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Full Name

Daniel Tauber (formerly known as Danilo Giordani)




Offensive Option 3




about 6'


34, looks a bit older


English, German, Italian


Former Actor

Strength 14
Dexterity 8
Constitution 14
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 10
Charisma 17

About Daniel Tauber

Armor Class 9
Hit Points 19

Offensive Option (Daniel enjoys the physical aspect of acting more then anything else. This and his flamboyant personality do make the offensive option the obvious choice)

Reflex +3/-1 (+2) (The good reflex save is what is leftover of his nimbleness – unfortunately his natural dexterity fell victim to alcohol)
Fortitude +1/+2 (+3)
Will +1/+0 (+1)
Base Attack +3
Sanity 38 (99)

Core Skills:
Bluff 2 +3 +3 (8)
- Craft (Carpentry) 0 +2 (2) -
Diplomacy 3 +3 +3 +2 (11)
Innuendo 0 +3 +0 (3)
- Knowledge (Art) 0 +2 (2) -
Gather Information 3 +3 +3 +2 (11)
Performance (acting) 2 +3 +3 (8)
Performance (singing) 1 +3 +3 (7)
Sense Motive 2 +3 +0 (7)
Perception 4 +3 +0 (7)
Disguise 1 +3 +3 (7)
Acrobatics 3 +3 -1 +2 (7)
None Core Skills
Performance (dancing) 1 +3 (4)
Climb 1 +2 (3)
Drive 0 -1 (-1)
Stealth 4 -1 (+3)
Swim 1 +2 (3)
Sleight of Hand 0 -1 (-1)

Feats: Acrobatics, Trustworthy, WP: Melee Weapons

Possessions: Pocket Knife, Brass Knuckles, (ab)used but good smoking, suit (x2), Shirt (x2), Underwear (x2), leather shoes, suitcase, a little money, cigarette case, matches

• Born 1892 in NYC, Father Jakob Tauber, protestant priest, Mother Ruth Tauber
• Left home with 15, joined a travelling Theatrical Company, parents more or less deny his existence
• Returns to New York in 1914, quickly becomes one of the stars of the NY Theatre and later Movie Scene, regular guest in the best clubs (like the Harvard club), starts travelling between NY and LA to grace Hollywood with his dashing performances and good looks, Hotels become his home
• Marries the setgirl and wannabe actress Judy Hiller in1918, marriage is kept a secret as not to endanger his image as dashing adventurer and playboy. Nevertheless, the relationship is a happy one, daughter Janet is born in 1919
• Daniel cannot decide between the stage and the movie set. The constant travel between NY and LA combined with his family life and the act he puts on for the public start to take a heavy toll on his body and psych. He starts drinking, though he has it under control for now. His Wife and Daughter move to NY, because there he has a more “regular” life then he has when filming in LA
• 1924 While Daniel is on set in LA, his Family gets killed during a battle of syndicate bootleggers after they visited friends in Greenwich. This loss hits Daniel hard enough to loose his hold on life. Within month, his drinking becomes a full blown addiction and his career crashes badly.
• Daniel becomes a drifter. The years he spends on the railways pass in a constant blur. In Boston, he is finally picked up by the salvation army. They help him to sober, though the alcohol took its toll on his body, mainly his coordination (he sometimes has pretty bad tremors). Interestingly he kept his good looks (although he looks a good five years older then he really is) and his charm.
• Daniel decides he needs to return to NYC to bring his journey to an end before he can try to get a new life.