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DM DoctorEvil wrote:
Still vaguely considering the possibility of running two groups of 5 for this now that I am attached to all the applicants...

You should just take us all. Beef up the encounters and let attrition take it's toll :-)

Do 1 then see how you go, you could get a very intense group that take up alot of your time.

Are we there yet? :)


And now? :)

Liberty's Edge

another 5-6 hours, I think.

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"Someone will get "Punch in Face" soon... bah!"

The suspense!

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If my numbers are right you have a strong lead Varya. To the point that I am a bit sad I haven't voted for St John Smythe to increase his chances to be the 5th man.

Okhosa too has a strong lead.

Not sure about the others.

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Remember Rule Zero. In the end, there's only one vote that really counts... and one voice we're all waiting to hear!

In the meantime... Enjoy ;-)

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I have the final vote submitted by PM. I am tallying the results and will have a post up soon. Bear with me a few more minutes, if you please.

DM DoctorEvil wrote:
I have the final vote submitted by PM. I am tallying the results and will have a post up soon. Bear with me a few more minutes, if you please.
Jaime Sommers wrote:

Remember Rule Zero. In the end, there's only one vote that really counts... and one voice we're all waiting to hear!

In the meantime... Enjoy ;-)

It's the final countdown.

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Got called away for a bit, so it took longer than anticipated. My apologies.

The leading vote getters in each category, and thus, the primary party will be:

Melee - Varya Tial - Paladin of Torag
Divine- Dragolan Canario - Life Oracle
Arcane - Okhosa Vusutan - Mwangian wizard returning to his roots
Skill - Mikhail Ruben - bard archivist

These 4 are set to be in the group. They may post in the Discussion tab, which i will open shortly. I would like them to choose the 5th member based on what they think they lack, or who they think would make a good fit. That choice does not have to be the next leading vote-getter. You can hold that debate here or in Discussion, but I would like a group consensus by Sunday afternoon at latest.

The rest should hold on, because once that's chosen, I will start a second group from among the rest of the leading vote-getters by category. (That may require some tie-breakers as you can see from the results below). That game may be delayed a bit (a few days, not weeks or months) in starting, but will go off eventually.

Thanks for your interest and for putting up with my rather unique method of selection. I do feel I know more about each player and their character after going through a process like this, rather than a first-come first served, or standard selection process.

Feel free to PM me to discuss, or if you have questions.

Actual Vote Results:

Smythe - 4
Harbek - 3
Varya - 6
Morgrym - 2

Jord - 3
Celine - 4
Dragolan - 5
Lhinneth - 3

Okhosa - 6
Lartis - 3
Marik - 3
Alain - 3

Mikhail - 7
Felix - 5
Shackelton - 3

Gratulation to the A-team.
And thanks to all who voted in my favor!

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Felix "Lucky Gits" Season wrote:

Gratulation to the A-team.

And thanks to all who voted in my favor!

Don't give up yet, Felix. You were the leading vote-getter not chosen, and if the primary group doesn't pick you for 5th, you will certainly lead up the second group.

I do not give up... I applaud some very great applications.
You learn more from losing than winning. You learn how to keep going.

Her is Mikail.

I have done a minor adjustment changing one of the Cosmopolitan ability, from Perception (bards have it as a class skill) to Heal.

The page is still a work in progress, I want to add some note about his appearance, behavior and separate what he wear from what is in his chest.

Skill and abilities too should have a separate section.

Thanks, everyone. As I said before, though, there were no bad applicants--I could have rolled randomly in each category and come up with an excellent party.

Congrats to those selected!

First of all - congratulations are in order. Good job Group A, I wish you luck with any Serpent you might find along the way!

Now that Lhinneth is mathematically out of the game (and I don't quite expect her to be a 5th pick, seeing how an extra melee or arcane is always a powerful addition to a party, while a backup healer... probably not so much), I'd like to say I enjoyed having made it to the final round and, with it, having had a hand however small in the selection of those fine folks who are about to brave the perils of this AP. Dragolan, Varyan, Okhosa, you were my pick too and I'm more than sure you won't disappoint (nor will Mikhail for that matter; really, you couldn't find a weak submission even if you wanted to).

A posteriori, perhaps my one regret is not having written a proper audition how DM DoctorEvil suggested. So, now that les jeux sont faits, allow me some final lines to at least try to rectify that by answering some of the critiques I've received. First: I know perfectly well what you mean when you say that Calistrian characters are trite and/or unnerving to play with. I've seen plenty of them being played as hyper-sexualized versions of the worst kender PCs some 2nd editions campaigns had to offer back in the day: spanning the range from disruptive and annoying in the best situations, to outright uncomfortably pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone. Those kind of characters irk me to no end as well. I envisioned Lhinneth as a deconstruction of sorts of that particular stereotype, and I regret failing to accurately convey this point in her Personality paragraph.

As for her Stats - nothing to dispute here, you were right. Your good old friendly tanky cleric she is not. What I had in mind was more of a pseudo-ranged Trip build, aided by the fact that any attack bonus a trip weapon gets (such as the one given by Weapon Finesse, enhancement bonuses, Weapon Focus etc.) is also transferred to the relative CMB. It's true however it takes a pretty deep chain of Feats to get there (especially for a cleric) and in the meantime, even using a light crossbow to help with damage output, the party would lose a valuable tank.

Well, enough of this. Once more, to both group A and group B: good luck, have fun!

Congrats to team A.

I'm still around hoping to get picked in the 5th slot or somehow make it into team B


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Congratulations to the chosen/most voted ones. Sorry Diego that we won't have the chance to play together this time (I've been having a peek at the discussion tab: if I were you I would definitely call forth another melee character).

Looking forward to Team B. B as in Best of the Best? This might turn into an interesting competition between teams. Which one will proceed faster? Which one will fare better?

Sorry for my tardiness in giving those selected their thumbs up, but that pesky RL DC smacked me around quite a bit. I knew I was facing some major arcane competition, so it was a battle well fought all in all.

If Lartis doesn't make the cut for Bravo squadron, here is hoping he gets to hook up with you guys on a different thread.

Now to get my ghosting on by following the threads from the cheap seats. :)

Jord is good at melee.. think about it, healing overload, no one dies.. ever...

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In what is, I must admit, a bit of surprise to me, Group A has selected their 5th member:

Morgrym Seareaver

He should report for duty to the Discussion tab.

I will be back later to tally what that means for a possible Group B, but I have several RL items to complete first. incredibly surprising to me as well. Reporting for duty now!

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Mmmkay, with Morgrym off to Group A, the rest of the top vote getters by category are:

Melee St John Smythe
Divine Celine Moonveil
Skill Felix "Lucky Gits" Season

The arcane category has a 3 way tie. That messes with my plan a bit. For first tiebreaker, I will go back to the votes from the 3 players who are in the game, and see if there is a majority winner.

Based on that criteia, Marik gets 2 of the votes, and Lartis the third. In that case I will make Marik Whiterose the fourth member of Group B.

The team should huddle up and choose a 5th from the remaining candidates. Unfortunately, after that I will have to dismiss those not selected. I will open a second Discussion thread and post it here when ready.

I suggest Harbek as the 5th member. We could use another strong arm and as he himself has said somewhere, IIRC, he and Celine will have many things in common when it comes to parents' expectations and fleeing from arranged marriages.

I'd say either Jord or Shackelton.

Jord for more fighting and healing.

Shackelton for disable device and future arcane based on his comments.

Jord would be an interesting choice as well. Harbek has darkvision though, which might prove quite useful.

Dark Archive

I'd say either Harbeck or Shackleton. But, since "There can be only one"™ I'm going to go with Harbeck.

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Here is the link for the Group B Discussion tab if you want to move the discussion there.

Make yourselves comfortable there and finish up all the last minute details of your PC (equipment, spells, etc) because I will be looking through builds in detail over the next few days.

The Jenivere is rigged for speed, and the wind is favorable. Better get aboard before she leaves port without you!

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Sounds like the group needs to work towards some consensus. I'll check back later to see if you've reached agreement on a 5th.

My ears are burning and my axe hand is tingling...


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"-ah-tchoo!- ... I say, did I hear my name?"

Congrats to everybody who made the cut, and to all the fierce competition. You're sure to have a spectacular game!

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Sorry to leave you all hanging for so long, but I have come down with the flu and as such have been a bit remiss on my posts.

The fifth member chosen by Group B is the dwarven miner Harbek. He has already reported over to that thread, I see.

Apologies to the rest! I thought all the submissions where grand, and the choosing is always the toughest part. Thanks for playing my little games, and for your patience through the process. I hope to see you all around the boards soon!

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