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Those are abysmal rolls, Ez. Using a little DM Fiat here to re-roll those...

CLW 1: 1d8 + 3 ⇒ (5) + 3 = 8
CLW 2: 1d8 + 3 ⇒ (5) + 3 = 8
CLW 3: 1d8 + 3 ⇒ (3) + 3 = 6

The elder Howell puts his crossbow away. "I'm fine, Jak... but you all have seen better days."

A's HPs: 11|35
E's HPs: 8|27
J's HPs: 19|27
L's HPs: 9|38
M's HPs: 12|36
Wagon's Dam: 7

Jak raises his eyebrows, "Not lately."

Mattin raises his brows in an eerily similar manner, "Well, if this is what you kids are facing on a daily basis... the town needs to put some thought into equipping you better. And as a member of the council - and a father - I think I've got some say in the matter."

Mattin gets about making some minor repairs to the wagon and calming the near-petrified donkeys. In a short while, the wagon is ready to move out.

Happy to 'waive' additional healing and get you guys back on the road. I just need an OK. But feel free to RP to whatever extent you wish.

Jak Howell wrote:

”Remind me… again… not to piss you off.”

Marcus tries a smile but is no good at disguising how unnerved he is by the mutated wolves.

They gave us no choice--I don't know if they're desperate from hunger, or if it's the mist twisting their minds that made 'em come after us. How far away did the Mist reach? How many creatures, and people, were changed by it? We need to set things right, but I suspect whatever caused this makes Black look like a child.

(hp 38/38, AC 17, T 11, FF 11, Initiative +1, Perception +5, Fort +8, Ref +6, Will +10)

"I don't know what happened, but my hands no longer flow with the healing energies of Sarenrae. When I was at one with her, I could heal wounds and bring healing in our need, but something has happened. I don't know what to do, I fear that I may have done something wrong! Marcus, Ezekiel, will you let me see your wounds? I have been able to help heal them before. I just hope I can still do it again."

Lyrica goes to Marcus and attempts to heal his wounds with her Lay on Hands ability.

"Sarenrae, my dearest Dawnflower, You are my guide and the source of all power that comes through me. I humbly approach you and ask that you let your healing light pass through these hands and come to the need of those who will serve the powers of good! I put my trust in you and that your light will ever bring healing and sustenance to your people in their time of need!"

Lyrica attempts to Lay on Hands on Marcus, Ezekiel, and then Jak.

Does attempting to heal others have any effect?

Lay on Hands on Marcus: 1d6 ⇒ 5
Lay on Hands on Ezekiel: 1d6 ⇒ 1
Lay on Hands on Jak: 1d6 ⇒ 6

Rat Bastard

Lyrica's hand do convey healing energy to her teammates.

A's HPs: 11|35
E's HPs: 9|27
J's HPs: 25|27
L's HPs: 9|38
M's HPs: 17|36
Wagon's Dam: 7

Jak gives his leg–which is visibly better after Lyrica's touch—a testing scratch. "It certainly seemed to work. I guess thank the Dawnflower for me?" His tone is cautious, his words coming out in the measured manner that men use when dealing with women who ask trap questions like 'does this make me look fat'?

Uncomfortable with the subject of Lyrica's possible loss of some of her dirty-granted power, he makes his way to help soothe the mules. As he works, he gives his da a discrete look that clearly communicates 'i have no idea what's going on here'.

Rat Bastard

'dirty-granted power'... LOL! Is that a Freudian slip, a fantastic auto-correction, or Jak's opinion of Sarenrae?

Eesh... I'd love to be able to claim that one, but it's a good ole-fashioned typo (which also makes it a possible Freudian slip, i guess).

Rat Bastard

Moving on...

After some time to recover, heal up, and repair the wagon, the Drearians roll out...

Two days later, wounds fully healed through on-going healing efforts, the Drearians' wagon creaks around the final turn in the river gorge revealing Dies Drear. The town is a welcome sight particularly as no tragedies have happened in the team's absence.

Greetings are exchanged, families re-united, and the precious supplies you have lugged up-valley are unloaded and distributed.

I'll pause here til tomorrow to give you guys a chance to do anything you'd like to accomplish then we'll push on to Angarak's Teeth.

(hp 11/35, AC 18, T 13, FF 15, Initiative +3, Perception +9)

any way I can get some supplies (aka $) to make a few scrolls? might come in handy. ;) Also might not be a bad idea to rest for a day to visit / check on townsfolk and get rid of our horror points

Rat Bastard

That would depend on the supplies needed and the amount of cash. Drear isn't exactly flush with spell components. Mattin will speak with the town council to get you cash. Acquiring components may take a foray down valley. If you aren't in a hurry to get to the Teeth, then you can take a couple of days to lose your Horror points.

Just a flavor post…

Jak rides around the last bend in the road atop what he can only guess is a sack full of knotty, hard potatoes in the back of the wagon. Beats walking, he thinks as he once again tries to shift to find a comfortable position. … at least in principle.

Once the wagon is unloaded, Jak spends what time he can decompressing … grabbing a drink, reconnecting with his sisters and friends, and he goes out of his way to get a debrief from Ritti.

I got nothing. Jak would suggest the team taek a night to recover, then re-equip and head to the Teeth in the morning.

Rat Bastard

Sounds like a vote:
Take a few days to lose Horror points: 1
Press on in the morning: 1

Just a little color...

The spunky little red-head gives Jak a huge smile - he was clearly missed. She fills the air with a rapid-fire account of all the comings-and-goings in town, in minute detail. Her own contributions to the town's defense were suitably 'enlarged'.

When she finally gulps down a few breaths, she adds sulkily, "I can't believe your Da chose to take her with you and left me behind. You know I'm a go-to girl when trouble happens! I'm never gonna get to see Muuscarta, or anywhere else, I guess." It is a naked attempt to make Jak feel guilty.

Jak grins as he listens to the girl’s detailed debrief, not having to fake his interest. The girl was a natural story-teller… if for no other reason than her overwhelming energy. As her tone turns sulky, Jak ruffles her wild red hair.

”Adults, right? What are you gonna do? Anyway, like I said before, I need you here.” He looks around at the townsfolk at hand, his tone heavy with exaggerated exasperation. ”You think these people can look after themselves? We gotta work together to keep everyone outta trouble, especially lately.” He winks at her, but as he delivers the next line, his tone shifts to sincerity. ”We both know you’re my go-to girl for the important stuff, Red.” He didn’t even have to lie. The girl had quick eyes, a quick mind, and quick feet.. not to mention enough spunk to set an old oak on fire in the middle of a deep winter freeze. ”Plus, I have my hands full trying to keep my own group of yokels alive.”

He holds his hooked pinky out, ready for their Trickster’s shake. Despite the apparent silliness of the gesture, his tone is deadly serious when he looks across the table at his budding co-conspirator. ”Can I count on you to continue keeping an eye on things around here? It's important.”

She locks pinkies with him. "I'll keep the rubes in line here. It's like herding cats... but you can count on me. But you gotta promise we're going to Muuscarta or somewhere better when this is all over."

Jak gives her his best grin, doing his best to hide feelings of doubt and fear, "I can't even imagine what kind of trouble we could get into there."

Bluff to make her think he just agreed, and to maintain a positive outlook for the girl (including Charming bonus)...
Bluff: 1d20 + 10 ⇒ (11) + 10 = 21

He quickly disengages, hoping to make a clean getaway. "Welp," he says, making sure to break eye contact by taking one final pull on his ale, "Gotta go meet with the girls and Da." He rolls his eyes dramatically, "Nothing like nagging sisters and family business to suck the fun out of an afternoon. Later, Red."

Jak left with every intention of trying to get out of town before the smaller trouble-maker could corner him and push for more promises that he was fairly certain he couldn't deliver.

Ritti is happy as she thinks that a deal has been struck...

SM: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (3) + 5 = 8

Yep... pretty sure Jak's gonna pay for that.

Rat Bastard

No doubt. :)
OK, since there are no other votes, I'm going to make the decision and push things forward.

Sorry, I had class late last night and I know my bro did too. My vote would have been to stay and recover the horror points. Also, if Mattin is offering to try to get us better equipment, Marcus would humbly request some better armor (but we don't have a smith in town, right? Would we have to go to another town to get it?).

Rat Bastard

'Alright' on your vote.
The best Mattin can do is try to free up cash (and sell-able supplies) which can be used down-valley to purchase better equipment. It isn't an instant solution.

Our heroes spend a few days resting and recuperating with their families (and gathering what few spell components are available) before heading off to the Teeth, hopefully to liberate one of their townsfolk.

Rat Bastard

The trip to the Teeth takes nearly three days and it is relatively uneventful. A chill wind blows constantly but it keeps the fog at bay. The rocky course is becoming familiar to our heroes. Even as they mount the final hill, the low clouds hanging above the Teeth darken. As the Drearians crest the hill, lightning strikes. Several bolts writhe around one another, like serpents. before slashing down to blast three more of the Teeth. The first obliterates the sheared stone that bore the Stanza about Albridge. The next splits the tabletop stone bearing a shadowy figure at the southern end of the circle. Annika Wynn is thrown clear of the tumbled stone and clatters to the ground along with her knitting needles, alive but unconscious. The remains of the tabletop rock reveal another Stanza. You barely have time to read something about wolves when another stroke of lightning obliterates the rock entirely. After a moment, a final bolt splits a lumpish, unoccupied rock, splitting it and revealing another stanza.

Upon a vast and moonlit strand,
Laps the flotsam of the lost.
A curse, like a tide, drowns the land
‘Til the sea reclaims what was storm-tossed.

Weather: 1d100 + 0 ⇒ (75) + 0 = 75 Spring
High Temp: 20 + 4d10 + 0 ⇒ 20 + (1, 3, 2, 4) + 0 = 30
Duration: 1d3 ⇒ 3
Wind Dir: 1d8 ⇒ 4
Wind Spd: 1d20 ⇒ 9

Rock #1: 1d8 ⇒ 5
Rock #2: 1d7 ⇒ 3

(hp 11/35, AC 18, T 13, FF 15, Initiative +3, Perception +9)

Aerik runs forward to pick up his mother protectively, seemingly oblivious to the newest stanza.

Jak stands in stunned silence for a few seconds as Aerik rushes forward, his eyes swinging between the different words and symbols that were only briefly revealed before their destruction. ”I hope that means those wolves we killed are yet another obstacle cleared for us all.”

He’s about to step towards the newly-revealed words, when he pauses and look over at Aerik and his mother. ”She going to be okay? Is there anything I can do?”

After a few moments, he can’t help but make his way over to the new words, wanting nothing more than to run his fingers over the different characters. He mutters some of the words, ”strand … flotsam … tide … sea … a bit of a theme to this verse. Maybe it’s a good thing that Drear has no beaches?” He sounds hopeful but hesitant.

He takes a few more minutes to commit the verse to memory. "Though maybe any of this will mean something to someone back home."

I just want to see if Marcus knows any places nearby that are not as prone to bad fog as the Drear is (looking for "vast, moonlit" places). Coastal places, or at least not heavy woods, especially.

Knowledge Geography: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (4) + 8 = 12

Rat Bastard

You haven't been to the coastal sections of Mylhaven so you have very little idea of the conditions. The mist crops up everywhere in Mylhaven but probably gets blown off the coastline quickly.

As a good first step, you might want to consult the map and look for long sandy/rocky sections of beach that aren't butted up against forest hexes.


(hp 38/38, AC 17, T 11, FF 11, Initiative +1, Perception +5, Fort +8, Ref +6, Will +10)

At the sight of Aerik's mother, Annika, Lyrica rushes forward to help.

"Thank the Dawnflower that we have recovered someone! This gives me some home that we may be able to save the others!"

She tries to determine what has happened to Annika Wynn and/or if she has been wounded.

Healing: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (11) + 7 = 18

Rat Bastard

Annika has no obvious injuries. She is just unconscious.

Jak bends down next to Annika, whispering words of comfort as he touches her shoulder... hoping she'll wake up.

CLW: 1d8 + 3 ⇒ (3) + 3 = 6

He then stands up, giving the surrounding area a thorough search, hoping to uncover any more clues. (Taking 20 on a search of the newly-uncovered paragraph or its immediate surroundings for any additional clues.)

When finished, he gives a shrug, "I guess the best thing we can do is head home. See if we can get her some attention and let everyone know about this latest revelation."

if she doesn't wake up, I guess we'll want to figure out a way to transport her home.

Rat Bastard

Annika isn't hurt; she is just unconscious. So save your CLW. She'll wake up on the way home. I won't be running that bit but there you have it.

Some of our heroes examine the area while others build a litter to carry Mrs. Wynn home. There seem to be no clues aside from the stanza on the broken stone.

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