Chaosorbit's PFS PbP - #8-03: Captives of Toil

Game Master Chaosorbit

Silver Crusade

Recruiting one slot:

A full-BAB front liner or rogue/investigator or archaeologist (or archivist) bard

Liberty's Edge

I'd be up for joining with this frontliner.

Silver Crusade

He's not quite a frontliner, but Rudzik is decent with disarming and unlocking things, loves arrows, and his adorable puppy Wilk is happy to smell new things up close and personal.

Hooded Champion Ranger 9 with Wolf animal companion 8.

Silver Crusade

Going to go with Menas Red here. Catch you another time Rudzik, sorry.

Silver Crusade

No worries. Best of luck!

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