GM Doom 'n Gloom's Gameday VII (Session 1): Risen from the Sands (Inactive)

Game Master TriShadow

CORE Risen Map

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Gameday VII: Risen from the Sands {Level 3-4/ PFS content /Flaxseed preferred}

Two spots reserved, room for four (Level 3 pre-gens available if needed).

Session I will run from August 13th, 2018-September 30, 2018.

Grand Lodge

I have a druid that would like to come along.

i would love to play this one.

Liberty's Edge

Im interested

Glad to have you all along. Looks like we have space for one more.

Dark Archive

Very interested if a spot is indeed still open

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Looks like you have your four. Please list me as an alternate!

Hello, I would also be very interested! ;-)

Player: noral
Character: Taarik
PFS: 314670-10
Faction: Scarab Sages
Day job: none

End we are FULL with two alternates.

I may run a CORE version of this in the Session 2. I will reserve a place for Tarondor and Noral (Characters TBD) should you desire it.

I'd like to reserve a place in the core session for my level 3 (possibly level 4 by then) wizard, if that's alright.

I will retreat from the waitlist. Have fun guys!!

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