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A game made of rookie mistakes.

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Female Halfling Level 2 Cavalier

Dariya feels extremely satisfied that she finally managed to at least knock Kressle down. In her eyes, Kressle's just as good as Dariya's "newest kill", even if she probably wasn't dead right now.
Dariya looks around, seeing that two bandits are still standing. And one bandit just... Caught fire? What in the world happened? It's hard to keep track of everything happening on the battlefield..!
In any case, the two remaining bandits seem to be pretty far away, and Lockjaw's done enough running for today. Dariya scratches her mount's ear rewardingly as she drops her flail on the ground and switches her to her crossbow, taking aim at the remaining two bandits.

If I'm correct loading a light crossbow is a move action so Dariya can attack this round just fine, right?
Attacking Bandit 5!
1d20 + 5 ⇒ (2) + 5 = 7
1d6 ⇒ 3

CHP: 5 / 26
Crossbow Bolts: 39

Male Tengu Level 2 Druid

O-Oh dang....beakhead isn't so invincible as he thought he'd least you're not bleeding...that would suck way more...and Hiba's still okay...your friends are think you'll just lie down for a bit...

CHP: -1/17

Female Gnoll Level 2 Cleric

"ALRIGHT!! THE HUMAN B*TCH IS DOWN!" Thrae cheers while walking over to the unconscious Kressle. That g@+*~@n woman nearly took out two of her allies, and she needs those!
So now its Thrae's time to show her power and get revenge!!


Coup de Grace roll:
1d8 ⇒ 8 x2 = 16

CHP: 24/24


Secret Rolls:

Bandit7 Stabilize: 1d20 + 1 - 11 ⇒ (2) + 1 - 11 = -8

Kressle Stabilize: 1d20 + 2 - 11 ⇒ (12) + 2 - 11 = 3

Bandit1 Climb Check: 1d20 + 1 - 5 ⇒ (11) + 1 - 5 = 7

Bandit2 Climb Check: 1d20 + 1 - 5 ⇒ (20) + 1 - 5 = 16

Bandit1 Fall Damage: 1d6 ⇒ 4

19 Bandits: You wouldn't be able to tell, but the bandit-turned-bonfire has expired. The rest don't even exchange looks before scrambling into the woods. They are seriously trying to run for their lives. You can hear a loud curse followed by a thud as a Bandit falls from a tree, his bow snapping as he hits the ground. A mumble for mercy can be heard from his general direction.
Across the bank, another sniper is shimmying down the tree with more success, already he is almost as the bottom.

18 Dariya and Lockjaw: Yes! You can add that b**** to your list of kills and accomplishments [mostly kills right now, but it's a work in progress]! Meanwhile you can pad the kill side more with these cowardly bandits! You throw your flail to the ground and unclip your Crossbow from Lockjaw's saddle. The poor dear has been working so hard lately, you figure you should give him a break.
You aim for the bandit moving into the treeline, but your bolt misses as the terrified man ducks into the underbrush. Phooey.

17 Kressle: Kressle is bleeding out, Dariya got her real good!

13 Oomlowt: Yes! Those bolts are so hardcore! You really need to ask about the Sootscales' supplier sometime.
However, right now you have a limited supply, so you decide it would eb fore the best to save them. So you load a normal bolt into your crossbow and fire at the same bandit Dariya missed, scoring a wicked hit in the thug's side!
The man squeals like a pig and falls over, whimpering.

12 Raido: Raido is taking a little bit of a rest, everyone should just calm down and relax. Maybe take a nap. The sound of the creek is quite nice, after all.

11 Thrae: You let out a glorious victory cackle as Dariya brains the ladybandit. You need your allies to do things so you don't have to, and that Hanspur-damned woman took out too many for comfort. So, like any self-respecting Gnoll, you sidle over to the woman's prone form and raise your trident high... before slamming all three of its points into the woman's neck, spraying your boots in blood and causing an awful gurgling noise.
Yeah, if she wasn't already dead, she is now.

3 Gird: Wow... uh, what happened? Was that some sort redneck Erastil Heaven? Gods, you hope not. You really don't want to fight bears when you're dead.
You groan and get up, slipping your hand under your armor to heal up your back, which ends up feeling ooky. You shudder and start stumbling towards Kressle in time to see Thrae jam her trident deep into the b****'s neck.
You hope to Erastil that that means it's over.

Updated Map

Female Half-Orc Level 2 Paladin

Looks like she's dead. Cool, I didn't want to get my sword dirty anyway. Looking around, Gird notices the bird dude. Wow, he's really bleeding out. I should do something about that, even if he's a weirdo bird man with a freaky pet hawk. Gird walks over to Raido and heals him, propping up his prone form. But what was with that vision? I kinda felt like when Erastil taught me how to heal... Perplexed, in pain, and miffed that the knoll stole her kill, Gird worries her lip.

Weeeeee, go Gird. Maybe next fight you'll actually do something!

HH roll:
1d6 ⇒ 4

CHP: 10/17
HH: 1/4
Arrows: 88

Male Kobold Rogue Level 2

Oomlowt's knowledge of the bandit life told him those fellows trying to escape wouldn't be a problem in the immediate future now that their boss was dead - at least it felt like that chick Dariya and Thrae just murdered was their leader. Bandit instincts pointed to yes, she was the leader. So they were good. Safe. Yay?

The kobold scooted up to Gird's side. "Gird? Are you ok?" he asked while keeping his crossbow raised in case he needed it. "You looked like your throat was a little bit, uh, slit."

CHP: 16/16
Arrows: 93 normal, 5 red

Female Halfling Level 2 Cavalier

Dariya can hear some sort of muffled begs for mercy from the bandit's general direction.
It would probably be the right thing to let them live and such if they're begging for mercy... But... Ehhh...
The halfling lady remembers that Oleg did talk something about "a bandit problem" when Dariya and Raido arrived at the post and waited for the other adventurers, so there might be more bandits around these parts too... It's not quite as fun but...
Dariya takes a deep breath and yells from the top of her tiny lungs so that the bandits running away would hear her.

"Listen up, bandits! Your leader is DEAD! If you don't want to end up with her, get back here right now and surrender! We'll ask you a few questions and then you can go! If you co-operate, that is! We do have plenty of those crossbow bolts left too if you want to be stubborn!"
I guess this calls for a Diplomacy check though I doubt the bandit's attitude with our heroes would be good right now but...
1d20 + 3 ⇒ (13) + 3 = 16

CHP: 5/26
Crossbow Bolts: 39

Male Tengu Level 2 Druid

Raido sluggishly regains consciousness, oh wow...that was a pretty good nap. You're feeling better already, you look up to see a large half-orc woman beside you.....oh! She must've healed you! Well ai't that mighty nice a her.

"Well now...thank ya very much there...Feels nice to not bleed, right?"

CHP: 4/17

Female Gnoll Level 2 Cleric

"HAHA!! Look at all that blood come out. Damn, I'm impressive." Thrae says to herself as she pulls the trident out of the humans neck and sits down right beside her. She picks up Kressle's arm, though its not as meaty as she would like it to be, it's still a good reward for winning the fight.
As she takes a few bites into it, she looks around and notices some of her allies staring at her, "What?" she says with a face full of blood and human flesh.

CHP: 24/24


Secret Rolls:

I decided to roll these myself because of reasons.

Bandit1 Fall damage I forgot: 2

Bandit2 Acrobatics: 19+1= 20

19 Bandits: Two of the bandits stop running, one slinking out of the bushes, Oomlowt's crossbow bolt sticking out of his side. He is whimpering and staying low to the ground, but moving in your direction obediently, anyway. Meanwhile, the bandit who fell out of the tree pulls himself up, wincing as he steadies himself before weakly pleading, "Please don't shoot me! I want to live, brave masters!"
The other sniper leaps the rest of the way down the tree, doing a neat tuck and roll before vanishing into the trees. He is such a sneak, or at least you assume it's a he. It is very hard to tell in the shadows.
The other bandit is presumably long gone as well.

18 Dariya and Lockjaw: Two of the bandits are begging you for mercy, this is good! You have half a mind to deny them such a luxury, but your common sense gets the better of you and you decide these men might be useful, at least temporarily. You can always make up for lost body count later.
So you lower your crossbow and call out to the bandits already dashing away, urging them to come back or pay the consequences. You bring your crossbow back up for emphasis.
There is no response aside from some sobbing thank yous.

17 Kressle: Kressle is very much dead, and is about to be hardcore desecrated by a very rude Gnoll.

13 Oomlowt: You know a lot about bandits, and you're fairly certain that the fleeing bandits will no longer be a problem. Their leader is dead, and you've never known bandits to be the most loyal of folk.
So, to prove how much you are not like a normal bandit, you dart over towards Gird and ask her how she's doing, because you could have sworn that her throat had been cut for a second there.

12 Raido: Raido is currently unconscious, but he'll be right as rain soon enough!

11 Thrae: You marvel at your Gnollish strength and the rivulets of blood streaming from the woman's punctured neck. You even show off the gun show briefly before getting down to business. You rip your trident free from the bandits neck [aw **** you're gonna have to clean that later] and stick it in the ground before kneeling next to the bandit's body. You raise one of her right arms and let out a small giggle before everyone hears the audible crunch of bone as you begin to gnaw on the limb, like nay good Gnoll with rumblies in her tumblies.
There are looks of shock, disgust, and crushing defeat from all around.
What's everyone's deal, it's just a little after-battle reward?

3 Gird: There is far too much **** going on right now for you to really focus on what Thrae is doing, you're still caught on that ****ed up dream. As a result you are very preoccupied when you lean down and heal Raido, and you barely hear Oomlowt.

I declare combat over, unless you really want to hunt down those two fleeing bandits [I wouldn't]. Activate Generic RP blob posts! I'll reveal more of the map when it becomes important.

Updated Map

Female Half-Orc Level 2 Paladin

Hearing Oomlowt, Gird turns around to see her favorite (and oh gods, her favorite was a f*cking kobold, how f*cked is that?) party member looking at her, concern written on his face. Gird nods at him.

"I'm okay. Glad to see you're in one peice as well." Gird looks around, and notices Dariya. Suddenly looking much, much angrier, Gird stomps over to her. "Hey, you, on the wolf!" Not waiting for the halfing to reply, Gird shoves the halfling roughly, making sure to stay out of range of Lockjaws teeth. "What the hell do you think you're doing?! If someone says trap, you f*cking wait! Did you see that? Did you? We almost died! I almost died! You almost died! That f*cker," she said, gesturing to Raido, "almost died! Next time someone says 'trap', you wait until we figure out some f*cking logistics. Those sh*theaded pig-screwing bastard sons of b*tches almost killed us, and I at least don't have a suicidal deathwish. You got that, shortie?" Gird stares down at the halfling. And to think, this little idiot isn't even the one she's mad at the most!

Disclaimer: nothing Gird says is true, accurate, or in anyeway represents how I feel about anything. Gird's an *sshole, pass it on.

Male Kobold Rogue Level 2

"So...," Oomlowt spoke under his breath, making sure the bandits they'd... captured? ... couldn't hear, "When do we execute those two? Right away, or after an interrogation?"

Nothing cools tempers like slaying weakened foes!

Female Halfling Level 2 Cavalier

Dariya blinks after being the target of Gird's angry rant.
Sure she... Doesn't feel all that good about putting other people in danger but... She shouldn't show any weakness in front of her new team mates.
"H-hey, we DIDN'T die! Almost dying is a lot better than dying, right?"
Dariya offers up a weak grin and jumps off her mighty wolf steed.
"Uh, well, okay, it was really close, sorry. I seriously didn't think there would be so MANY enemies around. But I believed in all of our strength the whole time! I was sure we wouldn't die..!"
Gird's probably not buying this. Dariya admits she got caught up in the moment, but she didn't want to admit that to Gird. That would lower her (probably already nonexistant) credibility points.

The halfling turns to Oomlowt after hearing his question.
"They seem to be more than happy to share us any information we can get out of them. We should totally interrogate them."

The halfling also notices Thrae's... Questionable lunch, but decides not to say anything about it at least for now. She had heard gnolls would eat pretty much anything. Dariya didn't really go for eating humans but...

Female Half-Orc Level 2 Paladin

Sighing, Gird snorts and turns away from the halfling. "Whatever, fine, just think next time. 'Cause we might might not be around next time you throw yourself into trouble."
Gird looks to the remaining bandit. Wow, he's a mess. Interrogation...that's another word for torture, right? Despite everything, the thought makes Gird uneasy. I'm pretty sure Erastil's against that. And I'm not sure I could do that. Killing someone who's trying to kill you is one thing, torturing someone who's surrendered is different. Looking at Oomlowt, Gird says, voice also lowered,
"So, how are you saying we should interrogate him, anyway?"
Gird spares a glance over to Thrae. Oh, ew, she's eating that person. Gods, what a freak. I'll have with her later.

Male Kobold Rogue Level 2

Oomlowt made sure to soften his incredulity - wasn't it obvious? "Well, we ask them questions. Like, what were you doing here? What was your leader's goal? What other bandit groups are there in the Greenbelt? Where do you keep the shinies - err, treasure! Shiny treasure. Stuff like that." Oomlowt paused to make sure his crossbow was still ready to fire. "Then, when they've spilled the beans, we take them out. Nice and clean."

Female Halfling Level 2 Cavalier

Dariya glances at the sad sobbing mess of a bandit and scratches her head.
"Well uh... I don't think we HAVE to kill him, maybe? I mean he... Seems like a total coward. He probably only attacked us because his, uh boss..", at this point Dariya glances at Kressle's remains, and then continues: "His boss told him to... If he seems like he deserves it we can kill him but I don't think it has to be neccessary..."

Female Half-Orc Level 2 Paladin

Gird stares at the ground. Okay, so Oomlowt is...being a kobold. She really shouldn't have forgotten what his kind were like. At least the half-pint was show some hesitation. Still looking at the ground, Gird says,
"As a paladin, I don't think I can do that. I mean, the killing him after he's surrendered. That's pretty unpaladin-like behavior, you know?" Plus, I don't think I can torture him while he looks like that... It's times like these that Gird regrets being the most human member of her party.

Female Halfling Level 2 Cavalier

The halfling seems to only now remember something, and raises her voice with a surprised tone.
"Oh, right, you're a paladin! Can you do some... Healing magic, Gird?"
Dariya looks up to Gird and pulls a few arrows off her shoulder and arm, causing blood to spill out of the wounds again.
"Ehehe... I'm not feeling so good, actually. Just, didn't want to complain, because I didn't get my throat torn out, you know?"

Because I also just remembered she was still at just 5 hit points, oops.

Male Kobold Rogue Level 2

Oomlowt almost rolled his eyes, but caught himself quick enough to keep a friendly face. "Right, right, so we won't kill our captured enemies. Very good. Very good. So we'll ask them our questions, give them a nice pat on the back, and then Thrae and I will see them off into the woods so they can go on and live long, fruitful lives."

Oomlowt's kobold instincts make him pretty set on killing his enemies, even when they're captured.

Female Half-Orc Level 2 Paladin

Though she would never admit it, Gird's kind of impressed. The halfling did have an awful lot of arrows sticking out of her. And she just pulled them out with barely a wince. Girl's ballsy. I like that. Gird walks over and places her hands on Dariya.
"Yeah. This is my last one for the day, so don't go charging into any traps, okay? I've bled enough for one day."

HH roll:
1d6 ⇒ 3

Gird thens turns to Oomlowt, rolling her eyes. "I'm not an idiot, Oomlowt, despite whatever the f*ck you might think. And that was the worst lie I've ever heard you tell. Aren't you kobolds supposed to be better at that?" Gird looks over to where the bandit is. Oh man, he's totally crying. Couldn't he have just died?
"Erastil is pretty hard on bandits and them that attack the innocent, but he doesn't let us be judge, jury, and exicutioner. How about we bring the bastard back to Oleg's? I'm sure Oleg won't go easy on him; he's had bandit...troubles in the past, right?" Gird smiles. It's not a nice smile.

I think that this is pretty IC for Gird? I mean, she's definitely hoping Oleg will do nasty things to the bandit. She's basically just shifting responsibilities.

I figured I should stop neglecting the poor bandits.

The standing bandit looks up at this, "Oh yes, please! Don't leave me with that Gnoll or Kobold, I'll do anything! You can have our booze, our gold, please, anything! Don't let the Gnolbold eat meeeee-HEE-EEEEEEE!
He promptly breaks down into a sobbing mess groveling ever closer to Gird's feet.

Meanwhile the other bandit grumbles and sits on a log, he is much older-looking than his screaming colleague, maybe in his mid-forties. He looks like he's seen more than one change in administration.
So, he just sniffs and spits into the creek, worrying Oomlowt's bloody crossbow-bolt in his hands.
You didn't even notice him pull that out, what a pro.

Male Kobold Rogue Level 2

Oomlowt put his hands up in a playful "you got me" sort of gesture. "Alright, alright, no more games. I won't kill the prisoners." He smiled slightly, having grown a bit less scared of Gird's wrath. Not much, but y'know, slightly. "I don't think you're stupid, by the by. I just wanted to make sure you were, uh," he glanced at Dariya, "Speaking for yourself."

Suddenly the kobold's eyes glinted with an almost ferocious seriousness. "Still, this is a complex situation. We can't just dump these guys at Oleg's and hope for the best. We need a plan to keep them out of this area for good. It isn't easy to leave the life of a bandit. These guys could come right back to the Greenbelt when we turn them in, with a new gang and a chip on their shoulder against a certain racially diverse party of adventurers. I don't think any of us want arch enemies, do we?"

Bandits are serious business.

Female Halfling Level 2 Cavalier

Dariya smiles to Gird as a thank you. She still isn't in prime condition, of course, but she's feeling better already.
Maybe she could ask for Thrae's healing magic too after the gnolls done with her, uh, meal..?

"We don't?" Dariya asks, in reference to Oomlowt's arch enemy comment. Because in her mindset, arch enemies would be amazing. But they are sure a bother if they keep on following you everywhere.
"Mmmh, anyway... I don't really have any experience in this, can bandits be rehabilitated into productive members of the society or something? This whole area is a big mess and I'm sure Oleg or anyone else living here wouldn't mind having more hardworking citizens around..."
The halfling lady shifts her attention to the bandits.
"Though I guess it'd be worth hearing your input in this - are you guys dead set on becoming bandits again once we let you go?"

Meanwhile, since combat has ended, Lockjaw has gone on his way to take a rest on the ground... Though he's clearly keeping an eye on the bandits, and even people not that well-versed in canine body language could take a wild guess that if the bandits as much as get up on their own, the wolf would probably spring up too.

Male Kobold Rogue Level 2

"Rehabilitation? Haha... ha... ha..." Oomlowt felt very uncomfortable. "Um, heh, ha, I wouldn't know. Never been a bandit. Yep. No bandits here. Hehaha."

Female Half-Orc Level 2 Paladin

Gird looks over at Oomlowt. And I used to think he was slippery.
"I wasn't so much thinking rehabilitation. Seems like these fellas have a bit of a debt to pay off on account of all their banditry and being huge *ssholes. And I'm sure Oleg could work it out of them. Probably. And hey, if he don't want them, then he can decide what to do with 'em. Fair's fair, right?"

Gird just doesn't like dealing with moral/ethical issues. I think you signed up for the wrong class, Gird.

Female Halfling Level 2 Cavalier

"Well that sounds fair. The locals should be most aware of what kind of problems these guys have caused and how they should be punished, after all", Dariya concludes her thoughts and nods powerfully. Yes, she is pleased with this idea.

Male Kobold Rogue Level 2

Oomlowt was not particularly ok with this idea, but he had no choice but to go along with it. "We'll need to restrain them," he said before opening his pack and pulling out some rope.

The younger bandit just whimpers as you tie him up, but as you move to the older man, he shakes his head and simply says, "I'm not gunna run. Just stop yer dog over there, and I'll tell you everything you need to know, and come along on your little field trip." He gives you a slightly smarmy look, "I feel like we're going to be fast friends, I'm O'rett and the boy is Cose." He pauses a moment before continuing, "Do you want me to introduce all of the corpses, too?"
What a smarta**.

O'rett has never seen a hyena before, and chances are, neither has Thrae, seeing as where the River Kingdoms are. It is possible that either of them has seen a Hyenadon, but that is still slightly unlikely.

Female Halfling Level 2 Cavalier

"Hey, she's not a dog! She's a gnoll!"
Wow, what a culturally ignorant man!
In any case, frowning, Dariya hurries over to Thrae, even if she'd rather not approach on a gnoll eating a human.
"Uh, hey, Thrae? Could you maybe possibly you know... Stop eating that lady?" the halfling asks, smiling slightly awkwardly.

Male Kobold Rogue Level 2

"See, now I'm actually curious what the corpses' names were," Oomlowt said while rifling through one dead bandit's pockets. "There's a certain pleasure in knowing who you're stealing from."

Female Half-Orc Level 2 Paladin

"See Oomlowt, this is why you freak everyone out. You're all...unnerving and sh*t. You should work on that, humans don't say wierd sh*t like that." Gird says as she marches over to the older bandit. Smiling cheerfully, she sucker punches him in the gut.

Punch that smug jerk roll:
1d20 + 4 ⇒ (9) + 4 = 13
Damage: 1d4 + 4 ⇒ (1) + 4 = 5

Still smiling, she bends as she addresses the bandit, now gasping. "Look, *sshole, we don't have to save your life, and hey, some of my friends are against it. I think you should show me some respect, 'cause otherwise this trip ain't gonna be too fun for you. Capiche?"

I debated whether or not the word 'capiche'. In the end, I went with it.

Male Kobold Rogue Level 2

"Wait, humans don't say things like that?" Oomlowt asked himself more than anyone else. "That's... not exactly true to my experience. Perhaps I've only known strange people." The kobold shrugged and kept looting corpses.

Female Half-Orc Level 2 Paladin

"Well, not the humans that other humans like."

Male Kobold Rogue Level 2

"Oh," Oomlowt said. "Yeah, that makes sense. I didn't particularly care for them either."

Female Half-Orc Level 2 Paladin

Gird nodded. "Fair enough. I'm not big fans of 'em either." Taking the rope from Oomlowt, she began to tie up the bandits. Well, that was fun. "So, should we head back to Oleg's?" Gird says, though she can't help but feel like she's forgetting something.

She's forgetting about the gold in the cart, but, in her defense, she's almost died today.

Male Kobold Rogue Level 2

"Well, we pretty much have to with this lot in tow, don't we?" Oomlowt still wasn't fond of keeping them along. "I don't want to travel with them longer than we have to. We might wake up with a knife to our throats - or not wake up at all." The kobold looked around. "Are we certain this is all there is to this ambush? Shouldn't these guys have a camp or something?"

After slapping a bandit, you all manage to get some actual cooperation out of O'rett, who tells you the names of the bandits around you: the dead one was Bordrick, the one Thrae recently stopped eating was Kressle, and the two unconscious ones are the Jarvey brothers.
He also shows you around the camp and lets you take inventory of the cart, before suggesting using it to carry the Jarveys and the loot.
O'rett is a smart one.
Putting the loot in a spoiler to save on space.

The Loot:

321 sp
90 gp
Silver earrings
Wooden music box
Three crates of assorted furs and hides
A polished case of greenish liquor

The bandits went all out trying to lure people here.

So, you do just that and hook the cart up to Lockjaw [who is less than enthusiatic about it] before heading back to Oleg's to drop off your prisoners.
Along the way, the Jarveys wake up to find Oomlowt perched over them, crossbow in hand. With all of your prisoners awake, you attempt to get more information out of them regarding their leader who, to your surprise, was not Kressle, but another figure known as "The Stag Lord". Here is what the bandits had to say about him and his operation:

Cose: “The Stag Lord keeps a strange old man locked up in the basement. I suspect the old guy might actually be running the show, using the Stag Lord as a puppet, you know. I got a look into the old guy’s eyes once, and it terrified me. He ain't someone I'd want to cross.”

O'rett: “The Stag Lord is a bloody drunk. All that booze in the cart’s for him. He's half of what he used to be, and ain’t never been right in the head. A few weeks ago he punched my horse for spittin' in the yard. Personally, I wouldn't care if he dropped dead tomorrow, but even drunk out of his mind he's still got a fair amount of fight to him.”

Connor Jarvey: “Our boss is a monster of a man. Calls himself the Stag Lord. He’s a deadeye with the bow, and I saw him crush a prisoner’s hand to mush in one fist. Come to think of it, I’ve never seen him without his creepy stag helmet on — some of my friends think he ain’t got no face under it, but not me — I think that creepy helm is his face!”

Dobson Jarvey: “It’s hard keeping track of who’s working for the boss, so we use a master phrase as a sort of password to get in to the fort on the northeast shore of the Tuskwater. Unless it’s been changed recently, the current phrase is, ‘By the Bloody Bones of St. Gilmorg, who wants to know?’ And no, I have no idea who ‘St. Gilmorg’ is.”

It is enlightening, to say the least. Also I'm lazy and just copy-pasta'd wholecloth because I'm a rebel.

It takes you a day and a half to get back to Oleg's with the prisoners, it is early in the morning on the 14th of Gozran. What do you do?

And now for XP rewards!
Everyone gets 350 XP for incapcitating five bandits and Kressle, bringing OOmlowt and Gird's totals up to 4126 XP and everyone else up to 3900 XP! Also everyone regens 4 HP for two nights of rest.

If there were any additional conversations you wanted to RP from the trip to Oleg's such as scolding or whatever, just start them below with an OOC comment letting me know that's happening. If not, jump right into the buying and selling of goods, as well as the delivery of prisoners.

Female Half-Orc Level 2 Paladin

Stepping down from the cart, Gird turns and looks back at the others. "A'ight, I'm gonna go look for Oleg so we can be rid of these *ssholes, and this loot. Think you can manage them 'till I get back?" Gird stops, then turns back to the cart. "Oh yeah, before I forget..."

Gird looked back up at the cart, eyes narrowing when she located Thrae. Without warning, Gird slams her fist into the gnoll's snout. Yanking the gnoll down to eye level, Gird snarls, "Okay, here's what I'm thinking: the only reason, and I mean ONLY, you are a part of this team is becasue you can heal. That is your only job. For that, I am willing to overlook your f*cking crazy god, you eating people, and you being a huge b*tch. If you don't do your job, you are not a part of the team. I am not gonna f*cking work with you if you aren't part of the team, and I'm pretty damn sure they" She gestures to the rest of the party, "Aren't gonna either. Are we clear?" Gird breathes into the gnoll's face as she stares her down. She's pretty sure gnolls have sensitive noses. They look enough like dogs...

Disclaimer: I do not endorse Gird's methodology. Threats are not a great way to win friends and influence people.

CHP: 17/17
HH: 0/4
Arrows: 88
(I assume that Gird would have healed herself as well as her teammates during the day and a half it took them to get back.)

Female Halfling Level 2 Cavalier

Dariya observes Gird and Thrae's "conversation" from a distance as she proceeds to take the cart-pulling harness off her wolf.
Maybe it's best for Dariya to... Not say anything right now.
"There there old boy, you did a great job, yes you did! And now you can rest, yes, you can rest for a while", the halfling says to Lockjaw as she releases him from the cart and pets the wolf's neck and jaw. He had been a good boy.

Should I have Dariya be at full HP then too or..?

Male Kobold Rogue Level 2

Oomlowt looked at Dariya's wolf with no small amount of envy. It was a noble steed with fine breeding and...

Well, he just missed his dog.

"Stag Lord," Oomlowt said quietly to himself. "Stags and boars and mites... So many lowly enemies in this land." The kobold looked at his shiny knife. "We'll conquer them all, though. I promise you... I will avenge your demise, noble Woofles."

Male Tengu Level 2 Druid

Raido has seen to much excitement lately, way way more than he thought he'd see in his first bout with these guys. He almost died! That's pretty dang exciting, right? He's not exactly been talkative so he isn't sure how he should interject here. But!! He does NOT want the beefiest members of this crew at each others throats...Then again....

"Hey uhhhh...hmmm, Maybe I'll let y'all work this out but, please try not to get too aggressive! It's too soon to start patching you guys up after this whole event...I'll just meander off..."

Hiba continues to avoid any conversation and instead aggressively stare at everything to assert his dominance

Female Gnoll Level 2 Cleric

Thrae YELPS loudly from being hit in the snout.
After locking eyes and listening to Gird yell about things Thrae normally does (I cant believe these guys can be so picky about their g*ddamn food) she pauses before doing anything. Attacking Gird for punching her weak spot would be sweet sweet revenge, but it wouldnt be so smart.

In fact, disagreeing in general right now would be a bad idea. This b*tch did survive a pretty gruesome blow.

Thrae brushes one of her hands against her snout and rolls her eyes, "Yeah, yeah. I got it. I'll heal."
"Now get your grubby orc hands off of me."
Gods, does she hate Gird now...

Female Half-Orc Level 2 Paladin

Gird releases her. "So long as we're clear. I'm off to get Oleg." With that, the half-orc walks into the tavern, hoping to find him there. "Try not to kill anyone while I'm gone."

Female Halfling Level 2 Cavalier

Dariya watches the arguing from the sidelines.
As Lockjaw has been released of his harness, the wolf shakes his body and lays down to rest on the ground. Dariya scratches her steeds ears.
"You've deserved it", she says to the dog and then leaves the animal be so it could rest. Dariya walks over to everyone else in the cart and whistles by herself.

Hi, this thing still exists sometimes, imagine that! Let's start off small and just set up situational summaries, shall we?

Gird goes into the main building and chats with Oleg about how to handle the prisoners, among other things. It's a good quality chat. There's a lot of grouchy friendliness and respect. Cut from the same cloth those two. Sort of, kind of.
Gird leaves, having made a successful purchase and negotiated the transfer of prisoners, but her slightly elevated spirits are quickly dampened by that one priest guy asking her about temples and scary monsters.
As polite as possible, given the circumstances, Gird lets him know that they still haven't seen anything like that, but they will keep looking, Yeah, they are totally going to keep looking for that.

Meanwhile the gang just sort of awkwardly hangs at the cart. Dariya chews everyone's ear off with the same story of her slaying the dire wolf that she now wears on her back. By this point, the group has started to notice that the exact circumstances of the event vary from telling to telling. Thrae sulks, absentmindedly staring off in the direction of the nearest river [which is out of sight, so spooky] and murmuring to herself. Riado politely listens to Dariya's tale, nodding along. It looks like he's trying really hard to not looked stoned as hell. Poor guy, his face just does that by itself.
Oomlowt sits in the back of the cart with the bandits, absolutely fascinated by the young boy's proficiencies with cheap magic tricks. He is especially fond of the one that allows money to materialize from his fins. He must learn these secrets, post-haste.

Gir heads over and gets help from most of the group [Thrae doesn't pitch in, and Gird doesn't ask] in handing over the bandits to the guards around the fort. For now, they bandits are to help clean things up around the fort until it comes time to begin more serious public-works projects.

Then everyone relaxes for the rest of the day, sells some loot maybe, eats a hearty a meal, and early the following morning sets out back into the Greenbelt.

Where to now?

Male Kobold Rogue Level 2

"Well, we dealt with that bandit problem quite well!" Oomlowt said, feeling chipper. "...of course there's still this deer head fellow to take care of. With murder."

In the back of his mind, Oomlowt wondered about how he could pull money out of people's ears like that one bandit. The world was full of ears! He'd be rich!

Female Half-Orc Level 2 Paladin

Gird nods. "True enough. Oh, hey, before we go..." Gird pulled off her pack, and began to rumage through it, eventually pulling out a pair of braces. "I guess I never gave you these. I can't sell 'em and I definitely can't use 'em, so you want them? I figure you're better at this whole negotiation business." Gird stares wistfully at the case of liquor.

Male Kobold Rogue Level 2

Oomlowt beamed. He got to be useful! "I will get the best price on them!" He looked to the others. "Anyone else have something for me to haggle with?"

Male Tengu Level 2 Druid

"Heh, why not try haggling a price outta Hiba? Im sure some people would kill to have their own ha-OW"

Raido's incessant rambling is cut short by Hiba furiously pecking at his head, as if to tell him, "please shut up you big feather brained lunatic".

"Ow-I'm just-ow-kidding around hehe...No one would want to buy him with THAT temper anyway heheee..."

Female Gnoll Level 2 Cleric

"Nope" Thrae said bluntly.
She was still bothered by the scene with Gird and refuses to do anything that she is involved in right now.
So Thrae resumes crossing her arms and looking as cool as possible.

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