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Hello everyone.

I'm in need of 1 or 2 new players for a short game i'm running.

The backdrop/environment is a township within dense woodlands.
It started in the spirit of Halloween.

The story so far:
The township of Serenity Hollow is suffering from people going missing, gradually as nights progress, and the PCs had received an open call to help find out more. They are currently traveling in the woods to get a lead from a witch.
The ultimate goal is to find & defeat the one responsible for all of it.

Current party setup:
Skald, UC rogue, wizard.

5th lvl.
20pt buy, with race/class options akin to current PFS.
Wealth 10k.

Is this set in Golarion? How big of a backstory do you want? How long are you accepting applications?

This is indeed in Golarion.

On backstory, i'm not looking for something long.

It comes down to, why are you in Serenity Hollow?
Have you answered the calling out as an outsider, or are you a resident, who might be inspired by the newcomers? Any plausible reason.

I'd like to start as soon as i have proper applicants, since our oracle is leaving when the replacements are ready to join.

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I’ll get to you a lvl5 Warpriest in about an hour or so. Thinking that you need someone who can heal, and a front liner who can make use of the skald’s inspire rage.


Edit: Crunch in profile. Presenting Thandir, Warpriest of Korada. Reformed marauder, bandit, mercenary.

Background coming

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Thandir Halftusk was not always the man that he is now. Born in the town of Serenity Hollow, life wasn’t exactly easy. As a half-orc he was the reminder of things which never should have happened, a physical reminder of a raid by orcs barely survived.

As a young man he left his home, going as soon as he was able. He took with him nothing but his farher’s axe, all that he had from *that* side of the family. Good for far too long that everything ‘wrong’ with him was due to his nature, he embraced it. Given his size and anger, it was not too hard for him to find a bandit gang that would take him. And he took to the life of marauder with gusto, putting his father’s axe to use once more.

That is...until they took a wandering priest of Korada prisoner, planning to sell him into slavery. When guarding the man, he met the first person in his life who saw past his heritage, and talked to him like a person. It was what he had been looking for, for far too long.

It did not take much to convert him. Suffering from an acute case of a conscience, he eventually decided to free the priest and to flee with him. He embraced the faith wholeheartedly. But unlike his mentor, his martial heritage could not be ignored. He became a Warpriest.

Now that his old home is in danger, he returns. Not because he feels that he owes anyone anything, but because helping those who have scorned him is an important step on his path of redemption.

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I should have given a bit of background on the township, pardon me.
It might be convenient for any background if one has ties with the town.

They are a fairly accepting folk.
The township was started by a group of (semi-) retired adventurers a few decades ago, who are currently out venturing again.

In their absence, a council of 5 people make the decisions on whatever is a pressing matter in their absence.

Their town church is dedicated to Erastil, but that's not to say other neutral or good natured faiths are absent in the town.

The council:

Albert, the town's alchemist.
Eileen, priestess of Erastil, keeper of the church.
Old man Stobbs, a late middle aged monk of Erastil, now a teacher at its school.
Sir Geoffry, captain of the town's watch.
Lillianne 'The Red', a gnome ranger.

The last one is a varied factor, as she often travels in the vicinity's woods. Currently, she's not in town.

It has a couple of farmsteads outside the town walls, which have been on edge with a kobold tribe settling in a nearby cavern. Farmhands from here were some of the 1st to have gone missing.

Alright...so I don’t have to rebuild the character. He comes from a neighboring town, one less accepting. The prisoner he rescued is a native of Serenity’s Hollow. Upon hearing that the home of the man who saved him (spiritually) is in danger, he has come to offer what aid he can.

Would that be sufficient ties? If not I could always make him a native of the town.

That's fine. :)

Thanks. :)

Should be fun, hope I get in.

Silver Crusade

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Hi, are you still taking applicants? I have a Gathlain Kineticist concept I'd like to try out. I know it's a bit more exotic than you have indicated, but could you consider it? I can have stats and story ready in an hour or so.

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No problem with the kineticist, but i'm going with the regular races.

Silver Crusade

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Ok, that's understandable. I'm kinda hooked on this concept right now, can't really think of anything else. Thanks for considering!

How's about having a Nagaji Samurai with combined archetypes of Sovereign Blade and Ward Speaker added to the mix as a secondary prospective character? ;)

Obviously, the character would be an outsider answering the call, as it were.

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Outsider is a modest term. :)

What reason does the scaled easterner have, to visit a deep in the woods town?
There won't be a benefit from the warden, no shrines are in the region, fyi.

Aside from general adventurer mentality of course.
(Loot & fame)

The general adventurer mentality sounds good to me- our prospective scaled hypnotizing, venom-spitting Ronin easterner would've probably heard of the recent goings-on while traveling through (for reasons known only to the character... maybe the kamis want the nagaji to scout out new homes?) and decided that if something were to be done about it, scaly weapon-wielding hands were needed. :)

As for that minor problem of there being no real shrines in the area, there is this faith trait, natural ritualist, that might be useful from that end.

Of course, you'd be well within your rights to disallow it, as it's from the recent Faiths and Disciple's Doctrine player's companion (same as the ward speaker archetype for that matter) and hasn't been vetted by the PFS leadership yet. I'd also be fine with the warden parts not working as well. ;)

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I'm considering a couple things. I've wanted to try a Kinetic Knight frontliner for a while but that has negative synergy with Skalds. Could go with a Paladin of Apsu instead, as another concept I've been itching to try, since they tend to wander the world looking for places to help out.

I've got a mental image of the Paladin of Apsu in my head in particular that I like; this lightly armored wanderer slamming down his staff and splitting an oncoming lightning bolt, because Divine Barrier is probably the coolest Paladin feat ever.

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Norde is interested. Count Norde in, if you will have him.


Human (Ulfen) barbarian 5
N Medium humanoid (human)
Init +0; Senses Perception +8
AC 11, touch 6, flat-footed 11 (+5 armor, -2 rage, -2 untyped penalty)
hp 70 (5d12+30)
Fort +9, Ref +1, Will +3
Defensive Abilities improved uncanny dodge, trap sense +1
Speed 50 ft.
Melee +1 greataxe +12 (1d12+17/×3) or
dagger +11 (1d4+10/19-20)
Ranged mwk composite longbow +8 (1d8+5/×3)
Special Attacks rage (15 rounds/day), rage powers (lesser celestial totem, reckless abandon[APG])
Str 23, Dex 10, Con 20, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 10
Base Atk +5; CMB +11; CMD 17
Feats Cleave, Great Cleave, Power Attack, Step Up
Traits armor expert, weapon training
Skills Acrobatics +8 (+16 to jump), Climb +14, Handle Animal +4, Intimidate +8, Knowledge (nature) +4, Perception +8, Ride +4, Survival +4, Swim +10
Languages Common, Skald
SQ fast movement
Other Gear +1 chain shirt, +1 greataxe, arrows (20), dagger, mwk composite longbow (+4 Str), boots of striding and springing, 127 gp
Special Abilities
Celestial Totem, Lesser (Su) Cure spells heal CL extra Hp, non spell magical healing does class level extra.
Cleave If you hit a foe, attack an adjacent target at the same attack bonus but take -2 AC.
Fast Movement +10 (Ex) +10 feet to speed, unless heavily loaded.
Improved Uncanny Dodge (Lv >= 9) (Ex) Retain DEX bonus to AC when flat-footed. You cannot be flanked unless the attacker is Level 9+.
Power Attack -2/+4 You can subtract from your attack roll to add to your damage.
Rage (15 rounds/day) (Ex) +4 Str, +4 Con, +2 to Will saves, -2 to AC when enraged.
Reckless Abandon (+/-2) (Ex) Trade AC penalty for to hit bonus while raging.
Step Up When a foe makes a 5 ft step away from you, you can move 5 ft to follow them.
Trap Sense +1 (Ex) +1 bonus on reflex saves and AC against traps.

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A pull, a compulsion, a need to serve, to follow the sound and serve its master. Squeezed out of nothingness and into somethingness. He felt the urge to fight, to smash, to serve. Not smash the one with the horn. That one was friend, master. Not smash the other two like himself, they were friends too. No, smash the others, creatures. No idea what the creatures are, but they must be smashed. He smashed, he smashed again. He got hurt. The creatures took down his hornbrothers. He smashed again. The creatures attacked the hornmaster. The hornmaster fell. She dropped the horn. She was bleeding. The horn got smashed. A great pain. A stretching, a pull towards the broken horn. The pull stopped. He smashed more, until there were no more to smash. He fell, exhausted.

He awoke. He searched the bodies. The hornmaster was dead. He took her things. He had some things of his own. The creatures had no things. His hornbrothers had disappeared.

He wandered. He pondered. North! Norde. Home.

He met people. They asked his name. He understood them. He said the first thing that came to his lips, "Norde."

He had no other answers. No memories before the summoning. No memories of his hornbrothers or the hornmaster.

He had primal urges only, food, sleep, survive, kill. Of good and evil, of law and chaos, he did not even consider. He was empty inside. He was a story with no beginning, and hardly a middle, but surely an end, someday.

The Concept:

Norde is as simple to describe as anything in this game. He is a Viking Barbarian summoned with a Horn of Valhalla. While summoned, the horn was broken, and he was stranded. A man with no history, no morality. No self except some very basic feelings.

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I'll keep recruitment open until and uncluding tomorrow, and pick on the weekend.

Figured I should get some character stats worked up before the recruitment closes...

Uke the nagaji samurai

NG Medium humanoid (reptilian) Nagaji Samurai 5th level (ward speaker, sword saint)

Init +1; Senses low-light vision; Perception +6


AC 21, touch 11, flat-footed 20 (+9 armor, +1 Dex, +1 natural)

HP 44 (5d10+10)

Fort +7, Ref +3, Will +3; +2 vs. mind-affecting effects and poison

FCB: +1 skills


Speed 30 ft. (20 ft. in armor)

cold iron wakizashi +9 (1d6+4 or 6(2h)/18-20) or
. . kunai +9 (1d4+4) or
. . razor-sharp silversheen katana +10 (1d8+4 or 6(2h)+1(8/rs)/18-20)

sling +6 (1d4+4) or
. . tube arrow shooter +6 (1d4) or
. . spit +1 touch (poison)

Special Attacks brutal slash, challenge 2/day (+5 damage, allies gain +2 to hit), iajutsu strike, terrifying iajutsu, weapon expertise (katana)

Spell-Like Abilities (CL 5th; concentration +7). . 1/day—hypnotic gaze[ARG]


Str 18, +4 [base15/+1;4th]
Dex 13, +1 [base13]
Con 14, +2 [base14]
Int 8, -1 [base08]
Wis 13, +1 [base13]
Cha 14, +2 [base12]

BAB: +5; CMB +9; CMD 20

Feats: Barroom Brawler[ACG], Spit Venom[ARG], Weapon Adept (razor sharp)[AA2]

Traits armor expert (combat), natural ritualist (faith)

Skills Acrobatics -3 (-7 to jump), Bluff +6 [1r], Climb +4 [1r], Craft (woodworking) +3 [1r], Diplomacy +6 [1r], Handle Animal +6 [1r], Heal +2 [1r], Intimidate +6 [1r], Knowledge (geography) +1 [2r], Knowledge (nature) +1 [2r], Knowledge (planes) +1 [2r], Perception +6 [2r], Profession (woodcutter) +5 [1r], Ride +1 [1r], Sense Motive +5 [1r], Survival +5 (+7 to provide food and water for allies or to protect allies from harsh weather) [1r], Swim +4 [1r]

Languages Common, Draconic

SQ aid allies, order of the dragon, propitiation, resistant

Alchemical Gear

air crystal, alkali flask[APG], antiplague[APG], antitoxin, blood-boiling pill, blood-chilling pill, flame fountain firework[UE], heatstone[ISWG], troll styptic;

Other Gear

+1 o-yoroi[UC], erutaki coat, tube arrow shooter[UC], bamboo shaft arrow[UC] (10), cold iron wakizashi[UC], kunai, silversheen katana[UC] with razor-sharp modif., sling, sling bullets (10), bag of holding: minor, cloak of resistance +1, goblet of quenching, hex nail, lantern of the four elements, scabbard of honing[UE], traveler's any-tool[UE], armor truss, bandolier[UE], bedroll, earplugs[APG], magnet[APG], marlinspike[ACG], masterwork backpack[APG], poncho[UE], silk rope (50 ft.), smoked goggles[APG], spirit compass, storm glass, trail rations (5), twine (50')[APG], waterskin, weapon cord[APG] 1, weapon cord[APG] 2, whetstone, & winter blanket

Coins: 2 gp, 2 sp, 4 cp

Carry Cap: 116/233/350 [100/200/300]

Special Abilities

Aid Allies +3 (Ex) Aid Another grants +3 bonus.

Barroom Brawler (1/day) As mv act, gain combat feat that you meet prereqs for for 1 min. (power attack/blindfight/combatvigor)

Brutal Slash +2 (Ex) Gain a bonus to confirm Iajutsu Strike criticals.

Dragon's Challenge +5 (2/day) (Ex) +5 to damage target, -2 AC vs. others when used, allies gain +2 to hit the target of your challenge.

Hypnotic Gaze (1/day, DC 13) (Sp) Hypnotism on a single target using gaze, effect lasts a single round.

Iajutsu Strike +3d6/-4 AC (Full-round) (Ex) Draw sword as strike challenged foe for extra dam, but take AC penalty for 1 rd. You can use this once per foe, each day.

Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in dim light, distinguishing color and detail.

Spit Venom (2/day, DC 14) Spit poison up to 10 feet as a ranged touch att to blind foe 1d6 rds (Fort neg).

Poison (DC 14) (Ex) Spit—contact; save Fort DC 14; effect blinded for 1d6 rounds; cure 1 save. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Propitiation (2/day) (Ex, Sp, Su) Spend 1 min & gain a fortune. As imm action dismiss to reroll one d20 roll, keeping the new roll.

Resistant (Ex) +2 racial bonus to saves vs. mind-affecting effects and poison.

Terrifying Iajutsu (DC 14) (Ex) When hit foe with Iajutsu Strike, all foes in 30 ft shaken 1d4+1 rds (Will neg).

Weapon Expertise (Katana) (Ex) You can quick draw the chosen weapon, and gain +2 to confirm critical hits.

Armored scales +1 natural AC.

Razor Sharp weapon mod: +1 bonus on weapon damage rolls for a number of attacks each day equal to 3 + your base attack bonus.

Notes: Discovered some odd rules interaction with the Sovereign Blades' Golden Armor ability and the Ward Speaker's propitiation substitution; decided to go with the Sword Saint archetype instead.

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What deities would be appropriate for a cleric to worship for the region?

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While Erastil is the deity upon the town's foundation, other N & G aligned deity with domains (or subdomains) related to:

Adventure (the founders were adventurers, after all), Community, Luck, Protection, Travelers.

If someone is from a city outside of the woodlands, there is a road between which a coach rides, your transport will have been taken care of.

Moving alone through the woods tends to be a bit risky, with stuff going on at current times.


I am dropping a few cameos or references throughout the game, for fun.
For one, the team faced off against the South Park christmast critters, and won. ;)

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Thandir & Uke, hop on over to discussion.

Everyone else, thanks for the interest.

Congrats and best wishes to everyone who participated in this recruitment. :)

Mary Dawnrose wrote:


Thandir & Uke, hop on over to discussion.

And Uke will hop on in there too then, Mary Dawnrose. ;)

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Have fun!

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