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A broken tyre forces a group of travellers to be stranded in Dunwich a nice first sight...but pretty soon they find out that there are some strange things going on...

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Male Human Offensive Option 3

We did not ask many questions. Yet they decided to not only get rid of us but also get rid of a nice lady, living in town forever just because we were there!

The Believers aren't stupid - they won't kill a whole squad of firefighters - the operation must have rused lots of attention, so I don't fear for these people...more so for our friends who have stayed there.

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Daniel grows pale
Applesauce! I did not even think of that.

No doubt that the unidentifiable tramp bodies found there will be them...

"Best we forget all about the place, just scram while we got the chance"

"Like I said. They won. Well, time to walk. Best to return to civilization."

"I'm sorry about what happened back there boys, but those fellas were bad and they'd have whacked us just the same... no hard feelings eh?"

Male Human Offensive Option 3

I do not know if I can live like that...knowing the nex poor sods there will be killed, families, lonely travellers...there must be something we can do.
Daniels thoughts wander to his own family and he starts sobbing, all the horror of the last days and now the thoughts of those bastards just going on with their murderous ways overwhelming is countenance.

The professor lays a hand on Daniel's shoulder and brings him slowly back to the car. Once he has seated him inside, he returns to Murphy and Reggie

Gentlemen, I think Daniel is right...we can't accept the Believers reign of terror. Do you remember that I told you about the painter in Boston? I think that he must have known more about all this - maybe what is behind the cult. ...I...I can only speak for myself, but I'm going to make a trip to Boston next week and I wouldn't mind your company.

"Suppose we are for a bit of a journey then"

"Yes, Boston it is. I can let my mother know the truth. It might even get us some support."

"Best to start walking then."

"Thank you for the loan of the car. You are a good man. If I was you I would make up a story about how you were run out of Dunwhich at gunpoint. Would hate to see your company loose any more salesmen."

So we walk into town? We should remember to ditch the guns before we hit civilization. No need for questions.

Male Human Offensive Option 3

I am glad to hear you are all on board. Good thinking about the guns, Reggie. Let us head to town, then.

The walk to Arkham is accompanied by mixed feelings - you're glad and relieved that you were able to escape alive, but the wrath that was kindled by the Believers also fills you with determination - the cult has to be wiped out...

Arkham, one of the larger towns in this part of Massachusets is about to wake up as you reach it. The first person you meet, a maybe 15 year old paperboy, eyes you with a mixture of wonderment and surprise

Mhm I guess we don't look too fresh, heh.

The professor snickers and stops the next taxi which brings you to his house in one of the better districts of the city.

The brick-red, large house with a nice garden is well kept and lies in a neighbourhood where you would expect to meet the rather successful people from the city.

"Lets get all freshed up, then let's see about where we need to be and who we need to talk to. I need to get to a developer for all this film too" Murphy points to all his camera rolls from their arrival in the nightmare town.

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Professor, I really would not ask you if I had another choice, but do you have an old suit you would be willing to part with?
I did hit some hard times even before I ended up in Dunwich and all I posessed was in the suitcase I left there during the whole chase.
I do not own any money and I do not know how I could pay you for help, but the last days took a bigger toll on my clothes than a year on the road and I am not sure my attire would last till Boston.

The professor eyeballs Daniel for a moment and it dawns on him that his clothes are most probably in a similar condition

Mr. Tauber, it would be an honour to lend some of my old suits to a gentleman from Hollywood - my late wife would have loved this story, heh.

He leads you inside the house, through a dark corridor into the large living room. Dark mahogany bookshelves line the walls of the room - they nearly burst under the amount and weight of large volumes and old tomes stuffed into them.

Mr. Tauber, I will look for a suit and then I will have to call some friends. Murphy, why don't you open the bottle of sherry over there and serve some drinks, mhm?

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Daniel gulps, his resistance weaker than ever since he left Boston (and astonished that a respectable man like the Professor would keep sherry in his home), but he manages to get a hold of himself.

Just water for me, thank you, you are very kind.

"Coming right up boys"

Murphy checks the bottle, then cracks the lid and starts pouring.

"Might need a few of these, so I'll keep the bottle handy"

The professor notices Daniel's slightly incredulous look and comments dryly

Try to imagine the home of someone as far away from the ideas of Methodists, Presbyterians, Baptists and all these charlatans and you might land here in my living room - alcohol sometimes makes sense...this is one of these situations, heh.

without knowing about Daniel's personal fate this might not have been the most sensible, but surely true answer.

Male Human Offensive Option 3

You are probably right, I just...I had it make sense so often after...well so often that I lost my sense in the end...I just dont want to go there again...

The professor nods, gives Murphy a nod and walks upstairs to fetch the suit and phone some people.

Want to do anything now that you are alone or just wait for the professor?

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Daniel is feeling uncomfortable, afraid he involuntarily snubbed the Professor, so he is too nervous to just sit and wait. He strides up and down in the room he is, absend mindedly looking at art, books, probably without noticing much, unless it is something really standing out.

Murphy enjoys his drink whilst he waits and has a light browse around.

Reggie wanders the room reading titles and pulling the odd tom off the shelf. He is always careful to return it to the same place.

The books the professor keeps in this room centre around several, rather uncommon topics:

Atlantis, Troy, Mayans, etc.
Ancient cultures and civilizations
Myths and legends
Travel through time and space
Jules Verne

But before you can inspect the volumes closer, the professor returns - in a better mood - and with several black and brown suits. He hands the pack of clothes to Daniel and says

I just phoned my colleague, Dr. Andrew Spillard from Boston. I didn't go into detail and just told him I would like to visit him and the university with some of my best students - show you around etc. He has a chair in anthroposophy and I think he could help us in the long run - if we assume correctly that this Believer-sect has a certain history in the area. I guess we should start with finding out what happened to this painter I spoke of.

"Then how soon before we depart?" Murphy appears to be heading for the door, suggesting immediately is the expected answer.

Uh, oh...Mr. Murphy...I'm an old man and I hoped for grabbing a few winks - hey, I could also need a hot meal.

he grins and hopes to calm you down a bit.

No one else hungry?

the professor appears relaxed - maybe even cheerful now that he is back in his safe haven.

I could make some pancakes!

"I would welcome some food and rest professor. I should also like to send a telegram to my folks. They should be told about what happened to my aunt."

Reggie relaxes and starts composing the telegram.
"Now I just have to find a way to tell them that doesn't make me sound crazy."

Oh...Reggie...I wouldn't recommend telling the truth...I mean not even mention the burning...So, is your family one that sticks close together? Would they come to attend the funeral? Cause if not, you could just pretend she suffered a stroke, mhm?

the professor says thoughtfully while fidgeting with some loose threads on his jacket.

"What a horrid mess. No way is any news going to come off as welcome news"

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Thank you, Professor. To be fair, I had not recognized how hungry I was until you mentioned it, now I seem to be near starving. A meal and some rest would be welcome, and I would like to wash, before I soil your clothes with the sweat and dust of the street.

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Reggie, I cannot say how sorry I am about your aunt. The nice lady was the only one in town who was kind and helpful to us just out of the kindness of her heart. Sadly, I am today just a poor, broken man, but still, if there is anything in my power I can do for you, just say it and I will try,

I have a nice recipe for a tarte flambee. Grabbed it from an old farmer's wife when I was in Alsace during the war, heh. I'll bet you like it and it will surely drive some of the bad memories away...they will return soon enough.

the professor gives Reggie a pat on the shoulder and tells Daniel where the bathroom is, before he goes into the kitchen.

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Daniel cleans himself up and grooms with what he has available without straining the Professors hospitality, then he changes into the clothes his host provided, probably looking a lot better when he returns to the living room.

By that time, the professor has cleared the large table in the kitchen from old maps, tomes and other stuff that surely doen not belong in this room. He has made tartes for everyone and even looks a bit proud

Guys, I don't have beer, but maybe sherbet is also ok?

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Thank you, Professor. It looks delicious, I feel like I could even forget about our troubles for a while.
Is the professor refering to the dessert or to some kind of drink I don't know? If the latter, Daniel will ask politely for water.

It's like soda, I think :)

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Thank you, found it :-), I don't think Daniel has any reason to refuse that

"Thank you Professor the food is welcome."


"I think I will hold off on that telegram for now. Maybe if the photographs show enough to interest the authorities our story will be more believable."

"I will need a photo lab to develop the early shots, who knows what I might have snapped when we first got to town?"

A photo lab? Good idea, we have one at the university?

the professor takes a sip from his drink and ponders about that for a moment

But it will take at least two days until they're finished - we could also do that in Boston, can't we? Oh and Reggie, I think that's a good idea, we just let the dust settle, for now, kay?

"Whatever you say Prof. You want to lay low a while then I'm fine with that, want to do it in Boston then that works too"

Very good... he leans back in his chair and for the first time since the gruesome happenings in Dunwich, he seems to come to a rest.

I guess I'll be heading up soon, get some sleep. I recommend you do the same. There is a sofa in the living room and a double bed in the guest room.

"Best idea I have heard in ages, and no chance of some crazies trying to kill us in our sleep. Now THAT'S a relief!" With that Murphy grabs the sofa.

Once the others are out of sight, he moves his gun to under his pillow

:) good idea, how safe can a place called Arkham be?! a strangely paranoid man?

Good point!

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Daniel heads for the guest room, hoping to fetch a few hours of sleep before last weeks horror sets in to hound whatever dreams he might have.

Okidoki! Everyone level up!

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