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8-00D: Things Fall Apart
Turn Order:
1. Feiya/勝20100
2. Mother Myrtle/Redgar
3. Rooboo/Elf olic'lo
4. Tontelizi/Ixdrix

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Sorrina Westyr’s image manifests to the Pathfinders, standing before a floating metallic cube scribed with countless shifting glyphs. “We have done it! Now how to open this—”

A great crack interrupts the Master of Spell’s musings, as an immense three-eyed giant with skin like hewn stone steps through a tear in space, with an army pouring out past her. The giant bellows so that all can hear. “I acknowledge your strength, little ones, for you have angered my benefactor enough to send me. I and my warriors, the Daemon Prayers, honor it with unyielding death. Seize the Vault! Slay them all!”

Sorrina Westyr urgently pipes in. “We just need a few more minutes to secure our prize and escape. Hold them off as long as you can!”

Table GMs, begin the final encounters.

To Confirm.

Based on rolls, Mother Myrtle will end up with Ally 1 (Druid of the Flame, replacing the Apprentice).

She will take normal Tier 4 card feat (Blessing) and Extra Card Feat (Blessing), both times snagging Blessing of the Elements from the Alchemist Class Deck.

Pathfinders push back the extraplanar mercenaries, which flee the Society's ferocious counterattack. The few remaining elementals fight to the last but quickly crumble under the assault. With the path back to the surface clear, Sorrina Westyr leads the way up to the portals, while Drandle Dreng organizes a quick head count, and begins ushering groups of agents back to Golarion.

Sorrina Westyr is among the last to step back onto the Isle of Kortos, carrying a beautiful, fist-sized opal that seems to glow with countless colors. Overhead, the once-radiant Aucturn's Tear gradually fades in brightness until it's imperceptible against the night sky.

The Master of Spells holds the immense gem aloft and speaks to the gathered agents. “We have accomplished a marvel today. I hold here an artifact in which dwells a powerful air spirit called Ranginori. Many ages ago, the Elemental Planes existed in balance, forces of good and evil locked in equilibrium. The elemental lords we know of today united against their benign counterparts, and claimed sole dominion. Scholars have speculated on the fates of the defeated, but no longer!”

A few scattered cheers well up from some of the more elementally inclined Pathfinders. Sorrina smiles at them indulgently, and continues.

“It will take time to confirm the outsider trapped within this opal is who he claims to be.” She starts for a moment, as if in response to a comment only she can hear, then looks up to the gemstone apologetically and adds, “Professional caution and courtesy, you understand.” She then looks back to the Pathfinders and continues. “If that's true, though, we now hold the essence of the lost lord of air, Ranginori, Duke of Thunder!”

At this, a wind whips around Sorrina, and she laughs.

“If we can free this being, imagine the history he can share with the Society, the good that might be accomplished. I cannot even begin to speculate on the ramifications for the Elemental Planes…and as word of our accomplishment spreads, there will be many thinking these same thoughts, and not with charitable intent toward us. We must be very cautious in the coming months I fear, and not least in verifying the truth of what we hold.”

“Fortunately, thanks to your efforts this evening, we have crippled key allies and armies of the elemental lords who opposed us. It speaks volumes of what the Society has accomplished in the past decade that I can sincerely state you defied demigods and emerged triumphant! It has been my privilege to have been part of that effort.”

Then Drandle Dreng totters forward, weaving and swaying as if still trying to adjust back to Golarian’s gravity. “We traveled to the stars, and showed those sanctimonious sycophants just what the Society can do!” Then he scratches his shaggy chin, muttering to himself. “Heh. Pathfinders in the Stars. Starry Pathfinders? Starfinders? Starfinder Society! Heh. That’s catchy... I’ll have to remember that.”


Huge thanks to all of the GM's, BR's, and players that made this go off successfully! This Special is by far one of the more difficult to organize for all of them and it went off spectacularly.

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