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Unfortunately orcs can't break their own limbs over and over again to straighten deformed bones. The regeneration was key to the concept. Oh well, maybe in some other game. Thanks anyway.

I'm pretty sure this is going to be rejected outright, but I'm going to toss it out there anyway.

A while ago I had this idea for a deformed and weak Troll who was thrown off a cliff and left for dead by it's mother. In a case of blind luck, the deformed infant happened to land far below in the mountain temple of a small sect of Irori devotees.

Raised by them to resist his predatory instincts and to seek to rise above the limitations of his deformed body, the troll has reached the Time of Testing, and has been sent into the world.

By using templates and any other means necessary to reduce a Troll's natural power, I'd hoped to start him as a fairly normal level 1 character and slowly overcome his weaknesses as the game progresses.

As a monk he's a weaker class, but the troll's survivability and raw strength might mitigate the weaknesses of the class (at least that's the hope) and allow him to serve as a viable frontliner.

Would this concept be possible in this game?

Oooh! If Thom and Broken both get picked we could link up our back-stories.

Doomed Hero here with Broken the Troll

The backstory:

Broken is the smallest, weakest, most deformed and vile looking excuse for a troll that ever lived. He was killed when he was a baby, but it didn't take. He woke up in the pile of entrails after the priests finished the sacrifices and rights. He mother had come to pray for his soul. She was particularly kind for a troll. When her baby came crawling awkwardly to the top of the pile, she was horrified. Even the gods rejected her son. She did the sensible thing and tried to eat him, but he made her sick before she could finish. To hide her eternal shame she threw him off the side of the mountain.

He landed far below on the house of a rather old and rather blind monk-priest of Irori. Life got better after that. By the time the old priest died some years later Broken understood that what you were born as was not what you were destined to be. With nothing but a book, a medallion and a stubbornness worth ten trolls, he ventured out into the world in search of ways to test and better himself.

(Insert some plot-hook to connect him to the story here. Broken is ambitious, curious, stubborn and idealistic so not much prodding will be necessary)

The crunch and concept:

Trolls are normally a CR 5. I'm willing to take whatever penalties and hindrances you can dream up to bring him down to a more reasonable level. I figured the Young template was a good place to start.

I picture Broken as a Cleric or Oracle of Irori who will use magic and martial training to slowly recover from his deformities, breaking and re-breaking his own bones to straighten them, carving away gnarled flesh until it heals in proper form, eventually become a perfect example of the troll species.

In terms of personality, Broken is young, determined and very aware that what you see is not always what you get. He is profoundly un-prejudiced and tries to see the potential for growth and learning in everything. That said, when he gets frustrated or comes to the conclusion that a situation is hopeless or immutable he reverts to the predatory instincts he tries his best to suppress.

Broken is much smarter than most Trolls and has a hunger for knowledge that matches most troll's hunger for food. In terms of party role, Broken will be a healer, a secondary frontliner and a knowledge-monkey.