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A game of Magical Girls using the "Magical Fury" rulebook. [Maps]

The scene opens on the city of Obusa at twilight. The swollen red-tinged moon casts an eerie light which glitters like diamonds in the placid bay. The sky is dotted with the first few stars, and the silhouette of Kirakira bridge, bespangled with its titular glittering lights, fills the horizon from your vantage at the old abandoned Bay Street shopping mall. Chills run up and down your back as you feel eyes upon you. This mall is supposed to be abandoned, but you can't shake the feeling you're not alone tonight. It wouldn't be a problem, except you're here tonight to investigate a rumor. For the past three months, on the night of a full moon, a silver train has been passing through old Obusa town. They say that from the second floor of the mall, you can see that there are no passengers, and no conductor.

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Where are all my sick stats goed?:

This game only has three stats, you can think of them as something between hit points and experience points.

You gain Hope by helping others. When you have three or more Hope, you may choose to make a Hope Shift, and something wonderful will happen. I'll give you a list of options, and you may choose one, writing it down in your character sheet. After four Hope Shifts, you'll get to choose a Great Hope, something good which will change the world.

Magic accumulates whenever you are exposed to magical phenomena, even if it's your own magic. When you have three or more Magic, I will tell you you are having a Magic Shift. You'll pick from the options I give you, and something weird will happen, changing the nature of your magic forever.

Trauma can come in the form of physical wounds, emotional trauma, or even deep embarrassment. Any time you have 3 or more Trauma, I can make you have a Trauma Shift. This is the path to the dark side. Again, you'll still have a choice of what happens.

If you have a fifth Magic or Trauma Shift, it will be an Extreme Shift. This will change both aspects of your character permanently.

Fate is an extra stat I am adding. At the end of an episode, we’ll look back at your character’s actions and if their ideal, fear, or wish made things complicated or interesting, you will gain one Fate. One Fate point can be used to re-roll. Two (2) Fate points can be used to add +3 to a roll.

Think of the dice this way: Without a roll, your actions will unfold in a logical way however I feel is appropriate. It’s like defaulting to a roll of 7 as below. As a magical girl, you have the ability to change destiny. If you really want something your girl is doing to make an impact, describe what she does, how it has something to do with your theme, and roll. For all rolls in this game, players roll 2d6. The DM will add bonuses and penalties depending on fictional positioning. There are five results:
2-: Something bad happens.
3-5: Something goes wrong and you don't get what you want.
6-8: You get what you want with a price, or have to make an ugly choice.
9-11: You manage to get what you want without too much trouble.
12+: Something spectacular happens.

Some opponents or obstacles will take more than one Hit to overcome. This will mean going into Battle. While in a battle, players have three suggested moves:

Go on the Offense
Describe how you are subduing your target and roll 2d6. You might embarrass yourself, but at the very least you'll give the next player an advantage. You might even score 2 Hits.

Protect Something
If the Youma is about to blast Sempai with its fluffy bunny death ray, he'll probably be made into a smear on the sidewalk unless you intervene. It still might not work, and you'll probably get hurt, but there's a good chance he'll get away safe.

Run Away!
Someone will probably get away, but something will probably be left behind. If you manage to escape, you aren't going to be included in the casualties. You are least likely to take Magic or Trauma from this move.

You can choose to do more than one of the above, even all three, and make as many rolls as you’d like; however, each successive roll will take a -1 as well as any bonus or penalty the DM adds for fictional positioning. You may also give a free-form description of what your character is doing and simply roll, and the DM will likewise improvise a result. Trying to pack too much action into a single roll will result in a steep penalty.

Bold Move:

Change The World You have magic! Surely you can make the world a better place… for you. Whether fighting mundane crime, or murdering someone normal who’s getting in the way, this is the scene you’re looking for. Roll 2d6. The stakes are Magic or Trauma on a failure, and Hope on a success.

Sorcery When you use magic to solve a problem, describe a spell you weave that fits your magical Theme and roll 2d6. You gain Magic no matter what.


Past Lives When you spend time investigating your past lives, roll 2d6. You might find something traumatic, or you might find insight into how to wield your magic.

Search When you need to search for something or someone, or just want to find out the truth, roll 2d6. One way or another you’ll find something.


ComfortWhen you spend time making another player’s character feel better, you may remove one Magic or Trauma from them, and their player may add one Hope to your character.

Help Someone When you help someone, you roll 2d6. If you manage to help them, you’ll gain 1 Hope.

Let No Bad Happen At the cost of 1 Hope and 1 Fate, no one will be critically harmed in a scene until you arrive, so long as you are headed their way.