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Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

Is a Cohort (-2 levels) equal to an animal companion? I never would have thought so.

Technically, a Paladin's Divine Bound mount is better then a druid that picked a Horse AnCo. Then again, I don't think most druids would pick a horse when you consider some of the more crazy picks.

Since a horse would get

Size Large; Speed 50 ft;
Ability Scores Str 16, Dex 13, Con 15, Int 2(6 for pally horse), Wis 12, Cha 6; Special Qualities low-light vision, scent.


4th-Level Advancement
Ability Scores Str +2, Con +2; Special Qualities combat trained.

I was thinking the stats could just be something greater then a 27 point buy. I don't know how many points you would get for 6, but I'll just was 31-35 points pathfinder style.

so something like 15, 15, 16, 14, 13, 13.

Seeing how epic fantasy point buy characters are suppose to be 25 point buy, this might seem a bit extreme. Strangely enough I still rolled better stats.

and that still doesn't take into count what the rest of the Animal Companion Base Statistics would in theory, give the squire.

In all honesty, I probably would end up rather playing the squire.

For detect evil, I was thinking of just asking for Amateur Gunslinger feat and Gunsmithing like the Holy Gun, since its not that good, and it still conflicts with his no magic rule. Since he likes guns in his campaigns.

I'll be quick

GM, hates mounts, love paladins.

Low magic, humans only, one spell caster for the party.

Have to pick "Warrior of the Holy light" or some non-caster type. "Divine Bound weapons" too magical for some reason.

"Bonded mounts have an Intelligence of at least 6." implies sentient. So instead of a "Divine Bound mount", I just get an Human squire Warrior. However, Holy horse would be better in every way.

What would be good stats for this "Squire", and what would be good for actual abilities for this npc?

Also, Detect evil replacement, since in his campaign, "good and evil" don't exist in that fashion, so he is letting me replace that with something else instead. but Holy gun is awful, and conflicts and conflicts with the "low magic.

Vamptastic wrote:
A Spartacus campaign would be awesome with a better DM, though. Can't you all meet up in the prison yard when you get lunch or something?

Nope, we where not even in the same city until session 3.

For some strange reason we have characters in different places. Its basically to see how his story is playing out. We are point of view characters. It is very annoying.

With the exception of extreme meta gaming, we literally didn't have a reason to do anything in this campaign a side from the "Spartacus" slave leader player. Who can't really do anything because he is in prison and is constantly having pissing contestant with "not crixus" character. Which ends with the dm and the player growling at each other giving their best gladiator slave impression.

The player himself has long since lost the desire to do this because it hurts his throat, and its no longer entertaining.

We are severely restricted on what classes we can play. No ninjas or monks since they do not exist, in the sense that in this "region" there are no holy people or Asian assassins. This guy loves flavor text to the point that we literally can't play any of the fun classes unless the classes are basically to basic you can't reason a way for them not to exist.

This basically means any full base attack classes are A OK, since they basically amount to hitting things harder. Which all the dm has to do, and has done in the past, to counter this, is increase the ecounter's hp. Its fun to have boss encounters at level 3 with well over 100 health, where the dm is basically waiting for a player to do what he wants them to do. Also, rouges steal things, so how could they not exist. A fighter is someone who hit things hard. A ranger is someone who lives in the woods, ect.

Also, he was one of those dms that gave us a 5 page document and asked us to read this before we started playing.

Its awful, all of our characters are constantly separated, so we get 2 hour monologs for characters. Since they are all in prison. We really can't do anything but let the dm rp out his evil character. Any reaction ends in instant death, and actual conversation with npcs end in a pissing contest or being attacked. A good chuck of the campaign has been to describe rape, gory scarifies, or gory scarifies rape orgies. When the novelty of rape descriptions and dick jokes wore off it has now become boring and concerning on how often these keep coming up.

Its a "low magic" campaign so we are only allowed one spell caster. Every time he does a spell its a g#& d$$n spectacle that takes the dm at least 5 minutes to describe casting level 1 spells.

We have been level 3, 5 sessions now, we started at level 3 mind you, and our characters have never all been together in the same room for more then 5 minutes. The DM calculated level 3 being the less troublesome for his story, err campaign.

My character, and alchemist, because that doesn't count as "magic" has been killed because I was going to be arrested and the dm told me I can't use any of my alchemist abilities in prison. Basically a wizard without his spell book. I choose to die by resisting arrest. What should I reroll as since this is getting very annoying.

or better question, what should I do? Aside from stop playing, which I am considering heavily.

So if you set up a trap, or say, throw alchemist fire at Kerosine Oil, would it explode? What about lamp oil?

I am an alchemist trying to set up a impromptu trap with pints of oil and some Kerosine oil I have on me.

Since you can get 10 uses of 1d3 fire damage, I would assume there would be multiple dice of explosion damage, if it even exploded, Maybe 5d3?

Also, what would be the rule if someone was holding something flammable or explosive and you throw an alchemist bomb or alchemist fire at it?

Why was this moved to advice, it was a question on how the rules work.....

Anyway, I know the 3.5 version said " The blade is identical in all ways (except visually) to a short sword of a size appropriate for its wielder. " So I am guessing that was changed for pathfinder for clarification?

I get as far as rules I get why they did this, but If one could make a weapon the emulates something, like a wipe to rope, it makes little sense why you could not just make a rope.

I was also under the impression, that you do indeed get any abilities the weapon got, like if it got trip, then your mind blade would also get trip. Even so, there are a few blade skills that could also help.

I agree that maybe a feat or a blade skills could be added to this to do this, multi-purpose mindblade, but its odd that I could make a warhammer, but I couldn't make say, a bucket.

What if someone got one of those many 3.5 classes that gave "improvised weapon become proficient weapon, abilities."

From what I can tell, the mind blade effectively IS a "real" object, and it can copy the properties of any object it mimics. I've seen people use whip builds with it.

This also mean things like Harpoons or Mancatchers right?

What about mundane thing. I would thing if I could make a scythe or hammer, I could also make a crowbar and use it as a crowbar as appose to a weapon.

Great swords are pretty tall, could one even assume it could be made to actually make a ladder, or a rope, since you can turn it into a whip.

What about a parachute, since it is actually still "physically" there one would assume it would have the same resistance towards "or rather" against wind.

ah thanks

One more try?


Want to make a Green Lantern like character.

Homebrew changes are possible, but trying to keep within actual written materials.

Soulknife + War Mind = green lanternish? "explain psi powers fluff like SKATE as green power going over feet."

What changes should I think about.

A few other people already said this while I was reading down.

but yeah, become a Eldritch Knight, and have a high con.

Since the familiar goes off your health and base attack, he will have pretty decent health by level 16. Wizard 5/Fighter 1/ Eldritch Knight 10/

Get improved familiar, and get a faerie dragon. "ITS A LITTLE PET DRAGON!" and have him fly away from danger, but the point is, he is flying and can cast GREATER invisibility on himself. Ask the DM if you can trade out its feats Acrobatic, Dodge, to something better.

Invisible dragon doing a breath weapon. If you can boost its con, the DC should go up when its "your" HD goes up as well. Free Staggered, Sickened every 1d4 rounds.

It is hard to hit, invisible, and supplying some debuffs during the fight while you are free to do what ever it is you want. Also, he could cast a spell for you, and him being tiny, invisibly and flying, he has a very easy chance at delivering touch attack spells.

You could also get a monkey familiar, train it with poison darts, so it attacks with a high base attack, it could poison someone. Which is hilarious.

There is an Unarmed Fighter variant. Also, as the DM if you can use superior unarmed strike from Tome of Battle. If he cringes at the mention of ToB, just say you ONLY want superior unarmed strike. Most DMs are good with that feat. Basically scales your unarmed strikes as you level.

Also ask if you can get snap kick, that gives you an extra attack if you make ANY unarmed attack. This means even if you do a charge, or just a standard action.

Be a fighter.

Two weapon fighting tree.

22/22/17/17/12/12/7 Weapon training 4, also you get +4 to damage as well.

You can do rapid shot with two weapon fighting, so you can get 8 attacks. You might get an AoO, but you get 8 attacks if you use a shuriken or have quick draw, or just start with a throwing weapon in one hand.

First always get precise shot over rapid shot if you actually fight in combat with your friends, or get ready to charge in with them when they get too close with a sword. Nothing makes team mates angrier then getting hit by a friendly arrow. "That is only if your DM knows about those rules, otherwise keep on double tapping :D"

I was always under the impression that an Inquisitor's main source of damage came from bane.

So your + makes up for any negatives power attack/deadly aim/what ever the dex melee version of power attack was.

Inquisitor had some nice spells that can help out in situations that you engage in melee combat, like the bow to staff, or just carry a greatsword. I always went with greatsword power attack bane, and longbow rapidshot tree for range.

buckler can be useful.

Consider getting the animal domain. Since you don't have to worry about getting the awful spells. having a bear or wolf follow you around with boon companion would be great for hunting evil.

Although the other domains are half bad, even if you don't consider the lack of domain spells.

You have a pretty decent strength score. A 14! thats +2 with a comp long bow. If you can, ask the dm if you can switch point blank shot for longbows, "if he is aware that you need to be specific most DMs don't know or care".

Do the math 1d10+1 vs 1d8+3. that is a min of 4 and a max of 11 vs a min of 2 and a max of 11, my average the long bow will always be doing more damage.

You are already fear starved, do you really need to waste a feat on rapid reload? You don't need rapid reload if you use a longbow.

If you don't carry a shield around. "Think about getting a buckler". Two-handing your longsword will give you 1d8 + 3 damage. Replace rapid-reload for power-attack, That is 1d8 + 6 damage at level 1. Think about getting a greatsword to make that 2d6 + 6, and at level 5, 4d6 +9 when you get bane, and your bane would cancel out the negatives of your attack rolls.

Although that is for later levels. Since you are going range, which is not a bad choice. I would completely recommend longbow point blank shot, precise shot "if your DM understand melee combat rules, your party will love you for NOT HITTING THEM in melee combat", and rapidshot by level 5.

Rapidshot, and level 5 inquisitor bane at level 5 means 2d8+ 2d6 + 6, giving you a 8 min damage, 22 average damage and 36 max damage. Your average monster has about 55 health at that level, and there is a group of you.


At level 7 manyshot, level 9 deadly aim. However, don't simply just think you will never get in melee combat.

A few nice teamwork feats, go ahead and read them all, since "you can use them all" technically.

Any ideas?

8 is already below average, I was under the impression that having a strength score of 3 on any stat meant you where literally handicap. Most groups I played with simply treated anything below an 8 "without racial bonus/negatives" as if you rolled an 8.

Never knew if that was official statement or not, but that is how I usually ran it.

I would probably say any skill focus feat you can think of, and any charisma based feat that goes with diplomacy, intimidating and bluffing.

Perfect Memory, one or even all the variations that people have made for the d20 system. Are you restricted to official books? Since he is a non-combative npc, I doubt your players will care what his feats are, or what they are from so long as they are within reasonable restrictions.

Perfect Memory
You have an excellent recall of obscure details.

Prerequisite: Intelligence 15

Benefit: You may make an Intelligence check with a +4 aptitude bonus to recall stray information about....

Then there was another that I forgot where I got it from.

Perfect Memory
You have photographic memory.

Prerequisite: Intelligence 13
Benefit: You can memorize your intelligence modifier x4 worth of pages perfectly as if you had them in front of you. Events you where there in person for you recall as if it had just happened.

I actually had a player abuse that with his wizard. He was able to recall his a few spells without his spell book. A fun time was had by all. No such thing as a useless feat. Suppose to be used to memorize maps without needing a map. Drove one DM I had crazy. Since he constantly tried to pull that "you weren't paying attention" card on us, but I kept pulling out this feat. So he had to repeat anything we might have missed.

So a campaign I'm going to be playing in soon will have us in modern day, but we are super heroes. No idea how pathfinder rules will end up, but could be fun. No idea at races or loot available.

Probably going to just be human.

DM says abuse the fluff text all you want, but they must mechanically work the same. Homebrewing can be arranged.


Originally I was going with a gentleman master thief, who had the ability to form objects with the help of a "magical/psionic/alien tech" matter. Basically, its a formless ooze that could turn into anything, but when I explained it, everyone kept calling me green lantern, so screw it, I'm the green lantern if he was a Jewel Thief turn superhero instead of a space cop.

Build suggestions? I'm sticking with the idea the power coming me and not a power ring.

Thinking of straight soulknife and asking for a psionic warrior power point and powers known/list progression so long as it can fit with the green lantern ring powers.

such as, SKATE is just me having a healthy green glow under my feat, force screen is a green energy field around me. Animal Affinity, my body glows green and I get stronger/dexier/consitionabliery/smarter somehow. Defy Gravity, green glow around me and I can now move up in the air.

While I can make the shape of things, like, if I wanted to lasso someone, I make a whip as normal to do so. ect

I also expect this campaign be a low level campaign, meaning the DM will milk level 1 for as many sessions as he can, and near the end we will get one level per session as we rush towards the finish, as has been the case for the last few.

Help me build the green lantern in pathfinder terms please.

Build idea if the homebrew adjustments don't go through, for a "legit" character is.

Soulknife, War Mind, from how I read the ruling, as I progress as a War Mind, my Soulknife enhancements would still be boosted with War Mind levels. I would only be pick powers that could be expressed by "the rings power" but again, I will not need to use a ring.

It’s less common, but sometimes a multiclass soulknife enters one of these prestige classes with a bit of manifesting talent. In high psionics games, for this special case, each indicated level of the prestige class advances both the soulknife’s Enhanced Mind Blade, as above, and his existing manifester level by one level. In games that are not high psionics, choose one or the other to increase, but not both.

I also wanted the ability to shape my mindblade at will as green lantern can seamlessly change his constructs.

Suggestions for builds? Suggestions for homebrew changes?

thanks for the advice.

So I have a DM that pretty much has been doing dick moves to counter our characters. I won't go into details since I have before.

Long story short, I thought this was just going to be a phase, but its effectiveness against the party shows that he shouldn't stop. He keeps throwing swarms at us. I tend not to want to carry around 50 pints of oil, alchemist fire/acid flasks, but he just keeps using swarms on us every fight, and at this point 1d6 fire/acid damage ain't gonna cut it at level 11+. On top of the other crazy things he gives these swarms.

Basically I'm a hybrid melee/range ranger with high AC. So of course swarms ignore my magical mithril full plate armor and +5 shield.

A full spec archer ranger, and a Cleric who has tons of spells to burn at this point "but not earlier" but this is less about the cleric being able to get the swarm and more about not having the time to take care of them.

Most of the monsters we have been fighting tend to burst into "swarms" or can puke them out and make them attack us. Completely negating my character's AC.

Suggestions? Thank you.

He has stated wanting to move it to Sunday, but I believe there was conflict with another player that day. Although I don't know why we don't run it during the week-day as no body does anything during the week.

BltzKrg242 wrote:

Well if the DM keeps the encounters at the same difficulty as he has been then you now have an extra lvl 4 character to help. If he increase the difficulty to accommodate the extra player you are going to be in trouble.

Adding 3 levels of warrior will straight suck this poor guys build.

Did he miss games because he's a flake or because his family got run over by a herd of reindeer? I'd be ok with lower level for flakiness but would comp him a couple levels if it was a serious issue.

All of the above? If it is not one thing its another why he keeps missing out week after week. He does have family down, so he has to entertain them, but that was just recent. It was the other engagements happen to happen on saturday afternoons "imagine that" and so this is ussally the first thing dropped. He also is in a club/Organization, I don't know what you would call it. Where people hit each other with foam swords and pretend to be nights, its great exercise.

He seems to choose to do this every Saturday as appose to table tops. :p

So one of our players haven't showed up for several sessions. His character is now 3 levels behind the rest, he is level 4, while we are all level 7.

The DM wants to "punish" the player by making him 3 levels behind, but I see that making a player weaker only makes the team weaker. He was going to be a pure class monk, and is right now a level 4 monk. I asked the DM to maybe give him 3 levels of warrior as a way to keep up with the party, and maybe replace them as we level normally if he actually keeps a current attendance. Since by hit dice and base attack alone, he is already starting to fall behind.

Is the DM right do this? Should he give something since the encounters we face are by no means easy as it is.

All good answers, now what happens if you are the player with high AC and the DM decides to lift the curve?

Both as a DM and a Player, I have been on both sides of high AC.

As a player, getting high AC means no one will even bother to hit you aside from casters, but as a DM, do you just make the monsters have a higher to hit bonus?

I ask from both sides, because I myself have been guilty of monsters having much higher then norm hit ratings, but have also been the victims of encounters suddenly rolling several criticals in a roll, or doing enough damage to KO a character.

Yes AC means nothing over all, but at lower levels you can't very well start throwing non AC attacks at players or touch/flat-footed attacks. Not to mention what happens if the players AC has high all around AC regardless, or has such insane saves.

As a player, nothing is more annoying then to know that your AC tank build you made has not only been rendered completely useless, but that the DM has effectively punished the whole party for you having a high defense.

As well as running into encounters where the boss AC was so insanely high that you had to score near criticals to even hit the boss in the first place. Which makes the DM angry when your first actual hit on the boss does max critical damage causing him to effectively die "in one hit".

So what should someone do when AC runs high, in ether role?

leo1925 wrote:


You still haven't told us how your 6th-7th level ranger dazes, also are you using the 3.5 skill tricks or not?

[Fighter Bonus Feat, General]

SHIELD SLAM [GENERAL] You can use your shield to daze your opponent.
Improved Shield Bash (PH) , Shield Charge (CW) , base attack bonus +6,
As a full-round action or as a charge action, you may make an attack with your shield against an opponent. If you hit, you force the target damaged by this attack to make a Fortitude saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 your character level+your Str modifier) in addition to dealing damage normally. A defender who fails this saving throw is dazed for 1 round (until just before your next action). Constructs, oozes, plants, undead, incorporeal creatures, and creatures immune to critical hits cannot be dazed.
A fighter may select Shield Slam as one of his fighter bonus feats.

From complete warrior which he allowed. Everyone is allowed to use 3.5 skill tricks, since the DM loves them a lot more then we do.

So more supplementary information.

The DR/10 is cold iron, but remember this campaign is "low magic" aka, everything is rare and hard to find. I did not mentioned our magical items because gold ended up being a meta concept for us, yes, tricked yet again that I could actually buy stuff with my gold.

random roll, one person rolled horrible ish, with 10-12s on all stats except an 18 on int for them. They are the caster, and the DM loves under powered casters.

I rolled awful and took the elite array, 18, 16,14,12,10,8, which was hands down better then what I rolled. I don't know how the other two players rolled, but they did not decide to take the elite array.


No magical items except what the DM gives us. He gives up rather nice legacy items, but we have no control over the items until just last session. The legacy items, so he could monitor our equipment levels I would assume. One was a pair of rings that summoned 2, +1 scimitars that counted as light weapons to the wielder and granted proficiency even if you where not with them. This item was also "soul bounded" meaning the next person who summoned them would be the only person who could use them, and you needed both rings on to use them. "Ironic the person who finally did wear them ended up dieing that same campaign." For the most part, since they did not go with any ones build, they where consider too awesome to use, and no one would use them unless absolutely needed.

To this date, no one has actually used them, not even the person who decided he would, since that character died.

another item legacy, that I assume is a neck piece, thats how I have been treating it. It currently grants protection from evil on going to the wearer, and 5 energy resistance. I, the level 6 ranger AC shield tank who just happened to be also good at tripping and one or two others CMB attacks, took that. Originally the other characters had that, but only good characters are allowed to wield it, and after some dickery with previously mentioned demons, I remain the only good character.

A Legacy heavy mithral shield, that takes the bracer slot. As a free actions forms into a mithral shield heavy shield or back to a normal bracer. It gives protection from arrows. You would think that was useful except after getting it, WE HAVE NOT FACED A SINGLE RANGED ENEMY. With the exception of a boss encounter that a construct threw a large object at me as sort of a bonus.

Are party was, "before death" 2 rangers, a witch, and a monk. The monk never shows up and is "3 levels behind" next time he does show up. We are currently level 3.

My character was never made to focus on tripping, he was just good at it, or rather, was, he was suppose to be a mixed range, tank, with some CMB tricks like bullrush to keep people off our ONLY CASTER AND HEALER. She even went heal patron because of this. Most of her time is spent healing the part in combat instead of doing any useful spells.

The caster had been taking craft feats because we already knew the DM was not going to allow us to actually buy equipment, but between level 1 to 7, only about a month has passed in campaign time, so we haven't even been able to craft anything ether. He has been rushing us to no end.

Only recently have we been able to craft items, and after the DM saw this, I can't imagine he is very happy. me, having a +5 AC Cold iron spike heavy shield with shield master, and an item that gives +2 dex, and +2 strength. with my 18 strength, and favorite enemy evil outsider, and shield master for being a level 6 ranger.

+7+4+4+5= +20 to hit to demons, I can bet I am going to see ac in the 40s because of this....


Another thing I would like to mention, when my character starts gather a large stock pile of weapons and item. ALL NON MAGICAL, because I wanted to sell it when the DM wasn't rushing us from one rail road plot line to another, my base gets trashed. My first hide out got raided so I lost my 2-5 cold iron ignot that would have been so handy to have melted into weapon for these demons now, which I called the moment we left. To another "safe place" with several npcs hiding from the law "they where witches, and the law is the church" I totally called again that they where going to get attacked and raided the moment we left. Which they did. keep in mind that this has happened to my character in a span of two days, not a whole lot of prep time. So if I can't actually have it on my person, which since bag of holdings require us to make it, makes it pretty hard, easy come easy go....

The witch has gone through 2 familiars at this point. Other player has died twice, and gone through one character. "Plot reasons"

The with is effectively is level 6, due to using evil, which transformed her from human to a tiefling and another player from a human to undead zombie, he stayed level 7, but he died that same day ironically "Everyone can only start as human". The witch now has to constantly hide her "demon" tiefling appearance, due to obvious reasons, that it currently matters since demons, invasion, ect.

So for the bulk of the game there has only been 3 players. One person comes in and out.

[Fighter Bonus Feat, General]

SHIELD SLAM [GENERAL] You can use your shield to daze your opponent.
Improved Shield Bash (PH) , Shield Charge (CW) , base attack bonus +6,
As a full-round action or as a charge action, you may make an attack with your shield against an opponent. If you hit, you force the target damaged by this attack to make a Fortitude saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 your character level+your Str modifier) in addition to dealing damage normally. A defender who fails this saving throw is dazed for 1 round (until just before your next action). Constructs, oozes, plants, undead, incorporeal creatures, and creatures immune to critical hits cannot be dazed.
A fighter may select Shield Slam as one of his fighter bonus feats.

So should I switch it out for everyones sake? regardless though, he thinks dazed itself is broken, as there doesn't seem to be a "counter" to it.

Also, would you consider that feat too much then?

So I'm pretty sure our characters are being countered now. Not that I didn't think so before, but I'm just sure now. Also, why I am glad I didn't pick rogue.

So I need some clarification, about this explanation, but what do you do when your DM counters you.


At our current level, since this is a low magic campaign, most of our characters, with our 1 caster per group rule, made sure that most characters would probably be full base attackers. I was "encouraged" to go rogue, but every time I have gone rogue with this DM, at some point sneak attack becomes harder and harder to do, because everything will start being immune to it or start having improve uncanny dodge.

So at current, I went level 6 ranger, 19 strength "elite array", and have been power attacking my way to victory with two handed weapons. (weapon damage) + 12

and as far as our party goes, I am not the only major damage dealer, as the other ranger with his 16 strength and 4 attacks and feats was dealing a health amount of damage.

On top of that, I have the ability to trip people on certain attacks with shield slam, and daze people on other attacks, and I have an animal companion wolf who trips on attacks. A bit much yes, but this is effectively all I have been doing the entire game. Trip, flank, AoO, being a full base attack class with restrictions to super natural abilities.

Now, not only do most encounters have enemies that have hero levels, but they also have ridiculously high health, which I wouldn't have minded too much, but the kick was, HOW EVERY SINGLE CREATURE NOW HAS THE SKIL TRICKS, Back on Your Feet and Nimble Stand. Meaning they can recover from being tripped without getting AoO. At level 6, the d10 HD ranger was one rounded one the second round. Technically it would have ended in a complete party wipe, on turn 2 mind you, if the demons didn't, for some strange reasons, find our animal companions and familiars so much easier to hit. "He must realized that it was going to be a party wipe." Granted this wasn't suppose to be a fight we where suppose to win "rail road, chuchu, not that I have anything wrong with his story."

On no fault of the players did we do anything "wrong". demons started to appear in a crowd of people, so first round, shoot the hell out of the demons. After that round, we then realized we weren't doing a whole lot. second round, 1 player and 2 animal companions/familiars dead before they could go. Two weapon Rend tree, they all had it, and another one that allowed for a +15 damage on certain Twf situations.

First The demons have DR/10, they have an insanely high health regeneration, they have improve uncanny dodge so are favorite, trip flank strategy have a a reduced effect as well. Even with the DR, we managed to score well over 80 hits of damage to them, with criticals, and all, yet they did not fall. So glad I did not go rogue. Now I got into an argument on how dazed counts as a mind effect and that THEY ALL ARE IMMUNE TO MIND EFFECTS. I've been rolling high too, so because of that, the AC and CMD at level 7 have reached the 30s.

Long story short, I believe the DM is attempting to balance the encounters, but has us now playing on hard mode due to counter builds.

Dazed seems to be on of those debated conditions.

Long story short, are you immune to Dazed condition if you.

A. Are immune to Stun.

B. Are immune to mind effects.

C. Are immune to enchantments spells.

My DM does not like my Shield Slam, from Complete warrior, Charge, on hit that deals damage (DC 10 + 1/2 your character level+your Str modifier) Dazed unless immune to critical.

Since Dazed is an entirely different condition from stunned, and the spell daze and becoming dazed are two different things, but I think other reasons are at play here as well, but to stay on track, what is Dazed, and why are you not immune to it?

Not a thing? last bump....

Someone could at least say whether or not this was a good conversion or not, a simple, yes, no, needs work, or I dunno would be fine.... :(

and yet, at the end of the day, casters are still stronger then anything in the nine swords. It invokes a type of "uncanny valley" where abilities that make these relatively "normal" classes seem far too outlandish. "That monk just deflected a bullet with his fist? broken!, that wizard is now flying and casting fireballs? seems legit." The biggest reason I always found out why ToB was consider broken was because no one ever read the rules to the abilities, much like most spells and casters "O I thought this meant I charm person and it meant I could do it on anyone as long as I though of them as a person, and that they would help me in combat .:P", and with like spells, some maneuvers are just more powerful then others. :p but anyway

I think any ability that allows for concentration checks should be replaced by your HD + 3 + con, and combat casting should act like skill focus. Since you could have done that normally originally, and concentration checks got replaced by caster levels.


Jedi where MAD, so this feat made playing a Jed much easier. Since Star Wars d20 didn't give AC from armor, but a "defense bonus" from all classes that actually scaled pretty well, and all armor was replaced with damage reduction, having a High Dex "which still gave you Dex AC" and being probably the A MELEE CLASS IN A SETTING WHERE EVERYONE USES GUNS AND GUNS DO A LOT OF DAMAGE,"3d6 was a hand blaster. Some of the bigger non vehicle guns got up to 3d12 or higher" the guy using a lightsaber was pretty much the only guy running through the battle field.

Jedi Guardian and Jedi Consular needed Dex more then strength.

In that sense that feat was pretty useful, considering it was a class specific feat "it required 7 levels of a Jedi class".

The game as a whole valued characters fighting multiple targets as appose to fighting giant dragons and giants. "Although those existed like Kryat Dragons and Rancors". So Being able to kill one storm trooper in one attack when he had less then 30 health at level 7 meant nothing when you consider that there are probably 20 more in the room and more coming. "Storm trooper accuracy from the Imperial sharpshooter school :p"

Not to mention force powers where based off your "health" or vitality. "not your real health buy close enough"

I could imagine 1.5 damage with two hands. You have one hand on the bottom of the hilt that adds more to the swing for more of momentum. Considering if you make it stay as a level 7 "or a +7 bab" feat, that should be fair. I would say tough, that even though you are allowed to two hand a one-handed sword, you still are not allowed to use a weapon that requires two hands.

I don't think you should add both ability scores to it, unless you are very strict about your ability scores, since that could mean someone who rolls two 18s could easily do far more damage, granted they got lucky.

if you want to make Dervish dancer still a viable feat while this feat is in place you can make it so that you can ONLY use this feat while using both hands on a weapon, and maybe still allow two handed weapons, considering you are asking for weapon finesse, I don't think there are any weapons that can.

Dervish Dancer ask for martial weapon proficiency, weapon finesse, and dis-Allows you using shields.

You are asking this feat for a +7 base attack (which would be level 10 for other high dex classes that would benefit like rogue and monk), weapon finesse, weapon focus, and combat reflexes. This a pretty costly feat, and you are getting it reasonably late, while dervish dancer you can get pretty early (level 2).

You could instead maybe have Dervish dancer as a requirement for this feat, that that people who wanted to use their dex bonus for damage and where going sword and board, two weapon fighting, or wanted to use two handed weapons?

Just throwing ideas around.

Trying to make a good BloodStorm Blade 10 level prestige class conversion from Tome of Battle to Pathfinder.

I posted this in conversions, but I don't think many people actually go to that part of the forums looking at the dates of some of the other posts. s-what

D12 health class, full base attack, good fort bad ref and will, 4 +int skills, Acrobatics, Craft, Intimidate, Perception.

First was to drop anything maneuver related, since the class didn't really use them for anything except as a pool source, or allow you to do maneuvers on range throwing attacks. The main appeal to this class is that you can, at level 4, throw any throwing weapon back and have it return to you to allow you to make range full round attacks with the same throwing weapon.

So, the basic idea was to replace the "maneuver usage" with a pool, like the Rage pool, since it was intended to be something you can do constantly. Also, You can trip and disarm with a range weapon, as you could originally with that class anyway, among other powers that we will never use for pathfinder, at least with the DM I am playing with.

Do you think this class is fair? I personally thing it needs additional rage powers, but that is about it.

I've seen other posts about Captain America with this class too, but nothing that actually says what should be changed.

So I talked to my DM about this class and my character, and we decided to do this with the Bloodstorm Blade class.

The decision was ether between giving a ki-pool, or usage of a rage pool. We went with rage pool. Since a ki-pool would be far more restrictive do the amount of ki I would even have while the original intent of the class with ToB classes could effectively do many of these things all day.

First thing, the DM did not want anything to do with Tome of Battle so any requirements to stances and maneuvers was removed and replaced with Rage and barbarian Rage pool, and levels in Bloodstorm Blade count towards my rage duration. Certain abilities that would take a maneuver to use has been replaced with a usage of my barbarian rage rounds per day, or can only be used while under rage. "Stance" simple get apply passively while I am raging and I treat them like normal, "there are only one stance you get, and it is unique to the class.

Requirements (Rage, point blank shot)

Hit Die: d12
Base Attack: full HD
Fort: Good Ref: bad Will: bad
Acrobatics, Craft, Intimidate, Perception,
Skill: 4 + Int

Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special
1st +1 +2 +0 +0 Returning attacks, Throw Anything, weapon aptitude
2nd +2 +3 +0 +0 Martial throw, thunderous throw
3rd +3 +3 +1 +1 Bonus fighter feat
4th +4 +4 +1 +1 Lightning ricochet
5th +5 +4 +1 +1 Blood wind ricochet
6th +6 +5 +2 +2 Bonus fighter feat
7th +7 +5 +2 +2 Eye of the storm
8th +8 +6 +2 +2 Blood rain

(Changed) Returning Attacks (Ex):

While under rage, weapons You can hurl your weapon at a foe and command it to ricochet back to you. Any weapon you throw behaves as though it has the returning special ability for one attack.

(Changed) Martial Throw (Ex):

While under rage, you may spend a round of your rage duration, and any thrown attacks may also trip, if your attack can already trip without this ability, you may also (trip and disarm) OR may trip as done with (greater trip).

Thunderous Throw (Ex):

Beginning at 2nd level, while raging, you build up incredible tension as you ready yourself to throw your weapon, which becomes visible around you like heat waves. When you release your weapon, that power rushes out with your weapon. As a swift action, you can choose to treat your ranged attack rolls with thrown weapons as melee attacks for the rest of your turn. You use your melee attack bonus, including Strength bonus, feats, and so forth, to determine your attack bonus for each attack as normal, but you apply the standard modifiers for range penalties. Attacking into melee, through cover, and so forth incurs the standard penalties. In addition, you can apply 1-1/2 your Strength bonus to damage if you wield the thrown weapon with two hands, and you can use Power Attack with your thrown weapon attacks (adding two times the number subtracted from attack rolls as a bonus on damage rolls when throwing a two-handed weapon).
I'm going to assume this also means I could actually throw two handed weapons as part of a full round attack, it seems like the intention, but I'm using a throwing shield.

Since the original intent of this ability was to apply maneuvers. I have the feat shield sling already, which allows me to trip with any thrown shield.

Bonus Feats are an extra combat feet I meet the requirements for.

Lightning Ricochet (Ex):

From 4th level on, you can throw your weapon at a nearby foe and command it to immediately bounce back to your grasp. Any time you make a ranged attack with a thrown weapon on your turn, the weapon immediately returns to you, and you can catch it as a free action. This ability allows you to make a full attack entirely with thrown weapon attacks, or with a mix of thrown and melee attacks.

This also effectively takes away the need for me to be in a raged state. to "return" on a weapon as the intent of no longer needing to use a maneuver with the original class.

(Changed)Blood Wind Ricochet (Ex):


As a full-round action at 5th level and higher, you can hurl a weapon at a foe and compel it to ricochet to other enemies before hurtling back to your waiting hand. (functions as returning), except that you determine the point during your turn when the weapon returns to you.
When using this ability, you make a full attack with a thrown weapon, but each ranged attack must be resolved against a separate target. You can chose the order in which you attack your foes. Range and cover penalties are resolved for each attack after the first as though that attack originated from the space of the creature you last attacked. If a creature has total cover relative to you, you cannot attack it.
This uses a rage duration round.

(Changed) Eye of the Storm (Ex):

While raging you gain a +4 dodge bonus to Armor Class against ranged attacks and a +2 competence bonus on Reflex saves. In addition, when a foe makes of an attack of opportunity against you when you make a ranged attack while threatened, you can make a single melee attack against that foe as a swift action (assuming you're not unarmed and you threaten the foe). Such an attack does not count as an attack of opportunity. To retain this defensive posture, you can move no more than 10 feet on your turn.

Blood Rain (Ex):

You can enter a state that enables you to inflict a terrible bleeding wound on any living creature you damage with a thrown weapon or a melee attack. Instead of gaining the abilities of Eye of the Storm, The creature you hit with your attack takes 3 points of damage due to blood loss at the beginning of your turn each round. This effect ends if you stop using the stance. An affected creature can end the effect by being the beneficiary of any healing (such as a cure spell) or a DC 15 Heal check. The bleeding effect of blood rain does not stack with itself or the blood rain ability of another Bloodstorm Blade. You may switch to Eye of the storm or any other stance as normal, as a swift action.

I can't get to level 10 of this class if I tried.

I personally think I should have gotten rage powers as I leveled, maybe every 2 (2,4,6,8) or 3 (3,6,9) levels, and that the bread and butter skill Lightning ricochet should be gotten earlier then level 4.

As of right now, I am a level 4 ranger Skirmisher Infiltrator (Undead), going on to level 5. My stats are 19,16,14,10,14,8 (Heroic Array). I wanted to get to level 6 ranger to get shield master, and I was given an extra feat at level 4. The DM is lenient with feat retraining, so I can switch these around so long as they are not required for interfere with another class or feat. I was thinking about droping two weapon fighting and just going straight two handed

Ranger 4/

Human(Improve shield bash)
Level 1(two weapon fighting)
Ranger 2(Shield Slam)
Level 3(Point Blank Shot)
Ranger 4(Shield Sling PHB 2) Trip someone with a thrown shield as well as an attack and damage.

Level 5??????????? (Power attack)

I have to take a level of barbarian for rage (unless you can get it another way), and I am not allowed to be a caster. (Party restriction of one caster per party, but alchemist is still legal)

Well, it is also that I am going straight ranger, and I don't know if this class would count towards your effective ranger levels for any ranger abilities you are taking. We don't know if that is an counts officially but we decided might homebrew it as such, but that hasn't been decided ether. Could someone clarify that, I'm thinking no. I also have a Dire Wolf Companion "just a normal large wolf". I'm not crazy for the class, but just wanted to see what everyone would say. Since it mixes well with my ranger, but just going straight ranger would be better then this class if I don't get leadership.

Maybe I could ask for a free boon companion or 2?

So my GM said ok to a prestige class I picked after skimming it. The class is Night's Watch Ranger from the game of thrones article in Dragon Magazine, which fits with our game of throne campaign.

It is a five level prestige class Full BaB that is isn't all the great over all, except the capstone at level 5 gives you leadership as a feat.

The GM said we couldn't pick leadership for a feat, but the class is giving it to me. What would happen, and what should happen. Should I get the feat? Should I get something else nice instead?

I am assuming that a Skirmishing ranger who uses a Scroll made for a Ranger, with the Ranger spell, say, Longstrider, what does the ranger do?

I'm pretty sure nothing will happen unless he uses a Use Magic Device Check.

This ability replaces the Ranger’s spells class feature. Skirmishers do not gain any spells or spellcasting ability, do not have a caster level, and cannot use spell trigger and spell completion magic items.

From What I am understanding now with how he was running it, is that, so far, many of those encounter we faced where, in many cases, the only encounter per day. So I suppose when you only have one combat instance per day, I guess it was kind of fair ish?...

Encounters in Pathfinder are suppose to work like a War of Attrition, where you are suppose to wear down the resources. However, I see where he is coming from. Even so, hero classes. The standing without provoking an AoO is from a skill trick from Complete Scoundrel, which I myself have. We are allowed to use outside 3.5 books, but it is very selective, for example, only feats/skill tricks have been allowed so far, no other classes or spells, which is fine by me.

As far as alchemist goes, they kind of are not all that good from when I looked at them, especially if it was just for the spells, but I have to take a better look at them again. I was under the impression they could not "share" any of their spells, so it was mostly self buffs. I'll look over it again.

We where informed of this a while before the campaign started. Of the lack of magic and the "gritty realism". I think the biggest problem is just HOW LONG it has been taking us to actually level, and the time between each session is about 2-4 weeks sometimes, usually 2. Each level has been about 3-5 sessions, so we have been VERY SLOW to level.

He loves low level campaigns as it is very easy "to control" the players. Which I don't mind railroaded plots, but this DM has had a history with "class power" countering. Which is the reason I refuse to ever play a rogue with him ever again. "Your sneak attack damage doesn't work."


So anyway, biggest issue had to be the last fight we had at level 3. Where we went up against a group of pirates. They had guns and swords, we only had swords. We didn't go alone, we went with a good few level 2 warriors, but these guys where clearly 2 levels or higher of fighter classes, especially the pirate captain, who critical my AC of 23 "combat expertise, breast plate and a heavy shield with 16 dex." "We are using traditional DnD rules on guns." effectively one rounding me. All 4 party members dropped below 0 at some point.

His pirate captain, despite being only at one health, since we charged his first before anything else, came back with vengeance at 1 hp, and was constantly just doing half damage to the party at least, ever time he came out. We still had to deal with his crew, since our back up just got slaughtered due to not having guns, "early guns", being under level, and low rolls. Also, the pirates knew their ship, and used it to their advantage. All of the pirates had again, around 30 health. Except for the pirate captain, who was most defiantly Hero classes, and higher level about us to boot, with 3 attacks, no doubt rapid-shot two weapon fighting with pistols, and rarely every missing.

"Well, none of you died, so it was a fair fight." This has been the center argument of every fight we have been in. Since none of our characters ever die "in this campaign", even though everyone in the party dropped below 0, in fact a few times, the entire party in the same fight, just not at the same time. It just encourages him to make the fights harder or stay the course. In fact, he was mad when my character was able to, surprise round + full round high Initiative and drop one of his monks before they ever acted. The guy had over 30 health mind you....

Long story, basically "what due"? Currently level 4, in a "Game of thrones" Setting where magic almost doesn't exist in high levels.

So our current campaign, we are only allowed one spell caster. Which one player picked as a witch. She was given the ability to spontaneously use heal spells by the DM, as he is aware she is the only caster. The DM has a history for not liking caster. Not to mention the encounters seem rather tough and are very good at countering out very specific builds.

Every fight has her basically using heal spells on the party almost every round, if it was not for her Familiar, she (The Character) would never be able to do anything else but heal. Basically, blowing all of her spells. Her Familiar is effectively an animal companion, the party knows, the DM does not since the Witch character has express that he isn't really having any fun at all in combat, especially having an AC of 12 due to low rolled stats, so we have decided not to say anything. At the table, during the RP sections, he (The player) has his head laying over the table bored out of his mind. Since his characters "Story parts" do not come up as often as some of the other characters. The caster is pretty much dead if so as an arrow nicks her.

His characters overall plot involves that fact that the witch "she" is one of the few people in the world who can cast magic. We expect that would have something to do later on, but I'm not really ranting about the story.

The two rangers, are not really having any true issues since our characters do only 2 things, hit things and get hit. I have adapted to being a switch hitter AC shield ranger, where I shoot with a long bow, and then engage in melee combat when the opponent comes near me. I went Combat Maneuvers with shields as well, and we have a monk who has 16 AC.

Which brings to the next and final part, both the monk and I use Maneuvers, specifically tripping gripping and bull rushing. The enemies we are encountering also have hero levels, but use NPC stats as apose to our ether good rolls, or heroic stats (18/16/14/12/10/8). I don't know which NPC stats he used but I think it was the better of the two. The Monks we fought had 16 AC. The Alchemists "THAT DOESNT COUNT AS MAGIC!!!! :( " where throwing potions at us pretty hard. They all had about 30 health, so it is fair to say that they are at least level 2, but I think they where level 3. We fought them at level 3. These guys are cultist, so of course they would try to suicide bomb us when they where close to death. "The monk and other ranger grappled one, more heals for the witch"

There was around 12 of them. I don't recall the exact number, but I killed 4 guys on my own, while the party took out the rest.

All the monks happen to be quite good at escaping grapples and getting up from falling prone without provoking an AoO. Then the stunning fists started flying.

I didn't take any damage do to my switch and hit strategy, and scored the most kills in the fight because of it, but was constantly annoyed that every damn one of these monks got off wall/floor and tried to punch through my shield without me so much as AoO any of them. "My AC of 23 held out, I fear my DM is going to have something nasty stored for me" Both the ranger and I where allowed a bonus ranger specific feat for not being allowed to cast ranger spells every 4/8/12/16 level on top of skrimish.

two of out party members dropped below 0 during that fight. We leveled after that fight to level 4. So as a beast master, I was going to get 3 wolves with the feat Boon Companion. "You can split the HD" Upon telling my DM this when I went to go venture back outside to get these new wolf friends as it was clear we where in over our heads, the entrance... can you guess what happened? Collapses, and the only now is forward.

He pulled similar cards on us before, the other Ranger had his animal companion skin level one with one of the archtypes. "You can only choose a bird, and its at half its health until you get 4" He picked a Roc, and after giving it the light armor feat and crafting it some exotic light armor with the ranks I have in craft armor, its AC was something like 25. The DM I don't think was happy. So when ever we entered an "important area" "See dungeon" the animals would be too spooked, and would refuse to go in............

In fact I even brought a guard Dog with me, and the dog was too scared to go in with me. Since this was just a normal guard dog I bought, I didn't try to force it to follow me.

TL:DR, are we being countered? What should we do if we are? This DM values story over combat, so I can see why he would want to restrict certain elements, but still........ Give me my wolf pack.

ki pool isn't technically magical at all, it suppose to be something similar to an adrenaline rush, although it could also count as spirit energy to some people.

Evasion/Uncanny Dodge (Both improved and not improved) always seemed like pretty big hits to me. Maybe have Rogues get an extra Rogue Talent at 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th level, "Reason I started at level 1 is to make up for the lack of eastern weapons." Kind of like the human favorite class bonus.

If the player themselves picks ki pool talent themselves, which works different from the ninja's version, then it is all on the player.

BltzKrg242 wrote:

That's the part I am unclear on as well.

if I summon it X times a day, can I send it away?
Silver is about to die. "Alright boy, go home!"
Whew.. saved his bacon!

I believe so, as with any calling spell, since it function like one, once dismissed or service has been ended, it can instantly go back after informing you in anyway, which in this case your telling it to, so immediately, and it wouldn't go back on its own unless you die or tell it too.

Normally there is something with money and wealth with call spells, but your companion WANTS to be by your side, so that is not an issue, although it still has a mind of its own, so if you do anything that would normally end with someone trying to run away from you, like trying to kill them, it will do so.

Calling: a calling spell transports a creature from another plane to the plane you are on. The spell grants the creature the one-time ability to return to its plane of origin, although the spell may limit the circumstances under which this is possible. Creatures who are called actually die when they are killed; they do not disappear and reform, as do those brought by a summoning spell (see below). The duration of a calling spell is instantaneous, which means that the called creature can't be dispelled."

You still can't summon it unless you have X more summons left, and if you do have X many summons left, it returns at the health it was at if less then a day has past, at least, that is how some DMs I played with played it, other simply gave it its full health back. I'm sure where ever paladins get these magical horses from, have horse hospitals, or healers of something...

I do not believe Spring Attack mentions anything about being on the ground or not, but I'm not sure.

You might also want to look at this.

Flyby Attack
This creature can make an attack before and after it moves while flying.
Prerequisite: Fly speed.
Benefit: When flying, the creature can take a move action and another standard action at any point during the move. The creature cannot take a second move action during a round when it makes a flyby attack.
Normal: Without this feat, the creature takes a standard action either before or after its move.

I believe it is based on the creatures constitution modifier for those two.

DC 10 + 1/2 (poisoning creature's racial HD) + (creature's Con modifier), unless it states otherwise, the HD for the case of a familiar is your effective wizard levels.

If you stun/dazed a character, they are not allowed any actions until their next turn. In 3.5 that would also mean apposed checks, but there are no longer appose checks, its CMD, does that mean you still have to make a CMB vs CMD checks?


If your target is stunned, you receive a +4 bonus on your attack roll to perform a combat maneuver against it.

Ah crap... Didn't see that I swear.

Well, what about with dazed characters?

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