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Recruitment for the Standard PFS named session above! I'm looking for potentially 2-3 more players to make a full party.

This is tier 7-11, but I'm hoping to play it at low tier (7-8). Be warned, we have a hard deadline of 1st Oct, so this will be a relatively fast paced game where players are expected to post twice a day.

Also do read through my profile to understand my PBP expectations. If you are interested and believe you can meet these expectations, please post below your character that will be interested to join.

Selection will likely be by lottery, but I may pick players if they have GMed for me in the past.

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Applying with Martha von Lucius, a level 7 two-handed fighter.

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I'll play with this character.

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If you've stumbled here through PBPgameday site there has been a complication for the group I originally intended to run it for, and I'm looking to switch it to a lower tier game instead, at the moment it's [2-03] Rebel's Ransom tier 5-9. If you are keen on the later game, feel free to post below.

I would be interested in Rebels Ransom, I have a lot of characters in the high tier available.

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Game is full!

Hi! I would like to be on the waitlist. If a position opens up please contact me. ;-)

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