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I’m looking to run some PFS scenarios to work towards that coveted fourth DMing star.

I am going to focus on low level scenarios to start so anyone should be good to join and I’ll be taking no more than four players per scenario. Please note that I run fairly fast-paced games. Expect to post 3+ times per day. If you’re a 1/day poster these games won’t be a good fit for you. I expect each game to take no more than 2-3 weeks.

The first three will be:

00-2 Hydra's Fang Incident
00-3 Murder on the Silken Caravan
00-23 Tide of Morning

If you’re interested, please post your character basics (name, class, level), a short blurb about your experience with PFS and PBP, and which of these three you would like to play.

Scarab Sages

Maaarv Bergavsten, Human Alchemist (Grenadier Archetype), Level 2.

I've played in about a dozen PbP games. I've played PFS since October 2012. I have not played any of these scenarios, so I'd be happy to be apart of any of them.

Grand Lodge

You'll be running at T1-2 or T4-5? I'm just wrapping up Tide of Morning but haven't played the others. Would that be fine?

I’ll be running whatever tier is more appropriate for the players involved.

You’re welcome to join for whichever games you’re eligible to play. I’m just listing scenarios in bundles because it seemed an easier way to fish for players than saying ‘list anything you can play’.

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I am interested in playing, I have several characters throughout the field of level range, so I can narrow down depending on the party make up.

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I'd play this level 1 fighter. Have done one play-by-post in which i was very active. Can play via cell if not near a computer. Fairly new to PFS in general but have a good deal of experience with 3.5. I am not familiar with any PFS senario other then the one play-by-post i already did.

Excellent, that filled up rather quickly.

Everyone who has posted is in. If you're reading this and you want in, don't despair. At the very least we will be needing a replacement when we get to Tide of Morning.

The first gameplay post will be up shortly.

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Excellent, so what do we have character wise? I have a 1st level Cleric and a 1st level Fighter focused on Archery. I also have a 4th level Bard. In addition there are always more characters I can create, as they constantly float in my brain...:)

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Helaman here with a level 1 that has a few chronicles under its chin (First Steps 1 and 2 - due to a reporting glitch atm the reporting of the sessions is messed up)

I'll leave you guys to figuring that out.

The intro post is up.

Lantern Lodge

I would like to play though I have several in the level range you are currently recruiting for. I would narrow it down once I see party make up. I am running and playing several scenarios right now and am currently working towards my second star. Been playing dnd/3.5/pathfinder for about 24 years.

I’d planned on doing four players but I suppose I owe you one Daway.

Daway, you can be the fifth.

Lantern Lodge

What do we need. It looks like ranged, melee and heals are covered. I can go bard, illusionist or conjuror.

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I am a Summon Monster Sorcerer. Maybe a Bard?

Lantern Lodge

My bard is a very selfish bard. Aka dervish dancer.

Grand Lodge

Thats cool - if you want to play it then great otherwise, play the character you will have the most fun with - another conjurer won't hurt us if thats the direction you wish and wizards are a LOT more versatile that sorcerers at level 1 esp. if they have an arcane focus.


Franton Sloereth, conspiracy theorist and excitable rogue.

I'm an experienced pathfinder player, but new to both PFS and PBP although I've been actively doing both for the past couple months or so. Franton is a level one rogue with one society game -just- finished.

The Exchange

Female GunSLINGER musket master
New to pbp but rather experienced now with pfs
Not far from my first gm star
Can play all of them

Silver Crusade

Well I have a ranger I would like to bring or a Plaiden. your pick if there is room. and is this PFS?

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JimmyJohn wrote:
Well I have a ranger I would like to bring or a Plaiden. your pick if there is room. and is this PFS?

A Plaiden... is that a fashion challenged Paladin?

Sorry :) couldn't help myself.

The Exchange

Cleric for me then! :) (This is Oneindiesoul)

Scarab Sages

You full already?

Silver Crusade

well Sorry long day and wasn't feeling good. but I will play who you wish if there is room. just let me know. :)

Signing in, if you still have spots avaiable. I post multiple times a day, being currently engaged in some pbp, but i do have time avaiable. Char is PFS ready, unless i made some mistake, it's a level 1 paladin that has not played any campaign yet.

Liberty's Edge

I literally just rolled this guy up now, I'm new to PbP and PFS, but have played quite a bit of Pathfinder before and can definitely post enough. I have never played a PFS game in my life so any one of them will do if the levels work out.

He's an Andoran Ranger level 1.

Silver Crusade

Rhanloi - level 1 half-elf Wizard looking for a PFS campaign! Started Rise of the Runelords and then DM qort of quit. I have been very active in PbP for the past several months and have not played any of the games you mentioned =)

Liberty's Edge

Jake Hargrove - Level 2 - Two-Handed Fighter.

I am looking to start a simultaneous game of Rivalry's End. Does anyone in this thread want to play it? It starts at level 5.

If I'm able to play a Pregen i'm in, cause I don't have a PFS legal at that level.

I was mistaken before, the level range is 3-7. Yes, you can play pregens for this.

Anyone else interested in Rivalry’s End?

I can bring my level 6 cleric. Just need to update him.

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Just finished it.

So please count me in, I'll play any Pregen, which can be decided on the spot depending on the other party members.

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I would be interested in Silken Caravan.

I might be interested in Rivalry’s End, I've got a level 3 Cavalier.

I'd be interested in this.

I have a level 2 oracle but he's likely to be tied up in pbp games for awhile. I also have a level 1 magus and a level 1 fighter.

DM Feral wrote:
I am looking to start a simultaneous game of Rivalry's End. Does anyone in this thread want to play it? It starts at level 5.

Worst mistake of your life was to use the same thread...

Hydra’s Fang will be wrapping up in the next day or two.

All players in the current game, please add your PFS number/character number to your character profile.

Murder on the Silken Caravan will be beginning immediately afterward.

Franton, Aldrea, JimmyJohn, and Hawkwen, please sound off. If I don’t hear from you when I’m ready for the next game I’ll be pulling the next name on the list.

Grand Lodge

Sound off.

The Exchange


Liberty's Edge

Hey Feral (this is Kalt, from our RoW game) - it's not clear to me exactly who's on your list, but if there's space, I'd love to jump into your Silken Caravan game.

Terrill is a 2nd level inquisitor of Desna, very melee-focused. He's just finished a game with Franton (who's a lot of fun), and I've got another long-term PbP game I'm in with Hawkwen (Karozekas - hello from Morin!). None of that matters much if you're booked up, but it's always fun running into people from other games.

Either way, see you soon in the battle for the snowbound lodge - got my fingers crossed on that one.

Welcome to the party Terrill. I'm more or less moving down the list pulling people as I finish scenarios. You'll be next up if someone flakes for Caravan.

Grand Lodge

Hawktitan's fighter sounding off.

Liberty's Edge

I am confused at who is actually being considered for what games and when. Can we have a summary?

I'm sort of working my way down the list and grabbing people that ask for specific mods. My last post listed the line up for the next game. If JimmyJohn doesn't chime in within the next couple hours his spot is going to be forfeit to Terril.

Scarab Sages

Am I able to continue on with Murder...? After Hydra finishes up?

I’m going to be grabbing a whole new group for the next game but if you’d like to play again just say the word and I’ll put you back at the end of the queue.

It’s been 24 hours and Franton and Jimmy haven’t checked in so I’m putting them at the front of the queue.

Franton and Jimmy are out. Terril and Jorin are in.

Scarab Sages

Sounds good. Put me in the queue please.


Now post! It's your turn.

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