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Grand Lodge

Deck Handler

Discarding Greatsword. Displaying Belkzen Battle Standard.
Combat 21: 1d10 + 1 + 2 + 2d6 + 1d10 + 1d10 + 2 ⇒ (9) + 1 + 2 + (2, 3) + (3) + (2) + 2 = 24 Woo!

The monsters continued to pour out of the Ghol-Gon Ruins faster than they could be cut down so Oloch broke off from the others charging into the area that had been consumed with flame. A trap had been hastily laid allowing the half-orc to spot it before he fell into the spiked pit. Moments later he entered a courtyard where Katazuul was waiting.

Katazuul's roar threatened to shatter steel and make even the most veteran soldier lose their will to fight but not Oloch. He answered with a roar of his own that signaled to the others to block the demon's exit and then he drove the banner of his people deep into the stone while locking eyes with the demon.

"KATAZUUL! THE GLORY OF KILLING YOU IS MINE. FOR GORUM!" he roared as he charged forward dragging his battered greatsword before swinging it upward towards the demon. It began to laugh extending a claw to block the blade but with a burst of light and the sound of seven coins falling to the ground the demon was left with a grievous wound bisecting it from tail to horns. The shattered remnants of the blade fell to the ground along with Katazuul's claw.

He heads back to the others with his trophy in one hand and his banner in the other.

"How many did you kill while I was gone?" he laughs covered in demonic blood.

All done!

Deck Handler // Searching For: Item 5 > Ally 5 > Weapon 5 > Ally 5 > (Spell 5)

Olenjack stares, momentarily at a loss for words. As the defending forces reeled from the cries of the vast Treachery Demon, that Half-Orc he'd been working with just... hacked it apart. Single-handedly. The cheer goes up amongst the defenders as the portal through with demons were spilling through begins to weaken, and close, rallying around the bloodsoaked, triumphant warpriest.

'...I've GOT to hire that man.'

Grand Lodge

<VC Cartmanbeck, PFS# 44004> Female Gnome Sorcerer 16/Oracle 1 | Important links: PFSACG Pregens

Acquired cards:

Unwrapped Harmony (Ally 2)
Tomb Raider (Ally B)
Burglar's Buckler (Armor 1)
Filter Hood (Armor B)
Blessing of Thoth (Blessing 1)
Blessing of the Elements (Blessing B)
Flash Freeze (Item B)
Ring of the Godless (Item B)
Frost Staff (Item B)
Immolate (Spell B)
Fire Lance (Weapon B)
Whip (Weapon B)

Report 1 success to the Overseer GM, or 2 successes if you closed both the Scorched Ruins and Tower.
Each character chooses three types of boons other than loot and draws a card of each type from the game box.
Adventure Card Guild characters may choose a bonus deck upgrade. Note: You MAY choose the same card type more than once.

Adventure Reward:
Each character gains a card feat.

  The wicked glabrezu Katazuul, pierced by ballista bolts and scorched by spells, collapses as her portal sputters and closes. A moment later, a brass horn sounds a triumphant fanfare to announce that the fiend-flesh army has been routed. The march back to Absalom is a jubilant one, though rumors are running wild through the streets as to exactly who the invaders were, what they wanted, and why undead spies sprang to life shortly after beacons appeared around Skyreach. Despite rampant speculation of the Grand Lodge’s involvement in the invasion, the citizens as a whole recognize the heroism with which Pathfinder agents personally averted disaster and rode at the vanguard of the city’s victorious forces. Absalom’s primarch Lord Gyr—whom few remember seeing during the attack—remains silent on the matter, though Siege Lord Wynsal Starborn delivers a speech within the hour personally recognizing the Society’s key role in protecting the City at the Center of the World.
  At the Grand Lodge, Ollysta Zadrian recounts news of the victory. “Soon after we stormed the siege castle and slew Katazuul, Absalom’s navy from Escadar arrived and sank what remained of the undead armada. Once again, Absalom has prevailed in the face of adversity!” Raising her armored fist in celebration, Zadrian shouts: “For Absalom! Absalom! Absalom!”
  Master of Swords Marcos Farabellus seems only to have grown more concerned since the siege began, and he confirms what many agents had discovered earlier. “Based on many reports from Pathfinders, we have a reason to believe the attack was a concerted effort driven by several enemies of the Pathfinder Society. We now know that it was Pasha Muhlia Al-Jakri—once a respected leader of many Pathfinders—who used the Black Echelon codebook to summon the undead saboteurs. We have reason to believe Grandmaster Torch was involved, at least enough that his minions attempted to usurp Gulgamodh to turn against Absalom. Finally, we learned the demons in the siege castle were vassals of a powerful demon that’s no stranger to the Society, and it is not difficult to deduce that ex-venture-captain Thurl had a hand in creating the fiend-flesh army. Today, we emerged victorious, and I assure you that we shall ascertain these villains’ true motives and put a stop to them.”

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