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Game Master Chyrone

Season 1 run with a few others mixed in.
Let's get it on, lvl 1 to lvl 12.

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Silver Crusade

No, but I am within tier and could level out, play slow advancement for one level, and then be at the right tier for the rest of the run.
With all the others at level 4, I won't affect the APL at all.

Basically, I would be equal level with the rest of the group after The Darkest Vengeance. And would never impact the tier.

ALternatively, I wouldn't mind putting Mylvwara on ice, playing a pre-gen for a few adventures, and then picking up Mylvwara again when the group reaches level 5.
I could play Kyra: clerics are great and pre-gens are provided at level 4.

Whichever works better for the group would be where I'd go. Got my oracle leveled to 4 but didn't have time to post, family birthday.

Silver Crusade

Or you could take Scorched One until you reach lvl6, then I could come in for The Devil We Know?

That sort of arrangement would I think work best, but it's up to the group and GM.

I like the idea of that, both being able to play.

ScorchedOne, hop on over to discussion and gameplay.
I'll PM you when the time comes, Mylvwara.

Both of you, thanks a lot, finding compatible team members is so tricky. :)

Silver Crusade

I look forward to it: I'll have to find a game to get up to level 6 in the meantime :D

Dark Archive

What's the current tier for next planned adventure? Also, is the group full yet? If the 'table' has openings and the tier's right, I could bring in either my ectoplasmist spiritualist (level 3) or my -1 Kahel, who is level 5. That I'm reluctant to do though since the local lodge is running stuff for level 5 characters, and if I'm using Kahel here I can't join other sessions with her.


We are currently in tier 5 games, and are in the middle of our current one. If you've got any other lvl 5+ PCs that wants to join a mission in the future (or more than one), i can give you a call.

You'll have to mention which ones you can join, though.

Silver Crusade

Sadly, my other level 5 (I think) character is a Core monk. As such that's not really an option. Dang. *frowns* Which just called my attention to a problem I didn't know I had. I apparently accidentally deleted all my Hero Lab porfolios of my Pathfinder Society characters while clearing everything out of my drop box folder and figuring out why one of my usb sticks was having problems. Oops. Fixable though.

EDIT: Looking over which scenarios Xao has applied both as GM credit and playing, there's no conflicts with what I've played or ran in Standard. Actually, I haven't really GM'd a Standard session yet. So I could bring in Xao Li Quin. The local lodge stopped running Core a while back anyway.

Misremembered, Xao is level 6 now with 2 XP to go before leveling again.

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