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A broken tyre forces a group of travellers to be stranded in Dunwich a nice first sight...but pretty soon they find out that there are some strange things going on...

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Reggie and Daniel flip through the innumerable amount of files, but they are unable to find anything useful within the next half hour. However, Murphy is lucky and picks a very interesting book from between the files: The Bishop register.

After a very quick inspection you realize that the Bishop family has founded Dunwich in 1637 and from then on the mayor and priest of the village have always been members of the family until 1901, when the book has not been continued.

Another strange detail is that mayor and priest have always been either a Geoffrey Bishop or a Humphrey Bishop. When Humphrey was priest, the mayor was Geoffrey, after their death names and office have alternated...

Weird...what does that mean?


Male Human Offensive Option 3

This must have been a very religious town once, more than two an a half centuries of entwined spiritual and worldly leadership can hardly be a coincidence.

The repeated names could mean anything. Of course, it seems pretty creepy, considering all the weirdness we have encountered here, so far, on the other hand, some people are just unimaginative with names, calling their children Geoffrey I, Humphrey II and so forth.

Has anybody seen any mentioning of a Whateley in these files?

"They sure seem set on using the same names over and over, and those aren't good biblical names either. Good idea looking for Whately references"

Oh yeah...Waylan...Waithe...West...ah yes, Whateley...oh...damn, the file is empty.

The professor says with palpable disappointment.

Ok, this is just the register, what other kind of files could they have kept about the Whateleys.

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Perhaps they have put one of them under the ground? Have you seen records about funerals?

Not yet, but wait...ah yes, here they are...mhm...mhm...mhm...this is weird. According to this, the father of Noah "old man" Whateley was buried in 1805?! The burial was paid for by his adult son.

the professor looks at you and scratches his forehead nervously.

"Well he looked old but not that old. More likely there is a generation that the records missed. These folks don't seem to interested in clerical work."

They all use the same names though, so which one is which huh?"

Any other ideas...umm...wait, let me see...we have parts of the register of births, we have the register of deaths, the cadastral register, the commercial register, a chaotic pile of police files and the archive of the Dunwich Gazetteer, a local newspaper closed in 1909.

the professor says after checking most of the filing cabinets.

"Suprised they even had the written word in this hick town"

"Pop it all out on the floor Prof, lets see if theres a bigger picture to come out of it all"

Here you go.

With Daniel's help the professor empties the cabinets and soon there is quite a pile of paper on the floor

Time to sort it, eh?

Reggie lends a couple of hands.
"How about we start with the newspaper? Start with the last issue and work backwards noting any mention of the Whateleys or anyone involved with the believers. Then we cross refrence what we find with the police files again working from the most recent backwards. You guys start reading I'll get these case files in order."

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Good thinking.You do that. I try to find anything in the police files that has to do with Miller, Whateley or missing people.

Research I guess?:
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 2 = 8

Whoa, these files are messed up beyond hope. I could really use some help

Yup, another research roll to determine how long it takes you to find some useful information.

Dm Zyren / Heart of Madness wrote:
Yup, another research roll to determine how long it takes you to find some useful information.

oops forgot to add that 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (19) + 7 = 26 Research.

Together you start to sort the material, but after only about two minutes Reggie suddenly pulls a sheet of newspaper (from the 16th of August 1861) out of the pile - besides some uninteresting small articles, there is a large headline that reads:

Assembly ends in turmoil!

Yesterday, during a meeting of the local council, Noah Whateley caused a turmoil when he claimed that the current mayor, Geoffrey Bishop, was an undead - or rather walking dead monster. While at first most attendees believed this to be some kind of macabre joke, Noah was adamant in this statement. Since Geoffrey was not present, his cousin Humphrey Bishop demanded a proof for such a strange statement in his name.

Noah W. told the other members of the council that he had found an old painting of the first mayor of Dunwich - also a Geoffrey Bishop, when he bought old Mrs. Moore's house on the attic. The man portrayed there looked exactly like the current mayor.

The council, not at all persuaded but Noah's strange ideas has scheduled another meeting for the next Saturday - then Noah Whateley shall bring the portray along so that it can be compared to the mayor - a thing his brother comdemned as childish and a waste of time.

"These people really ARE nuts... how the Hell do we deal with this one?"

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Applesauce, so we are back to creepy with those names. Nifty!

"Its just one large inbred circle it seems"

As the professor kneels down to take another look at the pile of sheets, you suddenly hear Charlie's alarmed voice from above

Hey, there are torches coming nearer!

"Well that can't be real good"

Murphy checks his pistol and makes ready for a shootout.

"Grab any of those papers that look important, we may need to move quickly"

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Daniel, rather unsuccesful with the searching himself, tries to grab any papers Reggie or the professor might point at, at the same time he tries to take at least some of the papers he hasn't been through, hoping (probably in vain) that they might contain useful additional information.

Not sure if Charlie still looks into this Thread.

Well for us that do, we try make do with our sucky skills and grab anything official looking :p

Dm Zyren / Heart of Madness wrote:

As the professor kneels down to take another look at the pile of sheets, you suddenly hear Charlie's alarmed voice from above

Hey, there are torches coming nearer!

"Quick everyone down here! If they don't see anything they will think we moved on."

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Speaking in a whisper despite Charlie and Reggie not doing so - and the cultists hopefully being far enough away they wouldn't here him anyway, Daniel turns to Reggie.
But...if they already know...we would be trapped down here with a lot of wood and dry paper...

But still, we are at the point where we have to decide if we play on with only three people or look for some new blood - opinions?

Scarab Sages

male 1/4 Elf Lorekeeper???

I'd rather not let this game die. I say we look for a set amount of time and continue playing with three people if we can't find any (it shouldn't be to hard to reduce the number of characters accordingly through gruesome death or babbling insanity, should it?;-)

To be honest I never saw this as being a particularly long and drawn out affair, and with three people it actually works better in that things become tighter and less comfortable, three people clinging to each other in the dark as the events of this town culminate in a bloody final few hoursa of insanity. The notion of a Cthulhu/Horror game is lessened by the idea that there could really be any happier outcome than a frantic escape through the woods, with the most likely final moments being our messy demise :p Murphy has already moved to a cutthroat Us V Them mindset which is why he gunned down the others... this isn't about surviving to go get the law, this is a case of 'kill or be killed' to him.

TL;DR I am happy for this to go with 3 people (almost PREFER it) although I'd be surprised if we get out of this town - its more a case of who or what we can take with us as we go down fighting (or we escape).

Male Human Offensive Option 3

As much as I agree about Chthulhu =/= happe ending, I would prefer it if you would at leat not try to force this into a slaughterhouse, other players be damned

Not saying arbitrarily push to slaughterhouse, but rather once it achieves its cumination point that might be a decent spot to give it a rest :) We might win, we might lose, but either way just three of us can keep it tight fast and exciting.

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Agreed. It was just your post before this and Murphys last violent outbreak that had me a bit worried your RL 'extra challenge' might lead Murphy to do o something Daniel might have to regret ;-)

Okidoki! Then I'll take over Charlie until something gruesome happens to him...

Charlie's vopice cracks as he shouts in panic

They're coming closer! Quick, I'll distract them!

Then you hear how he pushes open the door and yells something at your pursuers before he runs out of the chapel and into the dark, followed by the shouting villagers.

What a brave man. Quick, hurry now.

the professor forces out of his mouth while he continues to gather the papers.

"No time to waste then, lets get to it... off to that crazy house with that bizarre man. If he's too strange for these folks though then we really need to mind ourselves" Murph clutches his pistol and makes his break.

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Good luck, Charlie. Come, Professor, let us run.
Daniel climbs up and holds out his hand to help up the Professor and Reggie.

The professor grabs your hand and pulls himself up. As he spots the open door, his expression becomes somber

A brave boy...stuntman he is, eh? I hope he's a good one and we see him again.

As you look out of the chapel door you can see the dancing lights of the torches to your left. They're already about 300 ft. away and you should be able to leave the cemetary unseen now.

Pls, take a look at the Dunwich map and choose a flight path.

Male Human Offensive Option 3

What is the general direction of the Whateley House?

Good question, though probably through the Cem, over Hutchins and then into the woods and begin circling in cover is probably the go...

Roughly speaking the Whateley Farm is northwest of you now. What is your modus operandi? Hide and sneak or just run?

Male Human Offensive Option 3

How far away are the cultists? Would we have a chance to hide or is it more probable that they already saw us coming out of the building?

The group of searching cultists and their dogs have followed Charlie and are now about 150m away to the south. You guess you are still undetected.

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Then Daniels prefered MO would be sneaking through the shrubs (north of the 40something buildings on the maplike the non-murderous (but food grabbing) hobo he was until he reaches Whateley Street and then north unti he is "safely" out of town.

If he ever gets the feeling he was spotted, he will run like hell is on his heels (which would probably not be far from truth). Of course he still tries to keep close to his remaining companions and he will try not to let go of the papers he could bring with him.

Stealth:1d20 + 1 ⇒ (16) + 1 = 17

Done deal on the plan

Plan sounds good to me as well.

"We will remember you Charlie..." Reggie whispers into the night as they hurry throught the darkness.


Funnily the choice of Whateley Road leads you safely out of town, even though the torches appear here and there behind you, they're never close enough to threaten you. As you pass the last house of Dunwich, a dog starts to act up - quickly you pass the house and at the time when there's suddenly light behind the windows you are already at least 300 ft. away.

Now, once again, the dark hinterlands of Dunwich lie before you. A cold shudder runs down your spien as you remember your first meeting with the murderous goatmen in the woods not far away from here.

Male Human Offensive Option 3

Dear Lord. I guess I never really was a good christian, I probably sought solace more often in booze than in prayer, but now I beg you, have your angels wings give us speed to reach the Whateley home, before those creatures get to us. Amen

"Humph....Right now I'm not sure we will fare better with that old murderer than with the believers." Reggie continues to hurry through the darkness.

"The bloody minded bastards won't get us, lets just keep our wits sharp, and ensure we don't hesitate when it comes to what needs doing"

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