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Wishcraft Sorcerer/ Aerokineticist




Ten Nanometers to Ten Stories


Teenage Djinn Equivalent






Common, Auran,


Champion of Freedom

Strength 14
Dexterity 14
Constitution 30
Intelligence 22
Wisdom 14
Charisma 30

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Trait1 Freedom Fighter
Trait2 Enemy of Slavers
1 Ki Meditation
3 Breaker of Barriers
5 Lighten Weapon
7 Perfect Style(Iron)
9 Weapon Prof Warhammer
11 Improved Lighten Weapon
13 Untwisting Iron Strength
15 Signature Weapon(Warhammer)
Eschew Materials (bonus)


Bab 12/7/2
Fort +20
Will +12
Ref +10+(current dex)

Race Powers:

Outsider(air, shapechanger, extraplanar)
Changeling Trick(ex) Changelings can take the form of any small medium or large race, as Polymorph. Changeling gains all ex abilities of the creature, but never any su or sp.
In the rules light environment, individual abilities can manifested without needing to take on the full form.
Natural Linguist(Ex) Changelings always have linguistics as a class skill, and have a +6 racial bonus to linguistics checks.

1/ day gaseous form (for up to 1 hour),
At will invisibility (self only), plane shift (willing targets to elemental planes, Astral Plane, or Material Plane only)
major creation (created vegetable matter is permanent),
create food and water, create wine (as create water, but wine instead),
Telepathy 100ft
Air Mastery (Ex) Airborne creatures take a –1 penalty on attack and damage rolls against a djinni.

Sorcerer Abilities:

Wishbound Arcana (Su)
At 1st level, the wishcrafter can use the wishes of non-genie creatures other than herself in place of the normal verbal components of her spells. A creature can make a wish as a free action at any time, even during the wishcrafter's turn. The wishcrafter must be able to hear and understand a wish in order to use it as a spell component. A spell that doesn't normally have a verbal component gains one when cast using this ability. A wish doesn't need to mention the name of a specific spell, but must describe an outcome that can be accomplished by casting a spell the wishcrafter knows (for example, wishing to be bigger could supply the verbal component for enlarge person). A wishcrafter gains a +1 bonus to her caster level when using a creature's wish as a verbal component in this manner, but cannot include herself as a target of such spells. She can be affected by such a spell if it affects an area rather than a target or targets. A wishcrafter is under no compulsion to grant a creature's wish. Once the wishcrafter grants a creature's wish using this ability, she cannot use this ability to grant that creature any further wishes for 24 hours.

Expanded Wishcraft
At 3rd level and every 2 levels thereafter, the wishcrafter grows more adept at altering reality to fit the whims of others. She may add an additional spell selected from the sorcerer/wizard spell list to her list of spells known. This spell must be one level lower than the highest-level spell she can cast. A wishcrafter can only use these spells in conjunction with her wishbound arcana ability. For example, if she used this ability to learn cat's grace, she can only cast it when another creature wishes for it, and can't cast it on herself because it is a targeted spell. She cannot use these spells to craft or recharge magic items.

Heart's Desire (Su)
At 7th level, as a swift action, a wishcrafter can force a single creature within 30 feet to confess its deepest desire. The target receives a Will save to negate this effect (DC 10 + 1/2 the wishcrafter's level + the wishcrafter's Charisma modifier). On a failed save, the creature must immediately wish aloud in a clear voice for something it truly desires, allowing the wishcrafter to activate her wishbound arcana ability if she knows a spell that can fulfill that wish. This is a mind-affecting effect. Regardless of whether the save is successful, a creature cannot be the target of the same wishcrafter's heart's desire ability again for 24 hours. The wishcrafter can use this ability a number of times per day equal to her Charisma bonus.

Twisted Wish (Su)
At 13th level, a wishcrafter becomes adept at corrupting wishes to negatively affect the creature that wished them. When a wishcrafter affects a creature with a spell using its wish as a spell component, she may twist the wish, applying a –4 penalty to the creature's saving throws against the spell. The effects of wishes twisted this way are difficult to remove; the DC of caster level checks to dispel them increases by 5.

Twisted Fortune (Sp) At 1st level, you can use your supernatural insight to hijack the fortunes of a single target within 30 feet. For 1 round, the target becomes confused and cannot directly control its actions (Will negates). Once a creature has been affected by twisted fortune, it is immune to the ability's effects for 24 hours. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Cha modifier.

See It Coming (Su) At 3rd level, you gain a +1 luck bonus on the saving throw type of your choice (Fortitude, Reflex, or Will). As a full-round action, you can change which saving throw your luck bonus applies to. At 7th level and every 4 levels thereafter, this bonus increases by 1, to a maximum of +5 at 19th level.

Invoke the Harrow (Su) At 9th level, you can draw a random harrow card from a complete harrow deck you own as a standard action and channel the aspects of the card into your body. You take on superficial traits featured on the card and gain a +4 enhancement bonus to the ability score associated with the card's suit. You can invoke the harrow for a number of minutes per day equal to your sorcerer level; the duration need not be continuous, but it must be used in 1-minute increments.

Harrowed Home (Sp) At 15th level, your otherworldly connection is so strong that your subconscious cleaves off a small portion of the Harrowed Realm for use as your own private sanctuary. Your harrowed home is created the first time you use this ability, and is decorated as a garish reflection of your personality. Thereafter, you always visit this same home. You can place a portal to your harrowed home once every 24 hours, but placing a new portal destroys the previous one, and you can not move the entrance while you are inside. As long as you are not in your harrowed home, time ceases to pass for anything and anyone still in your pocket dimension; creatures cannot move, objects do not decay, and everything remains exactly the same as you left it the last time you visited the plane. Time continues as normal whenever you are inside your harrowed home. This ability is otherwise identical to mage's magnificent mansion.

Aerokineticist Powers:

Elemental Focus Air
Usable blasts: air, electric, force, boost, charged air,
Simple Kinesis: air, aether,
Elemental defense: enveloping winds
Infusions: Extended Range, Thundering, Chain, Snaking, Wall, Cyclone,
Talents:Air's Reach, Air Shroud, Engulfing Winds, Aerial Evasion, Greater Air Shroud, Ride the Blast, Suffocate, Weather Master,

Champion Powers:

Small Powers:
Free to Run:Can grant beings Freedom of Movement for 3 rounds
Free to Go: Can break chains or similar confines as a standard action at a range of 30 feet.

Medium(personal) Powers:
Freedom of Mind: Selective Immunity to mind effects.
Freedom of Body: Can change size from cellular to colossal+ as a standard action. Dex/Str penalty is capped at adjusted to 6.
Freedom of Soul: Can choose to be treated as favored alignment for effects depending on it.

Large Power:
Free Forever More: 1/ day can use champion teleport on any amount of creatures in linked contact, such as the link with dimension door.

Round Pale Orange Gem, centered in chest in all forms. Link to summon PrisonBreaker.


Prisonbreaker is a Huge sized Warhammer(or two sizes larger than his current size). The head is almost as big as him, and so heavy that the long, thin handle bends like a green tree branch when it's hefted. The head is made of orange tinted metal in a blocky fist shape on both sides, and topped with a star shape. The handle is as tall as he is and as thick around as his wrist. Despite its apparently massive size and weight, he wields it with an almost surgical grace.
Huge +5 Warhammer
Deals Triple damage to inanimate objects, as maul of the titans
Mjolnir Effect: Only he(or other champions of freedom) can lift it.