7 | Perc +8

I'll use one of the rebreathers.

Male Mon Calamari Scoundrel 2 | 16/22 HP | Fort 12 Ref 17 Will 13 | Initiative +9 | Perception +11

I kind of just assumed the two who found the rebreathers wouldn't give them up. Regardless, Zel is ready to go under if others want to use them. He's many things, but he's not (usually) a coward.

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