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The merchant ship Jenivere has embarked upon a voyage from Magnimar to distant Eleder, in a land of jungles and ancient ruins. Our heroes have been picked up at one of the many ports along the way, and now head for the myth shrouded Mwangi expanse.

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I've decided to run an AP, and sought out one that does not seem to be doing the rounds on the recruitment forum - and which I am consequently not in as a player. Having read through the first couple of modules I am very impressed and believe it will be a great deal of fun.

What I am looking for:
* Players who can post a minimum of once a day during the week, and preferably on weekends to.
* Players who are keen to RP and invest their characters with true personalities.
* Players who have taken the time to read the Serpents Skull Players Guide, just click on the link to download it free.
* Players who are prepared to invest the time in crafting a well realized character with a history. In this AP you can be from virtually anywhere in Golarion, but I expect your character to be tied to the world. If I can replace the place names in your backstory with Generia and loose nothing it will count as a mark against you.

Abilities: 20 Point Buy
Races: Core only, please give your ethnicity if human.
Classes: Core and APG only.
Available Sources: Any Paizo official from a printed book, though I reserve the right to disallow things from the more obscure ones.
Gold: Average for your class.
HP: Max for 1st HD, average +1 after. Animal Companions, and Eidolons get average +1 for all HD including their first.
Traits: 2, 1 of which must be a Campaign Trait from the Players Guide. Paizo only, I reserve the right to reject those from outside the APG, though its unlikely I will.
Summoning/Companions/EidolonsI have no objections to any of these, but please ensure you have their full stats included either on your character sheet, or in the case of summons posted in a spoiler in all of your posts while they are in play.
Character Completion I would like all characters complete, including a character sheet and alias so we can swiftly begin play.

Maps: There will be maps, though I have yet to decide via what medium, previously I have used photoshop to edit existing maps and give them a grid, but I will be looking at other options.

About me: I am an experienced DM, and have run a number of lengthy PBPs. I am English and on GMT, though I have a somewhat vampiric schedule. I tend to work long hours on Saturdays, but will probably be able to post at least once. I tend to favor tough games as a DM and player, but I'll be trying to stick closely to the encounters as written for this game. I plan to run the entire AP, but will give us a short break between each module of the AP, probably a week - players may continue to post in this time, as may I, but it will hopefully be downtime for both us and the PCs.

Recruitment Deadline I will recruit until Wednesday the 19th at the earliest, and see how many applicant I have at that point. If I am satisfied we would begin play that night - which is why I would like to see all character sheets fully completed and ready to go.

Roleplaying in this thread: Is perfectly acceptable, ensure you have read the Player's Guide first and you may RP with each other, or the crew of the Jenivere as detailed in the Players Guide, towards the end.

I have been looking to play in this one. Nice to get out of Varisia, haha.

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I'd like to submit Marik for your consideration. He was built for another SS game that went belly up. I can rebuild him back down to first level if chosen. You can find my playstyle regarding Marik Here

Marik: he looks fine as a character, but I am going to require a much more detailed backstory. As it is all I know is that Marik had a dream and that he attended the Academy. I expect to know about family, significant friends, formative events, etc. I believe this informs not just me, but the player in inhabiting their character. I will also need you to take him back down to level one, as I want all applicants ready to go ASAP after selection.

Bilbo: Yes its a refreshing change of pace :) I love a lot of the Mwangi stuff.

By only core and APG classes, do you mean only those archetypes, or just no classes like magus, ninja, and samurai?

DM Carpe, are archetypes from UC open for review? Namely Emissary for the Cavalier. I have a great colonial officer in mind.

Here is a character from a defunct SS game. I changed him to 20 point buy, but otherwise he is the same. I really enjoy this guy, and would like to play him again, if you will allow a Tattooed Sorcerer.

I don't have a problem with any archetypes I am aware of. So go ahead, but I reserve the right to deny anything I find unbalancing, it's not very likely I'll deny any paizo archetypes.

DM Carpe wrote:
If I can replace the place names in your backstory with Generia and loose nothing it will count as a mark against you.

Would you define what you are getting at a bit more? I don't fully understand what you want with this.

One ZULU inspired Cavi in bound.

elf bard, will put the crunch and back story up soon

Here is my submission. Joll is a Chelexian inquisitor of Asmodeus who has taken it upon himself to see how much a threat the Mwangi tribesman are to the survival of the rogue province of Sargava. In his point of view Sargava belongs back in the fold of the Chelexian Empire. The Chelish Navy will bring the rebels to heel once they have dealt with the Shackles pirates. This will take time, of course, perhaps years. But this will be put right.

But the Mwangi tribes must not be allowed to descend on Sargava from the rear and destroy the colony itself. They must not be allowed to grow sufficiently strong that they can menace the colony. The Empire must be preserved!

I might have to finalize some things like skills and feats but most of the crunch is done. Please let me know if you see anything that needs to be completed.

Grand Moff Vixen: Basically I want to feel as if you have read a little about your characters place of origin and built your character making reference to the source material. So if you were making a character from the Lands of the Linnorm Kingdoms, I would want some reference to that countries culture and peculiarities. You might incorporate the fey, since part of the realm is linked to the 1st world, have an assosciation with White Estrid the reaving Linnorm Queen - maybe your father was one of her men, or died at the hand, or helping her slay her Linnorm. A character from Magnimar might have worked at the Golemworks, been wronged by the Lord Mayor's greed, be a member of the Sczarni, or just be intimately tied to one of the cities districts. A character from Korvosa could have attended the Acadamae - I'd like to hear a bit about their time there, etc. - been enthralled by the Sable Company, beaten by the Order of the Nail, involved in the drug trade, etc.

If you can look at your backstory and just replace the place names and loose nothing I believe you can probably connect better to the world. All this really takes is a little perusal of the excellent Golariopedia Pathfinder Wiki and it can often provide some great ideas for backstory to.

Forgive me for articulating this poorly, I know what I mean, but I'm not convinced you do. Just read a bit about where you want your character to be from and try to incorporate some of that and you will be fine :)

I'm pretty sure this is going to be rejected outright, but I'm going to toss it out there anyway.

A while ago I had this idea for a deformed and weak Troll who was thrown off a cliff and left for dead by it's mother. In a case of blind luck, the deformed infant happened to land far below in the mountain temple of a small sect of Irori devotees.

Raised by them to resist his predatory instincts and to seek to rise above the limitations of his deformed body, the troll has reached the Time of Testing, and has been sent into the world.

By using templates and any other means necessary to reduce a Troll's natural power, I'd hoped to start him as a fairly normal level 1 character and slowly overcome his weaknesses as the game progresses.

As a monk he's a weaker class, but the troll's survivability and raw strength might mitigate the weaknesses of the class (at least that's the hope) and allow him to serve as a viable frontliner.

Would this concept be possible in this game?

Broken Troll I'm afraid I'm not comfortable with that. It could conceivably be reworked for a half orc, perhaps rejected when its human ancestry was apparent at birth? And I simply don't trust my ability to balance classes and abilities as much as I do Paizos, for all that we moan a lot I feel they do a pretty good job. I've seen plenty of deadly Monks, though I will grant they remain a lower tier class.

A further note on selection. I will point out that I am going to base selection purely upon what I feel are the best entries. If the best four entries are all wizards, the party is going to be all wizards. My own experience with these sort of groupings have all been great, and if I feel it necessary I'm more than prepared to tweak things a little to help the party out - generally through access to friendly NPCs, or minor treasure adjustments.

*Puts on his boring old duffer hat, and fetches pipe and slippers* Why back in the day I once played a game with a party wholly composed of bards. This was in the World's Largest Dungeon mind you, man that was a mistake, but it sure was fun! We ended up playing a concert for a virtual horde of orcs and then escapinhg and stealing their treasure while they watched an illusion of us performing an encore :) It wasn't even silly, it was genuinely terrifying, lol.

I'd like to present Leuwyn Treespeaker for your consideration. Thanks!

Unfortunately orcs can't break their own limbs over and over again to straighten deformed bones. The regeneration was key to the concept. Oh well, maybe in some other game. Thanks anyway.

Very nice Leuwyn, the Cloud domain is a great choice for a caster druid. Where did Leuwyn live while training and studying though, and how did he earn his keep whilst doing so? Given his age this is a pretty large chunk of time, did he stay in Absalom or head out to the countryside, or was he with the Ekujae for decades refining his abilities?

Broken the Troll good luck finding a game for him, you are very welcome to submit another concept if you would like.

Joll looking great so far, I enjoy his steeped in Chelax write up, and could see it producing some great RP opportunities. I would ideally like to know a little about his family, upbringing and why he is so devoted to house Thrune. The Chelaxian fleet would have been defeated about seventy years ago, so having an ancestor aboard is an option that might lend a little vehemence.

Bilbo Zulu inspired Cavalier sounds amazing, I very much look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Tshilaba That's a wonderful bloodline, very flavorsome. I am a big fan of familiars, and being able to turn them into a tattoo is wonderful. I might just have to knock one up myself next time I am creating a character.

Thanks for the feedback. I made some adjustments to his backstory based on your thoughts.

Carpe: Thanks for response. I changed his bio a bit to better reflect the history of Sargava that you mentioned. I will work on his family history as well.

I would like to present Chimalsi Kybwa'ka, a N Half-Elf Ranger(Beastmaster) 1 for consideration.


At 7’3”, with broad shoulders and a heavily muscled frame, Chimalsi is an imposing gorilla of a half-elf. He has dark, coppery skin, and long brown hair which he usually wears in a series of bead-adorned braids. He rarely smiles, typically remaining aloof from those around him. His most distinguishing feature, however, is a large tattoo in crimson and black ink of a snarling ape, which adorns the left side of his face. When expecting trouble (which is essentially all of the time), he wears a hide shirt constructed from the skin of the first ape that he defeated in single combat, and has rough, but well-looked-after longbow across his back.


Chimalsi was born the son of a Bekyar warrior, and an Ekujae slave that was taken on one of the tribe’s many ‘hunting’ trips. Because of his mixed heritage, he developed more slowly than his peers, and so from an early age, he was bullied by the full-blooded Bekyar children. This instilled him with the understanding that might was the only thing that mattered – those too weak to defend themselves should be abandoned to their fate.

However, as the years passed, he continued to grow, slowly but surely, until he reached truly massive proportions, even by Bekyar standards. This forced his previous tormentors to grudgingly accept him, and even caught the eye of the tribe’s shaman, who decreed that he had been touched by the spirit of the Ravener King. As a consequence, he was indoctrinated by the shaman into the ranks of the tribe’s holy warriors, as a Ranger dedicated to Angazhan, stalking the jungle to eliminate threats to the tribe, whether they came from beast or man – and there were plenty of those, as the tribe’s policy of preying upon all of its neighbours for slaves had not earned it any allies…

…as Chimalsi learnt to his cost, when, whilst leading a party of warriors on a search for an Ekujae hunting party, they were ambushed by a mixed coalition of humans and elves. Although they fought bravely, and ultimately prevailed despite the ambushers’ superior numbers, it was a pyrrhic victory, for when the dust settled, besides Chimalsi only one other warrior survived.

The battered warriors returned to their village, only to discover to their horror that it had been destroyed, the village itself serving as the tribe’s funeral pyre. Chimalsi’s companion committed suicide out of shame, at not having been their to defend his home, but Chimalsi remained resolute – he saw taking his own life as not being a worthy end to his existence; after all, the strong always survive…

…Grimly, he sorted through the ash, trying to reclaim what he could, before turning his back on the pyre of the life that he had known, determined to make a fresh start somewhere else…


Chimalsi boarded the Jenivere at Bloodcove in the Mwangi Expanse, seeking to travel to Sargava in the hopes of leaving behind all who might know him, and at the same time hoping to find new tools, whether in the form of allies or equipment, that could help him cement his personal security, by boosting his already formidable prowess-at-arms.

Whilst he does follow the teachings of a Demon Lord, and by no means attempts to keep it a secret, he focuses on the Ravener King’s interest in protecting the jungle, and celebrating strength, more than his inherently evil nature. He does, however, tend to view himself as ‘top dog’ in most situations, although he respects strength in others, typically valuing force of arms the most, although he also acknowledges, and respects, the power of magic as well.

In line with his belief that the strong must survive, Chimalsi’s overwhelming goal is to ensure his own continued survival, by whatever means necessary. After that, he values the lives of his allies, as valuable assets, and finally the protection of the jungle as a whole from external forces, as having allies, and a secure base of operations, are both important prerequisites to a stable existence.

Full crunch is available via his profile :-)

Good Evening DM Carpe:

I read though your recruitment thread and your right. Serpent Skull is not nearly as common an AP on the boards as other campaigns. Knowing full well that you stated Core/AGP only, I wanted to run by you my character concept for Jett Silverhand Gunslinger (Mysterious Stranger/Pistolero).

Jett is a pale skinned Keleshite who grew up in the the Grand Duchy of Alkenstar. His traits consist of Birthmark and Boarded in the Shackles. So what would bring a twenty two year old man all the way from Alkenstar to Port Peril? For the last two years Jett as been hunting a man by the name of Kranoc Whitepelt. Kranoc is a Kellid, Aspis Consortium agent, and was involved in a arms deal with Jetts father. On the night he died, the shipment of muskets went missing and Kranoc had fled the city. I have a whole back-story set up. The reason for Jett's nickname "Silverhand" is a large birthmark of a silver key that covers his right hand. Mechanically Jett will only take one level of Gunslinger, and then move on into a pistol wielding paladin of Abadar.

I can go into more detail and lay out a whole background, but I wanted to make sure that you are on board with the idea before I proceeded. As you can see I have already wrote up the crunch for Jett. Let me know!

Greetings, DM Carpe. Presenting for your consideration: Quinta Wist-Thrune, Chelaxian Bard. The character sheet and background have been completed. If you see anything missing, please let me know. ^^ I took the liberty of applying the 'Operatic' trait from Humans of Golarion, and the 'Spellsong' feat from Ultimate Magic.

Getting everything worked up now.


Bantu Krupt is something of an oddity amongst his peers. Raised in the Mwangi Expanse, this knight of Sargarva carries the name of a tribesman. For most colonist being named for a “savage” would be something of an insult, but Bantu it is a great honor. In the early days of the colony Bantu Nuu’gutu was the leader of countless assualts on the fledgling settlements. Great battles where fought by men carrying little more than spears, sticks, and hide shields. Courage and ferocity were all that these men possessed to protect them from the superior arms and tactics of the Chelish forces. Stories of this great chief who raised an army of thousands was handed down from generation to generation for worthiness he and his people had shown as opponents.

And so it came to pass that when Bantu was born on the exact date of the Nuu’gutu’s last great battle, his father passed the warrior’s name on to his son in some hope he be possessed of such a warrior’s courage and skill. Bantu quickly grew into a strapping lad capable in the saddle and on his feet. Charm and grace being gifts of his mother and a wanderlust of an adventurer sent the boy abroad at a young age. Serving a lancer unit in Vudra for a time then with members of his family in Cheliax, Bantu again heard the call of the Mwangi. The drums beat in his soul and savannah called to him in his ears. Yes, it was time to return home with the wealth of knowledge he now carried with him. As he stands upon the pier in Pezzack watching the approach of the “Jenivere,” Bantu feels the excitement well in his heart.

Personality and Role:
Bantu is a very open and optomistic person. While he carries his personal prejudices he is not one to hold anything against a person till proven necessary. Having been raised in the Mwangi, he is not unaccustomed to the people or their ways. Often reffered to as the Black Knight due his name, he has taken the derogatory and worked it to his benefit.

Bantu is capable in both negotiations and battle. Leading from the front and fighting both from foot and saddle. Having come up under a master fencer, Bantu is extremely quick with the blade.

Having spent his life under the Mwangi and Vudran sun, Bantu shows the duskiness of an outdoorsmen. Thanks to the Varisian blood of his mother, Krupt had been blessed with a bronzed skin from birth to protect him from the ravages of such exposure. Brown hair trimmed closely to his head and a large, imperial mustache grace his face. Taking the lessons learned from his time with the Queen's 19th Lancers in Vudra, he wears a bright red turban topped with a bejeweled feather of a cockatrice and khaki vestments to aid in keeping on cool in the hottest of weather.

His horse and weapons also reflect his worldly travels. A sabre like long sword, a smooth faced and guilded mace, the curved khukri at his belt, and Chelish light lance make for a rather exotic rider atop an impressive charger named Crusader.

Here ya go. Letme know if you would like me to expand upon anything. Do you want a complete character sheet to look over as part of the application?

[Edit] Went ahead an whipped a character sheet for ya too.

Character Sheet:

Bantu Krupt
Male Human (Chelaxian) Cavalier (Emissary) 1
NG Medium Humanoid (human)
Init +2; Senses Perception +1
AC 18, touch 12, flat-footed 16 (+6 armor, +2 Dex)
hp 11 (1d10+1)
Fort +3, Ref +2, Will +1
Speed 30 ft.
Melee Heavy Shield Bash +4 (1d4+3/x2) and
. . Kukri +4 (1d4+3/18-20/x2) and
. . Lance +4 (1d8+4/x3) and
. . Longsword +4 (1d8+3/19-20/x2) and
. . Mace, Light +4 (1d6+3/x2)
Special Attacks Sword's Challenge +1 (1/day)
Str 16, Dex 15, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 12
Base Atk +1; CMB +4; CMD 16
Feats Agile Maneuvers, Mounted Combat, Ride-by Attack
Traits Colonial, Fencer
Skills Acrobatics -2, Bluff +5, Climb -1, Diplomacy +5, Escape Artist -2, Fly -2, Ride +2, Sense Motive +5, Stealth -2, Swim +3 Modifiers +4 Ride while riding your bonded mount., Sword's Skills
Languages Common
SQ Animal Companion Link, Heart of the Wilderness +0
Combat Gear Breastplate, Kukri, Lance, Longsword, Mace, Light, Shield, Heavy Steel; Other Gear Backpack (1 @ 1 lbs), Blanket
Special Abilities
+4 Ride while riding your bonded mount. (Ex) Cancel your armor check penalty of -4 while riding your mount.
Agile Maneuvers Use DEX instead of STR for CMB
Animal Companion Link (Ex) You have a link with your Animal Companion.
Colonial +1 Knowledge (local) relating to Sargavan settlements, +1 save vs. disease.
Fencer +1 to hit with dagger or sword AoOs.
Heart of the Wilderness +0 Negative Hp required for death increases by listed amount, +5 on CON checks to stabilize.
Mounted Combat Once per round you can attempt to negate a hit to your mount in combat.
Ride-by Attack You can move - attack - move when charging mounted.
Sword's Challenge +1 (1/day) (Ex) +1 to damage target, -2 AC vs. others when used, +1 to hit while riding your mount.
Sword's Skills +1 (Ex) +1 to Sense Motive opposing Bluff.

Bilbo, I would like to know a little more about his family, I'm guessing they are noble? Yet for Chelax his mixed blood and Mwangi name would seem to be big issues, its hardly a warm and fuzzy land, especially amongst a nobility that worship Asmodeus. Speaking of which are his family devil worshippers? How did he fare amongst the lancer? Was he an outcast, did he prove himself somehow and get accepted? Maybe expand on that Black Knight comment a little, since it would seem pretty formative.

Quinta really enjoyed your backstory, and from a brief review the crunch all looks great. Spellsong, and Operatic are both absolutely fine.

Jett I'm more than happy with Gunslinger and those archetypes, I look forward to seeing your backstory. I'll admit I'm not very familiar with Gunslingers, but I've been meaning to give them a look over for a while. You may want to ensure you can repair your weaponary, since long stretches of the adventure will take place away from civilization.

Chimalsi looks great, a very interesting character. Class features is left blank on the sheet, what favored enemy are you selecting? And obviously you get track and wild empathy to.

I'm thinking of reviving/reworking an old PFS character for this. He was the son of a chieftain in a mwangi tribe, then later captured and sold into slavery. He was on the way to Cheliax for sale, when a group of eagle nights attacked the slavers and freed the slaves. Then becoming an Andoran citizen he joined the pathfinder society as a means to travel and spread the ideals of Andoran revolution. I need to read the SS player's guide again so some details might change. It will certainly be better written than the above :P

Mechanically he was a barbarian/bard/eagle knight I believe. Have to dig up his old sheet.

The character profile here was from a Serpent's Skull PbP that petered out early on in the exploration of Smuggler's Shiv. He's a Chelaxian human oracle of life with the haunted curse. The DM was using fractional level advancement, so I'd have to revert the character to starting; he was built on 20 points, though, with an SS trait and average gold, so he's otherwise ready to roll. You can get some idea of my play style from the posts on the profile.

Introduction to Dragolan:
A large man with curly brown hair and beard, he looks like all he needs is a leaf-green robe, holly crown, and torch to play the Ghost of Christmas Present. All he has is a wine cup, and at this moment is gazing sadly at its current empty state. His flushed cheeks are the only indication of the truly prodigious amount of wine he has already consumed. "The last of the Egorian red, alas. You know, this was the hardest part of all...the weather in Sargava is terrible for growing grapes, I've heard. But the *life* there, man! From the meanest worms to the mightiest trees, this--this riotous profusion of life! Colors, scents, sounds and tastes like nothing I could hope to find in a tame place like Westcrown. My Mystery called, and I could not stay in Cheliax...not and stay true to myself. And of course, my dear sister wants to be a person of importance in Egorian, and you know that people of importance don't have embarrassing younger brothers. Oh, how she berated me! 'Why couldn't you have been an oracle of Flame?', she'd scream. As though I had a choice in the matter!

"And so I am traveling to this wineless wasteland..." He taps his finger on the unrolled map of the Mwangi Expanse in front of him. "...for the only thing in all the wide world I desire more: The glory of life." He shakes his head sadly as he rolls up the map and slowly rises, leaning on the table with both hands to steady himself. "But perhaps...perhaps, if my Mystery is kind to me, there may yet be something drinkable in all that profusion." And smiling at that happy thought, he not-quite-staggers off to bed, humming to himself. Behind him, the wooden table twitches where his hands rested, knocking his abandoned cup to the floor with a clatter.

The DM in his previous campaign had put forth five questions for each character in the recruitment thread; I've pasted them and Dragolan's answers behind the spoiler tag.

Some other information:
1. Why are you aboard the ship?
2. At which port did you board or are you a stowaway?
3. What will your character contribute to the group?
4. What are your plans for your character mechanically?
5. What are your plans for your character from a story-perspective?

Answers to the questions, in order:

1. Dragolan is a Chelaxian remittance man. His family is rather well-off, but his sister in particular is quite ambitious. However, Dragolan's Mystery is not very popular in Cheliax. To facilitate his sister's ambitions, he was encouraged to relocate and provided some additional funds for further encouragement. He chose Sargava because it's a former colony of Cheliax (so the culture won't be too unfamiliar) and because one of the ways that he indulges his Mystery is to find and experience Life in all its myriad varieties. Jungles are famous for this sort of thing. As far as he's concerned, the major disadvantage of Sargava is the lack of decent wine.

2. As one might guess from the above, he boarded in Pezzack and paid his way.

3. As an oracle of Life, he is a proficient healer. He's also an adequate combatant and outdoorsman. The party mix will determine whether he pushes missile or melee combat. (He's also a fair cook.)

4. Mechanically, I'm planning on pushing healing and support spells and skills (esp. Survival and Knowledge (Nature)), and possibly picking up Diplomacy and/or a level or two in Linguistics.

5. I see this character as an explorer, driven by his Mystery (and kicked out by his family, but he doesn't hold it against them; he wants his sister to succeed, too). Left to himself he would have stayed home and been a well-off wine snob and foodie, and he looks the part. But he's going to a godsforsaken stretch of jungle basically because he wants to see and experience biodiversity firsthand. He wants to smell the flowers, see the bugs and beasts (and maybe eat some of them), hear the sounds of the jungle...all of that. He's a gourmand, something of a drunkard (wine only!), and enjoyer of the company of beautiful women because he has tremendous joie de vivre--he loves life, because Life flows through him so strongly.

DM Carpe wrote:
Quinta really enjoyed your backstory, and from a brief review the crunch all looks great. Spellsong, and Operatic are both absolutely fine.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story and that you approve the selections. :) I hope you'll select me to play in the campaign come Wednesday.

Hello, DM Carpe. Here is my submission, for your consideration. The completed statblock and personal information are in the profile.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Easy enough. I will give ya a bit more info as requested. Didn't to overwhelm you with the initial entry, haha.

DM Carpe wrote:
Tshilaba That's a wonderful bloodline, very flavorsome. I am a big fan of familiars, and being able to turn them into a tattoo is wonderful. I might just have to knock one up myself next time I am creating a character.

Thank you.

If you want to check out some of my past posts as the character, I did have quite a few interactions which were interesting to me, as well as somehow becoming the party leader. If you want more specifics concerning his backstory, I left it vague in my public documents, but I have some very specific ideas that I would be interested to send in a PM if that is something you would like.

The plot thickens:

One of many reasons the people of Sargarva chose to stand against the infernal powers of the House of Thrune was the desire for freedoms not found in their homeland. Robertis Krupt, Bantu’s father, was a landed man of noble birth in Cheliax till other men of power discovered the love Krupt had for a Varisian lass of common birth. Quickly seizing upon this moment of weakness, Krupt’s rivals assaulted the him with accusations of the worst order. Fleeing Cheliax was the only answer. Slipping away with but a portion of his former wealth and standing, Krupt took his wife and unborn child to a land similar in culture, but more forgiving in nature. Thanking his patron god Ragathiel for freeing them from the potential undoing his enemies had planned, Robertis was quick to reestablish himself as a man of rank in Sargarva.

Thus, it came to pass the exiled noble raised himself again to a position of power within the Sargarvan Guard. Putting down uprisings an maintaining law to the best of his ability, Robertis raised his to respect his enemies and to never underestimate them.

Bantu took these lessons with him to Vudra where he served with the Queen’s 19th Royal Lancers under a friend of his father’s and fellow follower of Ragathiel. Being on the fringes of the empire often allowed those who desired to avoid connection to devils and their “deals” to still serve their country with honor. Acquiring several medals for valorous action in the face of overwhelming odds, Bantu made a name for himself quickly amongst his peers. Due to his duskier skin and Mwangi name, Bantu received the mantle of the “Black Knight” from the jealous competitors whom had no hope of besting the young knight. But, come they did and just as often they fell. Embracing the nickname, the call of the “Black Knight” soon became a rallying cry for the men he lead.

Determined to understand what had carried his family to rebellious colony of Sargarva, Bantu returned to Cheliax aboard a naval vessel headed home. Carrying with him the name of a contact, Krupt was surprised to find how many Krupts still persisted in their homeland. Obviously deals better not spoken of having taken place to ensure they would not fall having taken place. Disenchanted by the state of his family and the cold reception he found, Bantu decided quickly it would be wise to return home before some ambitious member of his family turned against him by calling on the Hellknights. Using his contacts once again, Bantu quickly found a birth on the Jenivere and the long road home.

I should say that I am planning to recruit 6 characters. While I think four is probably the optimal group size I like having the redundancy, and in PBP I think its fair to say some drop off is fairly typical. I'm confident I can tweak encounters without making them any tougher, and I'll likely leave a few as is - notably those that feature prominently in the Serpent's Skull obituries thread :0

Since I have a game on wednesday night - UK time - I will probably post the first post in the gameplay thread shortly. Please do not post in the gameplay thread until selections are announced. Then assuming I am satisfied with the entries - which seems very likely at this point - I will make the announcement at something like midnight GMT.

Scarab Sages

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Jericho Al-Sherik

Jericho is a Kelishite from Katapesh, and an alchemist by trade. His family were spice traders. When he was young, he fell in love with a Varisian slave-girl named Keira. When his father discovered the affair, he beat the girl in front of Jericho and forbade that he have any further contact with her. From that moment on, he loathed his father and swore to never have any contact with him, and he also developed a strong distaste for slavers and slavery.
Before, he would accompany his father and assistants on spice trading caravans, however, after the incident, he began to stay home, close to his uncle, who ran shops and warehouses that were part of the family business enclave. His uncle, he soon discovered, used spices for more than the seasoning of food. Rare substances, from various places, could be used as alchemical ingredients.
Jericho became entranced with the creations possible with alchemy. Tutoring under his uncle, Radesh, Jericho became a fledgling alchemist in his own right. Recently, his father died. And after settling affairs for his mother, etc., he has felt it imperative to go out into the world and develop his skills as an alchemist through seeking secret formulae. But there is also another reason. In his studies, he has come across rumors of a "pirate princess" in the Shackles. The tales speak of a beautiful but tough Varisian woman who goes by the name of Keira the Killer. Is it possible?
Alas, Jericho's trip to the Shackles has proved fruitless. However he was able to locate a few rare alchemical ingredients. And recently, he boarded a vessel called the Jenivere in Ollo. It's bound for the Mwangi Expanse, which is sure to be a haven for rare plants, strange herbs, and lost formulae.

Human Alchemist 1. Boarding in the Shackles. CG. Full character sheet to come.

@DM Carpe: Whoops. I can't believe I did that! :-/ Favored Enemy: Human was what I had intended - it makes the most sense, given his back story. His page has been updated to reflect this :-)

I suspected as much Chimalsi, it makes sense, and its pretty much always a strong choice.

Will look over posts in more detail and respond tomorrow, but for now those of you who care to may take a look - but not post - in the gameplay thread. Please bear in mind this will not be a nautical adventure, so characters who build for that may find themselves dissapointed. That being said nautical types can be fun, and you have the option to play one of the Jenivere's crew should you choose - see the Players Guide trait - could be a deal of fun, just be forewarned.

And don't worry, the majority of my posts won't be quite that wall of texty. I wanted to get some info in a convenient location - much of it can be found in the Players Guide - and set the scene so we are ready to go Wednesday night.


I just wanted to express my interest in joining your game. I plan on playing a 'plain ol' fighter' but he is not your typical adventurer. Born and raised in Sargava; he is in his early 40s and a veteran of the colonial forces that helped restore 'peace' on Kalabuto after the 4690 and 4702 'native uprising'. After an 'eye-opening' experience, he renounces 'war' and heads to the coast to become a sailor. He currently works in the Jenivere.

However, I'm re-reading the Player's Guide and other material about Sargava to make his story (and personality) as interesting as possible so please 'stick' to your deadline for character submissions because you will at least have another fighter to consider. :)

Thanks and happy gaming,

Carrion Crown PBEM

Don't worry Fabian the deadline was a minimum so you've got time. I've always rather enjoyed older fighters, for that world weary feel ;) I should add that for the sake of simplicity the year this game begins is the current Golarion year 4712.

Also please note that I am prepared to accept both the Gunslinger and Magus classes. This is mostly because, well, I thought they were in the APG - d'oh!

this is pavaan, crazy last few days, here is my bard info in profile, role, of support, healing, knowledge where needed, and some skills.

Avari was born and raised in Kyonin. she loved to hear the story's and legends of her people and of the shorter lived races, and always wanted to know more of them, she studied for years on end different subjects to increase her understanding. when she reached 100 she left Kyonin and started to explore the world, staying in a town or city for a few months at a time, in her travels, she took on any role that would better server her search for new story's and history, writing down the lives of those that she found so they can be remembered. she has spent the last 50 years moving from one place to another in this fashion. her time spent in and around Sargava was very insightful to her, learning from the spirits how to cast a spell that she knew she would not normally be able to cast. the last few months she had spent in the shakels finding that there are so many story's going on from all the pirates but they are silenced almost as fast as they start a new legend. she boards the Jenivere to see the spirits once more and find out if they might have anything more to teach her.

personality- she prefers to let people act and be in the background, being the one that records the lives of those around her, she provides support in both action and voice when needed, but as a whole prefers to see what people do on there own,(aka like a cameraman, if they need t help they will, but otherwise just watch.)

anything i should elaborate on DM carpe?

Liberty's Edge

Here's my barbarian. I can post every day, including weekends. His planned advancement includes at least one level of bard and will end with the Steel Falcon prestige class (if approved). Crunch should be finished within the hour.

I have an idea for a human cleric who's godless. he's chaotic good and has the madness domain (nightmare subdomain) and the liberation domain. he's about 50 and is half mad due to an accident when his old master tried to use one of the old great ones power to summon a being from the void. he caught a glimpse of the madness beyond but managed to survive. i'll flesh out the details later, but the bare bones is he's a magic heavy cleric who can heal/buff/debuff, probably good at handling outsiders at later levels, and will be doing silly things like trying to hide in his own pocket. i'd love feedback on the concept and if it'd be okay to play a godless cleric (really can't think of a god to fit him...) thanks!

Sovereign Court

I'll throw my hat in the ring; it's been a while since I've PbP'd, so it'd be nice to start one up again. I should have no difficulty posting consistently (whether at work, home or via mobile).

I have an idea for a slightly abnormal human Fighter in the sense that he would have high Int and take advantage of Feats and abilities that play off his intelligence. I'm not exactly sure which direction I'd like to go with him, but I'm thinking either a focused combatant like the Duelist, or multiclassing into some kind of arcane class down the road.

Either way, I don't have the stats ready yet, but the background is done and that's always the longest part anyway. This character would be Human, of Chelaxian descent, and he would take the Campaign Trait involving the safe delivery of Cargo. I left those details deliberately vague for the GM to fill in with more details as he sees fit. :)

Note: I'm not 100% on the name yet, I'm still cogitating on that one.

Markus was always too smart for his own good. Even as a small child growing up in the seedier districts of Riddleport, he chose to spend his free days pestering local Cyphermages rather than running around causing mischief with the other boys his age, a habit for which he was relentlessly teased by his peers. There was always something about exploring the depths of his mind that appealed to Markus, and had he been born in a different city to different parents, then maybe, just maybe, he might have had the means to become one of those successful Cyphermages or maybe some other type of scholar.

Sadly, this was not the case.

Markus' father had -- like many citizens of Riddleport -- a personality alternating between drunk and gambler depending on what day of the week it was. He frequently worked as a common labourer to help fund his vices, but the income proved too low. Seizing an opportunity after his son had a sudden growth spurt at the age of 8, he put Markus to work at as a labourer at a local dock warehouse and kept the majority of the proceeds for himself. Markus was not an outspoken boy, and so he meekly put his body to work day in and day out to help support his father's habits. He didn't mind the work so much, but he was very sad to have his inquisitive sessions with local Cyphermages reduced to the rare chance occurrence.

Life continued in this manner for several years, and Markus' body grew into his role as a labourer. His muscles developed along with his stature and by the time he was a man grown at the age of 16, Markus stood at a full six feet in height and had the kind of build that only comes with hard physical work day in and day out. He still tried to speak to his Cyphermage friends as often as he could, but those opportunities grew rarer and rarer as Markus' employer demanded more and more of his time to keep ahead of his father's debts.

Not long afterwards, after returning from work to find his father unconscious from drink for the umpteenth time, something inside Markus broke. He had paid his loyalty to this man many times over, and he suddenly realized that he was done with this life. He knew he was intelligent, and the intelligent deserve better than this. He left home, taking a short blade and a battered wooden shield from his father's things and signed up to help protect a caravan. While not actually trained in combat, his stature more than made up for that fact, and he was quickly hired despite his inexperience. With his natural cunning, he was quickly able to adapt to life on the road and gained a reputation as reliable worker.

Looking back, those were perhaps the happiest years in Markus' life, as he travelled the Varisian landscape learning new things every day. He learned new combat techniques from the other caravan guardians. He learned all sorts of arcane miscellanea from the Varisian vagabonds that would often join them in their travels, and most of all, he learned to appreciate the freedom of the world around him. He took to fighting as well as you'd expect from a lad his size, but he found ways to apply his cunning to be even more dangerous in battle.

While never a strong orator (or even a mediocre orator, for that matter), Markus was a good listener, and it was with that skill that he overheard a conversation from a mysterious man from Magnimar that represented an organisation attempting to get some goods to Sargava. Markus could tell by the tone of the conversation that these goods would likely be considered illicit even in his home city of Riddleport, but when he heard the sum that was to be paid for the safe delivery of these goods, he thought of the life that he could lead if all went well. The better life that he had always wanted was in his grasp. All he had to do was step out and offer his services.

And he did. The mysterious man looked up without much surprise. Whether he knew Markus was listening the entire, Markus would ponder later, but at that moment, images of golden coins were fixated in his mind. The deal was done quickly. There were a few details to organize, and of course, Markus had to finish his current contract, but he would meet up with an agent of this mysterious man (who, come to think of it, never gave Markus a name) in Magnimar, and he would provide him with the cargo and the boarding passes necessary, as well as a small up-front payment in return for no questions asked.

For once, Markus did not ask any questions. The next day, he boarded the Jenivere with a large wooden crate.

A friendly disagreement
Jett sighed, it had been days since he reached Port Peril, but only took a few moments since setting foot in the pirate haven to regret coming. Why dam the gods did he think he would be able to find a single Kellid in a sea of pirate skum! “This is foolish” he muttered. “Tonight I'll pack my things and go.” Surely his mother would understand that he had done everything everything I could to find Kranoc.”

Then, out of darkness, din and smoke of an alleyway Jett spied the tale-tail white ursine pelt of Kranoc crossing a nearby courtyard.

“Kranoc” Jett yelled “I know its you Krannoc! Whipping up his fathers revolver, Jett trained the pistol on his fathers murderer. "Turn around real slow and you won't get hurt.”

With a booming laugh the fetish bedecked norseman turned around, steely blue eyes glittering with malice. “Thing again pup.” Growled Kranoc, and with a snap of his fingers two mangy looking pirates stepped from the shadows. “I'll make this real clear boy. Aspis business never gets held up, your a nothing just like your father. I'm giving you one warning. Run back to Alkenstar, before I put you down like a dog.”

Hand shaking from adrenaline and fear, Jett tried to focus. Two years of hunting, searching for this bastard. I can't let it end like this! “Kranoc White-Pelt, in the name of Grand Duchess Trietta Ricia, and by the Law of The Grand Duchy of Alkenstar. I command you to surrender yourself to me, for the charge of murder against one Basrim Lornas.”

Spitting on the ground, Kranoc studied Jett for a moment, before gesturing towards the sailors. “Well kid, you got balls, I'll give you that. No brains though... you should have walked away. Make it fast boys, we gotta catch the Sea Sprite.”

As the toughs closed in on Jett, he barely had time to get off a single shot with his pistol before the pirates were on him, beating him with clubs and kicking him into submission. As darkness overcame him, the last thing that went though Jetts mind was that he had failed his father.

Fade to black

Light... The sounds of sea gulls... the sweltering heat, the swaying of a ships hammock. Gasping for air Jett sat up in his bed, head and chest covered in bandages. "Wha... where am I?" he mumbled, looking around though hazy eyes.

Shhh... your safe. Cooed a woman brown haired in a white smock. "Your in Port Peril and your lucky to be alive! When you were brought in by the watch, most of your ribs were broken and you were bleeding out onto the cobble stones... I don't know who you are, but someone doesn't like you"

"My ugh, my name is Jett, what day is it?", was I brought in with anything?

"It's Starday, the 23rd Desnus, and I think you were just brought in with what you were wearing." Replied the nurse, gesturing to a chest at the end of the hammock.

The 23rd of Desnus! I have been out eight days?! Coughing Jett forced his way out of the hammock. Look, I'm real sorry miss. I know I would be dead if not for you and the ugh, priests, but I gotta get out of here. There's a man out there that I owe a bullet, and if I don't leave, it could be another two years before I find him again." Gently moving past the speechless woman Jett, coughing, grabs his belongings from the sea chest and bolts for the door. "Really, thanks for everything! I'll send payment as soon as I can!" And with that Jett was back on the hunt.

Its been a week since Jett was brutally assaulted and left for dead on a back alley in Port Peril, and since then he has been frantically seeing out the Sea Sprite. To his great dismay, he learned that the ship left Port Peril six days ago bound for Sargava. Using what little coin he had left, Jett booked passage on the next outbound ship headed towards Sargava. That vessel was The Jenivere

Liberty's Edge

Jelani examines the Keleshite man who had boarded the ship in Port Peril. That den of villainy held only evil memories for him. The smaller man is leaning heavily against the railing of the Jenivere, staring out to sea. He looks like hell, his face is badly bruised and he walks with a pronounced limp. Approaching him the Bekyar giant leans down to rest his elbows against the railing next to Jett. "Hello." he says. "You don't look so good, what happened to you?" he asks in his deep, heavily-accented common. Jelani's almond shaped eyes squint against the bright sun, and his nostrils flare taking in a deep breath of the salty air. What would drive such a badly injured northerner to the dangerous land of my birth? He doesn't look like a pirate or a slaver...

Dotting, dotting, dotting! I've had a wizard I've wanted to bring into a Serpent's Skull game for like FOREVER. If it's not too late to have a shot at getting in, I'll spend the evening fine-tuning my concept and submit him tomorrow morning (I'm in China, so it's 9:16 pm here right now).

EDIT: DM Carpe: What races are allowed? The character I have in mind is an idealistic but jaded minority character from Cheliax who subscribes to the beliefs of Diabolism as a model for an ordered society in which people of ability can succeed, but was frustrated by the prejudice against non-humans in his nation of birth. I'd like to go tiefling, if it's allowed, but a bastard half-elf could work too.

Also, would you allow any of the following: Egorian Binder (wizard archetype in the Inner Sea Primer), Diabolist (Book of the Damned about devils, PrC), or Blackfire Adept (PrC from Paths of Prestige). Obviously I plan for him to summon and bind devils, though I'd only go for one of the above mentioned options, assuming they're allowed.

Liberty's Edge

Martinaj - 我也在中国。

>_< Not sure what the second character means without a radical, but I'm pretty sure that you're saying you are in China?

Oh, duh! Ye!

Cool! Where are you located, and are you working or studying? (sorry, I've only recently started reading hanzi, so my characters are awful).

I'm putting together a half-elf Ranger from Magnimar - Gilam Landrel, or Gil as his companions are wont to call him. He's the bastard son of a Chelish Noble and an elven barmaid during one of the former's visits to Magnimar. He's spent the last few years exploring and hunting all around Galorion and is on the Jenivere to explore the Mwangi Expanse. He Boarded in Cheliax after a very ... interesting ... meeting with his father.

Still tweaking his stats and bio. Will get him posted here by the deadline.

Just wanted you to know you have yet one more character to consider.

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