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A game of Magical Girls using the "Magical Fury" rulebook. [Maps]

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I'm gonna splash cold water on Ranma just to see what happens. :p

They'll get wet?

Sovereign Court

That too, I guess.

I've read Ranma. The first post just said Rama, so I didn't know what you meant. Aside from being a male that turns into a magical girl, what would make this character unique? We do have three male-presenting characters so far.

Here is a link to my Cloud Watcher Tenshi. I prefer not to post on aliases until they get into a game, because otherwise I would have a ton. :)

Hopefully that answers many of your questions. :)

Sora looks excellent. I think for "changes" it would work to say she looks like she did in the height of her fame: younger, thinner, glowing with potential. A pleasant surprise at first, but she might grow to resent it.

As far as her outfit, the black leather is only acceptable if that's out of character for Sora or her prior stage presence. I'd like it if that's a jarring aspect that's she's uncomfortable with- the kind of sex-sells outfit she turned down before she realized she was firing herself by doing so. She'd have been much more comfortable in the Victorian, Lolita, or schoolgirl outfits most everyone else ends up in. Being sexy is an adult thing after all.

Either way, she's our seventh senshi.

Yup. It's well outside of the box for her. It's kind of 'you got your wish, but it's not at all what you wanted.' Which is why that's still her wish. She's turned back into a teenager, but it goes very hard against her image. More specifically, Idols are supposed to be completely chaste, and they've lost their jobs for things like holding hands with a boy (as well as 'aging out' totally being a thing). And yeah, Schoolgirl style was her norm, as it carries 'purity' as an inherent value. :)

I figure either way, she'd probably have the zipper pulled a little lower on that top. Or be constantly fighting it, one way or the other. I'd been looking for a standard sailor outfit, but when I typed in Starlight Senshi and got the group I'd remembered but also sort of forgotten from the last bits of Sailor Moon. Which means there's a canonical Magical Girl outfit of that style. :P

Either way, awesome, and thanks!

Taru's Friend posting what I have, which I think is everything short of a flower name.

Going for a theme of change

Backstory Bullets:
• Oriental Ancestors
• Parents die when she is young but she has no memory of them
• Grew up in the US foster care jumping from family to family
• Removed from foster care when she turned 18
• Saved money to travel back to Japan to get a clean slate
• Currently living in Japan as Sora's roommate

Is there anything else you need from me to get Chrysanth ready to go? I don't have a post transformation look thought up completely for her yet, which others seem to be done/working with.

Only thing that worries me with May is the theme of Change. It could mean alot of very different things. Gods of change are usually associated with time like Kali, Janus, and Hekate. Alternatively this could mean transmutation or transportation; literally any magic could be described as changing something. For the magical girl name, many players here are picking a goddess or mythical creature for their name. Something like Dancing Catalyst Kali or Timeless Beauty Hecate would fit I think.

Anyway, You have the required answers, so you are ready to start playing. It may be another week before you guys actually transform and use your magic, so no rush.

Chrysanth is ready to start the way she is. None of the senshi features are set in stone yet. You have time to think about what style of fuku she'll wear. Victorian, Lollita, and Schoolgirl are the standard themes, but as long as it's cute and over the top I'll probably approve it. Things that are far afield of cute (like Sora's sexy leather) should be interesting and character develop-y rather than "because it's cool". The girls aren't cool yet.

Neat, I'll give the look some thought in the meantime. Whatever I decide on, it'll probably fall into the cutesy parameters, if darkly themed.

If Change is too vague I could pretty easily change it into something like travel and focus on teleportation/speed buffs and the like

would that be better?

Sounds great! There will be plenty of opportunities to expand your powers. Janus is the Roman God of travel, time, crossroads, and the inevitability of change. Gate Guardian Janice? You could go with a modern mythos: Moon Warden Chell? I dunno, you'll think of something.

Yay for more arrivals! Starting to really look forward to this game.

Sovereign Court

Arachnofiend here again, my profile should be done I think. Let me know if I forgot anything important.

Looks awesome. I'm so glad our wealth senshi will be joining us. The portrait even looks a bit like Mrs. Piggy.

I'm not making any promises, but I want to post the first Gameplay prompt at midnight tonight.

I'm thinking an old woman who thanks to her death aging is filled with vanity of being young and beautiful again.

I'm very sorry, Korak, but this is the second post from you that I just don't understand. I can't accept a character if you can't proofread your posts. We also already have a character who covets youth.

This is the current list of approved players:
EeveE Zamora
Hotaru of the Society
Pathfinder Zoey
Wei Ji

I'll be posting the opening to Gameplay in one hour and sending reminders to the above players. To those who are still interested: keep an eye out, and look to Gameplay for what kind of character might be missing. I will continue accepting characters until I reach 12, but you'll have to wait for another convenient plot point to drop in on.

Auto correct is a b!#@+. I said de-aging. Well that's the only idea I had besides aMiroku style perverted lesbian. And that's a problem waiting to happen.

While lesbians have enough representation in fiction as nymphomaniacs, and I won't stand for a character who is too trope-y in that regard, I would not turn down a lecherous lesbian out of hand. What's more, this lech will be surrounded with underage bodies, and while those bodies are mostly inhabited by adults of consenting age, that kind of conflict will get spent like a firecracker and leave you with not much else to work with. If those are the problems you're talking about, then yes, I don't think that will work.

However, if you think of a way to humanize the character and draw out her conflict, I would be open to hearing your pitch. Think about the three questions that define her in this game and how you can make her something more than comic relief.

Nope. That pretty much covered it. And potential annoyance of players.

Okay, I think I've got a workable concept. I was gonna go paraplegic but noted someone has done that. I can make the character work without it though. A 15 year old girl from a craftsman family of high end toys. Specifically dolls, puppets, and the like. She's a shy girl who doesn't like being around large groups of people. Thanks to being caught in the middle of a riot she has a lot of anxiety and would prefer not to be the center of attention. When she has to she prefers to deal with people indirectly. For instance doing a puppet act in a talent show.

What does being a girl mean to you? Being vulnerable.

What are you most afraid of? Interacting with others

What is your dearest wish? To not scared dealing with others.

Color: gray. Theme: doll user. Name: working on it

I do really like the dolls theme... Girls being vulnerable has been chosen once, and I think it would be interesting for her belief to be something she aspires to, or feels self conscious about. Something like "Being a girl means being sociable and charming". The wish could also be "to overcome my fears" In case she gains more fears through play.

We'll all have a powwow about colors later.

If you're okay with those changes, you're welcome to post in Gameplay. Just try to reread your posts and get them edited. I don't know what device you're using, but switching autocorrect off is a good idea for everyone.

I'm good with that. And that time I was experimenting with my tablet's speech to text function. I think I'll avoid that in the future.

How about just "Speed" as a power theme? Is that less vague than Physical Perfection?

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Lost Omens, Rulebook, Starfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

This Campaign concept intrigues me. I shall have to try to find a character concept which might find a way of fitting.

We have a senshi with Travel as her theme. I was thinking something like physique, strength, or athleticism. Still in the same domain as physical perfection, just more specific. She could be our One Punch Girl. I think being an in-your-face melee character would be a good foil for her usual struggles.

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Companion, Lost Omens, Rulebook, Starfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Okay, so I have two ideas for the 'Magical Girl' component.

'Restless Cherry Blossom' A kind of 'change for the sake of change' sort, never satisfied with the status quo, mercurial, 'let's see what this does?'

'Van, who goes forth alone' Very independent, very 'if you want it done right, you'd best do it yourself', but as the other half of that, always willing to offer aid to others.

The present day 'host'/'incarnation' of either will likely be Tracy Warren, a young American girl living in Japan now. She has some Nihonjin in her, just enough so that her features are right at the 'uncanny valley' stage between clearly European & mixed. Which is to say, she is attractive, but in such a way that is more an inconvenience than a help. She would like to be a wallflower, but is just weird/cute enough that people won't leave her alone. She is smart, but mostly uses her intelligence to blend in. She is physically fit/healthy, but again, it is more for the purposes of not attracting notice. The one exception to that being an avid devotion to parkour, which largely grew as a result of scrambling into/out of hiding places that other people didn't think of.

"What does being a girl mean to you?"
Constantly having others tell you, in words or actions, that your self-image is wrong. That you aren't as wise, or smart, or charming, or forceful, or proper; as they are, or as you 'should' be.

"What are you most afraid of?"
That 'they' might be right.

"What is your dearest wish?"
That everyone had the chance to be their truest, best selves.

Tracy is approved. I like the hard exterior, insecure interior, privileged appearance motif. Expect some interesting twists.

Okay, Physique then, pretty much what I was shooting for anyway.

Hey there! I'm the guy that's been pestering you at reddit. I decided to stop forcing you to split your attention. I'd really like to join the campaign if at all possible, that means if no one minds and if you have any space.
I'll put my character idea over here anyway just to see if it's fine to play or if I should change anything about it to help bring some more diversity to the game, or if there's no more room. That can happen too.

So I'm thinking of playing a 30 years old gay man from Europe named Dedric Silva. He came from a very religious upbringing with less than tolerant family members. Eventually he trusted something he shouldn't, he spoke too much and got burned in his community, his family removed support from him and he ran away changed his name and never looked back. Well maybe a little. He took a course in languages and eventually was invited to teach English at a school in Japan where he is now.

He is a medium sized man, a bit overweight with green sunken eyes and an easy empty smile. He also has black wavy hair that he usually wears short and that is starting to recede around his temples.

Now the questions:

What does being a girl mean to you?
Freedom, finally a boon in a life where everyone convinced me I wasn't worth one. The freedom to finally love and be happy.

What are you most afraid of?
Losing myself, losing all I have gained, losing what little power I have because power means happiness and survival and I'll do anything to assure both. I won't lose this life I built with my hands nor any boon I was given with it.

What is your dearest wish?
Knowledge. I'll know anything and everything. I'll never be unprepared, I'll know who to trust, who to help, who to love. After all knowledge is power.

His/her theme would be knowledge. I was thinking of having her become a kind of information hub for the other girls, kind of a support character reminiscent of a seer or diviner with little to no offensive capabilities.

Well... I hope this is good... let me know if I forgot something and I'm sorry for anything I might have done.

Dedric looks awesome! I'm glad to welcome you to the group.

My name is Barley Wheat. I am twenty years old, originating from Japan. I currently am a sophomore at the University majoring video game development. I also am putting myself through college working as a Barista at the local Starbucks on campus. I frequently find myself surfing the web as most students tend to do. So frequently that I have become somewhat of a internet sensation on sites like Tumblr.

I would consider myself well groomed, but others seem to label me as a "Lumber-sexual", complete with the Man-Bun and all. Sort of tall build, tan, broad shoulders with a smile to melt the coldest of hearts.

Now the questions:

What does being a girl mean to you?
To possess great emotional fortitude.

What are you most afraid of?
Being blessed with what little fame I have on Tumblr, I fear my reputation falling apart. I fear being socially isolated.

What is your dearest wish?
To be truly loved.

Barley looks great. This would make the 13th magical girl, but you and Dedric entered at the same time, and I think you'll want each other's company.

Cutting it off here, though. No more. Not yet at least. I dunno if I could handle more than 13.

Ok now for the Magical Girl name... since everyone seems to be posting on gameplay with those I was thinking Masterful Seer Tiresias... but I'm not sure how Nephele feels about me taking a name near her name. Should I change the name?

Actually, I will be posting in my 'mundane' persona until our first transformation.

That's actually great thinking!... And it avoids all the names and stuff I'll take that advice then too. Thank you.

Oh and Poptartzilla would you like to start the game knowing my character, since you are majoring game development it makes some sense to take an English language class right? I dont know! We could go into the mall together! For some reason I would have to think too, maybe you could be showing me around the place since I'm fairly new to Japan.
Although I'm not sure if that is a proper student teacher relationship.

I love the Tiresias reference though.

It would be cool for everyone to use separate aliases, but I understand if peoples' rosters are full or they'd rather set the one alias to their default.

Open for two aditional characters. As well as being able to create a bystander or Magical Girl, new players may choose to create members of the Brotherhood (witch hunters, templars, magic police) and spiritual Evokers (shamen, geomancers, witch doctors) the differences are minor as far as the rules go.

Once you post your proposed character I'll have a few questions for you to answer before I decide who's in.

What is your name?
Ideal: What does being a Brother mean to you?
Fear: What are you most afraid of?
Wish: What is your ultimate desire?

Domain: A method of antimagic such as silver, salt, or sage.
Trinket: a weapon, generally a gun, which somehow uses your domain.

As A templar, you cannot cast Sorceries, but in moments of desperation you may be able to perform a Miracle. Your devotion gives you heightened senses and a healing touch which allow you to roll for search and help actions. You’re especially good at finding people and things.

What is your name?
Ideal: What does death mean to you?
Fear: What are you most afraid of?
Wish: What is your ultimate desire?

Domain: the natural talent with which you commune with the spirit world.
Trinket: An object which connects you to death.

As an evoker, your abilities depend on the natures of the spirits that answer your call. You’re especially good at search(past life) actions. You’re most powerful when paired with a Yokai or Phantom, but their services come at a personal price.

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Are there any characters whose methods are Chance?

It occurs to me that that may be a bit meta, in the sense of the system, but the idea of a Magical Girl whose theme is games of chance appeals to me.

Alternately, Ofuda are a thing that could work (if not already claimed), though whether they'd be an Evoker or Witch Hunter is uncertain at present.

Chance as a MG domain would be a tough one to wield, let alone try to play out thematically... I'm certainly not saying no. In your eyes, what would be an example of solving a problem with the Chance Domain? What things are more or less susceptible to Chance magic? What trinkets do you have your eyes on? (MG can have up to 6 of their own domain, but you may not want more than 3) Are we looking at Scarlet Witch, or YuGiOh? We do currently have a MG with a dueling disk... Should the magic be incidental, or practically uncontrollable... or both?

Oddly enough, were anti-magic not already in play, Ofuda would work for any of the three dice-rolling options. For the Evoker, though, the Domain would be "Scripture" (both in the sense of holy text and a talent in handwriting) because for that 'class' the Domain is a personal talent. Your spirit-evoking talent should be a bit broader than "evoking and rebuking spirits with talismans"

An Ofuda witch-hunter would be so great OMG. They'd be a bit of an outsider to the Enclave, but their practices are older than that of the knights templar... You'd have reason to be circumspect about the orders they send you. Lots of possibilities there.

Starting in one 'class' does not deny you the others. By the same token, there are flaming hoops to jump if you want to stack classes. Not the least of which are the social repercussions.

Lantern Lodge

Since the theme is "Chance" (or perhaps more accurately, "Fortune"), the trinkets would be coins, then a pair of dice, and might bleed over into into other things associated with Fortune, or Fortunes. Like those sticks in the shaker that read various forms of fortune, like "Great Blessing", "small blessing", "half-blessing", etc...

Hm. To further play on the idea of "Fortune", perhaps she would start with coins. Tokens to represent something to "gain" or "lose", with the defeat of youma and smaller entities seeing them turn into coins (their loss, her gain) that she is collecting. The dice might be a force multiplier (positive or negative) of her "wager" with the coins being gambled. She might be able to "spend" the coins and if she wins, her wager is returned (thus getting them back). The question would be whether or not the coins are the youma themselves, or their essences— which would be representative of their core traits?


Magical Girl Test:

~= Normal Girls
Name: Myri Mizukuro
What does being a girl mean to you?: "Carrying on the family line"
2d6 ⇒ (3, 5) = 8
What are you afraid of?: "Social Rejection"
2d6 ⇒ (5, 5) = 10
What is your wish?: "For my mom to be there for me"
2d6 ⇒ (1, 6) = 7

~= The Normal World
One Beautiful Thing: "The Variety of Delicious Food"
2d6 ⇒ (6, 2) = 8
One Ugly Thing: "The unfinished sports arena that's never been used."
2d6 ⇒ (3, 4) = 7
One Odd Thing "A major corporation built a new HQ in town shaped like a household object."
2d6 ⇒ (1, 6) = 7

~= Into the Magical World
Something Wrong: "There is a great black obelisk in the middle of the city that normal people can't see."
2d6 ⇒ (5, 2) = 7
Something Dangerous: "There is an explosion of energy out of nowhere."
2d6 ⇒ (6, 4) = 10
Something Deeper: "A fleeting figure wearing a porcelain mask."
2d6 ⇒ (1, 1) = 2

~= A Threat
Name: Mis-/Miss/Mrs./Ms. Fortune
Appearance: Authoritarian, stern, judgmental
Appearance: It seems to resemble her mother, but is slightly off.
What it really wants: Myri's power taps into the fortune of the world/dimension/reality that it comes from, and while negative luck pulls fortune back into its world, the risk is too high.
Why it is hostile: Several lives past, it gambled and lost, and that loss stole something from it that it wants back dearly.

~= Becoming Magical
2d6 ⇒ (2, 1) = 3 +1 Trauma
Changes: Clearer skin
2d6 ⇒ (2, 6) = 8
Color: Brown
2d6 ⇒ (3, 5) = 8
Theme: Rainbows
2d6 ⇒ (5, 2) = 7
Name: "Revolution Angel Selene Fortuna"
2d6 ⇒ (4, 4) = 8
2d6 ⇒ (1, 2) = 3
2d6 ⇒ (6, 2) = 8

I can also work with the idea of an Ofuda-using Witch-Hunter, it's just that the challenge of figuring out the theme of "Chance" got a hold of me. Out of curiosity, what falls under the heading of "Witch"?

A few things to address with this concept:

One of our last enemies, and an active NPC, uses a chest of gold coins as their trinket. She isn't very well fleshed out, but her domain is poison.

We also have a PC whose domain is Wealth, and she has a mother with a family legacy who is a central part of the story.

If we could draw some distinctions between them and Myri, we'd be alright.

Also, "witch" is very loosely defined here. Some of the Brotherhood characters have said they hunt Shadows. The vision of the Brotherhood is to stand guard between magic and humanity and suppress destructive forces.

Lantern Lodge

Myri Thoughts:
I can see the concern. As far as distinctions go, immediately that her idea(domain?) of(is) "Fortune"— not to be synonymous with "Wealth", more "Chance", or "Luck". I understand that is not the concern though, just stating it as a preface.

*thoughtful* In Myri's case, those coins would be useless to her, as they are just money. Myri's "coins" are more "tokens"(maybe like poker chips?), representative of the things that have been beaten, or were "unlucky", and lost to her... Perhaps they have some sort of a "spiritual equivalence", where the tokens from one stronger youma can be split into several smaller (weaker) tokens.

Myri is more the Fortune/Misfortune of gambling, luck, and random chance. How "Fortune" could be wielded as a domain for instance, it could be circumstantial things adding up. Needing to get through a door, and while trying to pick the lock, a confident wiggle of the pick, coupled with a sharp rap on the lock would see it dropping into position for unlocking. In the more extreme example of a fight with youma, it would play off of their powers in conflict. An attack that missed, would impact an object, and luckily, that object would retain some of that power, so in a next attack, it could misstep, and fall onto the object that would normally not hurt them, but since it's holding some of the youma's power... Injury. A wild swipe might accidentally clip a nearby structure, bringing debris down on it.

It's a question of whether or not the idea of "Fortune" is enough to empower the immediate area that they affect so that mundane things actually do hurt, or if it's more to annoy off-balance them until Myri can actively engage. Having been reading the Gameplay thread, if there are other actors present, it'll likely use remnants of their past effects and attacks. If she does engage, her attacks would take after games of chance.

- -

Witch Hunter Thoughts:
As for the Witch-Hunter, I'm picturing a beleaguered teen, probably an intern, whose skill with calligraphy and family history landed them a weird position with a small, family-owned company that works out of a family house converted into a business (the zoning laws just worked out). When they started, they would only be creating talismans— 'Focus your being into your tools, think on the purpose... Then, with your focus, transfer that purpose into your creation'— which was surprisingly tiring with the level of focus that was demanded. Their supervisor could somehow tell when they weren't trying, and pick out the ones that they did focus on, out of a stack of ones that were done.

The job was good, they improved quickly, and a year later, they started getting sent out on odd errands. "Go to this address, place this talisman on the upper right corner of the door there." "Odd" was the standard of things at that job by now, and most of the orders weren't really questioned, having the "Yeah, sure, okay." attitude of the Constantly Distracted. As they started arriving earlier and earlier to their posting assignments ('How did I get here that fast? Are there people in there? Is someone fighting? That doesn't sound human!'), they start to realize they were really running "Magical Damage Control", though the lines were starting to blur between "ongoing event", and "post-event".

Quietly, they were worried that sooner or later, they'd end up at the start of the event, and not at all fond of the significance if that were to occur.

Poker chips would work. Maybe (mechanically) you can "make change" with your rolls, then use those chips to affect other rolls. So, if you roll and get, like 14 somehow, you can get 2 back, keeping a 12 ressult, or even take 5 if you so chose, downgrading to a simple success result of 9.

It's been revealed that the title (in this case Revolution Angel?) gives a MG a 'cantrip' or a magical sense or ability that doesn't require rolling dice. Some work will have to be done to align the title with the kind of cantrip you might want (the 'making change' mechanic in this case).

- -

Honestly, I like the narrative possibilities here. This character would be an evoker who doesn't know it, unknowingly working for the Brotherhood. There are several characters who would have something to say to that.

I'd understand if you'd prefer the magical girl. The other classes are slightly limited in comparison.

- -

Once you commit to a class, I've got an info dump to pm you, then we'll work on slotting your character into the story.

Lantern Lodge

Ooh, I like that mechanic for "Fortune". I didn't want to suggest altering the rolls like that since this is my first time using this system, but I like it. Perhaps an upper limit of 2x her current dots in Magic? Honestly, it's just theorycrafting. More "solving a puzzle".

Given that you're fond of the narrative possibilities with the Witch Hunter, I'll go with that. I'm here for the story, not the mechanics. What would the creation process entail?

For now, just a name, and an answer to the big three questions (slightly modified as sited above for the Brotherhood.)

I'll send the inside scoop on the Borotherhood over PMs. Most everying else is established through play. We might front-load a few of your NPCs, but mostly we just need enough info to figure out where your character gets dropped in.

Lantern Lodge

Name: Senshiro "Ao" Nakahara
Ideal: "Facing the future with confidence"
Fear: "Growing old before my time"
Wish: "To live forever"

Head's up, Gameplay and Discussion threads appear to be broken for the entire site on the PbP forums.

They apparently still 'exist', but they're invisible.

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