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The mere mention of your name brings fear to commoners and even nobles in their walled and guarded manors are nervous when your name is heard.
Well that was true until you died.

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The mere mention of your name brings fear to commoners and even nobles in their walled and guarded manors are nervous when you are mentioned.

Well that was true until you died.

I'm going to start a non-linear evil campaign for six players looking to explore the darker side of Golarion. If interested pitch me your character.
Evil (not crazy raving mad evil)
Takes place all over Golarion
This will be a mature but not explicit game
Paizo stuff only
This will be a high powered game dealing with high challenges
RP is a must
One per day post minimum

Applications need to be able to answer these questions:
1 Where are you infamous?
2 What made you infamous?
3 Who has suffered for your success?
4 What caused your downfall?

I will be using campaign traits that I'll post later. Campaign traits will be based off of how you died.

Can characters be linked before the downfall or no?

if people want intermingled stories please do

In that case, we will discuss the link and then post our concepts. :)

Sovereign Court

Ahem, it seems to me I was summoned forth to do great evil, but perhaps this time with a partner.

Yes, yes, I know, I feel a hair greedy, but it's not every day you find a kindred soul in search of corruption and torture. I think it's time to truly make something here, soon enough.

hmm i have a few ideas. one is a tiefling who will later be a hellknight (although im not sure how i want to get there, probably fighter or samurai)

1 Where are you infamous? Cheliax
2 What made you infamous? Furthering the machinations of my evil masters
3 Who has suffered for your success? paladins, mostly. theyre intolerable.
4 What caused your downfall? my brother, who slayed me while on a mission together in order to get ahead.

another idea i thought about trying was an undead lord cleric:

1 Where are you infamous? smaller villages along the inner sea
2 What made you infamous? attacking villages with the decayed remains of their ancestors
3 Who has suffered for your success? villagers. they shouldnt get mad at me for taking what they cannot defend.
4 What caused your downfall? paladins. insufferable!

Here's a little more stuff to help with ideas.

Campaign traits:

Betrayed Your rise to power was cut short by a knife in the back or poison in your cup. Someone you trusted turned on you and it wasn't until afterwards that you could understand the signs and you won't make that mistake again. Gain a +1 trait bonus on Sense Motive and always treat it as a class skill.

Hung For your crimes you were caught, dragged before a court and sentenced to hang until you were dead. Unfortunately they never told you that sometimes it can take a long, long time to die on the gallows. Gain a +1 trait bonus on fortitude saves to account for your natural unwillingness to die.

Hunted When they came for you in the night you fled. You spent weeks leading "justice" on a merry chase and almost got away too. Gain a +1 trait bonus on survival and always treat it as a class skill.

Burned Your death was not a pleasant one. Wether it was on the stake or trapped in a building you were burned alive. Because of your intimate ties to fire in your last moments you gain a +1 trait bonus on all fire damage dice caused by spells.

Drowned You spent your last moments in the cold embrace of water. Because of your intimate ties to water and cold in your last moments you gain a +1 trait bonus on all ice damage dice caused by spells.

Misfortune Your death may have been caused by bad luck or simple carelessness, crushed under a collapsing structure or slipping on a wet roof. In death you learned to watch your step. Gain a +1 trait bonus on reflex saves.

Sacrifice Someone more powerful than you decided that you would make a great appeasement to their god or devil and gave them your still beating heart. Because of the ritual you gain a +1 trait bonus on knowledge the planes, knowledge arcana OR knowledge religion and it is always a class skill for you.

I'll probably have a few more tomorrow and I added a little into on the campaign tab.

nice, i like the looks of those.

Some quick questions, but definitely interested.

1) Thoughts on Summoner class?
2) Character creation guidelines?

Basis of character is a dragon riding warlord (Summoner, Dragon themed Eidolon)

1) Where we're you infamous? Lastwall, where he had launched a campaign to destroy the nation and claim it for his own through an uneasy allianc with a large tribe of Orcs from Belzken.

2) What made you infamous? Using unexpected tactics and brute force to win several victories against Lastwall's defenders.

3) Who has suffered for your success? Citizens and soldiers of Lastwall, as well as many others on his road to power leading up to his campaign.

4) What caused your downfall? An advisor who had secretly been a Red Mantis assassin who was hired to end his reign prematurely.

Grand Lodge

Dotting for interest I would love to hear more about this so I an wrap my mind around some good ideas.

The Exchange

This sounds good in a down-right evil way. I don't know if I will put in a application, but I be paying attention to this threat either way!

Hmm, I'm certainly interested. I'd like to play a Geb Necromancer, of Cheliaxian descent - there's a 3.5 variant I'd like to ask permission to use instead of the regular Arcane Bond, that being a Skeletal Minion.

Skeletal Minion

Let me know if this is feasible for you. I'll put out the answers to those question tomorrow, after I've gotten some sleep and had some time to mull them over.

1. Where were you infamous: Geb, land of the undead.

2. What made you infamous: Using his family's influence (Including his mother's recent increase of status becoming a lich), he aggressively created dozens upon dozens of intelligent undead to serve his household - including turning his own brother into his permanent skeletal bodyguard. He also willingly destroyed other intelligent undead in his gruesome experiments to create stronger, more powerful ones, using his mother's status as a shield to protect him.

3. Who has suffered for your success: The chattel and dead of Geb, along with several minor houses put to ruin due to his actions.

4. What caused your downfall: Undead uprising. The vassals he had given the right to life after death revolted against him (Except for his brother), who drained his life essence from his body and then incinerated his remains and spellbooks, so he might never come back as an undead.

1 Where are you infamous?
2 What made you infamous?
3 Who has suffered for your success?
4 What caused your downfall?

From the witch's own testimony, given at her trial*:

"Now stands before you Maela Wise
Who hails from where cold sun long flies
O'er frozen lands, her people's womb
Whose snow and ice, your army's tomb

You came to war, conquer, and burn
We welcomed; terror you returned
You burned my home, and tore my child
His long slow death, you 'justice' styled

And now, 'accused', you style me
And write your lies, for legacy
These words now, true, and whole, and fact
Now I record. You'll not redact.

I burned your armies. Sank your ships.
Blinded archers. Turned your whips.
When war-choice was not then unmade
I burned the beds where generals laid.

I blighted crops. I poisoned wells.
I cursed your queen with privy's smells.
I made a necklace, hangman's rope.
And hid acids in gentlest soap.

Your war went on, and so my crimes.
I burned your church, a dozen times.
And on the thirteenth, you'd prepared
And so, at last, I was ensnared.

T'was fairly done, and nobly sent
And I'd not harm that innocent.
T'was pure Fae law, that trap you lay
What witch set that? I'll know, one day.

I'll stand, or kneel, in chains, or free
I'll let you bind, burn, bury me
The debts I owe, I'll pay; I'll burn
But know ye all:

I will return."

*Bailiff were unable to lay hand on the accused while she spoke, though she was ordered gagged when she began rhyming. Her testimony was ordered struck by the Grand Inquisitor, but every witness present in the room remembered the words exactly, and when the witch was burned, the bonfire logs turned to handwritten copies of her testimony, which the updraft scattered across the city.

I don't have a problem with summoner per se but I do not allow the synthesist for obvious reasons and I'll warn you and anyone with an animal companion that things large size won't fit in indoor situations.

Pathfinder only Israel no 3.5

Are Aasimar allowed for race and if so are the Variant Aasimar Heritages also allowed?

I would like to apply as an Oracle of Bones necromancer. I already have a backstory set up, which I can tweak.

What level would this game begin at?

1 Where are you infamous? Ravenmoor
2 What made you infamous? Butchering the leaders of a cult and establishing my own harsh legal rule by force.
3 Who has suffered for your success? The people of the neighbouring villages and the people of Ravenmoor
4 What caused your downfall? A rebellious mob, aided by a group of Paladins who spurred unrest. Lynched.

Law exists to prevent anarchy. Anarchy is the source of all evil. The law must be upheld with all power and strength necessary to prevent chaos. These are the lessons Mordecai's youth taught him. He was raised as the son of the town magistrate, a kind man who never punished more than was fair and treated all as equals, rich or poor, criminal or not.
Then the Withering came.
The town was quarantined as a hideous diseases truck down its denizens. It spared young or old, strong or weak. Every day, more of the townspeople tried to steal from the village store and escape the city walls. To maintain the order necessary for the town to survive until help could come, Mordecai's father become harsher and harsher, hanging all who stole or tried to flee- the young, the pregnant and elderly all died at the order of his gavel.
Eventually, fear and anger overcame the town. They gathered together in an enormous mob, took the magistrate from his house and hanged him from the gallows where he had sent so many to die.
In a cold and emotionless fog, Mordecai silently timed the mob from his hiding place in his father's cellar. It took two minutes and thirty-two seconds for the mob to turn upon itself in an orgy of blood and pillaging and raping.
When the doctors came the next day, they found the city covered with the gore of fear-driven anger unchecked. None survived, save a pale youth found from the cellar of a burning house.
Since that day, Mordecai has scoured the land for the power to stay the chaos of anarchy and enforce the law his father taught him. The glow of dark divine power he discovered in his mind came as unneeded confirmation of the rightness of his mission. He uses that power to animate the remains of servants of chaos with the power of his Law, and send them as his hands against his enemies.

I will allow non-standard races provided the pitch intrigued me but for balance reasons I reserve the right to make adjustments to said races.

The Exchange

What level are the characters starting at? This might give us a better idea to factor parts of their story line. After all a 1st level fighter can be evil and cruel, but its unlikely he's a warrior of renown.

I'm definitely in if you need more players, not sure what I'd play yet but I could get the crunch up in the next day or so.

Marcus Leroung, human (Chelaxian) fighter, LE

1 Where are you infamous? At the time, both within Cheliax and Nidal, as my service to Cheliax pre-dates the national conversion to Asmodeous by several hundred years. Very few from either nation remember me today.

2 What made you infamous? Service to my King Haliad III of Cheliax during the Everwar. I was a soldier, a leader of troops into battle as is appropriate for my lineage. Unlike so many of those idealists that served with me, I simply made hard choices that made success more likely for my army, despite the costs forced on others.

3 Who has suffered for your success? Peasants whose lives were focused around the battlefields or territory my army had to travel through. Enemy officers who were captured. Foot soldiers.

4 What caused your downfall? Traitors. Members of my army accepted bribes and promises of power to poison the water supply for my army, using a delayed on-set poison. They started with the supply for my sub-camp, of course, but over 2/3rds of the army was slain in this one act of treachery.

I have no idea how powerful we were supposed to have been before death, nor how powerful you will choose to have us start. I plan to have skill centered on Knowledge (Warfare and Tactics). Knowledge (History) is the closest written up in the rules, but my desired focus is far more active and only a minor sub-set of that defined skill . . ..

I'm looking at a Combat Expertise-based fighter, who accomplishes things by stripping opponents of capability more than by beating them down directly. Strip them of other options and then use them. Having your opposition die in your service instead of opposing you tends to increase your strength instead of wearing away at it.

Fair enough then. I just thought that I'd ask. It's not a big deal for me - there are spells for that.

I'm also interested in learning if we're going to be resurrected and then bumped back to level one, and the rest of the crunch to boot.

I plan to start everyone around level 5 or so but I haven't decided actual level.
I wanna try a variant on point buy. You get one 18 and 15 points to divide amongst the rest of your stats plus instead of stats gains every 4 level your each point buy points each level.
Plus a few extras I'll be adding once I finalize my basic ideas.

The point buy seems all right with me - after all, we're supposed to have been powerful in life. I'm not so clear on what you're talking about progression wise - are you saying we get 1 point buy every time we gain a level? That seems to make it so that improving upon that 18 score will be rather difficult - For someone that uses a racial modifier to enhance it to 20, that means they would have to wait until 6th level to increase it 1 point, then 12th level 1 point, and finally 18th level 1 point, with 2 point buy left over.

The advantage to this system is of course allowing characters to 'balance' their stats by putting the acquired point buy into the lower stats - I'm not a fan, but it is up to you to decide where to take this.

There's also the whole concept of equipment as well - Assuming we're revived far from where we've died, would we be deprived of the choice of equipment? And animal companions and familiars as well?

To you I submit Lee Sin, lawful neutral hungry ghost quinggong monk. He is essentially a ki-heavy monk who uses crits to steal ki and power his abilities!
1 Where are you infamous? Kelmarane
2 What made you infamous? Helping the efreet Jhavhul orverthrow the monastery of Vardishal
3 Who has suffered for your success? All the monks of the monastery
4 What caused your downfall? Jhavhul deemed me a needed sacrifice to accomplish his end goal.

Also, was just mulling over the idea of making my character a Skeletal Champion (simplest intelligent undead I could think of). I think it would be fitting for the concept of the campaign. And instead of a live dragon, the Eidolon would appear to be a Dracolich.

creation guidelines are up in campaign tab but keep in mind I look at character ideas and how you answered the questions before I look at crunch.

With the rules up, I am starting to look at specific character mechanics. This leads me to a question. How do you wish to interpret the below under-documented weapon choices from Ultimate Combat?

Weapon Question:
As a Combat Expertise-based Combat Maneuver-based character, weapon selection and the rules that apply for said weapon play a major role in how the character is able to impose his will on the battlefield. Both of the below weapons, as I understand they are intended to work, provide significant advantages for such a character. If you disagree with how I envision either and prefer something closer to the chart-based interpretation I list for each, the spiked chain is far better understood and doesn't really lose much from the character's potential.

Kusarigama - double, monk, reach, trip, grapple

Based on the combination of the text description and the mechanical write-up of the kama earlier in the same section, I believe this is supposed to be run using the following rules:

Double - can be used as a double weapon
Monk - Can be used by a proficient monk as part of a flury of blows attack
Reach & Grapple apply to the lower-damage end only, which does blunt damage
trip applies to the higher-damage end only, which does slashing damage

Based purely on the chart and key word use, the weapon would be run as follows:

Everything applies to either head, with the damage die and type not being applied to a specific head, either.
As both a reach and double weapon, both heads can be used at 10' distance only.


Kama, double-chained - double, monk, reach, trip

Based on the combination of the text description, mechanical write-up of the kama earlier in the same section, and my interpretation of the kusarigama, I believe this is supposed to be run using the following rules:

Double - can be used as a double weapon
Monk - Can be used by a proficient monk as part of a flury of blows attack
Trip - both ends can trip
Reach - One end can be used as reach while the other is held close

Based purely on the chart and key word use, the weapon would be run as follows:

Everything applies to either end.
As both a reach and double weapon, both heads can be used at 10' distance only.

Not sure how evil you are looking for, my concept is a little far on the evil side and hard to write pg I will put spoilers in please don't read if you might be offended. Not really sure I want to play this character need to know more about the campaign, mostly if it will be revealing in evil or going towards redemption?
1 Where are you infamous? Osirion
2 What made you infamous?

Mature content:
Stealing woman for my harem and keeping them continuously pregant in order that I could sacrifice my own children in an attempt to create a new race of trees with God blood (mine) that would flurish in the desert and cerment my place as the greatest Pharaoh (read God).

3 Who has suffered for your success? All of Osirion, but mostly my harem and children
4 What caused your downfall?
Mature content:
A true God (not sure which) posed as a Harem girl and allowed me to get her pregnant and snuck off and raised the resulting girl child. When I later took this girl into my harem while in bed and I believing I was Invulnerable she cut off my member and hands and cut out my tongue and eyes and scared me so much that I was not recognisable and left me to beg on the streets for the rest of my life.

GM, luckily enough I already have a character sheet for this character at that level; I will need to tweak him, IE due to the point buy and traits, but 99% of the sheet is valid and applicable.

Oh and at level 7 I am planning on taking the "Agent of the Grave" prestige class.

I haven't really looked at the kusarigama and the double kama so I'll have to get back to you on that

Partial mechanics crunch for Marcus Leroung:
14 S 16 +3 (+2 for 5 purchase points)
18 D 22 +6 (+2 human) (+2 for 11 purchase points)
14 C 14 +2
14 I 15 +2 (+1 for 2 purchase points)
10 W 12 +1 (+2 for 2 purchase points)
10 H 12 +1 (+2 for 2 purchase points)

(1 character point banked)

Assassinated/Betrayed/Knife in the Dark all COULD work with the write-up, though Betrayed seems the most fitting. I prefer Knife in the Dark's benefits.
Scholar of the Great Beyond - +1 Knowledge (History/Planes) - Knowledge (History) as class skill

1 Combat Expertise
H Improved Trip
F1 Improved Disarm
F2 Exotic Weapon (yet to pick)
3 Combat Reflexes
F4 Weapon Focus (match)
5 Agile Maneuvers
F6 Greater Trip

Trained Skills: (2+1 (Int)+1 (Skilled)=4/level)
+12 Knowledge (history - Warfare and Tactics) 2+6+3+1 (trait)
+11 Knowledge (Engineering) 2+6+3
+ 7 Perception 1+6
+10 Profession (Soldier) 1+6+3

4,600+ base weapon cost for +1/+1 double weapon to match Exotic Weapon prof.
5,200 for +1 Mithral Breastplate (+7/+5/-1/15%/30'/15#)

Bravery +2
Armor Training 1 (+7/+6/-0/15%/30'/15#)
Weapon Training (Flails) 1

BAB +6/+1 (+9/+4 Str;+12/+7 Dex)
Fort +5 (+7)
Ref +2 (+8)
Will +2 (+3)
CMB +12 (+2 Disarm/+4 Trip, +1 weapon, +1 WF, +other weapon bonuses)
CMD 25 (+2 Disarm/+4 Trip, +1 weapon, +1 WF)
AC 23 (Touch 16, Flat 17)
HP 52? (Based on max at level 1 and half+1 afterwards)
Init +6
7 AoO's per round . . ..

I still need to handle mundane gear, untrained skill numbers, figure out which of the 3 possible weapons I should plan on using, and make sure the combat numbers are finished (including meeting any specific instructions on HP generation).

Had I the money to spend, I would have purchased Mithral Platemail instead! (+9/+3/-3/25%/20'/25#) and had Armor Training 1 take it to (+9/+4/-2/25%/30'/25#), so it would STILL be 23 AC out of the gate (Flat 19, Touch 13), but that as non-magical and more Dex bonus to become available for AC as we level . . .. Of course, that suit of armor would be 10,500 by itself!

I may need to clarify point buy... Its 23 points total plus a single 18 stat

break down

1 15
2 15+2=17
3 17+1=18
4 18+2=20
5 20+1=21
6 21+2=23

Here are the bare bones (literally) of Krovax Drevarian. Arc, if it's okay with you, I just went with Human, but cosmetically would like him to appear as a Skeletal Champion. I wasn't wanting any sort of material bonus for it, just kind of a flavor thing. If you are adverse to that, I can simply keep him human all together.

Also, I know the sheet in the profile is not very well done ATM, but I will clean it up Monday night after my gaming group meets. I'm currently out of town and working on an iPad.

DM - ARC wrote:
I may need to clarify point buy... Its 23 points total plus a single 18 stat
Homer wrote:

18 - "free"

15 - 7
14 - 5
14 - 5
12 - 2
12 - 2

2 left over

S 15
D 20
C 14
I 14
W 12
H 12

BAB +6/+1 (+8/+3 Str; +11/+6 Dex)
Fort +5 (+7)
Ref +2 (+7)
Will +2 (+3)
Init +5
AC 22 (Flat 17, Touch 15)
HP 72
CMB +11 + as indicated previously
CMD 23 + as indicated previously

So far we have...

Joy - unknown as of yet
KMBCross - unknown as of yet
Tenro - unknown -> Hellknight
Tim Woodhams - Not sure about your application but redemption is not in the cards for this campaign... Unless the entire group pulls a 180 on me
Elondor - Lee Sin - Qui gong monk - has answers needs story
Arkright - Mordecai Shrykeson - Bones Oracle -> Agent of the Grave with backstory and answers
Azreal - ??? - Geb Necromancer with backstory and answers
Hustonj - Marcus Leroug - Chelaxian Fighter with backstory and answers
Thron - Krovax Draverian - Chelaxian Summoner with backstory and answers
KRNVR - Maela Devayn - witch -intrigued but looking for more clear answers and some story

Hope I haven't missed anyone.

As for those asking for campaign details, without spoiling anything the PCs are being resurrected by a devil/demon/daemon to serve it on the material realm by doing "quests" but otherwise left to run loose and do whatever your hearts desire. It will be very sandboxy where the players will choose mostly where and how things are done... Provided that doesn't undermine the Outsider's plans. I have a general story I want to tell but everything between the start and the finish is where your creativity comes in.

I'm not sure if we are allowed to apply racial boosts to the 18 skill, but assuming one can here is my desired point buy

I would love to run a tiefling witch.

1 Where are you infamous? Smaller villages all over Qadira.
2 What made you infamous? Ezra sold her snake oils across the desert. She would sneak in to the city hex a half dozen well to do's late and night, and introduce a pestilence or poison to the town. A couple days later, she would roll in to town with her wagon, and sell the cures. As soon as she had made enough profit, she would simply dismiss the spells, and release the hexes.
3 Who has suffered for your success? Hundreds of slaves have died to demonstrate the horrors of the Plagues. Rumor has it even Falcon's Hollow was her work. In addition, every sultan and slave holder who parted with their life savings to hopefully prolong their life, or remove the evil spirits haunting them.
4 What caused your downfall? The pathfinder society happened to be investigating a particularly virulent outbreak in Padishah Empire of Kelesh. Some brave adventurers realized the wells had been poisoned, and laid a trap for the young entrepreneur.

would i be able to get antipaladin changed (DM fiat) to LE instead of CE? CE doesnt even make sense to me honestly

This is Azrael Dukshi, submitting Orcen Faust, Dark Genius and Necromancer.

For the record, in equipment: 'Coffin of Holding I' is a Bag of Holding of the same type, only in a pine coffin form.

Sovereign Court

Alright. I have most of my ducks in a row, but they need some clarification.

I'll be submitting an aasimar (angelkin) antipaladin, inherently made for the abuse and torture of his foes.

1. Where were you infamous? "Why, I do belive it all started in Varisia, near the locale of Janderhoff. A small town near there - the name doesn't matter anymore, since there's nobody left. They're all dead, or worse." He chuckles. "From there, I went to the previously-mentioned locale, and performed many deeds there."

2. What made you infamous? "Why, I recall the acts with a vivid memory - I corrupted a number of my kind seeking to better the area around us, or remove my own taint. Needless to say, they failed; they only caused more suffering for the town, as a result. No, I'm now very accomplished at gathering information directly, having abducted many nobles and 'acquired' my knowledge. They never make it past the third day..."

3.Who has suffered for your success? "Many local notables have been interrogated, tortured, or slain in excruciating fashions, with nobody left to spread rumor - except those who haven't seen my true face. Yes, that's some of it. An entire town has fallen behind me, but even now that fades from memory. Pity. It's where I acquired my most precious of gifts."

4.What caused your downfall? "My downfall? Attempting to convert the next thing better - a celestial itself, who summoned aid to ambush me and my 'assistant.' Needless to say, outnumbered and outarmed, we lost and were executed as an 'example.' It was a delight to see how much effort they put in - I could've sworn our screams of 'agony' were more than merely that."

That'll be the barebones for my concept.

DM - ARC wrote:

I may need to clarify point buy... Its 23 points total plus a single 18 stat

break down

1 15
2 15+2=17
3 17+1=18
4 18+2=20
5 20+1=21
6 21+2=23

So with this, do we go "I have base 10 in all, plus one's an 18, then 15 point buy" or "Do I have mostly 15s and an 18?"

I'd like to make a goblin bladebound/kensai magus (the two don't overlap on any levels so it's in accordance with the rules), I can pick another race if that's a problem however.

1 Where are you infamous?
In all the large cities, among the rich and powerful, his name is spoken with fear. There are legends that if you even think his name too often, he will turn up.

2 What made you infamous?
Originally a happy go lucky fellow, he was taught in the art of the kensai magus by his similar minded master. He went around doing good wherever he could, following the code of when he had done enough good in the world and done right by Golarion, then he could settle down and become the farmer which he always wanted to do, have a family, the lot. He was a contented goblin, despite rejecting his kin.

This was the main reason he sought power, after seeing a gang of his brethren torture a small child, just for kicks. He wanted to stop all the evil in the world, to make them suffer as they made that child suffer.

This is when the blade came to him, staring into the surface he had no doubt that it could grant him the power he needed, that he wanted, that he must have. Upon picking the blade up, he slowly felt his emotions, no not all of them, just a few, mainly...empathy.

After many years, he holds on to two things, a strict code of conduct, he has no problem with killing anyone that gets in his way, but he will not sate the blades blood thirst with random killings, duelling in fact is his chosen way of sating the blade. This is why the nobles fear him, he turns up, finds some way of insulting their honor, and kills them for all to see. Hundreds of highborns have died by his hands, and if he had his way, it would have been hundreds more.

3 Who has suffered for your success?
I think the above covers that pretty well.

4 What caused your downfall?
Unfortunately while he had believed that the code of honour mattered more to the nobles than their lives, he was wrong. They conspired to stop this wave of death descending over them, by any means necessary. A paladin, by the name of ethrea, challenged him to a duel, she was going to smite him down in front of everyone, to make sure no-one feared his name ever again.

Of course he couldn't turn down a challenge like that, but when he turned up, half the crowd was made up from the same order of paladins as ethrea, almost an entire order had turned up to kill him. He didn't realise this till halfway through the duel, not even someone of his skill can stand up to the wrath of fifty charging paladins, he was smote there and then. His corpse a feast for the vermin of the city.

Turnage, characters in this campaign have to be evil- I don't think your character is, unless I am mistaken?

Mordecai Shrykeson wrote:
Turnage, characters in this campaign have to be evil- I don't think your character is, unless I am mistaken?

He's lawful evil, he imposes a strict code of conduct on himself to prevent himself from completely psychotic, it's not due to any guilt related to killing. The bit of backstory I had there, he WAS good but that was before he gained the blackblade, which as an intelligent item influences his actions and has completely corrupted him. The only semblance of control he can keep is by adhering to his code.

That's not to say he never breaks it of course, he will sometimes get carried away and an entire village might sometimes get reduced to ashes.

Ahh I see. Sorry, my reading of your backstory suggested a fairly lawful-good character who might be a bit zealous at times but no more.

Okay, I'll pull my application have fun. (:

KMBCross wrote:
So with this, do we go "I have base 10 in all, plus one's an 18, then 15 point buy" or "Do I have mostly 15s and...

As I understand it, you have 1 18, 5 10s, and 15 points to adjust those scores in accordance with the point buy in the front of the core rulebook BEFORE applying racial modifiers and then another 8 points to adjust them by AFTER applying racial modifiers.

As I understand the intent.

what hustonj said

I'm going to withdraw from the running, not feeling I really have time for another commitment. But thank you for the inspiration to write the testimony. :)

My Musetouched Aasimar Bard is submitted as the assistant/partner in crime to KMBCross's character. She's the first fellow Aasimar he came across and after being broken by him, she came to enjoy the pain he caused her and became his willing assistant in torturing others and often played the part of bait. Leading others into traps and then allowing him to begin his tortures on her first so that their captives would see what was in store for them. The look of fear on their faces was something she enjoyed.

1 Where are you infamous? Varisia, near the locale of Janderhoff.
2 What made you infamous? Known for treachery, betrayal and torture.
3 Who has suffered for your success? Everyone who came into contact with us.
4 What caused your downfall? Believing ourselves capable of capturing and converting a Celestial, who summoned aid to ambush me and my 'master.'

Obviously taking the "Smitten" trait.

Hi GM,

Thinking of running a ratfolk bard (Arcane Duelist) Is it feasible?

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