Rise of a Regent Campaign Thread

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A prince sent into exile returns to his homeland to take back his throne, save the region, and maybe even the world.

This is an interest check thread for a new Play by Post campaign I am calling "Rise of a Regent".

Who am I? I am an old D&D Player/DM with a story to tell. I’ve been Playing and DMing D&D and AD&D Campaigns for over 20 years now, having started with the basic boxed D&D set (anyone remember the red books? :) ) and having kept up ALMOST all the way to 3.5 (Sadly, the 3.0 rule set is about where I stopped).

What am I running? A self developed campaign I call “Rise of the Regent”, set in an older D&D land that I’ve “enhanced” a bit. Don’t start searching the net folks, it’s not out there. I’m adapting and tuning it for the Piazo “Pathfinder” rule set (beta rules) and looking to run it as a Play by Post here on the boards.

When am I running it? This is a good question. “ASAP” is the easiest answer, though not quite exactly true. I still have plenty of the campaign to plan out and I do not have unlimited time to do so. I suspect that my start date for a first turn is sometime in the next few weeks and it would progress from there. I do expect this to be a fairly long running campaign, more than just a few encounters or a handful of turns.

What am I looking for? I’m looking for players willing to play a certain set of characters who’s histories I have developed to fit into the campaign story line. That doesn’t mean pre-rolled characters however, just a fleshed out character history and a fairly specific class selection.

The ideal player will be an “enthusiastic” role player, willing to delve into the character he or she creates and have some fun. Keep in mind I’m a GM interested in telling a story, you hard core roll (notice the “L” instead of the “E” on the end of the word) players, looking for a good hack and slash to get your blood flowing probably won't find what you need in this play by post. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to have some good combat involved, but don’t expect a deep dungeon delve. On the flip side, I do like to keep my campaigns a little on the “light” side of immersive, so if you are a hard core “role” player type who likes to COMPLETELY immerse him or herself in the character and out of character comments or a little light banter bothers you during a game session, again this might not be the campaign for you. The ideal player doesn’t necessarily have years of Role Playing experience but should be beyond “what does 2d6 mean?”, completely experienced or somewhat inexperienced players are welcome. At the end of the day, a player willing to keep up with the campaign (I don’t set huge time limits on my campaigns) and willing to work at making the story work for you and for the others in the group is what I’m looking for.

What can you expect?

* An english language based campaign.
* About 10 levels of play (maybe more or less as the story progresses).
* Several Months (at least) of campaigning.
* A fun and serious campaign with an attempt at a pretty epic, and hopefully even sometimes convoluted, storyline; and a GM dedicated to finishing the campaign to the end.

I'd be happy to have 5 of you out there filling the following slots:

Rogue or Monk (Preference Female Character but I can work with it either way)
Sorcerer (Negotiable on this last class, I'm pretty open here with a storyline that will fit pretty much any class but preference to a caster).

The party will be joined by a PC Warrior and an NPC Cleric.

The races are at the player’s discretion (Human/Elf will work best, but I'm willing to accept any of the normal PC races). Alignments will need to be at worst Neutral in disposition (the “good, neutral, evil” part) and should remain *above* the Chaotic Neutral persuasion (Pure Neutral or better). Note that regardless of alignment, players need to be willing to work within the bounds of the party and their specific pre-written character histories. Dissension and hidden agendas in this campaign will not make for a good story, and evil alignments of any type will not work.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, feel free to post back to the thread with the slot you'd like to fill and any supporting information you would like to provide. If you have questions I would be happy to answer them by e-mail at douglasw at wagnerweb dot org. I'd like to leave some time for questions by e-mail so I won't necessarily be selecting the 'first 5 posts' to come back to the thread.

Thanks all for taking the time to read this and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

I'm interested in playing an elf ranger, I've been playing DnD for a little while now, about a year. I've a pretty solid handle on the PFRPG rules and know how to roleplay better than "I smash them in the head" when a simple diplomacy check would have sufficed...not to say there aren't roles out there that would do precisely that, though ;)

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I'm interested in playing a human sorceress (female sorcerer, whatever). This would be my second pbp, but I've been playing and DMing since my junior year in high school. (1996?), wow seems a long time ago now. I got really into Birthright pbem games, with my favorite character being High Priestess Maire Cwllmie of the Eastern Temples of Nesirie (That still feels good as it rolls off the tongue), so I am no stranger to an emotionally meaningful relationship, err... I mean character portrayal.

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A couple of my existing PbP's seem to be slowing down, but I don't want to be a game hog. This does sound like my kind of game though, and I've been itching to try out the new Bard. (I've been thinking about a Nordic Skald type of Bard, but don't know if that fits what you want to do or not.)

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I just noticed how these are titled Interest Checks, lol... is that Charisma or Intelligence based?

Sorry, couldn't resist.

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This sounds interesting. I'd be interested in playing a Female Rogue. I like the idea of getting into the role of a somewhat predesigned character and then developing it past the basic design.

You can count me in.

If no one has taken the role of wizard , count me in ...

I seem to be a little late for this, but if anyone bows out, I'm interested. I'll play whichever class is left.

Will you be using PfRPG rules?

I'm interested if theres any space left, I'm very punctual! I'll post regularily, etc, and I'll play any class.

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I'm also quite interested. I don't have preference for which class to play, I'm pretty much open for anything.

If by PfRPG you mean Pathfinder RPG then yes, I do intend to use the Pathfinder Ruleset. (Apologies folks, I am new to both Pathfinder and the Paizo boards so I'm not yet familiar with the standard lingo, bear with me).

That said, there is a decided lack of GM tools available through the Pathfinder rule system (DMG, Monsters Manual, etc.) and I'm going to be doing alot of translation on the fly with this campaign (the two pre-built modules I know I'll be running through the campaign are all D&D Boxed Set based Modules, so there's about 4 rulesets difference between what will be in front of me and what I'll be running), so basically you might see some AD&D 3.5 flavor rules floating into the campaign if I can't find reliable resources within the published Pathfinder rules for what I need.

I'm a very "open" GM, I don't mind a quick OFFLINE/OOC rules discussion on what makes sense in a situation so long as we're all on the page that at the end of the day my campaign may require a situation to go a specific direction and regardless of what a rule in a book says it WILL go that direction. But I do promise to be fair. :)

It does look like I've got responses to all 5 of my open characters. I see from other posts on the boards that the general method of selecting who gets a slot in a campaign seems to be first come first served, but I would like to ask that if you're involved in enough other PBEM/PBP campaigns to keep you busy that you let someone else have a shot...but I'm not making that judgment call for anyone. If you have time for the campaign you're more than welcome.

It looks like I have Kjob, Stardust, Scranford, Mark Thomas, and Robin at the moment, with Scranford I believe noting that he might be interested to give up the slot to someone else, but as I said I'll let him make that decision.

For the rest of you, I will keep the thread around and if I get a player drop I'll happily ask at that point to see if any of you are still available. Feel free to follow the campaign but I would ask, if you do wish to be on "standby" that you stay OUT of any spoiler text till I note it's OK to Read it.

I'll probably finalize player selection tomorrow and go into more detail on some expectations and introduce histories.

First note, we are still probably a week or two from starting the campaign. I have a pre-campaign scenario (small) that I have to develop and run prior to getting everyone involved. In this time we'll work with character creation and character history.

NOTE: For my players I WILL require a valid e-mail address. There is a part of this campaign that will likely be done over e-mail due to the sensitivity of the information in comparison to the overall campaign goal. When we get there (not for a long time) you'll understand.

If this is a problem for anyone (and I understand if it is) please back out now.

As of tomorrow I'll open a thread in the Pathfinder PBP Discussion forums we can use for offline conversations if needed and I can post up some links, guidelines, etc. We'll work character creation there and use the PBP forum for the actual game itself.

BTW, anyone who wants to correct me on "protocol" here, feel free to do so, as I said I'm still new here so any advice anyone wants to give me, feel free to do so.


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I'm more interested the more I hear. Personal email address is scranford@earthlink.net. Looking forward to getting rolling.

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sounds good!

Feel free to send me your e-mail addresses if you don't want to post them to the thread at large.

cdtslider {at} gmail [dot] com

Welcome Fellow Players and Standby's to Rise of a Regent.

At this point I have the following confirmed players

* Kjob playing an elf ranger (either sex is fine)
* Stardust playing a Human Sorcerer/es (either is fine)
* Scranford playing a Human (Nordic) Bard (Yes, it does work.)
* Mark Thomas playing a Female Human Rogue

I have the following tentative but selected players:
* Robin playing a Wizard (Race and Sex undetermined).

I have the following "backup" players who've noted interest as well:
* Black Tom
* vagrant-poet
* Tio

Robin, if you'd like to finalize your slot please post or send me your e-mail address and a final race/sex for your player character.

Black Tom, if Robin doesn't acknowledge within the next 24 hours or so I'll ask you for your e-mail and you'll be playing the Wizard character.

For the rest of you I will be opening a post in the PBP Discussion forums shortly to get this somewhat kicked off. I will have character creation details and more campaign information there.

The official Discussion/OOC post for the Rise of a Regent campaign is:

Rise of a Regent Campaign - Discussion

Ok, I've not heard anything back from Robin...

Black Tom, are you still around?

Yeah, I'm here and can be reached at niklason (at) bredband (dot) net.

Black Tom: I have a character history for the Wizard in your Inbox. Please feel free to join us over on the Discussion forum and as always if you run into any issues or problems please feel free to contact me by e-mail or post over in the discussion thread.

Sorry , life has been a bit hectic this week.
Good Luck , BT

Robin, No issues, I completely understand. If this campaign turns out I'll be running more, maybe next time. :)

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Hey.... everyone that made it... Come to the discussions thread, we's got issues.

Click me.

Re-opening the thread here for more players.

At this point we are on Act II, Chapter 1 (Of about 3), with another act and several chapters to go. We've recently had a couple of players step away from their characters due to real life getting in the way of play (HOW DARE IT!), so I have 2 character slots open.

After a quick discussion with my players, we feel that keeping the same characters would benefit the story more than opening this up, so at this point I have the following 2 characters available for play:

* Level 5 Ranger (Male)
* Level 5 Wizard (Male)

That said, while the character's background, class and name are pre-selected, I am PERFECTLY willing to let the character be totally and utterly re-rolled from the ground up (stats, ability selection, secondary class choices, feats, etc.). So while I'm not promising a totally brand new character introduction to the campaign, you can at least re-make one of these two characters into your image.

In addition to the First post of this thread for Expectations, let me add a few more for "full disclosure".

* The post rate for the campaign is a bit lower than you're probably expecting if you're an experienced PBP RPG Player. At this point we strive for a post a day during the week days (I cannot commit on the weekends), though I have several obligations that periodically take me out of town and away from the campaign for short periods.

* The campaign is a mixture of dungeon crawl/combat and conversation/mystery...at least as best as I can make it. Again, with the low post count, it can sometimes be tough to follow the overarching campaign storyline...I try to make sure the players are up to date when big events happen, and I try to be at least somewhat clear on what the party knows and has done before.

* I am not a rules structured DM: I have a few house rules I like and I am not adverse to bending something to make more sense than to play it straight as it is. When a situation comes up and a player (OR NPC!) wants to do something not covered directly by the rules I tend to go to what makes the most logical/story flow sense instead of digging through a ton of rulebooks to figure out what to do with it. If you like a strict interpretation of the rules from your DM, this is probably not a good match for you.

* There's probably a good year+ of gameplay left in this campaign. While I'm not trying to lock anyone into a long term campaign (I don't need you to sign a contract saying you'll stay around for the full campaign), If you know you're not available to play in a couple weeks/months please let me know.

* At the end of the day I intend to be the fairest DM to my players and my story combined. I like challenges, but I don't like "frustrations". I'm not a DM who's going to throw the players into a situation where they will permanently lose all of their items and have to replace them just for the hell of it, but don't be surprised if you're in a situation where you temporarily might have to do without.

* I'm also VERY receptive to complaints or issues that my players have. I don't have a campaign without my players, and (I hope my players would agree) I am more than willing to try to change the way I run the campaign to better fit how my characters enjoy playing. The story may not change, but the way I handle it does.

If you think you might be interested in either playing a Ranger or a Wizard character of some type, and don't mind what I've mentioned above, feel free to check out the Discussion and Game Play threads linked at the top for more information, contact me directly, or post back here...I'll be happy to fill you in.

We'll work with a FCFS (First come, first served) methodology on the response here...but don't hesitate to ask questions first before signing on.

--Douglas Wagner

I'd be willing to try my hand at the wizard. My email is psychicmachinery at hotmail dot com.

Give me a day or two to get you an E-Mail Psychic. I'd like to get another response or two back here before I start sending out information.


Sure Doug, take your time.

I'll throw me hat in for the Ranger! iamhowell (at} hotmail {dot) com

Psychic and Pendin, go ahead and head on over to the Rise of a Regent Discussion Forum and post your hellos.

The party is made up of 3 other players and one DMPC. You can get acquainted with the other players there while I get your character histories dug up and sent through e-mail. We'll get started on working through your characters.

If you'd like to, you may go ahead and draft up your respective Ranger or Wizard characters, as I said, I'm happy to either send you what's already out there or I'm happy to have you rebuild them skills/points wise from the ground up...I think I started with a 25 point buy system.

I'll get an e-mail out to the two of you soon.


And if you need another, I'll step in as well.

I will definitely keep you on the reserve list Fnord72, thanks for the response!

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