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This time Rozella's attack hits the mark, with her blade striking the troglodyte leader right in the throat, and he collapses into a pool of his own blood.

Out of combat!

With the threat now ended, you're free to explore the tower at will. In the large wooden chest next to the throne, you find Tasskar's treasure, much of it looted from the tower itself. It contains a masterwork short sword, 15 cold iron shurikens, two flasks of acid, a potion of cat’s grace, a potion of lesser restoration, a wand of summon monster, and some assorted gems and gold. On the troglodytes person, you find several darts, a masterwork scimitar, a cloak of resistance +1, and a key ring with several keys.

With Balenar in tow, you return to the Grand Lodge and report back to Venture Captain Hestram. Happy to see you brought back Balenar alive, he rewards your troubles with a small sum of gold and the opportunity to undertake more missions with the Society.

Scarab Sages

Male Dwarf (5 King Mountain) Fighter/1 CORE | HP: 17/17 | AC: 20 (11 Tch, 19 Fl) | CMB: +4, CMD: 15 | F:+5, R: +1, W: +3 | Init: +1 | Darkvision 60’ Perc: +8, SM: +3 | Speed 20ft | Re-roll (+2) 1/1 | Active conditions: None.

Trudging back through the rain, Darak relishes the soothing water on his singed beard and flesh, lugging their spoils from the fortress with them to the Grand Lodge. Waiting around he sends his Axe for sharpening and listens to the Venture Captain's debrief thoroughly and then claps.

"To the Bar! Balenor, the first round is on you!" he laughs.

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