GM Harker's PFS Season 4 Campaign

Game Master Justin L. Warren

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Krago, let me consult the other players and get back to you sometime tomorrow on this thread.

Sovereign Court

I could join in if you needed a body as well, though am at the bottom of the level range, which can always be a concern... and not remotely a arcane caster =)

8 Monk

Krago and Olaf, you are both invited to join us. Please check in on the Gameplay and the Discussion threads.

Thank you for your interest Doubtful, if one of others cannot join us I'll send you a PM to extend an invitation.

Recruitment Closed.

Hello GM Harker, I just wanted to say that I would be very interested to join your table if a spot opens up!

Just PM me even if that is in many months. ;-)

Thanks a lot

Assuming you're interested in the Season 4 Campaign, noral, I'll keep you in mind if we have another opening.

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