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About Jak Howell

HP 19/27
AC 17 T13 FF14
CMD 18 FF 15
Fort +3 Reflex +6 Will +6
---> +2 vs. Fear (Courageous)

Horror Points: 1

Conditions/Effects: Inspire Courage +1 (Lingering Perf 1 of 2)

    Class/Heroic Resources
    Bardic Performance 5/11 rds/day
    Second Wind 1/1
    Hero Points 0
    Spells (DC = 13 + Spell Level)
    Level 1: 0/4
    37 shortbow arrows (6 fired at birds)
    Consumables/Magic Items
    4g 4s

Scoundrel 3 (Favored Class: +3 skill rank)
Role of Dies Drear : Up-and-coming Merchant, Gambler, Charmer, and all-round Jokester
Alignment: Selfish Neutral skewing Reluctant Good

Languages: Common, Trade, Nilocese & Virazian

Str 16, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 13, Cha 17


HP 27 ([8, 7, 6] bard2 + 6 con)

AC 17, touch 13, FF 14 (+3 armor, +1 shield, +3 Dex)
CMD 18, FF 15 (+2 bab, +3 Str, +3 Dex)

Fort +3 Ref +6 Will +6
---> +2 trait bonus vs. fear


Init +3 Speed 30 ft.
BAB +2 CMB +5

Melee +5 Ranged +5

    Mwk Silver Longsword +6 (1d8 + 3; 19/x2; S)
    Morningstar +5 (1d8 + 3; x2)
    Dagger +5 (1d4+3; 19-20/x2)
    +1 Scorpion whip +6 (1d3+4; x2)
    Compound Shortbow +5 (1d6; x3; ?? ft)


Bonus Feat: Iron Will
Skilled: +1 skill rank/level
Bonus Feats: Arcane Strike (1)
Bardic Performance: 11 rds/day; Standard action.
---> Inspire Competence +2, Inspire Courage +1, Rallying Cry, Distraction, Fascinate
Combat Casting
Caster Level = 3
Concentration +6 (+10 defensively)

Cantrips (DC 13)
Infinite • Light, Mage Hand, Messsage, Prestidigitation, Ghost Sound, Detect Magic

Level 1 (DC 14)
4/day • Grease, Cure Light Wounds, Timely Inspiration, Touch of Gracelessness, Vanish

Feats Lingering Performance (1), Iron Will (Human), Arcane Strike (ArcBrd 1), Combat Casting (ArcBrd2), Power Attack (3)
Traits Charming, Courageous, Optimistic Gambler (1k bonus)

Skills (ACP -2 = -1 armor, -1 shield)

    Acrobatics +8* (2 rks)
    Appraise +6 (1 rks)
    Bluff +9 (3 rks)
    ---> +10 Charming
    Climb +7* (1 rks)
    Diplomacy +9 (3 rks)
    ---> +10 Charming
    Disguise +3
    Escape Artist +7* (1 rks)
    Fly +3*
    Handle Animal +7 (1 rks)
    Heal +1
    Intimidate +9 (3 rks)
    Knowledge (arcana) +7 (2 rks)
    Knowledge (dungeoneering) +6 (1 rks)
    Knowledge (local) +7 (2 rks)
    Knowledge (planes) +6 (1 rks)
    Linguistics +6 (1 rks)
    Perception +6 (2 rks)
    Perform +3
    Profession (gambler) +5 (1 rks)
    Ride +3*
    Sense Motive +7 (3 rks)
    Sleight of Hand +7* (1 rks)
    Spellcraft +8 (3 rks)
    Stealth +9* (3 rks)
    Survival +1
    Swim +7* (1 rks)
    ---> 36 ranks total


Worn Mwk Silver Longsword (held), Traveler's Clothes, Studded leather armor, Belt pouch, Buckler, Dagger (belt, boot & between shoulder blades), Morningstar (hanging from belt), Whip (coiled @ hip), Backpack, Compound Shortbow (0 str rating), Quiver

Backpack (23 lbs) Bedroll, Winter Blanket, Marked cards, Waterskin, 3 days rations, 2 large sacks, 3 torches, 3 pints lantern oil

Beltpouch Flint & Steel, Monies, Dice


Background, Family & Story:
Jak's story begins in the middle of one of the more colorful chapter's in his father's story. As the tiny town's only trader, Mattin Howell traveled a lot. Given his disposition -- not to mention his reputation with the women of Dies Drear -- this suited him just fine.

There were a few strained "friendships" the day Mattin's wagon bumped back into town with an extra passenger. A foreign woman wearing an exotic smile and Mattin's last name. Vianca had a charming, easy way with people, and she quickly smoothed over any rough welcomes and became a bright spot in the bleak Dies Drear landscape.

For a few years she traveled with her husband, but the birth of their first-born closed that chapter. A baby girl named Sargiva. And so Mattin's foreign flower took root in the local rocky soil. A few years later their second was born… also a girl. This continued until Mattin and Vianca had five children. And this is where we meet Jakwin. The third of five. The only boy.

He was his mother's prize and his da's trial. A laughing boy who was quick finding friends and quicker finding trouble, though never with a mean spirit. He just ended up, often as not, where he wasn't supposed to be… when he wasn't supposed to be. And always with his hand in the sweets jar.

As Jak grew, Mattin began taking him on the road to learn the family business. Jak can remember the misty morning when he first stepped up onto the bench of his da's trade wagon for that first trip. The blues and grays of the pre-dawn. The bite of the cold and the misting of every breath. The shudder of the wagon as Mattin hopped easily up onto the driver's wagon, elbowing his son as he settled in with the reigns. His eyes smiled as he looked down at his son of only ten winters, "About time your ma let you come… every master merchant needs a driver."

Jak developed a love for the road immediately. It opened the world up. He loved Dies Drear fiercely, but he'd always been a bit big for it. Like an outgrown winter coat. The road fit much better. New cities, new faces, new languages, sunrises, and experiences.

So Jak grew into a young man with one boot in Dies Drear and one on the roads that connected it with half of Mylhaven. Learning his trade from his father, as well as a few other "skills" along the way. Gambling, fighting, and even a few things even less legitimate. He learned something else about himself in this time, as well. His blue eyes were not all he got from his exotic mother. There was a subtle power in him. He could do things. Affect people. He'd never admit it aloud, but his veins flowed with some kind of magic. And the only tutoring he could find for it was in the rare book of magic he could come across on his travels. It's generally something best left undiscussed.


Father: Mattin Howell
Mother: Vianca Howell (Deceased)
Siblings: Sargiva 'Sara' Balatin nee Howell. First-born. Married to Eluon Balatin. Often the care-giver of Marcus Braun's children when Marcus is away. Has own children as well.
Mira Braun nee Howell. Second-born. Deceased wife of Marcus Braun.
Marisol Howell. Fourth-born.
Eulalia Howell. Fifth-born.

Appearance & Personality:

For the most part, Jakwin looks like his father… black hair, angular features, slightly above average height for a Dies Drear young man, with a thin, athletic build. His mother's exotic looks have graced him with pale, bright blue eyes and a dimple beside his warm, ready grin. And like all of his sisters, Jak has a certain undefinable something that seems to set him apart from the crowd, if in a subtle way. He's an approachable sort of handsome, and people just seem to be drawn to him.

Jakwin -- called Jak by those who know him (which is everyone in our small town of Dies Drier) -- has a reputation as a scoundrel. A generally well-liked one, but a scoundrel none-the-less. Charming but lazy is the general consensus… and not one to let near your daughters. He's the third of five children born to the local traveling merchant and his (not local-born) wife (who died of the deepening fever in a hard winter ten years ago). It can be hard to be the third of five, but being the only boy with four sisters is its own brand of unique. So Jak has always had an easy way with women -- a way magnified by his charm and good looks. Tall, athletic, and able to talk his way into or out of far too much trouble for his own good, Jak is well-liked (if not particularly well-regarded). And -- having spent much of his teenage years on the road with his da -- he loves new sights and experiences. Not to mention the fact that letting the mud dry on his boots also means that the repercussions of his shenanigans will have a chance to catch up to him.


Important posts/memories/reveals:
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